Was your mom a cheater?

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Was your mom a cheater?

Post by RoamingCat on Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:27 pm

Mine was, very much so. She was married twice and both times she slept with a good 10+ other men and that's severely lowballing it.

Interesting fact though, there were almost always extenuating circumstances to it (I.e. she was extremely drunk and her current husband was not there with her for some reason/she was forced to pay a debt that could absolutely not be delayed (Rent/Monthly house payment/got pulled over while extremely DUI,  etc.) or even something as simple as her husband's boss told her to do it becuse it was in the best interest of the family. Because she had such a perfect body , she was seen with lecherous eyes from all men, eventually myself included. She seemed to like the attention but I'm positive she did not want to cheat; Although most hispanic people , and I'm talking like over 90%, are supposedly catholic, only a very small few actually truly practice catholicism. She was among the 90% but she legitimately did try to do things right and have successful marriages, trying to avoid fucking up as much as possible, but not quite getitng the job done..... worth noting that a lot of the issues she faced were because my father and her second husband were major fuck-ups. That's on her though, she could have picked much better husbands.

In any case, while I understand these are all  in reality just excuses, it is still interesting to me to note  that it was a minority of the time whe she actively went out, with no outside influence, to find another man to have sex with but at the same time, in my opinion, she caved too easily to outside pressures.

Also interesting to note, when she wanted to get pregnant with me, a son specifically, she stopped having sex with everyone but my father, so I feel very lucky to have known him.... a lot of my hispanic friends as kids didn't know their father, or they only saw their father very rarely.

Hispanic adaptation of catholic culture is very strange. Most hispanic people violate almost all the tenets of catholicism, including the one about being faithful to your husband. But at the same time, my mother was very 'pious', as in she prayed a lot, went to church every week, on time, participated in events , etc... as I got older and moved out, I participated in some charity events with some churches and found that many of them were just scams to make money and  some of the people involved are just there to prey on single mothers or worse , teenage girls. There are some legitimately good people but I honestly believe most hispanic people have absoutely no respect for catholicism despite identifying as catholics.

That's not to say I wouldn't want get in on that action, but I don't identify as a catholic, some of those single mothers are incredibly attractive, and the idea of them desperately trying to please me possibly at the expense fo their own child appeals to my warped mind.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is one of those things that is highly affected by race. Latinas for example have a highly pronounced sexuality whereas I have not found similar levels in other races of women. This "latina high sexuality" extends to many forms of behavior, including a tendency to cheat.

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Re: Was your mom a cheater?

Post by myslutmom on Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:07 pm

From what I could find out, she used to be quite the cheater when she was married to my father. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it was because of her constant adultery that my father left us.

I can't remember it perfectly, but I think that a couple of times when I got home after playing on the playground I found mom and a neighbors there, both really surprised that I was there, what, back then, I thought was really weird, but didn't give much thought to it.
Oddly enough, one time it was with the only older boy in the apartment complex that was my friend. He was around 18 years old, while I was around 10 or so, we used to spend a lot of time on his apartment playing videogames.

Always being so curious, it wouldn't be much different with my mother, as I always loved to snoop and try around her stuff.
Back then, we had only one computer in the house and I ended up finding out her account's password (that was just her date of birth...) and reading quite a lot on her MSN Messenger's logs, where she chatted with random guys, neighbors, the husband of one of her friends. Sometimes it was innocent chat, sometimes it was something more kinky, sometimes it was setting up a date, sometimes it was them commenting how good the date was.

Too bad that nowadays most of her conversations happens via mobile apps, what limits my access to only some times when she goes to take a shower or goes to meet the delivery guy and leaves her phone back.


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