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Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:38 am

I wanted to post a story I had been working on a couple years ago but never finished. This story might be familiar to some of you if you've ever contacted me on LitErotica before. Keep in mind that this is an first draft of the story so there are spelling and grammar mistakes. As I have no plans to continue on with the story anyone is free to use parts of it for their own stories or even continue it themselves.

Chapter 1

Title: Project: Cindy Evans
Description: A son finds out a friends plan for his mom.

We all know what a MILF is and for most young guys, including myself I've labeled plenty of good looking older ladies as one. When I was in high school I had a couple friends whose mom's we labeled as MILFS, even my own mom was labeled as one. Now, was my mom good looking? Yes. Did I want to have sex with her? No. While I did wonder what she looked like naked every now and then I never had the desire to have sex with her. Of course I'd hear my friends say what they would do too and with my mom if given the chance. But of course it was all talk, we all joked around about what we would do to any good looking moms if given the chance but we never did.

Now this particular event I'm about to tell you about doesn’t include any of my friends, hell if any of them had been this daring they would have gotten a lot more girls in high school. This even includes my younger brother’s friends. Now, let me describe what my mom looks likes, I won’t waste your time describing what myself or my brother looks like, it’s not relevant to the story.

My mom was 22 when she had me. At the time, she and my dad Marc had just gotten married and were a little shocked to find out that 6 months into their marriage she was pregnant with me, John. But overall they were happy. There talked about wanting to start a family one day and it just so happened to start a lot sooner than they expected. Apparently they were so happy with starting a family that come 2 years later my younger brother Eric was born. Now let’s fast-forward 20 years with me in college and my brother about to finish up his senior year of high school. My mom’s older sister was always telling my mom that she looked almost the same as she did before she had me, with the exception of her breast. My mother is only 5'7 which is pretty tall for a woman but when next to dad, me or Eric she looks small as were all over 6 foot with me being the shortest at 6'1. Cindy, that’s my mom’s name by the way, was a cheerleader when she was in high school so she was always physically in good shape. About a year ago when it was just us guys I asked dad what his first impression of mom was when they met while working at the same office.

"Boys, if you had girls like your mom these days I wouldn’t be seeing or hearing about a new girl every month or so from you too." my dad started to say.

"Oh great, another one of Dad's story form his young days...” Eric said with a look of boredom on his face.

"Your mom was and still is a looker, when I met her she had all the men at our office trying to get her to go on dates with her. Hell, she looked just like Heather Locklear from the 1980's when she was on the police show. Dad said while pausing every now and then.

"That’s funny; AJ said mom looked like Heather Locklear the other day ay practice." Eric said while turning the TV on.

"He did?" dad responded looking a little confused.

"Yep. Why? Getting a little jealous their dad? Eric said with a smile on his face.

"Please, I knew I was marrying a women who would always remain beautiful so I've gotten use to that sort of that" Dad said while leaning back in his chair.

"Besides boys, my hands would like to say thank you." Dad said while pretending to be squeezing invisible boobs.

"DUDE! DAD, CMON MAN!" Eric said while trying not to think of what his dad just said.

"Really Dad, do you like torturing us? I said.

But Dad was right; mom breasts had retained most of their growth after Eric and I were born. It wasn’t like she went from an A-Cup to a D-Cup, more like a C-Cup to a D-Cup with our current bra size being a 36D.

Now let’s fast-forward to the present. Mom, dad Eric and I were eating dinner together, something that apparently is rare for families that have sons our age. Eric was telling us about the upcoming Basketball tournament they were playing in this upcoming Saturday; Eric was on the varsity team at the local high school. Apparently this tournament was put together just about a week prior and their team was invited to play.

"That’s great Eric! When are you guys leaving?" Mom asked.

"Well, were supposed to leave Friday afternoon and return sometime Sunday night as the actual tournament is all day Saturday" Eric replied.

"Has Coach Giles given the team like a packet or something similar on this tournament and what’s its going to cost us" Dad said.

"Not yet, he's supposed to give it to us tomorrow after practice." Eric said in-between taking bites of food.

"That’s cutting it close, tomorrow's Wednesday and your suppose to leave Friday." I said.

"Yeah I know, Coach is pretty mad too about the short notice be he’s been told college scouts will be there so he wants us to go" Eric said.

For as long as I can remember Eric's always loved basketball and a chance like this would be great for him.

"Do you know where it is?" mom asked.

"Yeah its, somewhere up state, like a 160 mile drive or something, were staying in a hotel." Eric said.

"Great! It’s only going to cost us like $600 bucks!" Dad said sarcastically.

"Dad, it’s a chance to get scouted, to me it’s worth the money." Eric said in defense.

"Well of course, you’re not the one paying." Dad said while laughing.

"If fine Eric, your dads just being stingy" Mom said casually.

Wednesday came and went buy pretty fast. Eric gave the packet the coach had given him to mom and dad and they filled everything out and dad grudging wrote out a check for $400 for the trip. Mom told Eric we would all leave Saturday morning about 10AM to be there for the first game at 2PM as it would take about 2 1/2 hours to get there.

Josh called me Thursday afternoon asking if he could drop of his laptop for me to look at. I told him to come around about 4PM and I'd take a look.

I was in my room when I heard the doorbell ring. My room was down the hall from the stairs with Eric’s being next to mine. We shared a bathroom which was about 20 feet away and next to the bathroom was the guest room. My parent’s room was to the right of the stairs, about 10 feet or so. I was walking down the hall and was a few feet away from the top of the banister when I saw mom was already on her way which surprised me. I thought mom was at work and she was dressed like normally dresses for work. She had on one of her usual business looking suites, the ones with a skirt. Though if memory serves that particular skirt was the one dad didn’t like as he said it was too short as it ended above her knees. His reasoning for hating it was that when she was sitting down it road up pretty high and given the right opportunity you could see her panties. Of course mom would have to be willing to show you them as most women don’t sit with their legs open.

"One second" mom said while proceeding to the door.

"Josh! What are you doing here?" Mom said with a strange look of confusion on her face.

"Hey Cindy, I didn’t know you were home." Josh said with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, we had a half day today. So what’s up?" Mom said while letting Josh in and closing the door.

"Oh, my laptop's been acting up and John said he would take a look for me. I need it for this weekend to get some homework done while at the tournament." Josh said while pointing to his laptop bag.

"I didn’t know you were going. Going to support your former team huh?" mom replied.

"Yeah, I wasn’t going to go but coach and some of the guys wanted me to go so I'm tagging along and coach put me down as an assistant coach so the schools paying for me." Josh replied.

"I wish the school would pay for Eric, Marc was not happy with how much this costs." Mom replied.

"Well with any luck Eric could get scouted, I wish they had done this last year, would loved to have been scouted and not be forced to go to community college and transfer to a 4-year." Josh replied.

"Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Anyways, John's upstairs and I got to finish the work I was doing in the kitchen." Mom said while turning around and proceeding back to the kitchen.

As she was leaving she bent down to pick what looked like some flower pedals, most likely from the flowers in the vase on the table by the wall. Since I had been watching from a side view all I saw was mom bent over, kind of like a sideways L. Looking over at Josh though I could tell his view was much different. He was directly staring at my mom’s ass like it was something he wanted. His view didn’t last that long as within a couple of seconds mom was already walking back to the kitchen. Josh then proceeded towards the stairs and I headed back to my room. I felt a little bad spying on my mom and Josh like that. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong but it felt wrong like I was invading someone's privacy. Also, how would it look if Josh made it up the stairs and saw me standing there, that would be... interesting to explain?

I had made it back to my chair and heard josh coming down the hall to my room.

"Hey buddy, what’s up? Josh said while walking in my room and sitting down on my bed.

"Not much man, just browsing the internet doing nothing." I said while Josh was taking his laptop out of his bag.

"So yeah, I have no clue what’s up with this piece of shit. Starting bugging out on me. Perfect timing too as I got to write an econ paper and was hoping to do them this week" Josh said while handing me his laptop.

I started his laptop up and when the password prompt came up I turned my head sideways so he would put the password in. Something that’s always bothered me. I mean every time Josh needs me to fix his computer he has to be right there, next to me the entire time and won’t even tell me the password to login. It’s like he's hiding some super ultra top secret documents or something. I knew his password was 6 characters long with the first character being an S, the 4th character being an R. I'm sure if I put some thought into it I could figure it out but it never really bothered me that much. I proceeded to work on his laptop with Josh literally 2 feet away watching everything I did. He had a bunch of spyware on his computer which was causing him the problems.

"Dude, you need to lay off the porn sites." I said joking around.

"Heh, what else am I going to do all day." He responded.

"Something else I guess. Anyway this last program will remove the rest; it’s going to take about 20 minutes." I said while leaning back in my chair.

Josh was about to say something when my mom yelled from the kitchen.

"John, can you take of the trash for me?" mom said.

I waited a few moments before responding, as I was about to tell her I would Josh got up and started walking out of my room.

"Don’t worry about it dude, I got it. Consider it my payment." he said while walking away.

I was shocked, not that the fact that Josh said it was my payment; man's never paid me before, not even a penny. I was shocked that in the countless times in the past I've fixed his laptop he's never once let it alone with me. Even the one time his girlfriend was over and downstairs and wanted him to come down he didn’t leave.

"I'm thinking too much into it." I told myself.

It was at that point that something devious popped into my head. This was the perfect chance to see what ultra top secret things Josh was hiding and always paranoid about me finding. The program was reporting it would be done a couple minutes early, not enough time to actually have a look around. So I came up with a plan. I felt somewhat guilty as I was about to deceive Josh and look around his personal files, but I had already made up my mind. I left my room and proceeded down the hall and down the stairs, I heard my mom talking and laughing with someone who I assumed was Josh Being my lazy self I took my time down the stairs and turned the corner heading in the direction of the kitchen. To get to the kitchen you go left in the main room, where the front door is, for me I'd be going straight. The kitchen is right next to the family room, if you go straight instead of right into the kitchen you go down a couple steps and you’re in the family room. To the left of the kitchen entrance is a closet, the kind with those blind looking things like that over a window. Perfect for when we were younger and played hide and go seek as you could hide in there and could see out the blinds but no one could see in them. As I got closer to the kitchen entrance I could see my mom and Josh were sitting down at the table with Josh's back to me. Mom couldn’t see me as her view was blocked by Josh and apparently neither of them heard me coming down the stairs. Josh was sitting at one end of the table (It seated 6 people, 2 on each side and 1 one each end) and mom was sitting on the right side closet to Josh.

I knew that the way my mom was sitting was giving Josh a great show of her legs up to her thighs; if her legs weren’t crossed he could definitely see her panties. I've caught Josh and other friends of Eric's checking out my mom before. It was just like with my friends so I knew Eric probably heard sexual things about what his friends wanted to do to our mom. I realized I had stopped walking when I was thinking about past events and was about to continue walking when I stopped. Mom and Josh had been talking about random things like her favorite hobby, cooking. Mom was telling Josh about some recipe she knew and while doing this she started to uncross her legs, probably to switch which leg was on top. However she didn’t uncross and then re-cross her legs at a normal pace. It seemed like she was intentionally taking her time, Josh didn’t miss this. While moms legs were uncrossed and slightly open he picked up the cup he was drinking from allowing him to look down and in-between her legs. Now, only an extremely oblivious person would not notice what Josh was doing. Hell, even from how far away I was I could see my mom’s panties. I couldn’t see any details like Josh but I could see they were white.

I was a little shocked, had my mom just flashed Josh her panties on purpose? If she did then why? Maybe for the rush or the feeling knowing the kind of influence she had on him? I couldn’t figure it out and it was bothering me. I continued walking forward and got into the kitchen just as mom had finished re-crossing her legs.

"Hey John" mom causally said.

"Hey dude, what’s up?" Josh said.

Josh looked a little nervous like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Not much man, having fun starting at my mom’s panties?" Is what I wanted to say.

"Hey, just letting you know it’s going to take a little longer. Most likely another 20 minutes or so." I said.

"Darn, alright, I'll be up there in a few, your mom and I were talking about some cooking recipe she wanted to try." He replied.

"Yeah honey, I saw it on TV, it’s a chicken dish and I know how you love chicken." mom said cheerfully.

"Sounds cool, maybe you can make it one night. Anyway, I got to finish upstairs." I said.

Any thoughts of guilt I had from before went away. Josh was checking out my mother. Hell, he looked up her skirt! But mom was just as guilty for letting it happen. I proceeded back to my room and back into my chair and decided to not think about what just happened anymore. I had other things to do.

"This is payback, even if you don’t know for what." I thought to myself as I inserted a flash drive into one of the USB ports on the laptop.

The program had just finished and I started looking around. I spent about 10 minutes looking through his pictures but only found a few interesting things. Josh had some pictures of AJ's hot sister Rachel, (Kind of looks like Mandy Moore) a couple pictures of her naked, one of him fucking her, a couple of her sucking his cock and one where he gave her a facial. I knew I didn’t have that much time left and my finds while good weren’t what I was expecting. After a couple more minutes of looking I almost gave up, either Josh hid whatever he’s hiding really well or there’s just nothing. I started clicking random folders and saw one that stuck out labeled Econ Paper. I don’t know why it struck me as weird so I clicked it. Any excitement that I had just built up went away as the only thing in there was a text document. I was about to open it...

"Ok cool, yeah I'll have to try that." I heard Josh say to my mom right.

I panicked, copied the worthless looking text document and pulled my flash drive out just in time as Josh came back into my room.

"Hey man, you all done?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, it’s done. Here ya go." I said with a fake smile on my face. I was still made that Josh had looked up my mom’s skirt.

"Awesome, thanks man. I got to go but I'll see you this weekend." Josh said while packing up laptop.

"Yep, I'll be there." I replied.

I watched Josh leave and heard him say goodbye to my mom. I sat in my chair for a couple minutes still made at Josh but realized I wasn’t really mad at him. He obviously thought my mom was good looking, an opportunity presented itself and he took it. If that had been me and instead of my mom it was some hot girl I would of done that same thing. I still had no clue why my mom deliberately showed Josh her panties. I finally decided that she did it subconsciously and didn’t even think twice about it.

The rest of the day was pretty boring, that night after everyone had gone to bed I decided to check out those pictures of Rachel again. I got my cock out and started jacking off while cycling through the pictures. Rachel was hot and if given the chance I'd fuck her in an instant. After I came I was about to go to bed when I remembered I had copied over that text document for reasons unknown.

"I'll just delete it, its worthless and I really don’t care about reading Josh's Econ paper." I thought to myself.

Had I actually deleted it I would have been none the wiser to what it contained. Had I deleted it, it wouldn’t have begun the spiral unravel of that which was my world. But at the same time, I would have been missing out on a great treasure.

"Fuck it, I'm bored." I thought as I double-clicked the text file to open it.

I had built up a little bit of excitement and like earlier I felt it all go away when the text document opened. What I was looking at wasn’t something awesome or something I could use. It was worthless junk, it was a username, password and URL with the label at the top, Josh's Econ Class Info. Disappointment set it ever so softly.

I had no intention of logging into Josh's Econ class site, I hated school as much as the next guy. I also didn’t want to do anything that could in some way mess up Josh's grade in the class, though I doubt he had anything more than a C. Somewhat depressed I got up from my chair and went downstairs to get something to drink. I proceeded to walk down the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and opened the fridge pulling out the milk carton.

Still, I couldn’t understand something. Unless Josh was just one of those paranoid types was there really any reason for the way he guarded his laptop? Sure, the pictures of him and Rachel could be the reason but it’s not like AJ didn’t know. Rachel and Josh dated for a couple months when they were sophomores.

After finishing I started to head back upstairs when I ran into Eric.

"Hey bro, whatcha doing?" Eric said while opening the fridge.

"Just getting something to drink, you’re up pretty late. Aren’t you guys leaving pretty early in mourning?" I said.

"Nope, were leaving in the afternoon, coach included tomorrow as part of the trip so technically we don’t even have to show up until we leave" Eric said

"Nice, going to sleep in? I would." I said.

"Hell yeah, going to be great not having to wake up at 6AM to get ready for school. The guys and I are going for breakfast, wanna join" Eric said.

"Maybe, depends if I'm up. Anyways I'm off to bed, night." I said as I started to walk out of the kitchen.

"Night." Eric replied.

I proceeded up the stairs and got on my computer. I wasn’t tried enough to go to sleep so I decided to mindlessly browse the net to kill some time. I was in the middle of reading an article online when Eric knocked on my door and proceeded to walk in sitting down on my bed.

"You know, I could of been jacking off, nice of you to talk but you should really wait until I say something before barging in." I said with an annoyed look on my face.

"I waited a second before knocking, just in case I heard any weird sounds." Josh said with a grin on his face.

"So... what do you need?" I said.

"I meant to ask you this in the kitchen but forgot. Mom said Josh stopped by earlier to see you, what did he want?" Eric said.

"Oh, he was having some computer problems and asked me to take a look at his laptop. He said something about having to write some papers for his econ class and wanted to do it while at the tournament. Why do you ask?" I said while wondering why Eric was so curious.

"I don’t know, Josh has been kind of weird lately, like he’s always asking about mom and how she’s doing and stuff. When he comes over he’s makes it a priority to talk to her and flirts more than usual with mom. It’s kind of getting annoying. I know he thinks she’s hot, all of our friends do but his recent interest in mom is weird. I mean usually he's like this when it comes to him and some girl he wants to fuck." Eric said.

I started laughing.

"Eric, c’mon man. Do you really think Josh has the slightest chance of getting with mom? Even if you were to take dad out of the equation, josh would still fail. Mom wouldn’t do something like that to us, he’s your friend and is only 2 years younger than me. Hell, think about what other people would say or moms reputation. Your worrying for nothing. Guys flirt with mom all the time, its normal and shouldn’t bother you, even if it’s your friend doing the flirting." I said.

"Yeah, your probably right. I guess it’s just really just starting to annoy me and making me think more about it. Today just added to my annoyance level though. Josh isn’t even in an econ class and he just had his computer fixed a couple days ago. Just makes it seem like he came over to see mom" Eric said.

What Eric just said struck me, I had been thinking something was weird about Josh's visit. Him leaving me alone with his laptop which he normally guards like a priceless item and his over-friendly talk with mom for over a half-an-hour was definitely not normal for him. But him lying to both mom and I about an econ class? I couldn’t think of any reason why he would lie about taking an econ class. It’s not something you would brag to your friends about, it’s an econ class for god's sake. Suddenly that formerly worthless text document with Josh's econ class information was now very intriguing to me. I was at a crossroads, I didn’t know if I should tell Eric about the file. What if that file confirmed Eric's concern? What if Josh was making plans to seduce our mom? What if he already had? Too many questions were now forming in my mind. I had to get Eric out of my room so I could see what secrets that file contained.

"Dude, I dunno. He spent most of the time right next to his laptop like usual. He talked to mom for a bit but not longer than usual. Again, I think you’re getting all worked up over nothing. Get some sleep, it might help." I said.

"Yeah, like I said your probably right. Josh is pretty smooth and good with the ladies but moms in a different league then the girls he goes after. Besides, there’s 3 strong guys who would kill him if he attempted to make a move on mom." Eric said while laughing.

Eric got off my bed and left my room. I felt a little bad for lying to my brother, but I had no idea about Josh's recent attitude change and focus nor what secrets this website of his contained. Josh's actions earlier made perfect sense now. Was he really trying to get with mom? Better yet, did he actually think he had a chance? I didn’t want to think about the other possibility, that Josh had already got our mom.

I opened the text document, I knew that if I didn’t do this I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it. With that I typed in the url of the site, it took awhile to load but when it did I did a little looking around before logging in. It seemed to be one of those group project sites where members could post updates on what they were working on and share files for the group to download. It was very similar to the private site I created. The only reason we didn’t use a site like this was it used a universal login which wouldn’t work for us. Though I was glad it did, whatever I was about to uncover I would be able to hide my tracks.

I typed in the username and password from the text document and waited for the page to load. I'd be lying if I said my heart was beating fast, it was pounding in my chest. I was nervous, excited, scared and happy all at once, a very weird mix of emotions. When the page finally loaded my eyes went straight to the top of the page, the first thing it said confirmed one of my questions and made me feel uneasy. It said...

Project: Cindy Evans
Status: In Progress

I knew right after reading only the project title that Eric's assumptions about Josh were right. He was really actually trying to get with our mom. He actually truly believed that it was possible. That our mom would fall for his charms and toss away her marriage and family and have sex with him. Josh was idiot. I felt like laughing, I knew that never in a million years would this happen and now knowing just how much effort he was putting into it was hilarious. Never less this was only the top of the page, I started to look at the rest of the page. The page was a fairly simple in design, but that was the point of sites like these as they focused on the actual project itself and not how the site looked. There was a pictures section that I decided to click last, no telling what was in there. I decided to check out the updates section which normally would allow the group to post any updates on the project. In this case Josh was using it to post updates on his status with my mom.

I wanted to start from the beginning but the latest post caught my eye, not for its content but for its name. It was simply labeled "New Pictures Guys" which confirmed that more than one person had access to this project. Josh was definitely the mastermind behind this, he was the one planning on fucking my mom. If more than one person had access to this project were they planning on getting with her too? Or did Josh plan on posting pictures or videos of his actions and my mom? More questions had formed in my head. Surprisingly, which is weird to say as this is a project about someone trying to fuck my mom. Most of the update posts were boring and trivial with the majority of them informing the group of new pictures Josh uploaded. While I was curious about what those uploaded pictures contained. A couple update posts did stand out, ones which were labeled as "Progress Makers". There was four in total, two of them were from about a month ago with one being the first update posted, one was Monday of last week and the last one was posted earlier, well technically yesterday (Wednesday) as it was about 2AM.

Date: September 15th
Aright boys, I'll be using this group project page to keep you updated on my current status with Eric’s mom Cindy. Really looking forward to taking $5000 dollars from each of you, not only am I going to get to fuck one of the hottest moms I've ever seen, but I'm going to be a $10000 richer thanks to you guys. Maybe I can get Eric and John in on this bet somehow, lol. How awesome would that be knowing both of them would be paying me for fucking their mom. You two have given me 3 months which IMO is too long, I only need 2 months to get her into bed. I've been thinking about how I'm going to be able to prove it to you guys, I'm looking into getting some of those spy cameras we always see at the mall. Who knows though, maybe she’s the freaky type and wants me to record her. I can't wait to feel her amazing looking boobs or finger her cunt. Eating her out will probably be like a dream and fucking her is gonna be unreal.

By the way Matt, I'm getting some great head from your ex-girlfriend right now, I'll post my plan later. About to cum in her mouth then fuck her crazy.

Later bitches.

Josh is one cocky bastard, that’s for sure. I clicked the next "progress maker", a small part of me told me not to read anymore but I couldn’t stop. Just like how everyone slows down to look at an accident on the road, I was hooked. Part of me wanted Josh to at least make some sort of progress so I could read about it.

Date: September 26th
Shit guys, this might be easier than I thought. I am the ladies man after all and even married women can’t resist, lol. I think I'm going to go on a vacation with the money I get from you guys, maybe Cindy will come with me. Smile As you guys know, I've been spending more time hanging out with Eric and making excuses whenever possible to go over to his house. I thought it might be hard to become friendly with Cindy but she seems to love talking and I seem to love listening. I've made it my goal to spend at least 5 minutes talking to her every time I go over to Eric’s. She doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention at all. Wonder if Marc still fucks her? Of course, all this shit talking is pointless without some actual progress.

Last night I spent the night at Eric’s, gave me a great opportunity to spend a lot of time talking to Cindy which allowed me to learn some interesting things about her. I bet you guys didn’t know she has a tattoo on her right ass cheek. Of course I still gotta do a visual inspection to confirm, lol. A little smooth talking and acting like I cared about our conversation was all it took for her to tell me that. I just mentioned I was thinking about getting a tattoo for her to tell me she had one and where it was. I'm not supposed to tell anyone, my bad. Smile Anyways, it was probably around midnight or something, Eric and I were watching a movie downstairs in their family room. He had fallen asleep and I was mindlessly watching TV. I heard some noises coming from the kitchen and hoping it was Cindy I got up and headed for the kitchen. Before I left the family room I took off my shirt and pants leaving me in my boxers and undershirt, this way she could see my body and my package.

I made my way into the kitchen and it was my luckily night because it was her in there. I said hello and we both started talking. She was wearing some plain looking pjs but they formed nicely on her body. I had took a seat at the kitchen table, she was at the sink cleaning some dishes. She asked me if I wanted anything and I told her a glass of milk would be fine. She went to the fridge and opened it to get the milk. I saw an opportunity, you know how that counter top makes it impossible for two people to walk by the fridge without rubbing up against each other. As she was walking towards the fridge I told her I would get the glasses and made my way to the cabinet with the glasses. Of course I would have to squeeze by her. I got behind her and "attempted" to squeeze by her. While doing this I was of course saying "excuse me" and "Sorry", gotta keep up the gentlemen role. I made sure the lower half of my body was pointing forward and when our bodies "connected" I slowed my movements down. I moved my boxer covered dick against her ass and let me tell you, it felt great. I was already a little hard from seeing her in her pjs so I know she could feel my dick as it made its way across her ass from her left to right ass cheek. I even wanna say she pushed back a little bit but can’t be too sure. She of course didn’t say anything and nothing happened afterwards but I feel I'm making progress.

Later bitches.

"What the fuck." I thought to myself.

I didn’t even know my mom had a tattoo! Yet here she was telling Josh about it and that it was on her ass!? That was something I was going to need to confirm which left me kinda uneasy.

"Lets see, in order to see if Josh is telling the truth I have to get a look at my mom’s naked ass... great." I thought to myself.

His "accidental" rub against mom also pissed me off, even though it was pretty daring I wanted to punch Josh after reading about it. If that event really happened, why didn’t mom slap josh or at the very least say something to Josh about what he did? Maybe mom was enjoying the attention Josh was giving her and that’s why she didn’t say anything then or yesterday when she "accidently" flashed him her panties. I clicked the next "progress maker" wondering what else Josh had dared to do.

Date: October 13th
I swear, I'm just too good with women. It’s like they see me and want to open up to me, tell me all their problems and hope I can fix them. Some would call this a gift and I agree. Originally I wasn’t going to go to tonight’s game against Valley High but Cindy said she was going. I mentioned I was going too but would be there a little late and asked her to save me a spot. I arrived about 30 minutes after the game and found Cindy sitting alone in the bleachers, it was perfect. I gotta make sure to say thanks to Marc and John for not going, lol. By the way, what the fuck were you guys doing tonight? Valley killed you guys, it wasn’t even close. When I played we never lost to Valley, jeez. Anyways, when the game was over we started heading towards the exit. I asked her if I could get a ride, I didn’t really need one but this would give me more time to spend with her. She said sure but we wouldn’t be leaving right away as she had to wait for Eric. I told her I didn’t mind as I had nothing to do afterwards. As we headed towards the car I took our my phone and got it ready to record, when we entered the car I put my phone on the dash with the camera pointing towards us. That’s right bitches, I got some video for you to watch. Why type when you can watch? Smile Enjoy!

Before clicking play I prepared myself for the worst, for all I was about to watch a video of my mom blowing Josh or something. I small part of me was hoping this video was explicit, something about watching my mom with someone else made me horny. I got up from my chair, locked my door, took my pants off and headed back to my chair. I didn’t want anyone walking in on my wacking off especially to a video that my mom was in. I clicked play and leaned back in my chair. The video loaded and from where Josh had put his phone I could see both Mom and Josh although it was kinda dark in the car. The video started while they were mid-conversation.

"... I'd say so." Josh said.

"I still can’t believe you walked her in the freezing weather." Mom said.

"It was cold but I'm glad I came, got to hang out with you." Josh said.

"Of course, you want to fuck her." I thought to myself.

"Thanks Josh, I'm glad I had someone to talk to during the game. Marc and John are boring anyway when they come, they’re not really into basketball like Eric and I." Mom said.

"Well, glad I could make it interesting." Josh said.

The conversation they were having seemed to die there. Mom was quietly humming along with the radio while Josh was starting off somewhere.

"Hey Cindy, I got an idea to kill some time." Eric said. I could tell he was smiling.

"What’s up?" Mom said while turning to look at Josh.

"Lets play a friendly, clean game of truth or dare." Josh said.

"Truth or dare huh? I don’t know, not really a game you play with your son’s friend." Mom said.

"Nah, c’mon. It will be fun, I promise to keep it clean and I won’t tell anyone." Josh said.

"No need to tell when they could watch." I thought to myself.

"Our little secret huh? Alright, I suppose it could be fun." Mom said.

"Ok cool, I'll let you start." Josh said.

"Ok, truth or dare?" Mom said.

"Truth." Josh said. I was surprised, I expected Josh to say dare.

"What’s your favorite food?" Mom said.

"Chicken, best thing ever. Truth or dare?" Josh said.

"Truth." Mom said.

"What’s your favorite hobby?" Josh said.

"I really like to dance, Marc's not much of a dancer but I love dancing." Mom said.

More truth questions were asked, about 5 minutes in I started getting bored and my penis was depressed. I was surprised to learn some new things about mom I never knew and I knew Josh was soaking up all the information but it was boring.

"Alright, lets mix it up. Dare." Josh said.

That caught my attention.

"Dare huh, hmmm... How about... I know. I dare you to run around the car in nothing but your boxers." Mom said.

I was a little shocked and I think Josh was too. Nonetheless Josh started taking his close off.

"Pssh, weak dare Cindy. But alright." Josh said while taking his pants off.

"Cindy, are you trying to make me take off my clothes?" Josh said.

Before mom could respond Josh had exited the car.

"No, but I don’t mind." Mom said what she thought was in private.

That surprised me, did my mom just admit she liked watching Josh undress? Things started getting interesting. Josh hopped back in and looked like he freezing. He put his close on as fast as possible.

"I can’t believe you did it!" Mom said while laughing.

"A dares a dare and I never back down. Besides, what happens in this car stays in this car so I'm not worried about you telling any of the guys." Josh said while finish putting his clothes back on.

"Alright, now it’s your turn for a dare." Josh said. He didn’t even give mom a choice to pick yet she didn’t seem to object.

"Seeing how you just made me run around practically naked..." Josh said.

"Josh, I'm not running the car in my underwear." Mom said in a playful tone.

"Oh no, I wouldn’t make you do that. Remember how you told me you had a tattoo? Well I don’t believe you so I dare you to show me it." Josh said with a smirk on his face.

Josh was bulled, I was on the edge of my chair waiting for mom’s response. Was she really going to show Josh the supposed tattoo on her right ass cheek?

"Josh, I don’t know. I mean... that’s kinda personal." Mom said. She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no.

"I understand that, but it’s not like you’re doing anything wrong. You did tell me about it too." Josh said.

"Please, I promise I'll never tell anyone." Josh said.

"I... I guess it’s ok. I'm going to go into the backseat, if you see Eric let me know immediately!" Mom said.

Mom started to climb in the backseat. While she was doing this Josh picked up his phone and kept it in his right hand. It was pretty dark so I doubt mom could see what was in his hand. Mom was sitting on her knees and reached down to undo the first button on her pants, Josh had his phone zoom in as close as possible. Mom undid the first button and stopped.

"Josh, I feel weird about doing this. Will you please turn around so I don’t feel like I'm taking my pants off for you? Mom said. I couldn’t see her face but I could tell by her tone that she was nervous.

"Yeah sure, I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable." Josh said. I heard him shuffle around which I assumed was him turning around. With mom none the wiser she continued taking her pants off. As I said before I had always wondered what my mom looked like naked and this seemed like the closet I was going to get at the moment. I was already hard and began stroking my cock watching my mom undo the next button on her jeans. She then pulled down the zipper which gave view to her red panties. If I had to guess I'd say they were the lacy type but it was a little too dark to be sure. She put her feet on the floor and begun pulling down her pants. The view suddenly changed as I was now able to see her whole body, Josh must of heard her unzipping her pants. I watched as my mom slowly pulled down her pants, when she got to her knees she stopped. She then turned around once again sitting on her knees. My breath had increased and I was close to cumming. However, all you could really see was the top of her ass and I felt that feeling of excitement start to fade.

"Ok Josh, you can look." Mom said while looking straight ahead out the rear window.

Josh picked up his phone and turned around. I'm sure he was pretty full of himself now seeing how he got my mom’s pants off but I knew he was feeling the same as me. He couldn’t see anything.

"Wow..." was all Josh said for a moment.

I felt disappointed and like Josh let me down. We could see nothing and he was speechless!

"C’mon Josh, make her move or something." I thought to myself.

"Cindy, I hate to ask but I can't really see anything seeing how your sitting. If possible could you extend your legs please? The only other option is for me to turn on the backlight but then anyone would be able to see in the car." Josh said. The bastard was clever, he knew my mom would stick up ass up for him but she wasn’t about to let him turn the light on. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t happy he said that.

Mom didn’t say anything, she just slowly started extending her legs bringing her ass higher and higher into view. Josh had moved his phone down a little and zoomed in on her panties. The darkness made it hard to tell but I was pretty sure I was looking at where my mom’s pussy was. The camera zoomed out and that’s when I saw it, on her right ass cheek there was a yellow butterfly. I was shocked and excited. Josh had been telling the truth and he now had his proof. However as soon as my mom’s legs were fully extended she immediately brought them down and at a much faster paste she turned around and starting putting her pants back on. Josh had barely managed to put his phone back on the dash while she got her pants on.

"Oh wow Cindy, I like the butterfly. I'm also a little surprised, I never guessed you were a thong lady. If you don’t mind me saying I think its sexy" Josh said.

"Thanks Josh... I guess?" Mom said. It was obvious she was a little uncomfortable now.

"Remember Josh, not a word about this to anyone. Alright?" Mom said while barely making eye contact.

"Of course, I'll take it to the grave." Josh said.

With that the video ended.

I quickly scanned the latest post, seeing how I pretty much saw it go down I didn’t feel like reading it. I decided to look at the pictures. I guess I was hoping for something like or better then the video but was let down. All of the pictures were ones on my mom’s facebook with a few from a pool party we had. Nothing as good as that video. I still needed to cum and I wanted to cum very bad. I went back to video to the part where Josh was zoomed in on my mom’s pussy and finished jacking off. I don’t know if it was because I was jacking off to my mom’s panty covered pussy or what but I felt amazing when I finally came. It was then that I realized something. I wanted Josh to succeeded in his plan. As fucked up as it was I wanted to see more videos and read about it. Maybe even see it happen as it goes down. I leaned back in my chair and started looking forward to this weekend and what it might bring.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

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Chapter 2

Title: Project: Cindy Evans
Description: John witnesses more between his mom and Josh.

It was Friday night and I had just gotten home from yet another boring shift at work. As I opened the front door and proceeded in I could hear mom talking.

“You’re kidding me right? We’re supposed to leave in the morning.” Mom said.

I walked into the kitchen and could see she was on the phone talking to who I assumed was dad. I silently mouthed a hello to which she responded with a wave and a smile. I turned around and proceeded to head into my room. It was about an hour later when I heard a couple soft knocks on my door.

“Come in” I said.

Mom opened my door and walked in my room and sat down on my bed. It looked like she had taken a shower as her hair was wet and she was wearing her usual sleeping attire. Even in generic sleeping attire I had to admit she looked pretty hot. I felt a little weird seeing how I had previously jacked off to her in a thong.

“Hey kiddo, I just wanted to let you know that your father won’t be joining us tomorrow. Apparently there was a problem at work which is why he’s still there and from what little info he gave me, it sounds like he’ll be spending the weekend at work.” Mom said.

I could tell she was mad.

“That’s stupid, looks like it’s just us tomorrow then.” I said.
“Actually, Josh is driving up with us, he had an exam that he couldn’t miss and asked if it would be alright if he tagged along. Is that ok with you? Sorry I didn’t ask beforehand.” Mom said.
The smooth bastard, I wondered how he thought he would be able to advance with my mom because as far as he knew, dad was still going. Could he be attempting to just further his social relationship with mom?
“Oh, ok. Yeah that’s fine.” I said.
“Alright then, I’ll see you in the morning; don’t spend all night on the computer. Get some sleep” Mom said as she got up from my bed and left my room.
As she was leaving I was presented with the perfect view of her ass and realized I was slowly stroking my cock over my boxers. I quickly got up and closed my door, loaded up the video and once again masturbated to my mom’s thong covered pussy. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered what goodies this weekend might bring.
The next morning I followed my daily routine and started getting ready to leave. As expected, Josh was already over by the time I came downstairs with my bag and like usual both mom and him were sitting down at the table and talking.
“It’s about time; we thought you were never going to come down.” Josh said.
“Let’s get going slowpoke!” Mom said as she got from the table.
Unfortunately for Josh, mom was wearing a regular t-shirt and jeans so I doubt he received a similar performance like last time. I grabbed my bag and followed mom and Josh as we headed into the garage to the car. We were taking the SUV seeing how it provided a lot of room and was the perfect car for trips. It looked like both mom and Josh’s bags were already in trunk so I just threw my bag on top of theirs and hopped in the car. I was forced to sit in the middle row as Josh had already claimed the front seat that was adjacent to moms.
It had only been 30 minutes and I was already dying of boredom. Josh and mom were talking about all sorts of things and I felt like I was intruding whenever I attempted to join the conversation. I decided to just listen to music and try to sleep for the remainder of the drive. I put my headphones on; the seat as far back as it would go and pressed play on my MP3 player. I was only given about 15 minutes of music time when my MP3 player suddenly stopped. It was at that moment that I realized I had forgot to plug it in last night and as a result, it was now dead. However, I was already comfortable so I remained in the same position, eyes closed and everything. As I was slowly drifting to sleep I heard someone call my name a couple times, it sounded like Josh.
“John… John… HEY JOHN…” Josh first said then yelled.
I was about to respond when I realized that this might be a perfect time to play decoy and see if Josh tries anything. I mean, I’m sure it made his day knowing that dad was no longer going but I was still there. Albeit I was pretending to be asleep but they didn’t know that and I wanted to see something go down in person. I slightly opened my eyes just enough so I could see them but still looked like my eyes were closed.
“Well, looks like he’s sleeping.” Josh said to my mom.
“He must have been really tried to still be sleeping even after you shouted his name.” Mom said.
“Seems like it.” Josh said as he looked back at me one more time.
There was about a 3 minute silence before Josh started talking about.
“Hey Cindy, I just wanted to say thank you for the other night. I appreciate the…”
Before Josh could continue, mom had cut him off.
“Josh, let’s talk about this some other time when it’s just us.” Mom said in a hushed tone.
There was nothing but silence after that. Josh had fucked up; he pushed the boundaries too far and had gotten a response he was not expecting. Josh ended up listening to his own MP3 player and I ended up drifting off to sleep.
I was awoken by my mom telling me to get up as we had arrived. I checked my watch ant noticed it had taken longer than expected to get here as it was already 1:15 PM.
I put my chair back in its normal position, opened the car door and headed outside. I knew the tournament was being held at a local school in the area but this school was extremely nice, it even rivaled some of the community colleges in our area.
We made our way through the crowds and proceeded over to the gym where the Dragons, the team Eric was on would be playing. Josh and mom were in front of me allowing me to stare at mom’s ass as we made our way inside. Ever since the video I had begun thinking of my mom in a sexual way and couldn’t help but smile thinking of what the future would bring. The best part of our little walk was how many other guys from all age ranges were also checking out my mom. Once we got passed the crowds and actually inside the gym; Mom, Josh and I were all blown away by the sheer amount of people inside. There had to be thousands of people sitting the various sections and the more I looked around, the less this gym looked like a gym and more like an actual basketball stadium, it had a second level just for viewing!
Regardless of how spectacular this gym was, the sheer amount of people inside made seating nearly impossible to find. We ended up spending about 20 minutes walking around both levels just trying to find any empty seats. I could tell Mom was getting impatient, I noticed at that point we had lost Josh.
“Hey Mom, where’s Josh?” I said while looking around.
“Oh, I didn’t even realize we had lost him. Let me call him real quick.” Mom said while taking out her cell phone.
When did Mom get Josh’s phone number? I looked at mom and could see her talking to Josh on her phone.
“Ok great, bye.” Mom said putting her phone back in her purse.
“Ok so Josh said he’s found three seats but the third seat is 2 rows back so someone will have to sit by themselves.” Mom said.
I knew Josh was hoping I’d be the one to sit by myself and it’s a good thing I decided to go along with his plan.
“Let’s head over to where he is. Since this tournament is more important to both you and Josh I’ll sit by myself, that way both of you can get a better view.” I said.
“Are you sure? I have no problem sitting by myself.” Mom said.
“Nonsense, I can’t have my mother sitting by herself, what if you end up sitting next to someone who’s a little touchy feely? You sit by Josh, its ok.” I said.
“Ok, thanks honey, I owe you one.” Mom said.
We made our way over to where Josh was. The seats he had saved were more on the side so we didn’t have to get in too many people’s way while making our way to our seats. I could see Josh was happy that mom was sitting next to him; he turned around and waved at me as I go into my seat. While Josh got to sit next to my hot mom, I was stuck next too an old lady on one side and a really big guy on the other. The only positive thing about my seat was I could perfectly see both Josh and Mom and I was hoping he would make some kind of move.
It was time for the Dragons to play and I’ll admit they were awesome. I could tell the entire team were putting everything they had into the game and looking down at Mom and Josh I could tell they were transfixed on the game. It had been an hour since the game had start and Josh hadn’t made a single move. Sure, there had been lots and lots of talking between the two of them but nothing to indicate and advancement’s on Josh’s part. If the Dragons had hoped this game was going to be easy, they were in for surprise. It was back and forth the entire time with neither team holding the lead for long until the end of the third quarter when one of the guys on the Dragons attempted to make a three-point shot but missed allowing the other team to score and hold the lead all the way until the end of the fourth quarter. The Dragons were down by one and Eric had just been fouled as he went to shoot. You could feel the tension and anxiety in the room. I could tell that while Eric might be nervous, his focus and determination was taking over. With a little less than thirty seconds on the clock these next shots were crucial. On Eric’s first shot he ended up missing causing uproar of cheering from people rooting for the other time. I glanced down at Josh and Mom and noticed Mom had her right- hand on Josh’s thigh about mid-level which shocked me. I had to assume it was from her anxiety over Eric shooting. I noticed Josh had his left hand right below her hand and it looked like he was slowly moving her hand up, closer to his inner thigh. Mom seemed oblivious to this as all her concentration was on Eric shooting.
Eric was mentally preparing himself to shoot and as he shot the ball he had that look on his face like he knew it’d go in, and it did. Everyone on our side cheered loudly and I watched as mom jump up with joy. Because she was unaware of what Josh had done when she jumped up her hand ended up grazing over Josh’s crotch. I could see in Josh’s face that what had just happened was unexpected but well received and if mom had registered what had just happen, she wasn’t showing it. The game was now tied and both teams were aiming to win and while both teams gave it their all in overtime, the opposing team ended up winning with a pretty amazing three-point shot at the end. You could tell the Dragons were sad they lost but happy to have at least played in front of so many people. As we made our way out of the gym, I noticed Josh had a huge grin on his face which I thought was weird seeing how his team just lost. We made our way outside and ended up meeting up with the team. Mom ended up giving Eric a hug which got him some laughs but didn’t stop those same people from wanting a hug from mom. Both Josh and I could tell each person was purposely tightly hugging her so they could feel her boobs against her chest. I could even tell Eric noticed but didn’t seem to care or didn’t want to make a scene.
The rest of the day progressed normally and we all ended up going to a local pizza place that was right next to our hotel for dinner. I noticed that throughout dinner that Mom would occasionally pull her cellphone from her pocket, look at the scree and then I assumed send a text back. The only reason this caught my attention because mom would do all of this as quickly as possible without anyone noticing. I looked at Josh thinking she might have been texting him but from my viewpoint I couldn’t really see him too well and it seemed he was too busy talking with the team. I decided to find out myself and waited until the next time I saw her pull out her phone.
“Hey Mom, are you texting someone?” I said.
Mom looked up at me kinda startled like she had been caught.
“Huh… Oh…. It’s… It’s just your father wanting to know how the game went among other things.” She said with a smile on her face.
I wasn’t buying it, she was startled when I asked her.
“Oh, ok. Tell Dad I say hello. I’m gonna head over to the arcade.” I said while getting up.
I made my way over to where the arcade games where, I didn’t really want to play any games but I figured if something was going on, I’d have a better chance of finding out if I was away from Mom seeing how she would feel more relaxed knowing I wasn’t watching her. The arcade was pretty big and I noticed there was a group of guys from our team playing a rail shooter. I recognized a few of them as some of the guys on the team who had gotten a hug earlier from my mom. I don’t think they recognized me or knew who I was as I walked right by them without anything being said and sat down in one of the chairs for a racing game. I could see just about everyone at the table who were on the opposite of me when I was sitting down. Five minutes had passed and Mom still hadn’t taken out her phone. I was beginning to think I had overreacted and wasted my time but decided to wait a little longer and pretended to play while keeping an eye on mom.
“Damn, she is a MILF.” I heard from behind me.
I turned around and noticed it was the guys from the team.
“I’d give my left nut to fuck the shit outta her.” The guy said.
“You’d give your left nut to fuck any female.” One of the other guys said that earned him a laugh from the guys standing around.
“Fuck you, but seriously bro, smooth move on starting that hug chain. I’d rather it was my hands that got to feel her boobs instead of my chest but it was still nice.” The original guy said.
They were talking about my mom!
“We can only dream.” The second guy said.
“Maybe not, do you guys remember last year’s awards banquet? A couple months ago I was hanging out with Randy…” A third person said.
“Who?” The second guy asked
“You know, Randy… Randy Tyson? He’s was on the swimming team? Anyway, he told me he she had been drinking and was acting pretty flirtatious with him. Now, if you believe the guy apparently he managed to drag her over to one of the empty halls and get this, he got a handjob from her!” The third guy said.
“WHAT!” the second guy said.
“Bullshit, Randy’s a fag. No way in hell he got anything from a MILF like that.” The first guy said.
“I thought so too, but listen. Remember when he came to school all fucked up? Eric kicked his ass!” The third guy said.
“Shit, I do remember him coming to school all beat up and shit.” The first guy said.
“Yeah his story about getting jumped was shit, remember how he was dating Gwen? Well I guess Eric fucker her at some party while she was still going out with him. He confronted Eric and they got into an argument that ended up with him pulling out his cellphone and showing Eric a video of him getting a handjob from Cindy. That’s when Eric went bat shit crazy and beat the living fuck outta him, grabbed his phone, took the sd card out and stomped on his phone until it was in pieces. He then proceeded to lay into him some more telling Randy to stay away from him mom, never talk about his mom, talk about what happen or tell anyone or he’d kill him. The only reason he told me was because he was super high and thought he was talking to himself and was rambling bits and pieces of the story.” The third guy said.
“Fuck, I still call bullshit but man. If that’s true than… than wow.” The first guy said.
“Randy’s known for his bullshit stories so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some truth in that story. Maybe he danced with Cindy and really got his ass kicked by Eric but that would be the only parts I believe.” The second guy said.
“Whatever, if Randy did then awesome but I don’t know if a beating like that is worth it just for a handjob.” The first guy said.
“I’d take a beating like that for a handjob from her. That’s for sure.” The third guy said as they went back to playing the game.
I was stunned. Was this true? Did something like this really happen? I still wasn’t’ sure what I personally thought. I had never met this Randy kid before and knew nothing about him. If it was true did he just happen to get lucky? I assumed that if it did actually happen then it was pure luck as I had never seen this guy at my house or heard about him from Eric. Was the part about Eric true? Knowing Eric I knew that’s how he’d react in a situation like that. I had to wonder if he ever confronted mom about it but knowing Eric, I don’t think he’d ever would if it really happened. I also wondered if Josh knew about this but from how Josh acted on his blog. I think he would have posted something about this if he knew or even at least mentioned it. I wish there was some way to find out if this really happened but short of asking mom or this Randy guy I’d never know the truth.
But wait, in the story Randy had said Eric took out his phone’s sd cad before smashing his phone.
Was it possible that Eric kept the sd card or backed up its contents? If he had than maybe he had originally intended to confront mom about it or… or did he secretly get off on it? Was it because of what happened the reason Eric was acting funny the other night when he asked me about mom and Josh?
There were too many questions going through my head at that moment and I realized they were all questions I couldn’t answer. If Eric had kept the sd card or its contents I’d have to search his room and computer. I realized I was willing to do a lot of work on the whim of someone’s conquest story.
Because I had been focusing on listening to the story I had momentarily forgot what I was doing and missed any chance of finding out who mom was texting as I soon realized everyone was getting up and getting ready to leave. I got up from the driving chair I was in and headed over to mom. We all said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel. I was a little ways behind mom when I noticed that Josh was next to her, like usual. I saw him turn around and say something to my mom and then give her what looked like a tight hug before leaving her to join up with some of the other guys. There was no doubt in my mind he gave her similar hug to the ones she got earlier today from the guys on the team that hugged her. Mom was waiting for me by the elevator when I joined up with her.
“Hey kiddo, I’m gonna head to bed now. Are you coming up now?” Mom asked.
I looked at my mother wondering if the story I just heard was true. It was a little ironic to be surprised at such an event happening when I had already determined that I wanted to see Josh fuck her and had even seen the way she acted with Josh. I guess my problem was the fact that with Josh, nothing sexual had happen yet but something sexual had happen with someone whom I’m sure mom hardly knew.
“Nah, I’ll be up in a little bit. Gonna take a look around, maybe find some nice girls who wouldn’t mind checking out the pool with me.” I said.
“If you say so, have fun.” Mom said.
She proceeded to get on the elevator and once the doors had closed I started walking around. I didn’t really plan on going swimming with any ladies but I wanted to say something funny. I spent the next hour or so walking around, talking with the people I knew and enjoying myself when I started to feel a little tired. I headed towards the elevators and noticed Josh was already waiting there.
“Hey buddy, heading up as well?” Josh asked.
“Yeah, starting to feel tired and I know mom wants to leave in the morning so I figured I’d get a some sleep tonight unlike last night.” I said as we headed into the elevator.
“Haha yeah, you were pretty dead this morning. I’ll make sure to call your mom instead of you to find out what time were leaving.” Josh said as the elevator door opened up for his floor.
“Alright man, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said as he got off.
So he did have mom’s phone number. Didn’t mean he was the one texting her earlier this evening but at least I knew how he had it.
The elevators door’s opened for my floor and I headed to our room. I slowly opened the door and headed in, mom was already asleep. The room had two beds, I went over to my bed and turned the nightstand on so I could disrobe without tripping and waking mom up. I took my clothes off and got into bed. Mom was facing my bed which gave me a great view of her breasts; it looked like she was wearing a nightie or something similar. My cock had come to life thanks to the view and wanted some attention. I kept the nightlight on as I slipped into bed with one of my socks in my right-hand, I was laying on my right said facing mom and brought my left-hand down to my boxers, slipped my cock out and started slowly stroking it. I watched as mom’s chest slightly rose up and down causing her breasts to push out and in. I kept stroking and slowly picked up my pace hoping that the nightie would slide a little down so I could see nipples. I started moving my hand over my cock’s head feeling it pulsate which each stroke. I started imagining the story I heard earlier, watching my beautiful mom lust over someone’s cock, stroking it with such passion and desire. I imagined the desire on her face as she slid her hand up and down his cock. Watching as she slowly increased the pace until she was rewarded with this guy’s cum all over her face and even some in her mouth. The imaginary imagery was too much and I felt my cock pulsating as I shot a couple loads of cum into my sock. I always loved the feeling of my cock pulsating as I came and now wondered if my mom did as well. I didn’t even bother to put my cock back in my boxers and left it hanging outside the slit as I got out of bed to turn the light off and dispose of the sock. Something about being less than 5 feet away from my mom with my cock out really turned me on but being in the refractory period kept my cock from becoming hard again. I took once last look at my mom’s great chest before turning the light off, getting back into my bed and drifting away.
I awoke the next morning to the sound of the tv in our room. Mom had what I assumed was a coffee in her hand and was sitting up in bed watching a local news channel.
“Moring mom, sleep well?” I said while stretching my mom.
Mom looked over at me.
“Yeah I did, you?” she said with a smile on her face.
Seeing the smile made me feel a little guilty over last night’s masturbation session.
“Yeah, pretty surprising considering I slept in a hotel bed.” I said.
“Yeah they always leave something to be desired. Since you take much shorter showers than me, why don’t you shower first so you can take a hot shower?” Mom said.
“Ok yeah, good idea.” I said as I got outta bed.
As I was getting out of bed I noticed a change in mom’s face. I didn’t understand why at first until I remembered that I didn’t put my cock back in my boxers last night. I followed her eyes and saw she was staring at my exposed cock. I decided to act like I didn’t know and was surprised when she didn’t say anything as I proceeded to essentially flash her as I made my way to the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I heard the familiar double-beep of my mom’s phone, I looked back to see her grabbing it to check it and read whatever message she received. Seeing how the shower was the only place in our hotel room where I knew I wouldn’t be alone I jacked off again using the same scenario from last night as material and again I released the same amount of cum as last night. Sitting down In the shower with my hand still slowly stroking my cock I realized I had changed, I realized that my best masturbating sessions these past couple of weeks had been ones where mom was involved, but I needed more. I knew I would grow bored of this scenario I was playing out in my head and I hoped Eric still had the sim card from that guy’s phone. I had turned something I thought might have been real into something I firmly believed was real, and it got me excited. I got up, turned off the shower and proceeded to dry myself off and exit the bathroom.
“It’s all yours now Mom.” I said while walking over to my suitcase and grabbing some clothes.
“Yeah, if there’s any hot water left.” Mom said while getting out of bed and heading into the shower.
I proceeded to get dressed and decided to lay on my bed while waiting for mom. It suddenly hit me about 20 minutes later that I had access to mom’s phone. I cursed at myself for forgetting about this while grabbing her phone off the nightstand. She had one of those slider locks on it but luckily for me I already knew the slide path. I pulled up her text messages and noticed it was blank, well not blank but it only contained old text messages with the last being from dad yesterday afternoon. I knew this was impossible because I had seen her on her phone texting yesterday at dinner. It seemed mom was deleting certain text messages, text messages she sent and received from a certain someone and I knew who that was, Josh. I cracked a smile realizing how perfect the situation I was in actually was, even with mom deleting text messages from Josh, if they contained anything of value I’d know about it shortly thanks to Josh’s website. The rest of the day was extremely boring, I left the hotel room shortly after putting mom’s phone back and met up with her and Josh for lunch before we left. Josh and I packed the car and we proceeded home finally arriving home in the evening. Josh said his goodbyes while mom and I headed inside.
It was time to start my mission as I called it.
“Hey Mom, when is Eric getting home?” I said.
“Sometime tomorrow morning, he’s staying at a friend’s tonight.” Mom said.
Perfect, I’d have the entire night to tear about his room and look for my treasure. It was nearly 2 in the morning before I felt confinement enough that mom was out for the night. Recently she had been staying up pretty late watching movies and I didn’t want to risk getting caught in Eric’s room. I exited my room and proceeded down the hall towards Eric’s. I opened Eric’s door and as soon as I was in I closed it. I took a look around and realized I was literally looking for a needle in a haystack. Eric’s room was the same size of mine but presented a ton of hiding spots for a sd card. If it really existed, I knew Eric would hide it somewhere he’d think no one would look. Still, I was determined to find my mythical treasure which meant checking everywhere and everything. Hours went by as I checked his entire room, it wasn’t under his bed or between his bed nor hidden behind it. It wasn’t in any of his books, movies of video games cases. It wasn’t hidden in the air vent or behind an outlet. My mythical treasure was nowhere to be found. I was angry, tired and frustrated as I searched his desk that I almost got caught when I pulled his drawer out a little too hard and it came out of the desk making a loud noise. I froze listening for any indication that mom might of heard. With the drawer in my hand I waited until I was sure mom was still sleeping and continued looking. I decided to start with the drawer seeing how it was still in my hands. I dumped the contents out on Eric’s bed and lightly tossed the drawer on the bed as well. Once again I came up empty but realized if I ever needed any condoms, Eric had plenty to spare. I put my head down into the pile of items and just wanted to sleep, my search was over and I had failed. As I got up the rays of light shining through the window made me realize I had spent almost 5 hours looking for something that I now believed didn’t exist. I had believed a made up story of conquest that I wasted 5 hours of my life searching for.
At the very least I still had the blog to fall back on, I’m sure Josh had posted something. I grabbed the drawer and heard a rattling noise, a noise I didn’t hear before when I had took out the drawer or emptied its contents. I looked into the empty drawer and saw nothing, but when I shook it something rattled. I ran my hand over the bottom of the drawer and nearly yelled with excitement. My hand had run over an uneven part of the drawer, an uneven part that I could move with my fingers. It had to be my mythical treasure, my Atlantis if you will. I ran my finger around the edge looking for a way to lift up what I originally thought was the bottom part of the drawer but came up empty. I then turned the drawer over and lightly applied pressure to the underside until I felt the fake bottom pop off onto the bed. I moved the drawer over and staring right in front of me was the sd card I had hoped for. It had gotten much brighter in Eric’s room and I realized mom would be getting up soon. I picked up my treasure and quietly and quickly exited Eric’s room and headed into mine. I plugged the sd card into my computer and started copying it’s entire contents and once down I unplugged it, headed back into Eric’s room and put everything back together as soon as possible. My ever increasing mix of excitement, anxiety and adrenal had me shaking like crazy. I wanted to run out of Eric’s room and straight into mine but forced myself to calm down, no sense in getting caught after securing victory I told myself. I exited Eric’s room and proceeded towards my room.
“You’re up early.”
I froze in spot. I slowly turned around to see Mom standing there.
“Morning Mom, yeah I just got up to use the bathroom.” I said.
Luckily for me I was past the hall bathroom and the door was open.
“You should get dressed; start the day off early for a change.” Mom said.
“No thank you, my bed is calling me; see you in a few hours Mom.” I said while walking into my room.
As soon as I closed my door I waited a few minutes just to be on the safe side. I then locked my door and look at my computer. I needed to prepare myself for what I was about to see, I needed to make sure that this was something I wanted to do. There was no coming back after this, and it excited me. I was ready to see my Mom as more than my Mom. I sat down in my computer chair and opened the folder I had created during the copying process. I navigated through various folders and found what was looking for, who knew a simple file called 00012 was about to give me a wild rush.
I took a deep breath and double-clicked the file; my right hand was already rubbing my growing dick.
Black, all I saw was black. The video was playing but there was no audio or video. I didn’t have time for this so I went to scroll forward only to have the video crash. Apparently the seeking on this video was all messed meaning I was going to have to watch every second of this video. I waited for what felt like an eternity and then something happened and at once I had both video and sound. I really didn’t care why the first 20 seconds was blank anymore. All at once I was viewing many people different interacting with each other and the phone swinging around as if it was looking for someone. A big blue banner was in the background congratulating all the athletes for an amazing year of sports. After circling around a few times the phone finally landed on my mom. She was wearing this low-cut royal blue cocktail dress that definitely made it known she had amazing and big breasts. The camera did a once over before zooming in on her boobs.
“God damn they’re huge!” Randy said.
Randy spent about a minute more looking at her boobs before scrolling up to her face only to find her staring directly at his phone which caused the video to suddenly go dark. I assumed he had quickly turned his phone off and put it back into his pocket. Once again I was presented with nothing but darkness and a desire for more. The next 10 minutes was a combination of Randy talking with his friends about random boring stuff and him filming my mom as she talked with the other parents and players, without warning, the video suddenly jumped to Randy and a couple guys I didn’t recognize or didn’t remember sitting at a table talking about girls.
“… Most of the girls here are good looking I agree, but have you seen Cindy? Fuck man she’s definitely the hottest women here. “ Guy 1 said.
“I know man, why do you think I have my phone out? I’ve been recoding her as much as possible for jackoff material later tonight.” Randy said.
“Just about the only action your dick is going to get anytime soon.” Guy 3 said while the group laughed.
“Shit Randy I don’t know why you fixate so much on these older ladies you clearly have no chance with when you could be getting some from a number of girls” Guy 2 said.
“Because man, these older ladies are where it’s at, trust me.” Randy said.
“Right because you’ve been with so many older ladies that you’re an expert? All you’ve been doing tonight is secretly filming Mrs. Evans, you’re not even man enough to talk to her. “Guy 3 said.
“Fuck you guys, this entire season she’s been flirting with me and I’ve just been waiting for the right moment to make my move, in fact I’m making that move tonight.” Randy said.
Again the video went black and for a moment I thought that was the end of the video as it stayed black for well over a minute.
Literally nothing was on the screen and I was getting pissed. I kept telling myself that there was no way this was the end of the video. Minute after minute went by as my room slowly started becoming illuminated yet the video kept playing.
Then I noticed something. The black had changed; it was no longer pitch black. I could easily make out what sounded like high heels.
A voice! It sounded like Randy’s but it was too quiet but seeing as it was his phone it was a sure bet. I was slowly making out shapes through the darkness but had no idea what I was looking at.
“This way”
My heart sunk and my dick started to get hard again. That was mom’s voice! That’s when I noticed a human like shape in front of Randy leading his somewhere, it was mom. I could barely make her out but I watched as she pushed open a door. Where? I had no clue but as if magic I suddenly knew where they were, the door Mom had opened was a classroom door! The video suddenly lighten up, through the windows the moon was shining giving me a much better view though there were lot of black pockets in this classroom. My heart was pounding, mom lead Randy into the classroom towards the giant teacher’s desk in the front. Suddenly my view changed to darkness though I could still hear.
“Still down in that chair but don’t get too comfortable.” Mom said.
Suddenly it looked like I was in a tornado as Randy quickly put his phone down on the desk. He then angled it towards the door and pushed it back next to whatever other objects were on the desk. I found myself thanking Randy, the view was perfect and the only thing I couldn’t see was the bottom half of his legs.. I could clearly see Randy sitting in the chair nervously tapping the arm supports on the side with his fingers.
I drew my attention towards the sound in the video and noticed mom had locked the door. As she turned around she leaned back against the door. She looked so amazing in that dress and the moonlight only helped. Her gaze was fixed on Randy and she had this look in her eyes, It was the look of a hunter getting her prey.
“Now Randy, you should stop that. It’s inappropriate and naughty.” Mom said.
Randy was rubbing the front of his pants; it was easy to see he had an erection. Even though Mom had told him to stop he was still rubbing himself.
“Sorry Mrs. Evans, I find it hard to control myself and my cock when it comes to you. Besides, you didn’t mind so much when you were rubbing that ass into it. I really enjoyed your ass, even more so when you started pushing your hips back and forth. In fact, why don’t we continue having fun, come a little closer?” Randy said while slowly rubbing his dick.
About 20 seconds went by and neither of them had moved nor had Randy stopped rubbing himself. Mom hadn’t shifted her gaze at all since leaning against the door and was still watching Randy rub himself. Apparently this was too much for Randy and he decided to make his move. As soon as Randy got up Mom came to life.
“I said sit down Randy, unless you don’t want me to help you with that.” Mom said while point as his dick.
Randy jumped back into the chair and started undoing his belt.
“RAND Y STOP.” Mom said in a much sterner voice, it was a very similar tone to when she would tell Eric or me to stop doing something.
It was easy to see that Randy’s pants were causing him some discomfort, I could almost feel his pain and imagine having my dick stuck in my pants in with mom about to do whatever less than 10 feet from me.
Mom slowly started walking towards him, dropping her left arm and slowly dragging her fingernails across the desk, that scratching noise was hypnotic to say the least. Mom was right in front of Randy, I saw her look down and although I couldn’t see it, it looked like she had kicked his feet out as far as possible. Even though Randy looked calm and collected the constant movement of his fingers showed his anxiety.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DanNirmal on Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:17 am

That was amazing! I love this forum because I get to read amazing stuff like this that I didn't even know about.

The whole idea of the mom cheating and the bully setting up a "club" to discuss and witness her debauchery is executed in a VERY sexy way. I can't wait to read more.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Zohan on Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Seriously. Wow.

I've read just the first quarter and i am amazed. This is one of those stories i would love to savour slowly, without rushing through. The plot is brilliant.

Cant wait to read more from you.

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:25 pm

I appreciate the compliments but like I mentioned, that story is dead and I posted everything I had written for it. I've got an idea for a story I might write up but just need to find some time for it.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by mathew elizabeth on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:02 pm

Hey Dark Mask. Long time no talk. Really happy and surprised that you decided to post this story. Back; years ago; when we chatted; I actually still have your story saved on my hard drive via file and have read it multiple times throughout the years. Very well done. I hope you consider completing it Smile
mathew elizabeth

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:54 pm

I'm usually not a fan of stories where the son doesn't mind or actually wants his mom to be slutty(usually because it eventually becomes an incest fest), but this one was extremely well written and a joy to read. Even though the son isn't "mad" his friend is actively working to fuck his mom, there's still a heart wrenching emotional investment in the story that still makes it feel like netorare. The son may not sexually desire his own mom like in most ntr but he can't help but click on those secret folders, or spy on her texting someone; it's just in his biological makeup to wonder if his mother is going to have sex with someone who's not his father and it's perfectly normal to feel that way.

Hopefully it gets finished by someone will will do it justice.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Devetak on Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:45 pm

Took me a while to get around to reading this but man was I pleased when I did. Excellent story.

I know you acknowledged the typos, my only complaint would be that it gets into a little too much detail when describing the house layout near the beginning, I think you could have gotten away with just saying that he couldn't be seen from where he was while managing a decent view or something.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Zohan on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:34 pm

I love this story. There are so many subtle original twists by DarkMask that make it so realistic.
@DarkMask I know you have another story in mind. I look forward to seeing your new posts. I beg you to try and revive this story in your mind, when ever you might feel like it. Form the second papagraph of the first chapter, it looks like you had already visualised the whole story. You are the only person who can tell us what really happens next in your established signature style of writing.

- Why does Josh thank Cindy for the "other night", while John is sleeping in the car
- Why do they take longer than usual to reach - 1:15pm. Did something happen when John dozed off
- Will John get to know the contents of the deleted messages on his moms phone from the econ project website when he logs in next
- John accedentially flashes Cindy at the hotel. Does this create potential for a new dynamic between them.
- Whats the story behind the tattoo that Cindy shows Josh. Will Josh make her get marked for him later on

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Revan on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:54 pm

I second Zohan's message. Probably the best story I've read in the last month. I beg you to reconsider your decision and to continue with the story line.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:43 pm

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

The other story is on hold at the moment, still working out the details in my head. The responses here have made me think about possibly rewriting Project: Cindy Evans but no guarantees.

@Zohan, I can answer your questions if you'd like.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Zohan on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:57 pm

DarkMask wrote:Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

The other story is on hold at the moment, still working out the details in my head. The responses here have made me think about possibly rewriting Project: Cindy Evans but no guarantees.

@Zohan, I can answer your questions if you'd like.  

I wonder if you really need to rewrite Project Cindy Evans from the begining. Would it not be sufficient to just carry on where you left. It would have been nice to have a more visual desription of the features of Cindy Evans - but these need not be given in one shot. It could be spread over the whole story in the "show dont tell" way - Like John sees Cindy in front of the mirror in her room carefully twirling her darker blonde hair in front of her left ear into a narrow braid. Or a drop of sweat falls to the table from the tip of her ............ nose while she is talking to Josh.

I wrote down those questions as they are some of the things that would need to be resolved in the next chapters. These are the things that the reader is impatient to find out in the next chapter along with the continuation of the overall story plot.

The question about the story behind the tattoo - I imagine that she reveals to Josh that she got it for Randy.

Thank you so much for considering to revive the story.

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:39 pm

That's interesting, I never considered focusing on the tattoo. It was a shock for John because this is his mother and he wrongfully assumed he knew everything about her.

I've put my replies to the questions below in spoilers just in case I do end up coming back to this story.

- Why does Josh thank Cindy for the "other night", while John is sleeping in the car

Its the next phase in Josh's plan, John learns about it on the hidden blog. Turns out his mom made a foolish bet with Josh which resulted in her having to send him a topless picture. This plays out later and is the start of the relationship between Josh and Cindy.

- Why do they take longer than usual to reach - 1:15pm. Did something happen when John dozed off

Nothing special, just a fake out.

- Will John get to know the contents of the deleted messages on his moms phone from the econ project website when he logs in next

Yep, though he has to wait almost an entire week due to the password being changed due to John being paranoid.

- John accedentially flashes Cindy at the hotel. Does this create potential for a new dynamic between them.

When I wrote it no.

- Whats the story behind the tattoo that Cindy shows Josh. Will Josh make her get marked for him later on.

Nothing, just something she got when she was younger. I didn't have any plans for Josh "branding" her or anything.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Zohan on Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:10 pm

Thanks for the answers DarkMask. I hope you are inspired to come back to the story soon.

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Patera_Silk on Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:46 am

This is the best story i've ever read...i fap almost daily to it...please finish it DarkMask.

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Novoz117 on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:05 am

I made this account just to tell you darkmask to finish your friggen stories!! Damn, it has been so dry lately!


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Zohan on Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:21 pm

I had forgottenabout this story until it was pinned to the top today.

I hope I can read the rest of this fantastic story too.

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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:21 am

Like I've said before, feel free to add to this story, I don't see myself coming back to it anytime soon.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by Novoz117 on Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:02 pm

Can you at least tell us if anything happened between Cindy and josh? And go more into detail with randy?


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

Post by DarkMask on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:56 am

Sure, here's the highlights.

In regards to the video with Randy, I changed the scene a bit in the rough draft, still plays out the same. The reader and John see this blurry picture as Randy is attempting to quickly find a good spot for the phone. A turning of the classroom door has hit place the phone in a terrible spot as it slides down a bit and due to the general darkness of the room, it's really hard to see anything.

You can't see who enters the classroom and there are a couple minutes of silence where John maybe thinks its another person, however we hear her speak confirming its Cindy. Her and Randy are idling talking playing a game as shes wondering why Randy asked her to meet him in this dark and quiet classroom. Randy wastes no time telling her how her dancing got him hard and how he wanted to thank her properly for the great evening, He's been sitting in a chair the whole time and starts to unzip his pants when Cindy orders him to stop and instead wants him to explain in great detail what he had in mind. John notes that it seems like his mom is interested in more than just a good looking guy and wants someone to role play with. Randy however is an idiot and sames some boring and basic thinking about wanting to fuck her which we can see (Thanks to her moving closer and being in the moonlight) Stacy is not thrilled with his response.

Randy is still cluseless and thinks hes about to fuck a MILF and we see him get out of the chair and really close to Cindy. For a moment John panics and wonders if Randy is going to force himself on his Mom and wonders if that's the reason Randy got the shit beat out of him. However Randy is all talk and is verbally bashed by Cindy and she goes to leave the room. We do see Randy feel her up and force kiss her many times and while not sure, it looks like he had one of his hands up her dress for a few seconds.

Randy finally realizes he fucked up and attempts to apologize and begs her to say. John thinks he sees a slight grin on Cindy's face for a second where she takes control and forces Randy to follow her every command. She ends up making him get naked and makes him tell her of the various times he watched her at various events and what he was thinking. She decided to reward him by giving him a handjob and halfway through she pulls of her panties and uses them to finish him off. He remarks on the fact that they were wet and looks like he passed out when he cums.

She gets up and leaves leaving her cum soaked panties on his dick, since we're watching a video we see her lick and suck all the cum off her fingers as she heads to the door. The video continues on with Randy using the panties again but John ends up closing the video as that's something he doesn't want to see.

Again, anyone can continue this story, I can even provide some input if needed.


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Re: Project Cindy Evans

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