A very irregular question;

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A very irregular question;

Post by RoamingCat on Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:01 pm

There is no fixed age for "MILF", here in my country unfortunately there is an epidemic of teen pregnancy and although it's called teen pregnancy, it means women giving birth at 13 or even 12. It is not uncommon for a woman to have three or four children by the age of 20.

Anyway that being said, there is a very strange phenomenon that I haven't seen brought up; What are your thoughts on women that do not age?

Let me rephrase that, women that do not aesthetic age within the average effects of time. I ask this because I interact with a lot of people and have met women in their mid 20s or even early 30s that look like they could pull off looking like 12 (Short, flat chested, slender, no harsh features developed on face, no hip/waist development, etc.).

Conversely, what are your thoughts on women with accelerated aging? there are women that are 25 that could easily pass for 50 (Drinking, alcohol, drug use, etc.).

Would either of these increase the potency and relative frequency of bullying taking place or would it be irrelevant?

In my case, my mother's side of the family has a bunch of very well endowed women across the board, they all develop very early so my mother looked like she was 20 when she was 12 (Full figure, not fat, just sexy curves). I managed to see this first hand in a sister of mine. We were nearly the same age chronologically but she looked almost a full 10 years older than I did when we were in our rough early teens. It was insane and certainly made things really annoying for me.

My point is, does this make the target more attractive for bullying? less attractive for bullying or pretty much the same (?), I would imagine one of those unfortunate women that look overly young, carrying a child with her, would be a continual source of  attention, is what I'm saying.

In simple terms;
If your bully looks older and stronger than your mother when you and him are just entering puberty , that would be an interesting circumstance indeed. And before someone says something, this "doesn't age" thing in women absolutely does happen... well not "doesn't age" but aesthetic detention in a very early age. I have seen it many times and the first time it was jawdropping.

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Re: A very irregular question;

Post by spikygreen cactus on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:34 pm

I like the idea of a skinny, petite mom worshiping a chubby bully's fat cock.

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