Mom and Son in Prison

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Mom and Son in Prison

Post by YoungCuck on Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:59 pm

I wish I could live out the fantasy where my mom and I being jailed in special prison in a one cell with 5 or more hung brutal bulls (wish them to be black or muslims like in Europe). Sure they must be hyperagressive to such a wimps like me so they will start humiliating at first me to show my mommy such a sissy slut I am for them and then of course they will do it with my wealthy good looking respected mommy enjoying every grade they come over while treating with us like with their property. Sure they will show me my place in a male hierarchy of a closed prison space where nobody will help you and your mother paving the way for the ultimate humiliation of son in the eyes of his mom and mom in eyes of her loving son. Yes I want to take a place of the prison slave as my mom will take a place of prison "Queen-Mommy" for their big cocks. Just dreaming about how their cocks will train my mom's and my holes for n everyday sexual agression makes my little son dick and sphincter shrink and serve prison bull "daddies" at my best in role of submissive sissy son-cuck and clean every inch of their cocks that were in my mom's belly planting their strong potent seed inside her helpless white womb, cause her son surrender his mom at their mercy and all her mother's instincs tell that she must protect her little boy from even more degradation by letting those beasts do what they want with her body. Guess the most decent words I will hear about her from them will be "cheap slut" and "white christian whore".


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