Personal Story, Need advice

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Personal Story, Need advice

Post by solodicully1 on Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:11 am

Hello! im new here, i already shared my story to bluvelvet but wanted to hear other people advice, since its killing me

Will be a copy paste of i wrote to him, thanks!

Ok, before i start, as i said before, english isnt my native language so i might not express everything how i want but i hope you understand it. Im still shocked about this, ive been living with this interesting fetish in my head for around 4 months by now but the last month i found something about my mom that really blows my mind and since then ive been more interesed in it and thats how i found your tumblr which is very interesting and fits most of my feelings. My story starts kinda slow but i need to tell the details cause its so personal and nobody else knows this.

well here it goes, i dont know where to start, im a normal man, im 24 years old and im finishing this year my university career, im a single son, i only live with my mother in a small apartment, shes a little kids teacher, shes 42 tears old, i consider her a milf cause shes more attractive than the average woman of her age, since she care of herself doing daily excercises, dressing good and eating well and she got a pair of big mommy boobs and a meaty ass.

Okay so, about my childhood and school time (5 to 17 years old) i have no complains, i was never bullied over the limit of getting beaten or that kind of stuff, neither i was a bully, but as kids we used to bother each other sometimes but never went too far, yet i do have to complains about my mom. As a single son i knew she was protective, and sometimes it
really annoyed me cause she wouldnt let me go to some parties or staying late on friends houses so my whole school life i meant to be a ''house kid'', inviting my friends to play playstation, playing ping pong and that shit where i could be under the sight of my mom.

Once i get to the university (19 years old to 24)the problems with her really started. I wanted to go a university outside my city, so i could live a normal university life without having her annoying me with her protective stuff and shit cause i knew that she was going to bother me. After everything i decided to stay in city, theres a university close to my house afterall but the
problems with my mom were there, annoying me everytime.

Ok so here the actual story starts, i started the university, and from the first day i meet my actual friend, we call him Pipe hes a kind of bully and will talk about him later.I started like i said before going to parties and not caring about what my mom thinks, i was like fuck it. But everytime i went to party or outside at night it was a problem at home at the next day, and it made me really sad cause i love mommy. So as a grow ass man i had a serious conversation with her, i told her what i thought, i didnt needed her in my back and i wanted her trust cause ive been always a good boy, i dont even drink or smoke, cause i can have a lot of fun without getting crazy, after a long talk she understood and now she doesnt go crazy when i go outside with my friends but the problems remainded, as she started to spam my cellphone calling late at night while i was partying to know where i was and if i was ok, at the beginning it was ok, i answered her, but then everytime i went outside was the same story so i decided to turn off the cellphone everytime i wasnt at house and then again,another problem at the very next day, so we had another conversation and this time she really understood, but she wanted to know where i usually go party at night to feel safe.I told her that im always in the university or in the house of Pipe (she wanted the address, and i gave her it) cause i dont like discos or clubs and then she was ok with that, she thought that i used to go clubs getting drunk and crazy but she was wrong. I never went hard on her cuz somehow i understood how she felt so i never had a reaction like "ill leave house" like some friends did so i always decided to talk with her everything and everything got solved (thats what i thought)

The problems with my mom, about being protective as fuck once i started university lasted for like 7 months, so from around july of the first university year i could say i was finally free from her. I want to talk about my friend Pipe now. Hes around 25 now, he got a brother but hes already living in another city, so Pipe lives with his mom and his dad in a big house but they usually travel for weeks for business so his house is the perfect place for parties and thats where i and the rest of my friends go the 80% of the time. Hes the typical gym douche who goes party crazy everytime he can, he used to bully me, not over the limit of beating me and humilliate me but he always felt superior. Now we are like close friends, he doesnt bothers me like he did before but he still calls me pussy for not partying like him and drinking like him, but over the years we got closer and now we are friends.

That is what i can say about my friend for now , everything in the past 5 years after the problems with my mom got solved went normal (till the last month, is what im about to tell), no more mom bothering. I passed my examens every year and me and my friend Pipe were doing really good at it, we had our personal stories in those 4-5 years but nothing that could matter in the actual story im tryinng to tell.

Well, everything i said before was a intro, from now everything starts to get weird for me,i dont know how to explain my feelings correctly in english but this really makes me hard and blows my mind cause ive been already interesed in this fetish as i said before when this happened. So one normal night at Pipe's house, around 1 month ago partying as always, it was around 6 AM sunday, everyone already left the house except me and another friend cause as always we sleep there till around 10 am and then leave cause we live way too far from Pipe's house.

So its 6 am, i was sitting there with Pipe while our friend is sleeping drunk dead in the sofa, Pipe is kinda drunk saying im a pussy as always cause i did not drink the whole night.
(when i said i dont drink, i mean i really drink, but just one or two beers in the whole night so it doesnt counts as drinking)
So suddenly i took his phone, which was in the table and i start looking at his whatsapp contacts randomly, i didnt had him in whatsapp cause i had changed number recently so i decided to add myself, and while searching his contact list i saw "Dani's mom", im Dani. So i asked him in a joking manner -Wtf man why do you have my mom contact, i dont remember giving her number to you ever, or any other friend-., as he replied kinda surprised, im not going to tell you.
(Most of the times with the objetive of annoy me, he just dont tell me some shits when i ask, like random shits, when i ask him about the date of an university test
he just dont tell me for an example) So i did not bother myself to insist. So i continued stalking randomly his phone in front of him, he didnt care at all, and suddenly he said, -your mom came worried for you years ago, when we were in first year of university, and asked if you used to came here at nights, as i told her that yes, you always do, and she asked for my phone number and she gave me hers in case of something happens to you, and she told me to not to tell you please-. So i asked if that really happened, cause im not used to believe him everything, and he said-yes, thats why i have her phone number- That made sense to me, i remember giving the address of Pipe when i used to have problems with my mom, so i was like hummmm ok, i was kinda ashamed, cause i started to think how many times she bothered my friends about me, making me feel more like a pussy and embarassed lol.

Suddenly he said to me, -I also fucked her-. I laughed, cause the mom jokes among us were common some years ago, as he replied -Im not joking, i really fucked her- as i said to him joking - Pic or Fake- cause i still didnt believed him, it was obvious, how could i think my mom could really fuck him, for me she was an angel, professional working with kids, a worried mom. Then he said -Ok wait here- while he was going to his room he was saying, -Promise me ull wont punch me till u see the pics- I replied yes of course, as my dick was getting hard somehow, wishing it was real and not a stupid boring joke of his.

So he came back with his old phone, i remembered his old phone about 4 years ago, he started searching for something, and then he said, -Serious shit, promise u wont punch me till the end, once you finish watching you decide to kill me or tell you what happened-. as i replied, -Ok i promise-. So he found what he was searching for and played it and gave his old cellphone to me, so i started watching. It wasnt the best quality for a video but i could clearly see a meaty woman ass-up in doggystyle, and a man behind fucking the shit out of her cunt, i said to him, while watching -So what, its normal porn to me-. (cause the camera was trembling a lot, the man was really fucking fast and hard that pussy so i couldnt tell who were that man and that woman), as he replied -Hold on-. and connected some headphones, restarted the video and put the headphones on my ears, (i just watched like 30- 40 seconds the first time withno audio before he restarted)

Thats where my mind exploded, my dick went hard like a rock, i felt how the blood pumped it like a rocket, i felt dizzy and so fucking surprised and excited. Now i could clearly hear my mom moaning like a real slut, she was almost screaming, i could clearly also listen how fast and hard he was penetrating my mom's pussy, sometimes it sounded like her cunt was queefing, i couldnt stop watching it i was in shock, after the second 50 of the video, my friend stopped aggresively fucking my mom's cunt so then i clearly saw the entire back of my mom and her hair and i was now 100% sure that bitch getting hard fucked was her, as the video continued, my friend took out is hard fat dick ( i was surprised about it )from her stretched cunt and started pushing it in her anus, as she moaned and tryied to say -slowly please-. While my mom was moaning from pleasure and pain my friend was penetrating her anus as she started to scream not too loud, but it was clearly painful.

My friend inmediatly said, -theres more, dont kill me now, you promised-. Hell yes, i wanted to watch more but i remembered saying to him acting angry-you fucking bastard- while i was very excited wishing to watch more. Outside myself i tryied to keep calm as i readed your stories i didnt wanted him to know that i was enjoying it, it was kinda embarrasing but inside me i was fucking enjoying.

So he played the next video, it was a 40ish second video, the quality was much better, it was another doggy style pov video, ass-up, and her head on the pillow, still moaning like a slut, this time i could clearly see her cunt stretched like she was recently hard penetrated by something big, her pussy lips were noticeably separated (inside me i was collapsing, i couldnt get more hard and excited, never felt something like that before, i cant tell you how much i was enjoying all this), my friend put his fat dick inside her cunt and took it outside again, same happened to her butthole, he penetrated it slowly and took out his dick as he was squeezing her buttcheek with his other hand, her anus was amazingly opened, it was kinda gaping, i could clearly see a black hole between her butt cheeks, then he stopped penetrating her holes while my mom said to him, -I think i wont walk by days now- as he replied stay like that for a while and spanked her right buttcheek really hard as my mom screamed while my friend continued recording my mom's fucked ass fingering her holes gently. The video stopped.

Then he said its not over yet, i have some photos, so i watched them, he had around 5 photos, 2 of them were a before-after fucking in doggy position, where i saw how my moms pussy looked like before getting penetrated by such fat dick, i was fucking enjoying it, it was a really nice cunt, i really wanted to ask him if he ate that cunt before destroying it but i didnt, her anus was small and tight, kinda dark, so fucking hot, i dont have words for her meaty ass, it looked amazing in doggy btw it was kinda shiny, looks like the whole ass was oiled before the fucking. The remaining 3 pictures were the same content that i watched in the video, one penetrating her pussy and the others her butthole, but her buttcheeks were really red, he might have spanked her hard.

He said, -you see it now?, wanna kill me or know the details before killing me-. Of course i didnt wanted to kill him before he tells me everything lol, so with a serious face
but dying insde to know, i told him that yes i wanted to know the details, how it and when it started. He told me that my mom doesnt have idea that he recorded her meaty ass
getting destroyed, neither the pictures, and he havent showed the to anyone, except me, that day.
(he started telling me how it started, he showed me some whatsap conversations with her, they were a lot of msgs so ill resume what they talked about concerning the beginning of this story)

So he told me how it started,she called him one night, worried for me, as he was crazy partying he keep rejecting the calls, till he answered not knowing who was calling and said fuck off stop bothering, in the next morning my friend received a wsp, it was from my mom and she told him what he said to her. Pipe wsped her back and told her that he was sorry and jokingly also told her that she could come to his house to talk about more about me drinking something, as mi mom replied ok.

He told me that he never thought that my mom could come to his house, but she did and so they started talking about me. Pipe told me that she started getting sad and he sat next to her and started to hug her after a while hugging her to calm her down he stayed next to her and gave her a little kiss in her lips, after this she took her things and left the house. Pipe told me that he was embarrased as fuck, he messaged her saying sorry that was a mistake and she replied its ok with an shy emoji face, so hours later he messaged her back and told her to come to his house again to finish what he started, she replied that maybe tomorrow, cause she wont stay outside her house by night. He told me that he felt really guilty and confused, as he was really flirting with my mom but it was cuz he liked her, he really wanted to fuck her, but he knew it wouldnt happen.

But it really happened, my slutty mom brought her ass to Pipe's house, he told me that after a while they started kissing each other, he liked my mom as he found she a really pretty woman and really liked how her tits looked like, his dick started to getting hard as fuck and she noticed it, after a while touching and kissing each other in the sofa they went to his room, he put down her jeans cause before anything he wanted to eat her pussy but it was kinda hairy so he got disappointed and he didnt do it, but he was still hard as fuck, so he took all my mom clothes, and she took his clothes off, and he started licking her big tits, while fingering her cunt, after a while she started sucking his cock and his balls like crazy, she played with his fat dick for a while, gagged hard, she throat fucked herself with it. He couldnt feel more guilty but hard as never at the same time so he continued cause it was already done.

So he penetrated her hairy cunt in misionary possition, her legs were wide open, he was fucking her hard, she was moaning loud like a bitch, he looked at her face and her eyes were becoming white, he was fucking her hard but not hard enough so he told her to go in doggy, as she without a word put her meaty ass in the air. He pounded her cunt roughly, she was screaming loud so he stopped for a while and put the radio on and then started fucking her cunt again, he really wanted to fuck her butthole so he started teasing it with his finger, and my mom said nothing about it, after fucking a while he told me that cummed all over his back, she took a shower and left his house.
That was the first time he fucked her, after he finished telling me this i started asking a lot of things, he told me that he fucked her like 5 times in a month, then he told her they should stop doing that, she accepted, this happened around 2 years ago. He told me that after the first fuck, he messaged her and told her to shave her cunt cause he wanted to eat it bad, so to the next fuck she was perfectly shaved, ate it and fucked it harder than before, he couldnt take any pic cause his cellphone was without battery, but he still remembers how it looked and her smell. Then he asked me -You remember that day, some years ago when you were worried for your mom, cause it was night and she still wasnt at home and she wasnt answering your calls either?- I replied yes, he told me that was the third time he fucked her in the same week, that day was sunday and he locked her in his room (with her will) and tied her hands and foot to the ends of the bed with her ass up, and fucked every hole once a while as taking a break from the study cuz at the next monday we had an exam. Thats when he recorded and took photos of my slutty mom getting her holes opened, so i watched the videos again, both of them cause i really wanted to watch my mom getting hard fucked and her gaping fuckholes again, so i noticed now she was actually tied to the bed, now i remembered that she came back at the apartment very late that sunday, and she went directly to her room fast, she didnt even asked anything to me, as she always do probably her butthole and her pussy were hurting fucking bad. Finally he told me that after that week which he fucked her 3 times, it passed like 2 weeks before fucking her again and then it ended.

After he told me every detail i was fucking hard, i was sooo wet all i wanted is to tell him to send me the video and the pics but i didnt said a shit, anyway i knew he was going to say no, i asked him if he ever thinked on fucking my mom again, he told me that yes, sometimes he still jerks off watching the video and remembering how her butthole was gaping. He also told me jokingly, but i know its real lol, about his fetish, he really wanted to fist fuck my mom, he told me that he almost fist my mom's cunt, it was getting stretched enough, he was teasing while fingering her, trying to introduce his hand but it wasnt stretched enough, she needed more work, and then he would fist her butthole, but that was much harder, as he needed more
than a month of constantly fucking her butthole but everything finished over a month.

So he asked me if im going to kill him now, i told him that neverminds, it happened years ago, we werent this close friends then, i didnt even asked why he told me this now, it didnt matter, i wanted to tell him to talk to my mom and fuck her again but i dont dare. Well that day we went to sleep in the rooms but i didnt slept at all, as i couldnt stop thinking about my slutty mom, and restarting over and over again in my mind the videos and photos where her fuck holes were gaping and listeting to her moaning loud. I left his house at 10am as always , nothing changed betweem me and my friend, but now this is killing me, i really want him to fuck this slutty mom, i want him do whatever he wants to her,even if he want to fist her anus to death, im ok with that, i want to watch it but i want to watch it live, im ok with a video or pic for a moment ( if it would happen again), but i really want to see it happens live.

Now everytime i see my mom, i cant stop watching her meaty ass shaking when she walks and remembering through her clothes her gaping anus dripping cum and her cute vagina and how great could be watching her tits bouncing hard over a dick and her pretty cunt lips getting split, i would even grab my mom ankles wide open over her head while my friend fuck the shit out of her, i also imagined how great it could be, cleaning the shit out of her after my friend fucked her, i dont know if its wrong, but it really turns me on so i dont care but i dont know how to get to there. I love my mom but i cant stop looking at her as a piece of meat fucktoy now, it makes me feel somehow guilty, but i really want it to happen.


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Re: Personal Story, Need advice

Post by SimpleSyrup on Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:27 am

WOW. Amazing story.Thank you for sharing. God bless your mom. Very Happy Very Happy


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