Teasing/names your friends/bullies had for your mom

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Teasing/names your friends/bullies had for your mom

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:17 pm

Did any you go through playful teasing about how hot your mom was? How about names they had for her? Not necessarily bullies who get right to the point but maybe your "friends" or even distant related male family who said something about her to break your balls.

My mom had a huge latina ass (not as big as the chick in my avy Razz) and even as far back as 5th grade I noticed boys staring at it and some even remarked about it. What really surprised me was that even white boys loved her fat ass just as much as black and latino boys. Like even this nerdy white kid that liked wrestling and played jrpgs was like "man, your mom has a huge ass" which both angered me and aroused me even back then. Whenever he was actually around my mom he acted completely different and never even flirted with her since he was on the beta side but I swear when we were at lunch or recess he'd ask in a playful manner if he could sleep over, making sure to add "I'm not going to do anything to your mom or nothing" Shocked Needless to say he never slept over but even if he did I doubt anything would have happened anyway.

So how about you guys? Very Happy


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Re: Teasing/names your friends/bullies had for your mom

Post by DanNirmal on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:12 pm

All my friends used to tease me and call her "Cindy Crawford" behind her back because she looked exactly like her. That fetish influences some of my stories as well.

They used to masturbate to pictures of her all the time and claim that they were thinking about my mom. I would often get pictures of her with their cum all over it saying that it was my mom who'd taken their facial.


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