Links on sites with the same/related fantasies

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Links on sites with the same/related fantasies

Post by YoungCuck on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:40 am

Let's collect here links on sites, blogs, social network pages etc we can find all over the web about our specific niche of cuckcest (when son watches mom fucked by other males and loves (or not) that). Also we can add interracial themed, cuckold themed, sissy themed and so on. I can start with my own tube:

Right now there are not so much vids because of low HDD space (50gb) so now I can add 500-1000 videos for you and doing it again. I love white mature moms with black bullies so I'll post more videos of that very soon. And you also can find pretty good mature interracial cuckold vids there for your pleasure. And yes! I have imageboard there which you can find on this link:

So welcome and don't consider it as a spam. I really want to collect a lot of these videos and host it for you without being deleted by big tube sites etc. So lets find out more "cuck son + mom vs bully" sites!


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