Describe Your Ideal Bully

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Describe Your Ideal Bully

Post by YoungCuck on Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:19 pm

Yes! Who is this dominant bull that is so rude that he fucks your mommy?

For me it is:
- Black or Muslim (arab, turkish etc)
- He is a hung
- He really makes you feel scared of him
- He bullies you at school/university/work/army etc
- He is strict and really wild alpha-male that wants to make your mom his slut
- Loves to say dirty things about your mom to tease you
- Has a huge cock size
- Wants to cum inside your mom
- Has gang that also bullies you
- He is not just a "Chad or Brad" but he is a real invader (immigrant, refuge) at your country that wishes to overwrite your DNA starting with your mom so he will be very serious while humiliating you and fucking your mom.

Masculine muslim womb breaker will be the best description for him.


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