idea for story

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idea for story

Post by sperw on Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:22 pm


In recent years mom's brests has become bigger, courtesy of his best friend.
Mom was always insisted to stay without pills, so friend can deposited cum in his mom's fertile cunt land.
She became pregnent thrice, nothing to make fuss, she took care of it, but used to be milked after that.

Exploited mom always made to beg, for fuck, for facial, for ass fucking.

Anal only in sons bed

Friend always scored good at exams, why? his balls are always emptied so no evil
thought came into his mind while studying.But son consistently scored poor,now we know why.

Mom gave blowjob in car, kept the cum inside her mouth for more than 2 hours,
when returned home, standing outside of the gate goes on her knees, opens mouth, camera
zooms in, swallows the cum, then enters the house and kisses her son without washing
her mouth.

Friend fucks mom, cums in her pussy, mom attends the sons bday with her pussy full of son's friend's cum.
After the party mom opens her pussy for the camera to see her pussy......

His prim and proper mom had her tongue pierced, son didnt know the reason,
untill now, just to increse the pleasure of friend while giving blowjob.
He didn't have idea mom's cunt is also pierced for friends pleasure.

Mom gets finger fucked at dinner in front of son although without knowledge.

After son gets to know all........

At the breakfast mom serves son and herself sandwich, less butter more fresh cum on it.
She was out of cum for breakfast special butter, so she just gave a sensual bj to his freind
and secured a copious amout of fresh cum.

Friend starts screwing mom with the door open, although son was not allowed to enter
while mom being fucked unlees asked otherwise.

Friend uses his "MEAT" thermometer to check mom's temperature now and then.


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Re: idea for story

Post by Whitedragon44 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:54 am

Write it boy


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Re: idea for story

Post by spikygreen cactus on Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:44 pm

I loled at the usage of "thrice".

spikygreen cactus

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Re: idea for story

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