A revenge motivation by the mother?

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A revenge motivation by the mother?

Post by RoamingCat on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:16 am

In real life, one of the most common reasons for women to have sex with people they would normally not have sex with is surprisingly enough, revenge. It may be that their boyfriend or husband cheated on them or that they just feel neglected but from the mouth of women themselves, revenge is one of the top factors.

Now , could this or does this translate into a mother having sex with a son's bully? specifically, if the father or the son himself do something that the mom finds particularly offensive or hurtful, do you believe it could be the catalyst for a sexual encounter with her son's worst enemy?

After all, this would be an extremely effective way to hurt and humiliate both her husband and son. Now I'm not sure what would have to happen to get a woman this angry but I'd be interested in knowing what you guys think could cause it.

Also interesting, do you think she would regret the permanent humiliation and suffering she would cause after some time passes or do you think she would revel in it?

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Re: A revenge motivation by the mother?

Post by becpa on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:01 am

RoamingCat, generally what I have seen is it is not a real revenge on the son, but kind of boredom about Dad, Son combo. They are boring. The bully guy is not. That works.
So to sum it up : they find me boring, now who is boring? That is a kind of revenge but not entirely.

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