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Note: This is the revised chapter 1, not the original version

Chapter 1: She’s a Complete Cock-Sucker

“Happy Birthday to you!” chanted the chorus of her husband and kids, as Leslie blew out the two number 4 shaped candles atop her cake.

She smiled at her family as she cut the cake, but inwardly she took a little sigh at the thought ‘44-years-old’. It wasn’t that Leslie was scared of the aging process; if she was being immodest she was actually quite lucky. Yes, there were days when she looked in the mirror and envied her younger self, who had no wrinkles, a flatter stomach, firmer breasts and no stretch marks, even if hers were only faint, but when she looked at other women her age, Leslie was in much better shape than most.

Leslie had a caring husband, Malcolm, who had been with her since university; he was her ‘rock’, he ‘completed her’ and all the other clichés one would use to describe an other-half. She had an 18-year-old son, Lewis, who her beloved first-born; he was clever, studious but maybe a little immature. And there was Katie, her sweet 15-year-old daughter; a typical silly, fun-loving teenage girl. She really had a comfortable happy life.

However, what bothered Leslie, just a little bit, was that her life was set now. She looked at her two teenage kids and thought about herself at that age; back then she had no idea where her life would take her, all she knew was that she was obsessed with Mark, the class clown; utterly besotted with him but unable to tell him how she felt. Now she was in a junior management position at a bank, with reasonable pay, and hours that meant she could be home early for her kids when they came over for school.

It wasn’t that this was a problem; it was just that this had been her life for the past two decades and it would continue to be her life for another two decades. Secure, comfortable, routine; some people would kill for this life, so she knew she was incredibly fortunate but it didn’t stop her occasionally wondering if there was alternate universe somewhere where Leslie had a crazier, wilder life. She laughed in her head; maybe that Leslie was thinking how envious they were of her life.

Each family member had a little piece of cake and then moved from the kitchen to the dining room adjacent, ready for dinner. Lewis was last to come through and before sitting down, he pulled off his school jumper. Along with his jumper came his untucked shirt, exposing some discoloured skin on the left of his ribcage. Lewis sorted his shirt straight away but Leslie had already seen the bruise.

“Lewis! What’s that?” questioned Leslie.

“What’s what?”

“That bruise on your side. How did you get it?”

“Mum, it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine!” shouted Malcolm to his son, “Is it that boy again? Stuart?”

“Yeah,” sighed Lewis, “but just leave it. I don’t need my parents to fight my battles for me.”

She didn’t say it, but Leslie wished that were the case. She knew it would have to be up to her and her husband to sort her now adult son’s problems. To be honest, he was his father’s son, so in some ways she felt it was on her alone to fix it.

“Lewis,” his dad said, with both annoyance and concern in his voice, leant closer to the left side of his son’s face, “I can see a bruise forming under your eye.”

It wasn’t immediately visible, but after her husband pointed it out, she could see the faint signs of a welt. However, she knew now was not the time to discuss this.

“Malcolm, let’s leave it and have a nice evening,” she requested, using a soothing voice, “There’s nothing we can do about it tonight.”

Her husband sighed, and squeezed his son’s shoulder in a fatherly way, but he didn’t argue with Leslie.


The rest of the evening was free of any further unwanted excitement. Her kids gave her the gifts they didn’t have time to exchange in the morning rush for school and work and then they settled in the living room, where the parents watched TV and the kids sat on the sofa with their phones, until eventually heading to bed.

Leslie and her husband were snuggled close together under the covers. She was wearing just her negligee and he was in a pair of pyjama shorts. Malcolm's hand was running along her thigh as they started to kiss, and Leslie slowly became more aroused, kissing her husband more passionately. She gently stroked her hand down his side, aiming to reach under his shorts when he pulled back.

"Les," whispered her husband.

"Yeah, Baby," she whispered back in his ear.

"We need to do something about Lewis and that boy at his school."

Leslie sighed and rolled onto her back. Why couldn't he have left this discussion until after they were done? She and her husband had sex twice, sometimes three times, a week. From glossy magazines and gossiping with her friends she got the impression that was more often than most of them, so Leslie knew her physical relationship with her husband was pretty healthy. However, she had always entertained quite a high libido and that sometimes meant she was left not satiated.

It wasn't really the frequency that she had a problem with, though she wouldn't say no to more sex, it was just the routine of it all. Sex didn’t often last more than 15 or 20 minutes and it was usually her on her back or some spooning before her husband finished, kissed her neck, and then went to sleep. She came sometimes, but it wasn’t like the days when they first got married, before kids, before responsibilities and before they both got older.

She knew she could be more proactive; she could initiate things more often, she could maybe suggest changing positions around, but she liked when Malcolm took control, she wanted him to be strong and dominant. She didn’t need things to be done her way but she did want to feel like someone manly was seducing her. She wanted to feel like a sexy, desirable woman, not just a middle-aged mother who had average sex with her husband when they had some spare time.

She knew she was being a bit of a diva though, and she knew her husband had a chip on his shoulder from being one of the, in his words, ‘loser kids’ at school, so he was sensitive when he felt the ‘popular clique’ was picking on his son. Leslie, to her husband’s disdain, used to have crushes on the ‘popular’ guys, but that didn’t mean she approved of anyone making her son miserable. She just wished she could have had her 15 minutes of sex before she had to have a discussion about it.

“I’ll go to the school tomorrow after work and see if I can go talk to this kid,” said Leslie, having thought of that idea earlier in the evening but not wanting it to mention it in front of Lewis.

“Are you sure talking to the boy himself is the best idea? Shouldn’t we go to the teachers?”

“They’re all adults now, so hopefully he’ll listen to reason. Besides, that stupid guidance teacher has clearly done nothing after we complained last year.”

“Maybe we should go directly to the head teacher. I don’t know if Lewis would react well to you turning up and talking to this kid.”

“Malcolm, we should either butt out or, if we’re going to interfere, we do what we think is best, and I think that is confronting this kid directly,” replied Leslie, her tone firm.

“OK, I’ll leave it to you,” said her husband and leant in to start kissing again.

Pecking him on the lips before pulling away, she replied, “I think the moment has passed…”

Mumbling a reluctant ‘sorry’, her husband rolled onto his side, facing her, and draped his arm over her body. Leslie rolled over too, and let her husband shuffle himself closer until they were spooning. Annoyed and aroused, Leslie drifted to sleep.


It was after classes had ended and Leslie was walking through the school corridor.

“Leslie! Leslie!” shouted Mark, her long-time crush, the boy she absolutely loved.

Leslie’s heart pounded against her chest. Mark never spoke to her, let alone called out her name. She turned around to face him; he had thick black hair that was always in a mess. He looked so big and muscly and in shape compared to the rest of the teenage classmates.

Wearing that gruff, commanding expression that drove her mad, he shoved her against the wall. He reached under her grey pleated skirt and pulled her tights down forcefully. Leaning his body against her, he slipped his hard dick inside her. She screamed out in excitement and elation.

“Yes, Mark! YES!”

A dozen people walked by, some stopped to look, but Leslie and Mark didn’t stop or flinch or hide they kept going, Leslie begging him to make her cum.

“Yeah you dirty…BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP”

Leslie took a second to realise the man next to her was her husband and that she wasn’t a schoolgirl about to realise her teenage fantasy of being fucked by her unrequited love. Gratefully, through bleary eyes, she watched her husband hit the snooze on his phone’s alarm.

As her mind came out of sleepy stupor, she thought her dream particularly strange. This wasn’t her first sex dream; she had them very infrequently, usually only when she went to bed really horny, but what was strange was that she hadn’t thought about her teenage crush in years, probably not since she had kids.

As her husband left the bedroom and went to have a shower, Leslie reached over to her phone as it charged on the bedside table. She dismissed a few email and other notifications she didn’t care about and then went to the Facebook app. Feeling a little guilty, she searched for ‘Mark Fischer’.

She selected the Mark with ‘5 mutual friends’ and saw it was indeed ‘her’ Mark. He was now two-and-a-half decades older but, scrolling through his pictures, he still looked good. He had a bit of a tummy now, and his once thick messy hair was now short and thinning at the front, but he still exuded masculinity.

Leslie’s husband was a corporate law consultant, and Mark appeared to be a bouncer at a nightclub back near where they grew up, but she was definitely a little jealous of the late-20s/early-30s peroxide blonde woman who appeared in the occasional photo with a toddler. She knew that was mostly down to the really intense dream she just had, but she still indulged the feeling by looking through a few photos of Mark topless on holiday.

“Your turn, Honey,” announced her husband as he re-entered the bedroom, and Leslie, unnecessarily jumpy considering Malcolm couldn’t see her phone, quickly closed the app and put her phone back down straight away.

She hopped out of bed and grabbed her towel, before going over to Malcolm and kissing him on the cheek.

“Morning Sweetie, I’ll make sure to tell you tonight how it goes at the school.”

“I’m sure you’ll sort it out,” he replied as he picked up the hair drier, “Were you having a bad dream, by the way, you were tossing and turning just before we got up?”

“Oh… um… no… not that I remember,” she said, with a guilty glance at her phone.


It was 4pm and Leslie was by the school gates. She didn’t have the school’s permission to enter the building, so she waited in the car park opposite the courtyard until she could see the students exiting.

She had been stewing for nearly half-an-hour, aggressively sipping an over-priced take-away coffee from a coffee shop around the corner, when she spotted Lewis, with a couple of his friends, walking towards the front gate when another kid walked up to him, grabbed his bag’s shoulder strap and yanked down hard.

Leslie leapt out of her car and stormed across towards the gates, as fast as she could in heels and a pencil-skirt dress. She saw Lewis bend down to pick up his bag when the other boy, Stuart she presumed, slapped the top of Lewis’s head, causing him to recoil and a few onlookers to laugh.

“YOU!” she bellowed, index finger extended in the direction of the boy bullying her son.

He looked up, somewhat startled but squared up to Leslie as she approached him.

She could see him briefly flinch, but he looked around at the small audience behind him and then, cockiness oozing from his voice, replied, “Can I help you, Miss?”

She stared him for a second and for a moment was struck by how much she was reminded of Mark; strong jaw-line, messy black hair, chiselled features and, most of all, unmistakeably manly, even down to the slight musky scent of maleness.

“You’re Stuart.”

“Yeah? Don’t think we’ve met,” he said, his accent unrefined and his tone still arrogant, “Woulda remembered a pretty face.”

Leslie ignored the taunt and stood less than a foot from Stuart. Her heels gave her an extra three inches of height, taking her to 5ft 9, but Stuart was at least 6ft tall; with his broad shoulders and sturdy stance it seemed impossible she could intimidate him at all.

“I would like you to stop bullying my son,” she said, each word punctuated with frustration.

“What? Little Lewis over here?” replied Stuart, “No fucking way you’re his mum, you’re not old.”

“I don’t need to provide you a birth certificate to tell you that’s my son and you’re to treat him with respect from now on.”

“For fuck’s sake, lady,” he said, sarcastically emphasising ‘lady’, “We’re just playing around.”

She took half a step closer to Stuart, enough to feel his warm breath on his face, and to strongly smell his muskiness.

“Well take your games and play them with someone else,” she demanded, as she put her left hand on his chest and made a motion to push him.

His body barely reacted to her attempt to move him, instead, her hand was left delicately resting on his lean pectoral, looking more a gesture of affection than of aggression. He exhaled a short laugh, and with his right hand he gripped her wrist between his thumb, index finger and middle finger, with a surprisingly gentle grasp that sent a not unpleasant tingle down her spine. With his hand, he guided hers back down to her side. Perhaps forgetting where she was for a second, she turned her palm to face him, so their fingers tenderly stroked for an instant, sending her another tingle.

The strange, tense moment was broken by Stuart, “I think it’s time you turn that fit little body of yours round and march that tight ass outta here with your ickle baby boy.”

“I DO NOT,” she yelled, before tempering her voice, remembering she was in a school courtyard and didn’t fancy drawing any more attention to this situation, “think that is how you should be speaking to anyone.”

“Hey, Mrs Lewis’s Mum, you came here and stood in my face, now you can go.”

“This isn’t over,” she said, huffing, before she turned to mute Lewis, who looked completely mortified, “Come on Lewis.”

She grabbed Lewis by the wrist to hurry him up, as she started powering towards her car.

“Mum, you’re hurting my arm,” whined her son.

She let go of his wrist, and with irritation in her voice, she ordered to him, “Don’t you tell your father anything.”

She looked back at the courtyard and saw Stuart looking over. He gave them a thumbs up and Leslie opened the car door with such fury she almost hit her son, who moaned at her despite the fact she missed. She sat down in the driver’s seat and took a deep breath. She was so angry… but she was also feeling something else, something she cared not to admit.


The evening after Leslie had confronted Stuart, her son had respected her wishes and corroborated Leslie’s story that Stuart agreed to lay off Lewis, rather than force Leslie to admit Stuart had completely embarrassed her.

Wednesday passed without incident, which made Leslie hopeful that Stuart had indeed taken on board what she had said, but this hope was dashed when Lewis walked in on Thursday with a slight hobble and a wince as he sat down on one of the living room couches.

“What happened?” exclaimed Leslie, walking over to her son, “It was that boy again!”

"What do you mean?" he replied, with a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Your leg... what happened," she continued to interrogate.

"Playing football during PE I got tackled... it happens sometimes."

"Was it him?" she asked, instantly feeling this strange desire that it would be Stuart, maybe so she’d have a reason to give her son’s bully an earful.

“What? Stuart? Um… yeah but it was a tackle, I don’t actually think he was trying to hurt me. Please don’t turn this into a big deal, Mum?” protested her son.

She took a deep breath and prepared to let it go when he rolled up his trouser leg to reveal a long fresh graze covering the length of his outer left leg between the knee and ankle. Without words, she went to the downstairs bathroom and grabbed the antiseptic cream and a wet-wipe for Lewis to clean his scrape.

As he started to apply the cream, like he was reading her mind, Lewis looked at her and discouraged from taking action again, “Mum, honestly, it was just an accident during football, just leave it, and definitely don’t make a deal of it to Dad.”

Leslie intended to abide by her son’s request for that evening, but she wasn’t content with just ignoring the situation. She didn’t think that Stuart had ‘accidentally’ tackled him and, well, even if he had, she was just too riled up; she just couldn’t ‘leave it’. Long after her husband started snoring, she lay in bed, teeth clenched, before she finally managed to drift off.


Lewis and Stuart were playing football in the school’s front courtyard. Leslie was watching the game when Stuart threw Lewis to the ground and took the ball from him.

“HEY!” she yelled to the people around them, “HEY! Did NO ONE see that?”

“Mum, just leave it,” said her son, from the floor, whilst he clutched his knee, “It was an accident.”

Stuart stopped dribbling the ball and walked over to Leslie, standing just a centimetre from her face and grabbed her buttocks.

“Yeah, little lady, it was just an accident,” he whispered in her ear, “I love your tight little butt.”

“You better stop this right now!” She demanded but it fell on deaf ears as Stuart leant in to kiss her.

The pair of them fell to the floor and he pulled up her skirt before roughly mounting her.

The spectators around Leslie and Stuart were cheering and Stuart was shouting ‘Leslie’ as he pounded her.

“Leslie! Leslie! LESLIE!”

With a groan, Leslie stretched and looked up at her husband.

“Leslie, it’s you turn in the shower.”

Leslie took a few seconds to haul herself out of bed, partly because she was exhausted from staying up but partly because she felt embarrassed about her dream. She picked up her towel and pecked her husband on the cheek as she passed him out the bedroom. She forced the dream out of her mind; it was nothing, it was just her subconscious telling her that this Stuart boy had got under her skin.


During work, she contacted a few of the other parents she knew and managed to get Stuart’s home address. After work, the on-board sat-nav directed Leslie to outside the Warren household, indicating her arrival with a ping, followed by a computer simulated voice. Taking a minute to make sure she was composed, Leslie stepped out the car and clicked up the concrete driveway in black heels. She folded her arms over as a gust of wind briefly chilled her, especially her bare legs; it had been uncharacteristically warm for October over the past few days, so she had forgone tights.

Leslie rang the doorbell and returned her arms to the folded position, subconsciously sending out an unfriendly signal to whoever opened the door. She waited a few seconds and then realised the driveway was empty meaning there was probably no one in. As she was about to turn away, even angrier than when she arrived, she heard some footsteps from inside.

Leslie’s face tightened to a scowl when the door opened and she recognised Stuart. Her heart began to race and her stomach began to flutter, but she put it down to the anger she had towards this bully. What she couldn’t explain though, was why her mind chose to remind her of last night’s dream just now. She ignored the memory of Stuart’s body on top of hers dominating her on the cold stone floor.

“You’re Lewis’s mum. What you doing at my house?” Stuart demanded to know, with a confused look on his face.

Instead of affronting Leslie, Stuart’s rude tone made her chest tingle in a pleasing sort of way.

Taking a second to ignore the strange feeling, she replied to him, “Well I’m looking for your mum or dad, and I do have a name.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know it, do I?”

“Well it’s Leslie; now you know,” she replied with an impatient sigh, before continuing, “Your parents, can I speak to them, please?”

“Well, my dad doesn't live here anymore and Mum’s gone to see him. She said something about back in two hours or something, I dunno."
She didn’t want to have to come back in two hours, she wanted to sort this out now. She knew she was being impatient but she didn’t feel in the mood to be calm just now. She couldn’t just go home and stew all evening again. Maybe she could just try talking to Stuart now. Last time she failed miserably, but maybe that was just because he was showing off in front of his friends. Here it would be just the two of them; he had no audience to play up to.

“Fine… well I have some things to discuss. Do you mind if I come in?" she said, forcing herself to be polite; though it was tempting, she didn’t think being rude would help him be agreeable.
"I was watching something…” he started, but then stopped himself to grumble, “Yeah, fine. If it’s quick.”
The pair walked through the hallway and took a right into a living room, both looked a little untidy and the carpets definitely hadn't been vacuumed in a while. Leslie sat down on a two-seater couch while Stuart perched on the arm rest of an arm chair facing her. Leslie crossed her legs and was made aware that quite a lot of her thigh was on show by a darting glace by Stuart’s eyes. She pulled on the skirt she wore beneath her coat but as it only came to mid-thigh when she was standing, it didn't help much.
"So, uh, what do you want, uh, Lisa?"
"It's Leslie, but I think I prefer Mrs. Watkins."
“Whatever,” he said dismissively, and this time I did annoy Leslie, “You here about Lewis then?”

“Of course! You are verbally and physically abusing my son and I really wanted to bring it to your parents' attention, considering you were hardly receptive to what I had to say earlier in the week.”

"Sorry I wasn’t more ‘receptive’ to some random woman storming over and shouting at me in front of my mates. Anyway, my parents are separated, that's why Mum's out they're discussing divorce or some shit, Mrs Watkins, so I dunno if Mum’ll be in a mood for a chat," He made a point of stressing her name before continuing, "As for Lewis, that's a lot of bullcrap, sorry to say it."

“Bullcrap?! I saw it for myself!”

"Yeah, yeah, yeah but it was just banter, didn't realise he couldn't take it, did I? Look, how's about this, I'll lay of your son if you just leave my parents out of this? They've got enough to deal with, yeah. That sound do-able?"

"It's that simple, is it?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's cool, it's cool. Do I really look like a bad guy? I didn't realise he was troubled."

"Well I'm glad we've cleared up that misunderstanding," said Leslie, thinking to herself that Stuart could really talk a lot of rubbish but she maintained a polite smile as long as Stuart was being friendly.
Stuart opened the front door for Leslie and held out his hand.

"Look, Mrs Watkins, sorry you had to come over, didn’t mean to cause any shit," said Stuart as Leslie accepted his handshake; this time his 'Mrs Watkins' had seemed much more genuine.

Inexplicably, Leslie lent in and kissed Stuart on the cheek. The smell of aftershave pleasantly lingered in her nose for a second.

Rolling with this, to avoid awkwardness, she very honestly said, "You too and I'm sorry about your mum and dad."

She patted his upper arm and felt strong biceps, making herself slightly tingle.

"It's cool, it's cool, have a good weekend."

“You too,” she replied, her heart skipping a beat, as he smiled at her.


Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday rolled around without anyone in the Watkins household mentioning Stuart. Leslie, ashamedly had a couple more confusing dreams about him, but during her waking hours she completely ignored them, even if she did kind of enjoy them when she was having them.

By Wednesday, Leslie was Stuart had decided to leave Lewis alone. All he needed was someone to talk to him properly. Most people were reasonable; even a teenage bully.

Leslie was thinking about how she was pleased with how she dealt with the situation, when she heard the doorbell ring. She headed through the hall to the front door and unlocked it to find Lewis standing there, without his school blazer and his shirt half open, most of the buttons ripped. His lip was quivering as he stared at his mother. She gave him a hug as he stepped inside and she heard a few stifled sobs.

She didn't even wait to get confirmation that it was Stuart who did this. She told her son to go upstairs an change, grabbed her coat and then, furiously, she slammed the front door behind her.

In the car, on the way to the Warren household, she seethed, swearing every time she had to stop at a traffic light. She was so much angrier than the last time she went there, but, deep down, there was something else, perhaps there was a tinge of schoolgirl anticipation, rather than just the pure anger of last time.

The bell at the Warren household rung three times in rapid succession as Leslie assaulted it. After a few seconds, Stuart opened the door with a smirk.

"Uh, hello Mrs Watkins," greeted Stuart, his eyes darting down to see Leslie's legs, which were once again presented bare and in high heels.

"Where is your mother?"

"She's gone to Bristol, to visit my aunt for the weekend. I'm supposed to stay with my dad, but I told him it's boring at his, so I'm staying here."

"Go, sit, inside."

For second it looked like Stuart was about to argue but then he complied and they found themselves once again in the living room, facing each other.

"You told me you were going to, in your words, 'lay off my son'."

"Hey, Mrs Watkins, he started it."

"I don't believe that for a second. He came home without half his stuff and a ripped shirt."

"Look he got offended when I said you came to visit and that I thought you were fit."

"Fit? Well whatever you mean by that,” she retorted, knowing exactly what it meant, “it sounds like you started it."

"Fit. You know hot, sexy. He didn't seem to like the idea of you being attractive. So yeah I took his jacket and told him if he wanted it back he could send you to come get it.

"You think I'm sexy?” she repeated, trying to sound indignant but it came out sounding flattered

Quickly, she adopted a more hostile tone and continued, “I mean you think it’s OK to say things like that?”

To reinforce her second statement, Leslie stood up and looked aggressive. In response, Stuart rose to his feet but, despite his extra height on her, he looked a little unnerved. She didn’t like that he seemed nervous. She liked his arrogance, it reminded her of her dream; it made her think of him taking her in front of everyone in that courtyard.

"Yeah, I mean look at those legs, you are a stunner. It's just unfortunate your son can't accept that and had to get a few bruises for it."
Leslie unbuttoned her coat, strode forward, directly for Stuart. He was completely taken aback and stood like a rabbit in headlights. Leslie's coat tumbled to the floor as she full force shoved Stuart onto the arm chair he was standing in front of. In what to him must have been the most unexpected action he could have imagined, her lips parted and found home on Stuart's. All the aggression and anger she had towards him had turned into passion, fuelled by desire and lust. Leaning on the seated Stuart, Leslie attacked Stuart's tongue viciously, stroking and sucking it. After a sufficient moment of confusion he reciprocated in equal vigour.
"Where's your bedroom. Take me to your bed. Fuck me. I want to be fucked."

Leslie stressed the word ‘fuck’ both times she said it, as if the curse word made her desire for sex with her son's bully even more prohibited. Leslie had never made a first move in her life, but there was something about Stuart that made her feel like she wasn’t in control; she may have kissed him first, but it felt like he was pulling the strings.
Stuart stood up and grabbed Leslie’s hand. The decades that separated them in age became inconsequential as both lusted after each other; Leslie every much the horny teenager as her lover-to-be. They climbed the stairs to the upper floor and turned right into Stuart's bedroom. Leslie saw the single bed and immediately protested.

"No, I want a double bed," she said with force, as Stuart shoved her against his door frame to briefly tongue her again.
Without responding he led her into the room next door where Stuart threw her onto his mother’s bed, and she thought about her fantasy, where he threw her to the floor before mounting her. With so much pent up lust and sexual desire, the couple kissed passionately as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

Stuart rolled onto his back and used his shoulders to shimmy a little further up the bed before his middle-aged mother-of-two lover pounced upon him. Legs placed so that her shins were on either side of his thighs, her bottom slightly in the air, her chest leaning on his, she enthusiastically locked lips again. Her body gently slid up and down over his to the rhythm of their tongues in each other’s mouths.

Her hands moved down from messing with his hair to rest on his waist as she pulled away from the kiss. Sitting up, still looking seductive, she rapidly undid his jeans' button and unzipped the fly. Leslie slid down off the bed, always facing her much younger lover, pulling his trousers down to his knees. In a desperate flash, she pulled off Stuart's socks and tugged down his boxers, instantly freeing an impressive erection. It was a little longer than she was used to, and definitely wider, but what made Leslie most pleased was that she could illicit such a response from a boy in his sexual prime. Without removing his garments fully, too entranced by Stuart's cock, she dived for the hard-on, mouth first.

His dick entered her lips and Stuart's bell-end touched the very back of Leslie's throat before she slightly gagged and had to pull back. She sucked his foreskin back over the pink head of the penis before grasping the moist shaft in her right hand. Feeling her saliva in the palm of her hand excited Leslie as she pumped the dick rapidly a few times.

Pulling her lips over her teeth, Leslie firmly bit on the bottom of Stuart's scrotum, and pulled back, stretching out the skin. She seamlessly darted for the left testicle sucking it into her mouth. She licked the skin of his ball bag as the ball resided inside her mouth.

As she switched to the other testicle Leslie reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, pulling it downwards. She quickly removed her strapless bra and exposed her bare chest. She stopped sucking the teenager’s bollock for a couple of seconds, just long enough to pull her dress off completely, leaving her in a black lacy thong and her shoes.

Leslie was proud of how her body had maintained itself over the years, but she couldn’t help but be a little self-conscious in front of guy who had youth on his side. She had nice curves, a good bum, reasonable pert breasts, but she also thought about the stretch marks which crawled along the bottom of her abdomen, as well as the slight wobble in her thighs and upper arms.

She also thought about ‘down there’; Leslie trimmed her pubic hair just enough to keep it from becoming unruly, so still much of it was visible beyond the sides of her thong, and a few hairs out of the top. She thought about how a good 20% of it was already grey or in the process of greying.

However, right now, most of this was hidden from her lover; the only signs of aging visible to Stuart, who was still on the bed, was some over-freckling on Leslie's shoulders and arms, which had been sustained from many holidays to exotic locations, and some wrinkling in her skin around the eyes and mouth.

Going to the gym, watching what she ate and generally taking care with her appearance; right now all that paid off because despite being a woman in her 40s she was still damn hot enough to make a young, virile teenager hard as iron.

Leslie pushed Stuart's cock against his stomach and licked up and down the entirety of the shaft and scrotum twice. She wanted to make sure that every part of his beautiful and rigid member had been duly attended to by her lips and tongue. She pulled off his jeans and pants, leaving him naked from the waist down. At the same time Stuart took off his t-shirt and when he was done, Leslie took as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could comfortably accommodate.

Still gently holding the immobile shaft in her mouth Leslie reached down with her right hand to pull her thong down to meet her heels and then used both hands to pull off the pants, eventually holding the thin string between her right thumb and index finger.

Leslie brought her small underwear up above the bed, to her head level, and made a show of tossing them into the far-right corner of the room. Now naked except her high-heeled silver shoes, which consisted only of a strap above her toes and behind the heel, she bobbed her head up and down the shaft of the teenager.

This was the first blowjob she’d given in weeks. Probably the longest she’d given in a year. Her jaw started to feel the strain when she felt Stuart’s hand on the back of her head. Her husband had done that a few times relatively early in their sex life and she had scolded him pretty harshly for it.

Despite her desire for her husband to take a more dominant attitude during sex, she hadn’t liked it when she was doing something as intimate as allowing him to let his genitals into her mouth. When her husband grabbed the back of her head during a blowjob it felt like he was saying that he was more bothered about getting sucked-off than making sure they both enjoyed the physical intimacy. That’s exactly how it felt now too… so naturally Leslie felt a little guilty for liking the fact his right hand was now firmly grasping the nape of her neck and his left hand had a lock of her hair wrapped around it tightly until his hand was resting on the top of her scalp.

He began to thrust forward with his hips as he pulled her head towards his pelvis, each stroke going from the middle of his shaft to near the base and threatening to make her cough violently. She fought her gag reflex every time his bell-end pushed against the back of her tongue, actually relishing in her rough treatment. She supposed this is exactly why she was in this position; she wanted to be taken control of, dominated and used, in a way that just didn’t seem right with her husband. She didn’t want a partner, she just wanted to be Stuart’s toy.

She nervously had both hands resting on his hips, occasionally pushing back against his forceful thrusts but for the most part she just went with his rhythm. Spittle glistened on her chin and along the shaft, somewhat helping to lubricate the forceful strides but Leslie was delicately balancing on the edge of gagging or retching for at least two minutes. That’s when she felt the warm, salty splatter of sperm furiously splurging into her throat, nearly bypassing her whole mouth.

Last time her husband came in her mouth, without telling her he was about to, she backhand slapped him right across the chest. But now, with Stuart, she eagerly rushed to swallow it, managing about half of the thick goop from the first ejaculation before she had to push away.

Stuart held her tighter for a few seconds but eventually released his grip and she gratefully felt the thick, sloppy waning cock pull from her mouth. She gasped for air but tasted cum, causing her to cough out a viscous helping down her chin and all down her left breast. As she panted desperately, Stuart had been showering her hair and forehead with whatever remaining watery spunk he could manage to dribble from his spent erection. Regaining her poise, Leslie slid her hand under his and delicately massaged his cock between intervals of swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip, doing so with the grace of someone sipping a glass of Merlot at dinner, like she was trying to deny she ever had been inelegantly coughing sperm upon herself.

“Give me a couple of minutes, so I can get hard again. Then I can fuck you,” said Stuart.

Leslie was panting as she got to her feet. She tottered on her heels for a second as she was a little dizzy from her oral pounding. Whilst she had really enjoyed being treated so roughly it had sapped her energy.

Without answering she slowly strolled to the bathroom and inspected her face. Cum and saliva hung from her chin and her hair was a knotted bush, glistening with globs of spunk splattered throughout. She washed her face and untangled her hair and managed to go from looking like she’d just had an orgy in a hedge to about presentable in 5 minutes. She quickly gargled some tap water and stepped out into the corridor.

“Ready to go, you dirty slut?” asked Stuart.

Part of Leslie was further aroused by his attempt to degrade her; the same part that enjoyed his rough blowjob, but she also cringed a little bit; his awkward line just highlighted how immature he was. As if he could sense her hesitation, he stepped forward and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She reciprocated but didn’t react any further than kisses until he moved her hand with his until it was grasping his re-invigorated erection.

“You’re the only girl who’s got to the end of a blowjob and swallowed my cum,” he panted at her as she stroked him and kissed his neck.

“Aren’t I special then,” she replied, at first a little proud but then she thought she was competing with younger women who lacked her sexual experience; it may not be diverse but she had been having sex since before most of them were born.

“Well I think you’ve earned having my dick inside here,” he said, again making her momentarily cringe, before she gasped as two fingers roughly pushed their way inside her pussy.

There wasn’t a great deal of finesse with his motions but he was getting the job done. She had already been wet from earlier so Stuart was able to thrust his fingers in and out pretty rapidly. It was more akin to a pneumatic drill than a massage but his fingers, intentionally or not she didn’t care, were brushing her g-spot and sending tingles along her spine.

“Yeah baby, let’s get on the bed so I can really ram you.”

The line that he had clearly lifted from a cheap porno brought her back to reality and she realised she needed to get home. The word ‘ram’ also slightly scared her. She couldn’t deny the existence of that part of her that wanted to be used like a toy as it was now crying out for her to submit her whole body to him but the more sensible part, for the first time this evening, was winning. ‘Time to go’ it said whilst reminding her what a state she looked after just a blowjob with Stuart.

She felt a couple of salty fingers enter her mouth and she realised as she was distracted she’d allowed Stuart to feed her her own love juices. She rolled with it, horny enough to indulge him even further by licking her lips after he had pulled out his fingers.

“I should go now.” She kissed him delicately on the lips and then walked into the bedroom to get her clothes.

As she pulled on her dress he grabbed her hand and tried to stop her zipping it up.

“Come on you slut,” he said aggressively.

Leslie rolled her eyes before responding, “Let’s stick with Leslie for now and, as I said, I have to go home. My family will get suspicious.”

“So that’s us done?” asked Stuart, unable to completely hide his disappointment.

“Just for today,” she replied, “you haven’t even… rammed me yet.”

Stuart pulled on his jeans and retrieved his phone from his pocket.

“So, we swap numbers then? We have sex and I lay off Lewis?”

“I’m not a fucking prostitute. I’ll have sex with you because I want to but I want you,” she paused to jab her finger at his chest, “to stop harassing my son, regardless of what is going on between you and me.”

“So does that mean you’d have sex with me regardless of what’s happening between me and Lewis?”

While she contemplated his logic, Leslie rescued her thong from down the side of the bed and then perched herself on the bed so she could slip it back on.

Pants back on, she shimmied her dress back down over her hips and responded, “I suppose so,” she paused again to find a loophole to his argument without trying to sound like she was offering him sex for a respite for Lewis, “However, the happier I am with you the better the sex will be. So it’s up to you…”

“I see your point… but if I didn’t give Lewis a few scrapes here and there then you’d never have any excuses to come round.”

“Don’t you even fucking joke about that,” she reprimanded before taking his phone from his hand and replacing it with hers, “phone number and you better keep all of this secret.”

“No can do, definitely going to tell Lewis you sucked me off. And if I ever have sex with someone as sexy as you, there’s no way I’m not bragging to my mates about it.”

“I suppose I should be flattered. Luckily no one is going to believe you,” she shook her head and handed back his phone.

She took hers and looked in ‘contacts’. “You put your real name?”

“Yeah, what did you put?” he replied, sounding confused.

“FW. F for my middle initial and W for my last.” It was his turn to roll his eyes at her.

She waited a few seconds and continued, “Right… well, I suppose I’ll see you later.”

She gave him an awkward hug and then an uncomfortable silence followed them to the front door but Stuart broke the silence with an ‘ah’ and quickly rushed into the living room.

“Here you go,” came his voice, after he emerged holding a school blazer.

Leslie remembered why she had come over in the first place, and guilt about what she had done entered her body for the first time. She mumbled a ‘thanks’ but it became awkward again.

Stuart leant in but Leslie turned her head and brushed her lips against his cheeks. They both hesitated but she went for his lips and gave him a proper passionate kiss.

After a few seconds, riled up again, she pulled away and whispered into his ear, “I’m going to finger myself so hard thinking about what we’re going to do next time I see you.”

Parting from her goodbye kiss, she left the Warren household and drove half way to her house before parking in a side street. She looked out each window twice before she hiked her dress up and slid off her thong. She spread her legs as far as she could and then lowered the back of her seat as far as it would go.

She was so wet she didn’t need any warm up. The middle and ring fingers of her left hand went all the way inside her and started massaging her g-spot whilst her index finger gently circled her clit. In her mind Stuart threw her forward onto the bed, face-first and grabbed both her hips. She tried to get up onto her hands but he started pummelling her so hard that she fell forward again.

She didn’t masturbate too often but when she did she thought about her husband making love to her gently, which included lots of caressing and kissing. It had been years since she touched herself so furiously over an alpha-male type roughly pounding into her and she realised how much she missed it.

She thought about Stuart calling her a slut and recalled how he didn’t care at all for her discomfort when thrusting into her mouth. The thought ‘I’m just his toy and he wants to use me and dominate me’ rushed through her head before she satiated herself. Her gasps subsided and faded back into reality. She inhaled the smell of sex and looked at the slick, sticky patch on the seat cover between her legs. As she fetched some tissues from her handbag she forced everything to the back of her mind and began the drive home.

As soon as she entered the front door, Lewis rushed out of the living room and asked, “How did it go?”

“Um…” she replied, struggling with how to respond, “I got your blazer back.”

Lewis snatched the jacket from Leslie’s hands and dived into the pockets to pull out his keys and phone, followed by a relieved sigh. He embraced his mother and thanked her profusely. Leslie wrapped her hands around her son, and instinctively gave him a kiss on the cheek. Remembering where her lips had just been, guilt and excitement pervaded her body in equal amounts; an internal conflict had begun and she didn’t know what would win. 

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Conflicted - Chapter 2

Post by Cuckson on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:32 am

3,677 / 11,742 words
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Note: This is not the revised chapter 2, so it doesn't quite follow from chapter 1

Chapter 2: He’s a Total Mother-Fucker

“What the hell happened this time?” demanded Leslie, looking at her son. Lewis was in his sports’ kit, so she could see a long fresh graze covering the length of his outer left leg between the knee and ankle.
“What do you mean?” he replied, with a look of bewilderment on his face.
“Your leg… what happened,” she continued to interrogate.
“Playing sport I got tackled… it happens sometimes.”
“Was it him?” she asked, instantly feeling a huge wave of guilt when she realised she wanted him to say yes.
“Who? Stuart? Well actually yes, but I’m pretty sure it was just coincidence. It’s not like he’d wait to find an excuse if he really wanted to…” he trailed off sounding a little ashamed.
Anger drove lust, which made her feel guilty, which made her angrier, which made her more passionate. She could feel the internal self-perpetuating cycle making her hornier and she knew she wanted to go to Stuart. She focused on making herself believe it was to chastise Stuart, to control her guilt and allow her blissful arousal to take over. She rushed to her bedroom with as much composure as she could maintain and shut the door, enthusiastically undressing. Just in her underwear, she pulled a few of her more daring dresses onto the bed and eyed them up before fetching her phone from her handbag. She texted Stuart saying nothing more than ‘you alone?’ to which she received a prompt, ‘yup’.
She was about to don her strapless red dress; it was form-fitting but relatively modest in the amount of skin it covered, when a second text arrived which said only, ‘see you soon’. She tutted at Stuart’s arrogance but she also knew she was about to reward it, especially as she laid eyes on her low-cut silver-grey dress. Previously, she would never have considered wearing it on its own; its scoop neck and high hem always meant she wore it with a tank top and thick leggings, but now she felt taboo and kinky. Intentionally denying herself time to second-guess the decision, she slipped off her pants and unclasped her bra before watching herself in the mirror as she donned the dress. She grabbed a pair of silver stilettos and was in the process of putting them on when she heard some feet on the way up the stairs. She quickly grabbed a coat long enough to hide what she was wearing, just as the door knocked and she heard Lewis ask for her.
Knocking her shoes under the bed, she rushed to answer the door, keen to turf Lewis away quickly so she could get to Stuart’s. She spoke briskly but politely, “Hey honey. What do you want?” She saw his leg, which he presented slightly forward, and she immediately remembered why she needed to go to Stuart’s. Now shameful, she crossed her legs subconsciously, psychologically trying to feel more covered.
“Just need to wash my leg, Mum. Where is the antiseptic cream?”
“In the bathroom, where it always is,” she replied, surprised by her own annoyed tone. She actually felt annoyed that he had spoilt her mood. Her tunnel vision that had focussed her on Stuart and Stuart alone had absorbed her like the days of Mark and her schoolgirl crush.
Lewis didn’t go to the bathroom but instead he slowly began to speak, “Mum, you don’t have to go see…”
“Don’t start with me,” she interjected, genuinely fearful he might convince her not to go and also very aware that her excited desperation to see her new lover was perched precariously on the edge of a well of guilt. She went to her bed and looked over to see her son had left the threshold and entered the bathroom. Leslie grabbed her shoes and left the house at a quick pace.
Leslie had kept her coat on, just in case Stuart’s mum had returned or there were any neighbours looking at the Warren household just then. As soon as Stuart opened the door, Leslie stepped into the house and shut the door violently. Her coat was flung across the hallway just before she pinned Stuart to the wall and started to furiously and passionately kiss him, just stopping to pant, “Alone?”
As soon as Stuart nodded, Leslie took his hand and started running towards the stairs. They briefly stopped on the landing to kiss but Leslie was truly desperate to have sex. She started leading him towards his mother’s bedroom. Stuart stopped her, the sudden action causing her to stumble backwards. She locked lips with him and they kissed for a few seconds before he pulled away, “I really can’t be arsed to change my Mum’s sheets again. Plus it made her really suspicious.”
She thought about how she’d feel if Lewis had sex on her bed and then a pang of guilt gripped her as she remember what her priority for being her was supposed to be. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and swiftly darted round Stuart towards his room, uninterested in prolonging a discussion that might draw up inconvenient emotions. She bounced backwards on to the bed and sat on the side facing her son’s bully. She parted her legs and sorted the scoop neck of her dress so that it revealed as much cleavage as possible.
Stuart knelt in front of Leslie and slid his hand up to her soaked pussy. The moment she felt his fingers against her clit, she exhaled and spoke, “No underwear to slow us down.”
“Dirty slut.”
“Exactly, so hurry up and fuck me. I need to get back soon and I’m already so ready to go.” She thought about the scolding Malcolm would have gotten if he just tried to go straight in without any foreplay but she immediately redirected her thoughts away from her husband and to her teenage lover.
“Get a condom,” she begged.
“I…” started Stuart.
“Don’t have one?” she said, considering her options. She was on the pill, so it wasn’t a case of getting pregnant.
“You know how I said other girls have given me blowjobs but never finished?”
“Yes?” she replied immediately, getting very impatiently.
“It was only twice and it kinda put them off…”
“Well it means that I’ve never gone further than…”
“OH!” she exclaimed, suddenly cottoning on. This was going to be his first time. She hesitated. She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for her to do. She was a mother of two in her forties but she was about to take the virginity of an eighteen year old. A barely-adult who was picking on her son. She was going to take him into manhood. He would never forget this moment.
That thought echoed in her head for a few seconds. He would never forget this moment. She grabbed him and pulled him onto her, wrapping all of her limbs round his body. They only stopped kissing for second at a time, just enough to be able to pull each other’s clothes off. For Leslie that only required taking her dress off as she opted to leave her heels on. She rolled the two of them over so that Stuart was on his back and she was resting on his chest. She sat up so that she was on her knees and resting on her left forearm. Her right hand was gently stroking him as she gathered up all the anticipation she was feeling. Her right leg went over his hips and she straddled his thighs. Her hands glided across his torso enjoying the physique that put her husband to shame, even accounting for Stuart having age on his side. She took his cock into her mouth, right up to its base, but then released it straight away.
Leslie crawled forward until her slick soft vulva slid along his solid hard-on. Her right hand went around behind her buttock and her fingers wrapped around his shaft and guided it past her labia. She sat upright and rested her hands against each of his pectorals to steady herself as she began to swing her hips forward. Her motions were full but slow; she wanted to enhance her own pleasure as much as possible but knowing it was his first time meant she was cautious about setting him off early. In her mouth, she felt that he might be bigger than her husband but feeling it inside her cunt she was really aware that he was thicker. She wasn’t sure he was longer but his girth meant his penis filled her so completely that any motion she made was that bit more pleasurable than with Malcolm.
She leant forward and kissed him. He responded passionately and orientated his hips upwards so he could thrust into her. His pace was not the most regular and his motions lacked the confidence of someone who had had more experience but she still found it a satisfying experience.
“You feel so good. So big. So big inside me,” she cooed.
“I love it. I’m gonna love telling Lewis you called me big.”
Leslie sat up straight, pinning his hips in place. She rested her hands on his shoulders and stroked his clavicle attentively with her thumbs. She sighed before speaking, “I was just going to wait until we were done,” she paused realising how awkward this topic was to discuss during sex, “I… do need to talk to you about Lewis. I will… or rather I do want to… take your situation with Lewis to the school.”
He paused and raised his left eyebrow before replying, “Right… so you’re fucking me… but you also want to tell my teacher that I’m bullying your son.”
“I… they’re separate things.”
“I want to fucking go on top,” he responded after a few seconds.
Leslie was taken aback by Stuart’s statement but she replied, “Um…sure.”
She let him pull out from underneath her and he directed her to flip round with his hands on her waist. She grabbed the back of his neck with both of her hands and kissed him whilst they both shuffled around trying to align their hips. Leslie gasped the moment Stuart’s head easily dived into her soaking tunnel, sliding all the way down and pressing on her cervix. The feeling was always one she enjoyed, but Stuart’s dick being that bit bigger than Malcolm caused her a little bit of pain. The idea that her teenage lover’s cock was bigger than her husbands and enough to hurt her a little made her tingle all over and she groaned out in satisfaction.
Stuart began to thrust his pelvis and immediately Leslie stopped kissing to pant and coo. His physique meant he had greater control over his body than she expected for someone during their first time, in truth she would not have been able to tell he had never done this before. While it was true her husband was more experienced after years of having sex, Stuart’s energy and bigger member compensated for that and then some.
“Fucking incredible. Fucking incredible cock,” whimpered Leslie, “Don’t fucking stop ever.”
“Best fucking you’ve ever had?” fished Stuart, in reply.
Leslie wasn’t sure if she could judge if this was truly the best based on a minute in the missionary position but he was good enough that she was definitely willing to indulge him, “As long as you don’t stop, baby.”
She inwardly winced at calling him a pet name, not sure if it was ‘right yet’, but he started kissing her and her mind once again focused on the sturdy hard-on that was deep inside her. The tingling its motion made began to build up and she knew what was coming. Her husband had been her lover for over twenty years now and he only gave her an orgasm through intercourse a quarter, maybe a third, of the time. Admittedly, missionary was one of the easiest ways she came but with little foreplay and no prior experience under his belt this horny, rough bully was about to make her climax and if her guess was right, it was going to be a big one. She grabbed her shins just below the knees and pulled them down and wide so that her hips rolled up, allowing Stuart to go even deeper.
Though she was barely able to vocalise, she spoke, “I’m so close, baby, so close. You’re gonna make me cum so hard.” She felt proud for both of them, he was gonna give her an orgasm, and probably a really good one, on his first ever time.
“What if I stop?”
“Wha…? Why?” she gasped, “No!”
He slowed his pace but not enough to stop her oncoming wave yet, “What’s it worth to you?”
“What? Anything, everything, please keep fucking me. You’re so good,” she pleaded, the desperation in her voice entirely genuine.
“Why should I bother getting you off if you’re going to my teachers to tell them about ‘my situation’?”
“Uhn… no, I… don’t blackmail me. Please don’t make me choose,” she begged, dreading what she might choose.
“I’ll get you off, if you promise to come dressed nice and slutty looking, which you do so well, to this meeting. You turn up looking like an elegant slut and I find us a private spot to fuck straight after.”
“Come dressed like a slut? But…”
“Is it worth it? I’ll stop if it’s…”
“I promise. I’ll look like a slut for you. I want to fuck you. Just finish me off.”
“One more thing.”
“BABY, I am so close, just finish me.”
“So you love fucking me?”
“YES!” she said wrapping her legs around his back and trying her hardest to grind him from below.
“So you’re glad I bully Lewis?”
“What? No? I just like to fuck you,” she said all the while grinding against him and groaning.
“But If I had never bullied the cunt then you wouldn’t be here.”
“Say it and I’ll pound your desperate pussy as hard as I can.”
“I’ll stop in five…”
“I’m glad that you bull… glad that… you bull…”
“I’M GLAD YOU TREAT LEWIS LIKE YOU DO,” she yelled the sentence as fast as she could then scrunched up her eyes in shame.
“Close enough.”
Stuart wrapped his arms around her back and started kissing her. She was reluctant for a few seconds but then Stuart started to ram into her with all the speed and force he could muster and she gasped loudly, giving his mouth and tongue space to enter hers. They kissed through her orgasm. Each muscle of hers tightened around his body and each nerve flooded with sexual energy overloading any other sensation and thought that was there previously. She pulled away from the kiss to scream out and her body arched backwards out of her control.
“I’m going to spunk inside you. You’re gonna have my sperm leaking out of you when you tell that dickhead that you’re about to go and tell on me.”
He grunted loudly then initiated a kiss that she reciprocated without reluctance. His hips slowed down then he stopped and raised himself up onto his hands. Without pulling out, he looked down at Leslie with a smarmy expression of conquest on his face. Leslie didn’t hesitate before slapping him across the cheek. He winced then laughed. He tried to go in for another kiss but she put her hand on his face and pushed him away.
“You’re a complete bastard!”
He laughed again and moved his mouth to her left nipple so he could suck it.
“Uhn… I hate you,” she cooed, “ohhh.”
Leslie didn’t want to let him feel like he had got away with what he had done so she made a concerted effort to push him away. Perhaps sensing he had pushed it, he didn’t resist much and pulled out of her straight away. Totally exhausted, she sighed as she got to her feet. She tottered around until she saw her dress crumpled at the foot of the bed. As she bent down to pick it up, Stuart’s hand gently stroked her buttock. She grabbed his hand quickly and threw it aside.
“Don’t. You’re a bastard.”
“Fair enough, babes. Don’t forget your promise to me.”
“You’re lucky you’re that good in bed,” she retorted, well aware he wasn’t bothered by how much he’d pissed her off and even more aware that she’d repeat this evening if given the choice. She dressed in the corridor, including her coat that she had left in a heap by the front door. Stuart came down too but he let her out in silence, the only affection they showed was a peck on the cheek before she stepped outside.
Upon arriving home, Leslie knew she only had a few minutes to change into something decent before her husband returned. She pulled on a pair of leggings and a tank top before redressing into the dress she wore to Stuart’s. She nipped to the bathroom moments before the front door opened. She gargled some mouthwash then gave herself a once over to ensure she didn’t look freshly fucked.
“Hey Honey!” she said, genuinely able to push today’s events out of her mind and enter ‘good housewife’ mode. She kissed her husband on the cheek and then smiled at the dinner table; it had been set, as she’d instructed Lewis by text on her way home, and yesterday’s leftover lasagne had been served with some freshly-ovened chips.
The family all took their seats and began dishing out food when Malcolm spoke, “So… Lewis told me that you had to go round to that troublesome pest’s house.”
“Malcolm, he’s not a troublesome pest!”
“Then what is he?”
Leslie’s stomach fell to the floor as she realised she had instinctively defended Stuart. She then felt a ripple of anger as she realised Stuart was a particular bastard for blackmailing her today. Then she felt a pang of guilt because she knew she should ever get into a situation with her son’s bully where he can blackmail her with orgasmic release.
“He is a right…” she paused as she pushed her unpleasant emotions to the side, “There’s plenty of bad words we can call him but I don’t think we should be encouraging name-calling. Anyway, I’m going to arrange for you and him to go see someone at the school. This final year is important for you to get the grades you need for a good university.”
“Mum. I’m fine. It hasn’t been an issue with my grades ever. You’re just trying to justify your meddling.”
‘Or my sex life,’ thought Leslie with another uncomfortable pang.
‘I’m going to spunk inside you. You’re gonna have my sperm leaking out of you when you tell that dickhead that you’re about to go and tell on me,’ she remembered Stuart saying. She did have his cum inside of her right now. She began to think the dual feeling of lust and guilt was becoming all too familiar with her.
“Maybe if you stopped getting bullied, Mum would stop having to go and tell people off,” piped up her daughter.
“Katie, eat your food,” snapped Malcom. Leslie was too in her own head to have replied quickly. ‘I’m glad you treat Lewis the way you do,’ she thought. It wasn’t just that she felt bad for saying it… she felt bad because it wasn’t 100% false.
Leslie was curled up in bed thinking about the text she received earlier from Stuart, ‘Thanks for today.’ It wasn’t heart-warming stuff but she was grateful he hadn’t been too crude or blatant. Nevertheless she deleted the message straight away, as she had done the others. She drifted off, entering a near-sleep state thinking about how she took Stuart’s virginity and how he gave her a spectacular orgasm. A sexual experience she wouldn’t forget; it was as incredible as it was her greatest act of betrayal. She could almost feel the orgasm through her memory, the violent, wonderful release and how she felt so…
“Why do you keep going to that little shit’s house?”
Leslie’s train of thought died and her coalescing dream dispersed instantly, “What? Malcolm, I’m asleep.”
“I just don’t know if it helps that you are fighting his…” started Malcolm before Leslie cut him off with a kiss. They tongued only for a second because Malcolm’s mouth was still cold and minty from brushing his teeth but it was enough time for Leslie to pull down his boxers.
“Oooo…I like it when you initiate things…” whispered Malcolm.
“I’m already so wet,” she said out loud.
‘Thinking about my amazing teenage lover,’ she concluded in her head, this time too horny to feel guilt.
He mounted and entered her and immediately Leslie could feel the difference. It was by no means bad but Malcolm was certainly being outshone by a selfish virgin. She shut her eyes and focused all her thoughts on earlier in the evening, willing herself to draw out another orgasm from her memories of Stuart. She thought she could feel one building when Malcolm pulled out. He rolled her onto her right side and lifted her left leg so that he could enter her again from behind. Unlikely to cum from this position she stopped concentrating so hard and waited the ten minutes until Malcolm grunted, kissed her on the back of the head and began snoring.
On her back now, Leslie’s hand quietly slipped to her clit and she rubbed it discreetly as she thought about how she had woken up this morning having had only one lover in her whole life and now she was about to go to sleep with spunk from two different guys inside her right now. It was a mere shiver next to the body convulsing orgasm she felt earlier that day, but she did manage to get herself off. At least she didn’t have to say terrible things about Lewis. Not that it hadn’t been worth it…

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Conflicted - Chapter 3

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5,297 / 17,039 words
15 / 52 pages

Chapter 3: They’re Going to the Principal’s Office

Leslie organised the meeting with Stuart, Lewis and the school. Deeming it a ‘matter of importance’ their principal had made time the following day for a discussion. Leslie, however, was to be the only parent to attend. Stuart had declined to have either of his join and Leslie agreed to this. Leslie had complained to the school previously but this was to be the first face-to-face meeting she would have on the matter. She felt her familiar dual-feeling of guilt and lust as Wednesday afternoon approached.
In the morning, she had chosen the work outfit that comprised of her tightest blazer and shortest skirt. She almost never wore it, having deemed it a bit too daring for work, so she didn't even try to kid herself that it wasn't for Stuart's benefit. With black tights, flat shoes and a blouse done up to the second to top button it didn't stick out as the most flirtatious outfit at her office but for her meeting at the school, or more specifically for her meeting with Stuart, she chose to make some alterations. The tights and the blouse came off and the flats were swapped for four inch black heels. She hadn't worn underwear either. She had definitely fulfilled her promise to Stuart.

As she ascended the stone steps to the main door of the school a gust of cold October wind swept the hem of her loose grey skirt from the middle of her thigh, where it normally rested, to just above the bare folds of flesh that delineated the bottom of her butt-cheeks and top of her legs. Despite the fact that it was her bum that was most at risk of being flashed to the school car-park, her hands went straight to the front of her skirt anticipating the risk of visibly exposing her naked pubis, especially since she was aroused and wet she was hyper-aware of the cool breeze licking her lower set of lips. Her deep cleavage also allowed a healthy air flow to enter her blazer and tickle her nipples, raising them so that two points were just visible against the light fabric. She was in the process of turning round to change back into her more decent clothes when the main door opened and Lewis's face poked out.

"Mum? What are you doing here?" He asked, eyebrow raised.

She stepped inside, allowing the heavy door to shut behind her, its wake just threatening to billow her skirt a little too high for comfort. She responded as they walked towards an arrow pointing to a number of names, of which 'Principal Karen Bullock' was one, "For the meeting today. I maybe should have said I was coming too, but I thought you'd just complain and maybe find a reason to avoid it."

"Mum! I can't believe you'd just hide that. Do you have to come?"

"Yes." She said firmly, leaving no room for discussion.

With an impotent frown on his face he looked her up and down and asked, "Where did your blouse go? Did you change?"

"Uh... Spilt something on it at lunch. Didn't want to make a bad impression with the head teacher." She wasn't sure if it was paranoia or not, but the expression on Lewis’s face seemed to say, ‘yeah because an almost bare chest is definitely a better impression than a spot of tomato sauce’.
Leslie knocked on the heavy oak door labelled ‘Karen Bullock’. She felt a little nervous at how the principal may judge her choice of attire to come to a meeting at the school but she was more excited to see Stuart’s reaction. Enough, it seemed, that she could feel a drop of her own juices make a trail down her inner right thigh. She couldn’t think the last time she became so wet without physically being touched there. As the door opened, she felt a second drip roll down her leg and she became paranoid that it would be visible to Lewis or Bullock.
Bullock looked like a woman in charge. She wore a crisp suit – trousers not a skirt – and heels that were clearly there to add height and not there for sex appeal. Her hair was jet black and in a bun. The one detraction from her otherwise severe appearance was a welcoming smile that Leslie was sure was a trait developed from working with kids and their parents for so long. Leslie gauged that Bullock was probably her age but the women contrasted quite noticeably; Bullock was on the lower end of overweight, she had some wrinkles round her eyes and the only skin on show was her hands and face; Leslie was as trim as non-Hollywood A-lister in their 40s could hope to be, her thick hair flowed like a Pantene advert and, in terms of flaunting skin, she was definitely breaking the old unwritten rule of women’s fashion that said boobs or legs, never both.
Clearly Bullock had noticed this too because Leslie could see Bullock give her a flash of disapproval before her professional façade restored itself. She invited them and her heart leapt when she saw her new lover already waiting for them. He momentarily wore the same smug expression that made her slap him last time they were together. She felt like slapping him again but she also took his look to be silent approval, something that made her reluctantly satisfied.
“Sorry about the mess,” apologised Bullock, snapping Leslie back to the real world. She looked round the office and there were boxes in the corner, books piled on the desk and a disassembled table against a wall. Bullock continued, “We’re redoing the meeting room, which is where most of this clutter has come from, so I can’t even take us there. It’s rather annoying they’ve stuck the table in here but not any of the chairs.”
Not including the desk chair behind Bullock’s desk, there were three seats available. Two were normal wood chairs but the third was a rather fancy leather wingback arm chair. Stuart was already sitting in one of the normal chairs, which was right in front of the right side of Bullock’s desk. Leslie went for the other one, which was to the left of Stuart. She sat down as close to her lover as she thought could seem natural for the nature of the meeting. Lewis followed by going to the armchair, which sat in the corner of the room next to Bullock’s desk, facing into the room. He started trying to shift the chair but clearly struggled under the weight.
“That’s alright bud, I’ll give you a hand,” said Stuart. Lewis flashed him a dirty look. With relative ease, he swung the chair round so it was a metre to the right of Stuart’s, facing Bullock. Leslie knew he did it to show off. She felt the heat between her legs increase.
All four were sat down. Leslie looked over to her son but she couldn’t see his expression as his face was hidden behind the wings of the seat. She sat up tall in order to have a clear view of Bullock over the books that sat across the front of the desk. Bullock started with the party line all schools have, ‘we don’t tolerate bullying’. She then stated that she also wanted to be fair and needed to understand if this really was bullying.
“Mrs Watkins, you called this… discussion, so I think it best you explain how you see the situation.”
“Well, I…” Leslie paused to gasp, barely audibly. Stuart was running his hand over Leslie’s right thigh. She had her legs crossed and her right leg was over her left hiking her skirt up and giving Stuart a lot of skin to play with. She casually looked at the other two and assessed that they couldn’t see what was going on and almost instantly continued so as not to arouse suspicion, “I’ve seen my son come home with bruises or complain about strong…,” she paused again. Stuart’s hand was touching the hem of her skirt.
She hadn’t stopped him so far because she thought that would have drawn attention to what was going on. He had turned his arm at the elbow to minimise how obvious it would look to Bullock, who could only see his shoulders, but if he slipped his hand up her skirt it would no longer be discreet. Leslie, knowing this would appear to be an invitation, not that she could entirely say it wasn’t if she was being completely honest, uncrossed her legs spread them just far enough that it allowed Stuart entry without significantly altering her posture.
“…verbal abuse,” she continued. She felt her skirt ride up, pushed by Stuart’s hand, and it made her nervous but neither of the other two seemed to notice; she still couldn’t even see Lewis.
“Each time it comes from Stuart and I don’t see him being adequately punished,” Leslie finished. She felt a pang of guilt, which was now becoming normal to her, but it was different this time. This time she felt guilty because she felt like she was betraying Stuart. There was a not insignificant part of her that wanted to call off this meeting and just let him have her then and there. She put those feelings one side and focused on the task at hand; sternly dealing with Stuart. The boy whose hand was brushing her labia.
“Stuart? How do you feel about this?” asked Bullock, seemingly unaware that Stuart had found Leslie’s clit. Leslie was aware though; she was concentrating hard on breathing normally.
“Well, Mrs Bullock,” started Stuart. He immobilised his arm and started moving just his middle finger laterally across Leslie’s button before continuing, “And Lewis and Mrs Watkins…”
‘Mrs Watkins,’ repeated Leslie in her head; it really emphasised where she was and what she was doing was so wrong. So taboo. She instinctively rotated her hips slightly forward and was barely able to catch a moan when she felt Stuart’s finger connect with her clit.
“...thing is there’s been misunderstandings all around. I get it that Lewis doesn’t like me being a bit rough with him but at the time I was just messing around.”
Anger rose inside Leslie, she knew for a fact Stuart hated Lewis, “So what? Just ‘boys will be boys’? Mrs Bullock, surely you can see…” she held back a deep exhale as Stuart managed to push down and circle Leslie’s clit. Her anger ebbed and she just went back to wanting her lover inside of her. “… Just never mind.”
Lewis poked his head around his seat and for a moment Leslie almost panicked. However, his lack of change of expression to extreme disgust made her guess that his slightly forward position meant that the desk was obscuring his view and the thick school blazer Stuart was wearing made the angle of his arm less obvious. Neither of them could see below her waist, she was sure, because they wouldn’t have been able miss the show she and Stuart were putting on. Leslie made eye contact with her son before he went back into the recess of the chair. She had looked him straight in the eye as his bully pleasured her…
“Lewis, you haven’t said anything,” stated Bullock.
“…knows full well… just likes being… no reason… being rough…”
Lewis spoke but Leslie struggled to pay attention; using just two fingers, discreetly under the desk, Stuart was about to give Leslie an orgasm.
“Well, Mrs Watkins, I can see why you brought this to the school’s attention but I’d like to know what outcome you’re seeking.”
Leslie concentrated all of her effort on not cumming in the middle of her sentence as she spoke, “Has Stuart been involved in any other incidences?” She thought her voice might have sounded a bit heavy with breathing but overall she didn’t think she’d have made either of the other two suspicious.
“I know disruption in class has been mentioned two or three times but generally the theme of bullying hasn’t been one I had previously associated with Stuart, no.”
Leslie’s abs were tight and each breath closely controlled. She wanted to tell Bullock to shut up and let her cum in peace but that was obviously not an option. She had to reply, thinking hard about the words and how to say each one, “OK, well, hmmm, that is interesting,” she couldn’t betray Stuart, not when he was about to bring her off with his magic fingers, “maybe there has… been a misunderstanding here. I think we don’t want to jump into… punishing Stuart… until we know this can’t be settled… in other ways.” She had to stop to pretend to clear her throat four times.
“I think that,” started Bullock before turning to Lewis, “would be the best course forward.”
Leslie knew she was still in Bullock’s peripheral vision. She had her chance to cum but she couldn’t make any sudden noises or movements. Her legs were vibrating a little but they were out of sight. Her torso would have been shaking violently but every muscle above her waistline was taught. Her stomach convulsed for a second but she redirected the accompanying exhale through her nose to silence it. Her neck tilted forward and an ‘eehhh’ just whispered out of her lips. Her hands were gripping the hem of her skirt like it was the only thing keeping her from plummeting down a hundred metre cliff. But she’d done it; a leg-twitching, body-tingling, toe-numbing orgasm.
She needed a rest but she couldn’t just relax her whole body and give away the game. She wanted to, definitely, her post-euphoria mind telling her that Stuart really was the only one in the room she cared about right now.  He was still massaging her clit though and it was too sensitive for that. Lest she twitched involuntarily now, she took Bullock’s distraction as a further opportunity to direct Stuart’s hand away. It relieved her that he did so with no argument and his hand reached for his bag to wipe his fingers on the shoulder strap. No. Not his bag… that was Lewis’s bag!
She was about to non-verbally scold him when Bullock swivelled her chair back to face the front of the desk. She said, “Are you happy with that Mrs Watkins?”
Trying not sound like she was in a post-orgasm comedown and also wasn’t listening, Leslie replied, “Well, what specifically do you mean?”
“Well, in general, I suppose are you happy that we’ve covered what you wanted to cover and that fortnightly meetings with Lewis should mean I can keep an eye on the progress of this situation.”
Her real answer was that she didn’t care right now because she felt empty having climaxed without Stuart’s cock inside of her. She was more bothered about having sex with him ASAP. But she had to hide it because of her fucking husband and fucking son. Just about able to remember what it felt like not to be too horny to think about anything other than sex, she answered, “That’s great. I think having Stuart here really helped clear things up. I think some kids have different levels of sensitivities so hopefully this made things more open for both of them.”
Lewis looked like he was about to say something and she couldn’t blame him; she had just implied he was being overly sensitive about things like getting punched and being sworn at. She did hope he would keep quiet though. She actually felt Stuart hadn’t had a chance to defend himself. Leslie felt guilty again about putting Stuart through this, after the satisfaction he’d given her so far.
“I think we should get Stuart’s opinion,” stated Leslie.
Stuart leant forward and to his right, so that he was sitting in towards Lewis, “Mate, look, sorry about all this. I do feel pretty bad about getting the situation wrong. It was just a bit of banter.”
“You fucking gave me a black eye, last week!”
“Lewis! Language!” interjected Leslie; Bullock’s mouth was open as if she has been about to say the same thing.
“Sorry, sorry,” replied Lewis instantly, looking at the two authoritative women.
“Mate, when was that? I didn’t notice you have a shiner?”
“Well it went away overnight but it was a couple of weeks back and you…”
“Look,” interrupted Stuart, “Doesn’t matter, if it upset you I was outta line clearly. But thing is, you know Chops? Dan Chopper? He gave me a fucking massive bruise on my arm a while ago.”
“Stuart… you watch your language, too,” Bullock interjected this time. Leslie hadn’t even noticed he’d sworn. Lewis glowered at Leslie but she ignored the accompanying twinge of guilt.
“What’s your point?” stated Lewis bluntly.
“Stop being rude Lewis,” demanded Leslie, more and more feeling on Stuart’s side, “Let him finish.”
“Thanks, Mrs Watkins, but looking at this from his side maybe I get why Lewis is a little short with me,” replied Stuart. Leslie took a moment to realise the irony in Stuart defending Lewis to her. He continued, “Chops is my best mate but we get a bit carried away and bumps and scrapes happen. I get you don’t like that so I lay off basically. Simples, yeah?”
Stuart stuck out his right hand and reluctantly, Lewis took it. As soon as they started to shake hands, Stuart added his left hand to Lewis’s wrist to make it a rather over-the-top double handshake. Leslie thought this odd then she remembered where Stuart’s left hand had been and she wanted to slap him again.
“I think that’s the most logical place to wrap this up?” announced Bullock.
Desperate to fuck Stuart, Leslie answered immediately, “I think we’ve heard Stuart give an explanation for his actions and I think in context now things aren’t as bad as they may have appeared.”
Ensuring her skirt didn’t ride up, Leslie stood up and shook Bullock’s hand and the three visitors to the office departed the room after the relevant pleasantries. Lewis looked at his mum with a look of irritation and said, “Thanks for absolutely nothing.” He stormed off straight away and left Stuart and Leslie together.
“Now you see why I think he’s a dick?” commented Stuart in a hushed voice.
“Come on… I thought you had… a plan for…” she replied, equally hushed and nervously avoiding saying the word ‘sex’.
“Does that mean you agree he’s a dick?”
Knowing she wasn’t going to get anywhere until she did acknowledge his question, Leslie replied, “I didn’t disagree now did I? Now hurry up.” After an exchange of awkward, nervous looks, Stuart got the message to walk a few paces in front of Leslie. It was a couple of minutes before the couple arrived at the destination, the boys toilets.
“The loo? You’ve brought me to the loo?” questioned Leslie, her voice incredulous.
“Did you think I had a fancy private office?”
“No, but what if there are people in there?”
“It’s class time. Everyone is in class.”
“What if someone needs the toilet?”
Stuart’s hands were clenched in frustration and, exasperation clear in his voice, he replied, “Welcome to being in your last year of school… we’re expected to be grown-up enough to make ‘decisions that will shape your future career forever’ but we still are kids enough to have to ask permission to go for a piss. Now stop arguing and follow me. I’ll wave you away on the bloody unlikely chance someone’s in here.”
Each time Leslie was reminded of the wide age-gap between them, the guilt of taboo wore off and the excitement it caused tickled her further. Stuart opened the door with his left hand peering in cautiously. He beckoned her in with his right and she enthusiastically grabbed his index finger with her right hand and pinky with her left. She was full of anticipation but the loud clicking of her heels on the tiled floor made her feel more conspicuous than she’d like.
The toilets had three cubicles along the wall with the door; the far wall from this had urinals and between them was an island of sinks. All three cubicles were clearly empty but Leslie dashed for the one nearest, which was the one next to the door. As soon as Stuart was in, she shut the door and locked it then tested the door. It rattled less than she’d expected and gratefully she acknowledged it was definitely closed. She also felt a little less exposed as one of the cubicle walls; the one to the right as she faced inwards, was a solid wall that it shared with the corridor into the toilet.
She aggressively attacked Stuart with her lips. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths in seconds. Leslie had desperately wanted Stuart from before she had entered the building. She had enjoyed cumming earlier but it wasn’t comparable to feeling his arms and hands wrapped around her body. Then she stopped suddenly.
“Shit,” she whispered, “what if there is CCTV?”
“What?!” came a hushed response from Stuart.
“Cameras, that can see us.”
“When the fucking government is on about catching paedos every week you think they’re gonna let schools put cameras in the toilets?”
“Right… you’re right.”
“Relax you slutty mum,” suggested Stuart as his middle and index finger made their way up towards her g-spot. She felt his hand slide easily between her legs because of how wet her thighs had become.
“Uhn, baby,” she cooed, in a muffled voice, “Your hands are incredible but I need you inside of me.”
Stuart sat down on the toilet lid and undid his fly. As soon as his cock was free, Leslie straddled her lover and let his hard-on slip into her. She aligned her hips as close to his and crossed her arms over behind his back before locking her lips firmly over his. She rocked her hips and immediately felt the effects ripple through her body, culminating in a groan from her mouth into Stuart’s.
Stuart ended their kiss after a minute or so and rushed to undo the two buttons on her blazer. Even if his actions had not been eager and hasty she could see the lust in his eyes. True to her word, she had dressed like a slut; with her blazer off she was completely topless. By the time she had tossed it behind Stuart onto a little shelf that presumably housed the cistern, he was sucking on her left nipple. Leslie put her weight back onto her hands as they rested on Stuart’s knees and flicked her pelvis forward rhythmically. Her clit was no longer in contact with his body but the angle of his penis meant it was caressing her g-spot.
As Stuart finished off with her nipples he grabbed the waist of her skirt and spun it round. By now the whole thing was hiked up over her stomach but it looked as if Stuart was still intent on finding the zipper and removing her skirt. She obliging helped him lift it over her head and dropped it on her blazer before giving him another deep kiss.
“Mmm… I love that you’re my naked slut. A slutty mum,” he whispered.
“I love that you’re my teenage stud,” she whispered back. Her hands moved to unbutton his shirt, his blazer was already open, when the door to the toilets opened and footsteps echoed throughout the room.
Leslie panicked. As she tried to stand up but her right shoe seemed to have become jammed between two pipes and came off. She stepped back gently and put her bare foot on the rim of the toilet seat between Stuart’s thighs. She rested her arms against the sides of the cubicles, careful not to make a banging noise, and carefully hoisted herself up so her back was against the cold metal cubicle door. She would have been proud of how quietly she managed to get up to this position in a matter of seconds if it wasn’t for the fact she was aware of how stupid she must have looked.
Stuart mouthed at Leslie, “What the fuck are you doing?”
She mouthed back, “What if that guy,” she nodded her head towards the outside of the cubicle, “sees,” she widened her eyes, “us under the door,” she finished by looking at the gap at the bottom of the door.
“What?! How!?” Lewis mouthed and shook his head. He took his forearm under Leslie’s left leg, her left shoe was the only thing she was wearing and it was now dangling in the air, and then stood up whilst smoothly slipping his left arm under her other leg and taking her weight. The tension on her the skin of her back lifted as he scooped her buttocks into his hands. He slid his left hand completely under her bum and pinned her to the door by placing his weight onto her chest. His right hand, now free, slid himself back into her with surprising capability.
Stuart took Leslie’s weight onto his elbows, which were hooked under the back of her knees, and lifted her legs wide so her feet were touching the walls. She cautiously trusted his weight, slowly releasing her arms from the cubicle sides. Her right arm went across the back of his neck and her left hand pulled open his shirt and blazer a bit more so her head could nuzzle into his clavicle and breathe in his musk.
Lewis’s range of motion seemed to be reduced, presumably because he wasn’t skilled yet in this position and because he had to do everything silently. However, Leslie now felt completely relaxed with Stuart’s strong body pushed up against her and his scent filling her nostrils. The subdued thrusting was still enough for Leslie to drift off into euphoria…
“Quiet,” she heard whispered into her ear. Leslie realised she had started to breathe deeply. She stuffed her mouth against Stuart’s collar bone and listened nervously. All she could hear was the muted, faint sound of her skin rubbing against Stuart’s clothes and the final trickle into the urinal from the other occupant of the toilet. She was far too close to an orgasm to be grossed out just now.
The taps went on and Leslie’s carefully sound-checked breathing became a little louder. She relaxed even further when the loud hand-drier came on to cover any accidental noises she might make. Once again, she edged closer to her climax and she nuzzled into Stuart again to pre-emptively muffle the impending orgasm. She blissfully pecked her lips at Stuart’s neck, waiting for her climax to burst across her body when a clang and thud once again snapped her back to lucidity.
She looked over Stuart’s shoulder to see her left shoe sitting by the toilet, having been knocked off her foot. The hand-drier hadn’t even been on to hide the sound. Her startled reaction had stymied her pleasure for a second but she was still close. Her fear of being caught was being drowned out by the incredible tension that was mounting inside.
“You ok?” came a voice from outside. Leslie just buried her head deeper, wrapped her legs round tighter and trusted Stuart to deal with this. All she was able to concentrate on was her desire, her need, to cum.
“You alright in there?” came the voice, a little closer this time. It might have been a familiar voice to Leslie but she couldn’t really focus on it.
“What the fuck are you asking if I’m ok for? Who the fuck asks a bloke in the bog if their ok? Are we girls doing our make-up or something?”
“You don’t need to be such an arse, Stuart,” said Lewis. It was Lewis.
‘Just tell him to go away. I want to cum,’ thought Leslie. Her toes began twitching involuntarily.
“Thought we were mates now or whatever?” continued her son.
‘Just tell him to go away. I want to cum,’ the thought kept running through her mind.
“I’m not your mate, I just had to keep your mummy,” Stuart stressed ‘mummy’ in a childish voice, “and Principal Bollock-Buster from getting their knickers in a twist. Well, if your mum wore pants that is.”
“What the fuck does that mean?”
‘Just tell him to go away. I want to cum,’ she thought, resenting her son’s voice each time he spoke. She focused on the tingling that was radiating out from her pussy.
“She turned up without pants today. Easy access for me to fuck her. Your slutty mum is riding my cock right now.”
She didn’t even care if Lewis believed Stuart’s taunts. She was so frustrated right now that part of her wished Lewis did know so she could scream out and Stuart could pound her loudly. Once again, much louder this time, she thought, ‘Just tell him to fuck off. I want to cum so badly.’
Stuart’s taunts continued, “I’ve got her pinned up against the door. She just whispered to me that she wants you to fuck off so she can cum on my cock. ‘Fuck off’ were her exact words.”
Leslie was shocked momentarily when she realised she had said her thought out loud but any concern she had for that was suppressed by her intense blooming orgasm. It was again a struggle to focus on keeping her limbs from flailing out and bashing against something noisy and even more difficult to keep her moans to below audible.
“Fuck you, Stuart.”
“Yeah, she’s cumming right now,” he declared, followed by a fake ‘oohhhh’-ing noise, and then continued, “Now I’m spunking deep inside her.”
The door opened and shut as clarity returned to Leslie. Stuart lowered Leslie’s tingling body releasing one leg at a time. Her earlier climax had left her wanting more but this time she was satiated and the cloud of lust began to dissipate. She really meant it when she had thought… or rather said… that she wanted him to fuck off. She was annoyed at Lewis because he didn’t like Stuart. She was annoyed now at him even as she saw how he was treated.
Leslie stood on her tiptoes until she noticed her shoes sitting in front of her. She put them on absent-mindedly her thoughts still filled with remorse. She could have been caught, not just by her son but by the principal of the school. Was what she did illegal? Stuart may have been eighteen but maybe there was a law against sex in a school or against pleasuring your son’s bully.
“Babe, you gotta get dressed, bell’s gonna go soon and then there really will be people, other than your dickhead son, in here.” Stuart passed Leslie her clothes and gave her a peck on the lips. She took a second to register the insult Stuart had made but she didn’t bother to scold him for it. Her actions were a far bigger insult to her son.
“You might want to clean your shoes too,” he said pointing at what looked like a blob of cum that had dripped onto her right shoe. He wiped it up with some loo roll.
“Thanks,” she said quietly. Inwardly she knew she couldn’t be with someone who could make her run around pant-less dripping spunk onto her shoes. Next time would be the last time. He deserved more than a last fuck in the school toilets. He who bullies her son she thought, feeling utterly out of control of her own body.
“Come on… you’ve gotta go,” he insisted before kissing her. It was only a few seconds but it was enough that she felt annoyed at Lewis again.

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Conflicted - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: He Sorts Her Out

‘Babe? Why r u ignoring me?’ read the text from Stuart. Leslie deleted it straight away before she had a chance to hesitate.
It was Monday now; last Wednesday was the last time she’d spoken to him, right after he’d fucked her in the school toilets.  Over the last few days, she recalled the events in her head over and over, almost unable to believe they really happened; she was being carried by her son’s bully, inside a cubicle in the school toilets, pinned against the door when her shoe flung from her feet and clattered to the floor. Her son, the only other person in the toilet at the time heard this and innocently asked if the occupant of the cubicle was ok. Leslie climaxed quietly as her teenage lover taunted her son, telling him that Leslie was being fucking right then and there.
It was bad that the reason she was in the school was because she called a meeting between her son, his bully and the principal, in order to ensure Stuart was punished for his behaviour. Instead, Stuart had secretly fingered Leslie to orgasm during the meeting and she turned on her son, agreeing Stuart was harmless.
The worst bit however was dinner that evening. Leslie recalled how her family had all sat down to take-away pizza; Leslie’s mind was racing too much because of her actions that day to cook.
“So, how’d it go at the school, today?” asked Malcolm, unaware he was breaking the uneasy silence between mother and son.
Leslie gathered her thoughts, about to reply to her husband when Lewis jumped in, “Well, basically, we started off and might have made some progress then Mum decided that Stuart was the greatest guy under the sun.”
“What?” said both parent’s simultaneously but Leslie was sure Malcolm wasn’t filled with the fear of Lewis’s next words like she was.
“He learnt nothing but he convinced Mum and our useless principal that he was really sorry and would lay off.”
“Well, OK, if he really did convince your Mum, how do you know he didn’t mean it?” asked Malcolm.
Leslie knew full well that Lewis’s mistrust was spot on because of the taunting Stuart dealt out in the toilets. She, of course, couldn’t admit she heard the whole thing because she had been in the toilet cubicle with Stuart, her body wrapped around his having her second illicit orgasm within that hour. She continued in feigned ignorance, “Well, he sounded sincere.”
“Can I have a proper explanation, please?” asked Malcolm.
“Basically, we explained the situation to Mrs Bullock, the principal, and she said that Stuart wasn’t particularly known for bullying and then he simply said that he was too rough with Lewis because he and his friends act that way. He took on board that it wasn’t acceptable and should stop, in fact he volunteered that. It seemed more prudent to just accept that than aggravate the situation.”
“That was complete rubbish,” replied Lewis, his voice aghast.
“He shook your hand,” she said, immediately regretting her words. Guilt nearly forced a tear from her eye when she thought about why Stuart had done that. Stuart had been fingering Leslie and he just used the excuse to touch Lewis with the hand that had been pleasuring Lewis’s mum.
“Look, enough quabbling. Your mother seems to think it’s resolved. Why don’t you?”
“Well…” Lewis began hesitantly, “I went for a walk because I was annoyed with Mum, then I decided to nip to the loo before the next class began. I heard what I thought was someone bang their head or something in the cubicle so I asked if they were ok. Stuart was the one in there and he just started saying how he hated me and how he didn’t mean anything he said. Swearing loads at me. I said nothing pretty much and he started… saying… so many awful things.”
Leslie fought back a few tears. Lewis was exaggerating the story perhaps but one side of her completely agreed that Lewis was just being thoughtful and instead he got abuse hurled at him. She couldn’t even tell him she understood because she was too busy being fucked by Stuart. That horrible boy Stuart.
The other side of her, however, felt angry at Lewis; angry that he was trying his best to spin it in the worst way possible. If he’d just left the toilet Stuart wouldn’t have taunted him. Who asked him to stay and bicker like a child? Outside the cubicle her son was acting pathetic and inside Stuart was strong and in control. He had carried her as he fucked her; she had let her body fall to his mercy and the mercy of his solid muscles and he had rewarded that trust with a spectacular climax. That wonderful boy Stuart.
She couldn’t control herself and she wanted to be held by her new lover, to feel his thick body heavy and powerful against hers. She was addicted to the feeling of bliss and relaxation he gave her and it made her want to run to him right now. That was why she couldn’t. She had given herself one more time to go to him, but she didn’t trust herself. That was why she deleted his text on Thursday, then Saturday, then Sunday and now, regretfully, again on Monday.
She felt guilty for wanting him and now she felt guilty that Stuart thought she was ignoring him because she was upset at him. She was ignoring him because she wasn’t. She was ignoring him because she had to.
Dinner was some microwave meals from the supermarket. Leslie hadn’t felt like cooking again.
“Leslie? Sweetie? You ok?” said Malcolm as Leslie had her head in her hands.
“I just have a headache,” she lied. She was just trying hard to control her tears. “I think I’m going to go to bed. You guys finish your food.”
“Sweetie, are…”
“Finish your food. I’m going to bed. Just leave me be, I’ll be fine.”
She had exited dinner early on Wednesday too and her husband had come to bed and comforted her. He had believed that Lewis’s anger was the reason she was stressing out and Malcolm had talked to her kind words about how Lewis would be fine and things would work out. He had no idea that his kindness only made her feel more guilty for betraying him.
Today, she didn’t want him to join her and gratefully he didn’t straight away. She curled up and was trying to drift off to sleep when she heard her phone go off. She went to texts and saw the fake name she had saved Stuart’s number under. ‘Babes? If ive done sumthing just say plz id rather u just say.’ She couldn’t ignore him.
The idea of him worrying like this made her feel just as bad as betraying her son and husband. She owed him a break-up in person. ‘Hi. You free tomorrow?’
‘Yup Smile! Looking 4ward 2 it’
Tuesday morning and afternoon flashed by. Leslie oscillated between feeling relaxed that she would sort things out by the end of the evening and anxiousness over having to break the poor boy’s heart. She tried to make herself feel better a couple of times by thinking that Stuart deserved this for hurting Lewis but that train of thought only made her feel more ashamed when she realised she had far less sympathy for her son than she should do. Her greatest fear in all this was being blackmailed. However, Stuart only had a few text messages from her and she hoped that if he decided to use them maliciously, the absurdity of the situation would help her convince people that an elaborate fabrication of these texts was more likely than her actually sleeping with him.
Leslie wore a particularly non-sexual outfit to Stuart’s home. It was her most conservative work outfit; black trousers that weren’t too tight fitting, a cream blouse with a high neckline and a medium knit grey jumper. As far as underwear went she wore a black bra and a pair of black with purple frills French knickers, both plain and not overtly seductive, not that he would get that far to find that out.
She had also made a point of wearing flat shoes; until now every time she went to meet Stuart, her heels had provided a tapping that had become like her marching song for infidelity. This time she silently made her way up the driveway and rang the doorbell.
“Hey babe,” answered Stuart then his face dropped a little, “Oh, did you come straight from work? More covered up than usual.”
Leslie stood in the hallway, staying close to the door to remind herself she needed to leave before she got carried away. Stuart kissed her and she reciprocated only for a couple of seconds. She resisted being directed towards the stairs, which made him look at her curiously and perhaps anxiously. Carefully, she spoke, “I… can’t see you anymore.”
“Why? What have I done?”
“It’s not anything you’ve done…” she paused, “it’s just that I’m much older than you, I’m married and you pick on my son.”
Each of those was in itself a strong logical reason not to be with Stuart but she didn’t feel the emotion behind her response. ‘You pick on my son’ almost came out as an afterthought, more like ‘it’d be better if that wasn’t the case but I can live with it’. That’s why when Stuart kissed her again she didn’t resist then either.
“Baby, I can’t,” she said, holding his face with both hands.
“Once more,” he asked. She silently followed him to his bedroom, feeling immediate disappointment in herself for caving.
When they got to his bedroom, Stuart tried to undress Leslie enthusiastically, but her response was fairly lacklustre, almost mundane. Both in their underwear, he stopped and looked at Leslie with the same disappointed expression he wore when he saw her at the front door, “wow, didn’t even knew you owned underwear!”
She sniggered half-heartedly before he pounced at her and they began to kiss. She managed some passion now but guilt, remorse and shame dominated her thoughts nearly as fully as lust had done in previous encounters with Stuart. He turned her round and unclasped her bra before roughly pushing her towards the bed. She crawled onto the mattress and was about to turn round when she felt Stuart’s hands on her hips.
“No, I want to try from behind today. We’ve not done that yet,” he announced, standing between her calves, by the side of the bed. That was fine with Leslie, she didn’t know if she could look him in the face right now. He tried to enter her but she wasn’t ready. A sharp gasp of pain exhaled from her mouth as he forcefully tried to push his thick erection into her.
“Not wet… that’s a first,” he said and started groping around her clit. He did seem to have a natural talent for sex though, and after thirty seconds she may still have not been in the mood mentally but physically she was pretty much good to go.
He pushed past the entrance to her tunnel, which was still giving him a little resistance, until he was just inside; far enough to reach her natural lubricant. Momentum taking him forward he slammed into her cervix causing her to coo out and collapse onto her elbows.
“Oh, this always feels so good doesn’t it babe,” he said. His standing position allowed him a huge range of motion to thrust his hips; Leslie’s response was to breathe deeply but her thoughts were still filled with self-pity.
“Yee-haw,” he shouted as he thwacked her on the side of her right butt-cheek. She groaned in pain but didn’t say anything; she just wanted to go back to her bed and mope.
“Babe, do you think your dickhead son would be more pissed off that I’m spanking his slutty mum while riding her ass or that I got her off in the principal’s office,” asked Stuart boastfully.
“I… don’t know,” she replied, not really thinking about the response.
Within a second she felt Stuart pull out of her and motion her to flip round with his hands against her hips. She obliged to see his face look genuinely concerned, “Babe, what’s up?”
“Nothing? I just think we have sex this last time and part ways,” she said, stifling a sniff.
“I thought you were just saying that because you felt bad because Lewis, I’m guessing, was a whiney twat at home.”
“Well yeah, he was pretty pissed off at me…”
“Babe,” he interrupted, “this seems more than that. You’re not breaking up with me because you’re pissed. You’re acting like a grumpy emo kid.”
“A what?”
“Basically a whiney… never mind. Why you being all depressed?”
“Why do you think? I’m supposed to be protecting Lewis but instead I’m here fucking you!”
“You’ve been doing both so far. Pretty fucking pissed you hauled me to Bullock’s but you don’t hear me whining, yeah?”
“Yeah where I completely sailed him down the river with no paddle! Not to mention had you with your hands all over me.”
“Well sorry, you seemed to enjoy it enough.”
“I did, that’s not my point.”
“I get it but you heard Bullock. Teachers don’t like to admit bullying and fights happen. She’d have swept this whole situation under the rug in any way she could.”
“Well what about Lewis. I genuinely just wanted him to disappear when I was…” she paused and looked down at the floor.
“About to cum all over my dick? Yeah, course you did. He’s an annoying dick, you said it yourself remember?”
“I… yeah,” she sighed. She was about to argue that she actually didn’t disagree when Stuart called her son a ‘dickhead’ but she felt a lesson in semantics was not what this situation called for.
“That’s nothing to do with you being his mum. That’s about you being a woman and a slutty one at that.”
“Where is this going?” she asked, totally lost to the point of this conversation.
“My point is that, whether or not I fuck you, I’m not gonna stop hating your dickhead son. You said they were two separate things. Lewis doesn’t know about us so his life is unchanged and, fuck it, maybe I’ll even learn to actually lay off him if we’re fucking so if anything, this might be a good thing for him. You being a slut for me doesn’t affect his life but it seems to make you happy enough that you keep coming back. So why are you beating yourself up? You might as well just keep enjoying it.”
“I suppose you have a point,” she said slowly. She wasn’t fully convinced but she did actually feel a little better.
However, before she had time to really think about his words, Stuart grabbed her on either side of her rib cage and nodded his head towards the top of his bed. Both lying across the bed, Stuart on top, he entered her again, and this time she was a lot more enthusiastic. She threw her legs around Stuart and locked her ankles together so that they were above the small of his back. Her arms went under his armpits and her hands were touching alternate shoulder blades. She buried her nose into his neck and inhaled deeply, drifting into a contented state.
“Oh god that’s good, baby,” she groaned. She moaned and yelped and cursed freely between passionate kissing.
“I’m sooo glad I can be loud. I don’t have to worry about…” she drifted off then started kissing Stuart again.
“Worry about your wiener son listening in?”
She kissed him again rather than answer the question. She pulled away from the kiss after a few seconds and pushed her forehead against his, the sex-fuelled sweat making their skin feel sticky. Through gritted teeth she struggled to speak, “You are the kind of giving me orgasms baby.”
“Do you love me?” he asked suddenly.
“What?” she replied through heavy breathing and buried her head back into his neck so she could breathe in more of his musk.
“Do you love me?”
“I…” she responded slowly; one because her mind was cloudy like it always was on route to an orgasm, and two because she really didn’t know what to say. She continued nervously, “Even if… it wasn’t for… the… uhnnnn… oh god… why ask me now… if it wasn’t for the circumstances… ohhh… so close.” He started to slow down.
“No, baby, no don’t. Make me cum. It’s too soon for love. It’s been two weeks.”
“Do you love me?”
She knew what she had to say, “Yes.”
“Say it and keep saying it until you’re done cumming.”
“I love you… So much. I love… you. Stuart, baby… I love you. Make me…cum,” she gasped. “I… oh… uhnn… love…. Oooohh,” she descended into wailing before she finally came. She held Stuart as tight as she could until she made whole body convulsion that made way to completed muscular relaxation.
Leslie lay motionless on the bed. Her head was limply facing to the wall on the left. Stuart kept thrusting, slowly and softly. The skin between her thighs was now exposed, as opposed to tightly wrapped round her lover, and her orgasm had made her so wet that her upper legs felt a little cold.
“You still going?” she asked lazily, with enough energy to be impressed.
“Yeah, but do you really love me?”
“Stuart,” she answered, summoning enough energy to sit up on her elbows as he continued to drive his hips, “I’m sorry, I… not yet, no.”
“Then why did you say it?”
“What? Well because you made me!”
“I didn’t make you, I asked you to. Just like I didn’t MAKE you turn up to Bullock’s in no clothes.”
She started to feel guilty again, and stumbled over a reply, “No…well… I… you said…”
“You like me ‘making’ you do things. I’m a guy who likes to be in control. Whether it’s making Lewis understand he’s a flaccid knob or telling you what to do. You like being at my whim. So far you’ve enjoyed it and nothing’s gone terribly wrong. Hell, I told Lewis, right then and there that I was fucking you in that toilet stall and nothing went wrong.”
“I suppose.”
“So just let go. Stop being so uptight. Enjoy being a slutty mum. You might not love me but you certainly like me hell of a lot, so did it hurt to say it?”
“I made you promise to come to Bullock’s in a slutty outfit and I made you cum twice. Didn’t you enjoy it?”
“It’s a bit of fun right? Pushing you to your limits. Didn’t you enjoy being fucked in the toilet.”
“Yeah… that was dirty…” she replied, truthfully. It may have been what triggered her episode of melancholy but at the time she really enjoyed it.
“Let go, just say whatever feels right at the time. Trust me. Think of it like you do blowjobs; I can’t imagine anyone actually likes have dick in their mouth but you do it because I like it. If there’s something you uncomfortable doing or saying but you’ll know I’ll like it – it’s like sucking a cock. Yeah?”
She couldn’t think of anything she wanted more right now than to just completely submit to Stuart. She assumed the position she was in before, limbs tightly locked around his body and his musk pervading her nostrils. She thought about the toilet cubicle and Bullock’s office and how she felt out of control but really she wasn’t out of control; she just wasn’t the one in charge of the situation.
“Tell me you’re a slutty mum.”
“So slutty, just for you,” she said, meaning each word. She really felt completely safe around Stuart.
“So you liked being fucked in my school?”
“Yeah, so much…” she replied, dreamily.
“But what about when your son almost interrupted what we were doing?”
“There was no way I’d have stopped for him,” she responded, not caring if that was the truth or not; it’s how she felt right now. Stuart started to plunge into her a little faster.
“He’s so annoying. A complete prick.”
“He was actually pretty annoying that day,” she responded before kissing him up the neck.
“Enough to deserve his own mum telling him to fuck off?” asked Stuart as he ramped up his speed to what it was list just before she last came.
“Definitely, I meant it,” she gasped, that bit she knew was true but it didn’t fill her with guilt this time, “you’re gonna make me cum again, baby.”
“Don’t you wish you’d given the little arsehole up for adoption?”
In any state, the answer to that was no. However, she didn’t think Stuart was looking for ‘no, I love my son too much,’ as a response but there was another small reason she was glad Lewis was her son, a reason she thought Stuart would want to hear, “No. I don’t wish that… because if he wasn’t my son, I’d never have met you. He’s good for something…”
She could feel a second orgasm coming, as Stuart spoke again, “So what you’re kinda saying is…”
She was eager to say the words for herself before she was unable to speak, so she interrupted, “What… I’m saying… uhnnn… uhnnn… is… that… ohhh… uhnn…. I’m happy…”
She took a deep breath and concentrated on saying the whole sentence, each word pronounced, “I’m saying…” she started, her voice control gone; she was almost yelling desperately, seconds away from another climax, “I’m saying… I’m really… uhnn… really happy that… you…” her head tiled back and she shrieked, “BULLY… LEWIS…AHHHHH.”
The tingling seemed to last forever, she hadn’t had an orgasm like this one in years. She was still convulsing erratically for seconds after; she couldn’t remember the last time that happened. She used to call them orgasm-quakes, like aftershocks from an earthquake. She kissed her son’s bully passionately, until her feet stopped jerking around outwith her control.
“Best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she whimpered, convinced that might actually be true and not just complimentary exaggeration.
“So your best orgasm ever wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t bullied Lewis,” he asked, grinning.
“Probably not… another reason to be happy about it,” she panted. Despite saying these things, she remained guilt-free, trusting her new lover completely.
She kissed him again, before speaking, “Are you still not done?”
“I didn’t want to cum whilst you were having yours.”
“How thoughtful and I’m glad because I really want to thank you for that.”
She unravelled herself and tapped his shoulders with her palms. He sat up and pulled out of her to a squelching noise. Leslie walked to the middle of the floor, almost falling over at first because of how weak her legs were. She knelt down, bum-cheeks resting on her ankles and looked at his member; it was so coated in her own wetness it was actually shiny.
“Fuck my mouth like you like doing. It’s yours until you cum. Spray your thick cum in my mouth on my face, wherever. You’ve earned it.”
Stuart walked over to her with the tip of his dick in his left hand. With his right, he took her head and pushed the side of his shaft against her right cheek. She felt her own juices become smeared across the right of her face before his bellend was roughly stuffed beyond her lips, making her taste the sour, salty juices. His fingers ran along either side of her jaw into her hairline and met at the back of her skull. He gripped locks of her hair very tightly and, unexpectedly slowly, pulled her head towards his pelvis.
She provided no resistance; just prepared her gag reflex fox when his hard-on touched the back of her tongue. He only just went that far though and pulled back, he stroked a few more times to just before where it would make her choke then began to pump her mouth much faster. She relaxed and let him use her, still feeling high from her two excellent orgasms.
He fucked the length of her mouth for about 30 seconds before he pulled his dick out and grabbed it with his right hand. His left cradled the base of her skull and tipped it forward so that she felt warm gloop hit her scalp. Stuart trailed the thinning spunk right down across her forehead over her closed left eye and back into her mouth where the last dribbles fell onto her tongue. Leslie stood up and placed her hands on Stuart’s hips then looked deeply into his eyes.
“You’re a fucking mess, you slut.”
“Thanks,” she said, giving him a bashful smile. Her head dipped to look at his chest, where she trailed her finger between his pectorals. “I’m really glad I’m with you,” she admitted, kissing him in the middle of the collarbone.
Leslie had a quick shower at Lewis’s before returning home. The first thing she did was hug Lewis and talk to him about his day. She chatted away to her husband before retreating to bed with him. They made love, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as with Stuart, but she did enjoy it. She was free of guilt; how she acted with Stuart was a separate and wonderful way she wanted to be when she was with him but now she was home she was a loving wife and mother. Her husband spooned her as she drifted into a care-free sleep; her last waking thought was wondering what it would be like to have Stuart holding her as she slept and smile crept over her face.

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Conflicted - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: He Pays Her a Visit

Leslie was pinned up against the cubicle wall in her son’s school toilets. Her son’s bully held her up in his muscular arms and thrust into her. Her arms were wrapped tightly round his upper body, her head nuzzled into his neck, breathing in his scent as she came to orgasm. She called out loudly with each pounding Stuart gave her…
“Mum… isn’t that the kitchen timer?” interrupted Lewis. Leslie was mentally jolted back to reality. Leslie sighed to herself and thought it fitting that Lewis should disturb her at the good bit of her daydream, as he had interrupted during the real thing just when she was coming close to climax.
“It is,” she said whilst listening to the beeping coming from the kitchen, “so why don’t you go check the vegetables and get them.”
“But I don’t know what I need to look for; I could come with you and…”
“Never mind,” she said, frustration just seeping into her voice. She retrieved the remaining dish of food from the kitchen and her family tucked into their dinner.
“Mmmm… That was good, darling,” announced her husband, “Christie called me this afternoon. She’s invited us round this weekend.”
“But Dad, it’s Hayley’s birthday this weekend,” said Katie. Katie had been invited to one of her classmate’s sixteenth birthday party. On Saturday, they were going to have lunch at Nando’s, followed by the cinema and then a sleepover.
“I was planning we go to Christie’s on Saturday morning,” answered Malcolm.
“I can stay here, you and Lewis go,” added Leslie, trying to hide her eagerness. Katie had pretty severe asthma when she was younger and even now he parents were reticent to let her stay away from home thanks to a few very terrifying attacks she had in the middle of the night. More recently they had relaxed about it, but the travelling two hours out to Malcolm’s sister house while Katie was still here was not something they were ready to try yet.
“Are you sure, honey?” asked Malcolm. She was sure. Malcolm’s brother-in-law and two nephews were very much like Malcolm and Lewis. Put simply, they could be described as nerdy. This meant the guys all got on swimmingly during weekend visits; playing board games, watching old sci-fi, et cetera. Christie wasn’t into that, however. Christie wasn’t into anything. She was one of the most boring people Leslie had ever met. Leslie almost faked a stomach bug once to avoid going to their house but then she realised she wasn’t a child and Christie was her sister-in-law.
“Well, it’s safer for Katie if I stay here and you and the boys can watch Firefly to your hearts’ content.” Malcolm gave her a slightly disappointed knowing look; she’d never openly said she hated visiting Christie but Malcolm definitely knew that was the case.
“OK, I’ll let Christie know,” said Malcolm, before turning to Lewis, “How are things with Stuart?”
Leslie tingled at the mention of her lover’s name. She thought about her screaming orgasms from the night before and quietly sighed with a stifled grin on her face.
“I haven’t actually seen him that much. I have a catch-up with Mrs Bullock tomorrow. I think I’m gonna say that he hasn’t bothered me since our meeting but I think that’s only because he hasn’t seen me. I mean he made a rough tackle at football so I should…”
“If he hasn’t done anything, Lewis,” Leslie interrupted, “then you tell that to your principal.”
“Sticking up for your boyfriend again!” sniped Lewis.
“Lewis Watkins, do NOT speak to your mother that way.”
“No, right, sorry Dad, sorry Mum. But it’s just…”
“No ‘but’s,” continued Malcolm.
“Sorry, sorry.”
“It’s fine, Lewis,” said Leslie, far from offended, she actually was tingling at the idea of Stuart being called her boyfriend, “my point was that you don’t want to cry wolf.” And that she was sticking up for Stuart.
“No you’re right… sorry Mum.”
Leslie did feel momentarily uncomfortable at what was quite a manipulative manoeuvre but even if she hadn’t been sleeping with Stuart her advice would have been the same, so ultimately it wasn’t a problem that she had an ulterior motive.
They talked for another twenty minutes about lighter topics and then Malcolm told Lewis to clean the table, reiterating his reprimand to his son about showing respect to his mother. Leslie did feel a little sympathy for her son. He was being chastised for being right while she was glowing inside about her chance to finally invite Stuart round to her house.
Friday was the longest day in Leslie’s life. Leslie had counted the seconds as the clock ticked by. She had an appointment with the salon to wax her legs and her private regions down to a ‘landing strip’ straight after work. It was the last stage in her personal grooming routine before her sex-filled weekend with Stuart, as Malcolm helped her dye her hair on Wednesday and on Thursday she got a manicure and pedicure.
Lewis and his father departed around 6pm, after which Katie and Leslie had ordered Chinese, one dish between two; Katie had a small appetite and Leslie didn’t want to pig-out just before her big weekend. They watched a few recorded episodes of programmes they both needed to catch-up on and then Katie went to bed. Katie was going to get the 12:03 bus to her friend’s house, so she told Stuart to come round at 12:30.
While she lay in bed, heart fluttering as it had all day, her hand slipped between her legs and she thought about what Stuart asked her to wear when she answered the door. She whispered a groan as she came and then looked over to her bedside clock. ‘Just over twelve hours,’ she thought before her eyelids shut.
Leslie rolled her lips together. Her lipstick looked fine. Mascara, eyeliner, foundation, all check. She opened her underwear drawer and took out a pair of black thigh-highs. She pulled them on, the nylon sliding effortlessly across her waxed-smooth skin.  The frill top of the stockings reached the mid-thigh of each leg, which were now wrapped in a fine fishnet covering. She looked at the back of her legs in the mirror and straightened the seam that ran their length. She slipped on a pair of pointy-toe black stilettos and was finishing the buckle on her left ankle strap when the doorbell rang. Leslie took a deep breath and poofed her hair in the mirror. She grabbed her mid-length housecoat from behind the door and then headed out of her room, towards the stairs to the ground floor.
The adulterous click of her heels echoed through her wood-laminate floor corridor until she reached her front door. She peered through the peephole and confirmed it was him. An electric shock erupted from her chest and tingled across her whole body, briefly numbing her fingers and toes. She undid her housecoat, hung it to on the hooks to her left and then unlocked the door.
“Took long enough! I thought… oh wowza,” said her lover.
“Get inside,” she ordered with a smile on her face.
He was wearing an unzipped hoodie, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She grabbed him by the t-shirt and tugged on it until he was through the threshold. Leslie slammed shut the front door and pushed her lover against the door, his backpack thudding against it before he dropped it to the floor. Their tongues collided as her hands flew around his waist and held him at crest of his buttocks. She compressed her body gently against his and hands gruffly grasped each butt-cheek of hers and squeezed.
“Nice to see you too,” said Stuart, ever so slightly breathless, barely able to prise his lips away from hers. He slid his hands to her hips and gently guided her backwards. He looked her up and down and gave her a contemplative look, “not quite as naked as I wanted.”
Leslie was wearing only her fishnet tights and heels. Stuart had told her that she wouldn’t need clothes for the duration of his stay. He had told her that she looked good in heels so that’s all she’d need to wear.
“Oh… I thought… you might…” she started, feeling a bit disappointed he didn’t like the stockings, especially since she had bought them just for him.
“If you let me finish…” he interrupted with a cheeky smile, “I was gonna say that’s not as naked as I wanted, so those stockings are a nice surprise.”
Leslie giggled and stepped forward to give him a kiss. His hand went to her groin and his middle finger found her clit, which he rubbed and flicked. “I like when Slutty Mum is naked but I like it better when she’s naked with stockings.”
“I like that…” she started, “Bully Boy likes how Slutty Mum looks.”
“Bully Boy… nice.”
“Has a nice…oooo…” she gasped and cooed as Stuart’s middle and index fingers entered her and his lips tickled her neck, “nice ring to it. Doesn’t it?”
Stuart kicked off shoes as Leslie gyrated on his fingers. She really wanted to have sex but she was enjoying what she was doing too much to concentrate on moving. They momentarily broke their foreplay as Stuart pulled off his hoodie and Leslie just managed to step backwards towards the living room. Stuart followed her silent instructions and they entered the living room through the open sliding doors, hand-in-hand.
The couple fell onto the three-seater sofa that faced the TV and began making out even more furiously than they had in the front of the hall. Stuart was lying on his back spread across most of the length of the sofa, whilst Leslie was on top of him. She attempted to remove his t-shirt but she wasn’t willing to release his body enough to expose more than his abs. Instead, she fumbled with his fly, undoing the buttons and freeing his hard-on from under his boxers.
Leslie adopted a kneeling position and Stuart sat up so that he was in the middle of the couch. She slipped her calves under his thighs, carefully avoiding scratching him with the heels of her shoes, and wrapped her left arm round his shoulders. Her right hand went to her lover’s erection and massaged it briefly before lowering herself down onto it.
As Stuart penetrated her, she felt the sensitive walls of her tunnel expand. She exhaled, emitting a sound half-way between a groan and a sigh, and then she straightened her back and rested her palms against the wall behind the sofa. Using the wall, she pushed away, thrusting her body backwards and then swinging her hips forwards. Her spine undulated, forcing electric shocks through her body.
“Oh god, baby. I knew I missed you inside me but I didn’t realise… uhhnnn… until I actually… oh… fuck…”
Leslie became distracted by Stuart; he was sucking on her left nipple while he used his left index and middle finger to squeeze her right nipple. She gripped the back of the sofa and gyrated faster and harder. Stuart began to nibble and kiss Leslie’s clavicle as both their breathing became heavier. Becoming more familiar with how her body responded to Stuart’s it didn’t surprise her, as it had the previous times, with how quickly she was ready to orgasm.
Knowing she had no time limits, no reason to fear getting caught and no one around likely to hear them, she completely committed to her pleasure. Her thighs went into overdrive; all her energy focused on gyrating her pelvis against Stuart’s. She suspended all control over her voice, swearing, gasping and screaming with no discrimination.
“You like that, slut?”
“Yes, fuck me… Bully Boy…fuck… fuck… so… close…eeeeEEEE…” she cried as she unintentionally smothered her son’s bully with her breasts. She shuddered gratefully before collapsing limply onto his chest. Stuart, however, was not finished and kept thrusting into Leslie as two of them breathed heavily.
Stuart pushed Leslie off of himself so that she slumped onto the sofa. She regained her poise enough to drag her body up and rest herself in the back corner of the couch to the left of Stuart. As she lay on her back, limbs splayed out, Stuart entered her again wrapping his arms around her torso, his hands gruffly grasping opposite shoulder blades. Leslie, still barely more than a rag-doll, managed to use gap between the middle sofa seat and the one furthest from her to wedge the heel of her right shoe in for leverage. Her left leg was off the front of the sofa but she was able to use her arms, the right was grasping the back of the sofa and the left was on the arm rest, to help twist her torso and avoid a twinge that may have become a back cramp. A bit more relaxed, Leslie started to feel the building pleasure.
“I was thinking ‘bout how you said you like that I bully Lewis,” panted Stuart. Leslie groaned in acknowledgement before he continued, “Well it’s actually more that I bully him and get away with it. If I had been punished for bullying Lewis we’d never have met.”
“Yeah…” she wistfully replied in a breathy voice, “It’s good you didn’t…”
“How do you think Lewis would feel about that?”
Leslie thought about how her son would feel about her actions and the motivations behind them, but then she remembered he had already voiced how he felt. She gasped as she spoke, “After our meeting… uhnn… at dinner… uhhnn… we told my husband what happened. Uhnnn… he said I was sticking up for my ‘boyfriend’.”
“So he called me your boyfriend?”
“Yeah, baby. Boyfriend…” she huffed.
Equally breathless, Stuart replied, “So… ugh… do you want to be my girlfriend?”
Hormones were flooding Leslie’s brain, slowing her ability to think, but a slow smile crept across the dazed grin she was already wearing. The innocence of the question once again highlighted their age difference. The cute way he asked if they could be in a relationship would never have come from a man in his mid-forties. The juxtaposition of the innocent question during the gruff act of betrayal only further displayed the contrast.
She kissed him thinking about the label ‘girlfriend’ and what that meant. She had known this boy for less than three weeks and she was totally under his spell. She’d fancied people before, like her obsession with Mark, and she’d been madly consumed by her husband in the early part of her relationship but she had never fallen so hard for someone and definitely not so fast. She thought of their ironically sweet pet names for each other and realised how moot the question was.
“Uhn… uhn… Baby… uhn… Bully Boy… I think I already am.”
She felt Stuart’s arms tighten around her and increased how fast and how hard he drove into her. Through harsh and deep breaths Stuart rasped at Leslie, “Lewis’s slutty mother is now my girlfriend to fuck.”
The word ‘slut’ bore no insult or intent to degrade. From Stuart, it felt like a compliment, even praise.
“Yes… oh god, make your slutty, slutty girlfriend cum.”
“I’m gonna fill up your pussy as you cum.”
“Yes! YES!” she pleaded. All of her limbs tightened as her body slipped out of control and was compelled only by carnal desire. Her right hand involuntarily grasped the back of the sofa, whilst her left gripped the armrest in a tight fist. Lewis’s words ‘your boyfriend’ echoed through her head. He had said them to make her feel guilty but instead they had driven her taboo relationship to the next level. She screamed out, just about drowning out the loud ripping sound that came from her left. She was only barely aware of the sofa fabric she had just torn but she certainly didn’t care. Her left hand scrabbled around to grip a part of the armrest that wasn’t torn as her orgasm made her writhe desperately.
Barely conscious, she was only really aware of Stuart’s musk and the pulsing orgasm-quakes that rippled through her body. It took half a minute before she could loll her head at Stuart’s direction. He looked at her with a satisfied expression before rolling off and sitting next to her. He moved her right leg out from behind his back and did up his trousers. Leslie was, of course, still naked. Her skin was sticky with sweat making the air feel cool. She sluggishly snuggled up to her new boyfriend and they kissed for a few seconds.
“You’ve been here, what, twenty-five minutes?” she sighed, seeing the wall clock, “I’ve already had two of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I hope my vagina makes it through the weekend.”
“Don’t forget you’ve got a big load of cum inside you.”
She gave Stuart a dopey smile and cooed at him, “I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like you.”
They kissed for a few seconds and then Leslie rested her head on Stuart’s clavicle whilst thinking to herself how comfortably she fit into his collarbone. This was the first time sex wasn’t rushed and the first time she hadn’t had to rush back home to alleviate suspicions. She could just relax here against her boyfriend’s chest, until he got hard again. But then she realised… she hadn’t actually had a real conversation with Stuart. What happens in the lazy periods between sex? What would a middle-aged married woman with unresolved issues from her youth have in common with a delinquent boy young enough to be her son?
“So, you’ve got a pretty nice house here,” said Stuart. His tone was a little awkward; in fact, it was the first time he had spoken to her with anything other than arrogant confidence in his voice. Perhaps the dichotomy between their backgrounds was not lost on him either.
“Thanks… um… we’ve had it since Katie was born,” she replied, in an equally uncomfortable tone, “We did up the living room and kitchen a couple of years ago… or was it longer than that… maybe four year ago?”
“Oh… cool… Katie? Didn’t actually know Lewis had a sister.”
“Yeah, she’ll be 16 next year,” informed Leslie. Having to tell Stuart this made her realise how little they knew about each other. Oddly, it made her feel more aware of her nakedness. The intimacy she had felt minutes before had ebbed and her new boyfriend was more like an awkward dinner guest; perhaps like one of Malcolm’s nerdy university friends trying to make small talk.
Leslie turned her head in towards Stuart’s chest and the warm smell of his musk became stronger.  Her left hand reached around his stomach and lay on his oblique as she lightly kissed his pectoral. Involuntarily she recalled non-specific memories of being pinned down by Stuart; memories of where he coaxed her to orgasm; this made her feel more affectionate again. It was a long weekend and there was plenty of time to get to know each other, but right this minute she felt she needed to break the tension.
“Would you like some lunch?”
“Yeah babes, I’ve only had toast. What’s there to eat?”
Leslie reluctantly pulled her body away from Stuart. She lazily got to her feet and offered her hands to Stuart to help him up. Now that she wasn’t burning with lust, she felt a little exposed standing naked in front of a teenager. However, as soon as Stuart was standing, he kissed her and their bare chests were pressed against each other, giving her comfort again. Hand-in-hand the couple entered the kitchen through the a-joining arch and went straight to the fridge.
“Well… I didn’t want to have to stop… anything,” she said, giggling a little, “to cook or have to answer the door for food… naked.” Leslie flashed a bashful look before continuing, “I’ve got us some sandwich fillers and microwave meals.”
She was about to go to the fridge when she caught sight of a toiletries bag on the counter-top of the kitchen island, and it made her sigh deeply, “For god’s sake…”
“What’s up?”
“Malcolm, my husband,” she added, realising he might not know her husband’s name, “He can be totally useless at times, he forgot the bag with their toothbrushes.”
“Ah right,” Stuart replied, clearly uninterested.
Leslie, taking the hint that Stuart probably didn’t want to talk about Leslie’s husband, went to open the fridge door when she felt Stuart’s right hand grab her right breast from behind. As she felt him squeeze, she also felt his lips brushing against her left shoulder. She heard an unzipping and knew Stuart had freed his erection by the feeling of warm hard flesh between her buttocks. Both his hands pressed her butt cheeks together and he began thrusting.
“Someone ready to go again?” asked Leslie.
Stuart was silent, he responded by stepping over to the island in the middle of the kitchen. She followed his unspoken direction; she stood in front of him and, moving a bar stool out of the way, leant the top of her buttocks against the cold laminate of the countertop. Stuart ran two fingers down either side of her neatly trimmed pubic hair; they met at the end and slid down into her slit. She moaned as he pushed over her clit before leaning in to kiss him.
He leant back, away from her kiss and with a dispassionate tone, he commanded her, “Turn around.”
Anticipating what he had in mind, Leslie bent at the waist and rested her whole upper body, from the belly button upwards, on the island’s countertop and laid the right side of her face on the back of her hands. So far, considering his lack of experience, Stuart had approached sex with a cool confidence and in most cases he had delivered better than she expected.
This time, however, it was a little different. They had only tried doing it from behind once and she knew that could be an awkward angle, even for her more experienced husband. When she and Stuart had tried it before she had been kneeling on his bed and it helped overcome their height difference. Now however, despite her heels, she was a couple of inches shorter than him. She was wet and ready for him, but he couldn’t angle his hard-on to enter her.
Leslie could sense he was getting frustrated. She used her left foot to hook the bar stool she had moved before and brought it closer to her. She lifted the same leg up and rested her knee on the top on the seat. Leslie almost instantly felt the satisfying full feeling of Stuart’s rod inside her. She heard his hand slap down and grip the edge of laminate surface to her right, whilst his left hand gripped her raised thigh. Though she knew it was about to happen she was barely prepared for the pounding. Now that he was actually penetrating her, and as he was standing, it was clearly easy for him to thrust into her. Leslie moved her forehead so it was resting on her right forearm. Freed, her left hand went to stimulate her clit.
Her position wasn’t the most comfortable and she was still pretty exhausted from the sex on the sofa so it took her a little while to bring herself towards climax. It wasn’t dramatic or scream-inducing, but she did make an audible groan. She relaxed a little and brought both her hands together again. She propped herself up onto her elbows and put her raised leg back down, careful not to let Stuart slip out.
“You cum?” asked Stuart, matter-of-factly, slowing down his pace.
“Yeah baby, are you done?”
“Nah, not yet,” he replied, again deadpan. Leslie looked back to see Stuart leaning over towards the wall-mounted whiteboard her family used to write notes on.
“What are you doing?” she questioned. Stuart was still inside her, holding her in place, so she wasn’t able to look back completely.
“Don’t worry about it,” he answered as he started pounding her again.
Her curiosity quickly waned as sex filled her mind once more. It was kept preoccupied until Stuart stopped and Leslie felt a wet scratching on the left side of her lower back. She tried to look back again and noticed a black pen lid next to her. She recognised it as the one for the marker pen from the whiteboard and she realised what Stuart was doing.
“Are you drawing on me?!” she exclaimed.
“Just keeping a tally of how many times we cum… Leslie… one, two, three and Stuart…”
“Wait! That stuff is really hard to get out...” her protests were cut short as Stuart resumed fucking her.
Stuart stopped again after a minute and continued writing, “At the end of all this, you can suck me off enough times to make up for how many more times I make you cum.”
“Oh really?” Leslie responded, “And what if you cum more?”
“Amazing dick, slutty girlfriend… don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Stuart replied in a smug tone. The statement was so true that Leslie didn’t even bother to put him down jokingly. The only noise she made was an ‘uhn-ing’, each time Stuart pumped into her.
“So last time I was taking you from behind you, I asked you a question…” stated Stuart.
“Uhn… uhn… uhn… yeah… uhn… what was …uuuhhhnnn… it?”
Stuart found a bit more confidence and gripped the front her thighs tightly, using the leverage to drive himself into her faster, cause Leslie to loudly swear.
Stuart answered Leslie, but in between each few words he grunted loudly and thrust into her with enough force to perceptibly shake the kitchen, “It was about the fucking little dickhead.”
Leslie knew he was talking about Lewis. She was reminded at how she jumped to chastise her son for swearing in Bullock’s office but it didn’t even register when Stuart swore. She also remembered sticking up for Stuart when her husband was insulting him. She knew she wouldn’t have accepted Lewis calling Stuart that and so she felt she shouldn’t accept Stuart saying that either.
She didn’t agree with his sentiment but she felt that she supported Stuart’s right to think that and say that about her son. What was the point in causing an argument when she actually did sympathise with him on this point?
Through huffs and grunts she prompted him further, “What about him, Bully Boy?” She emphasised his new nickname, to ensure he knew she was open to whatever he was going to say. His solid rod was pleasuring her and it made her keen to make her show of affection clear.
Stuart slowed his pace down so that he was able to speak clearly. “Do you think he’d hate it more if he knew about me fucking you on my bed?” he paused his question to slap her right buttock hard enough to make her squeal, “Ramming you from behind and slapping your ass and shit or, would he be more pissed off if he knew I fingered you in Bullock’s office making you cum right there?”
Stuart had been going at her for about fifteen minutes now and her exhaustion came through in her voice, “Bullock’s office, definitely. Being out in the open definitely made it dirtier. I… ugh!” she cried out again as Stuart’s hand thwacked her right buttock.
“You’re a right bitch aren’t you!” proclaimed Stuart proudly, slapping her again, “I just thought it might’ve fucked Lewis off more to know you admitted you liked me bullying him right before I creamed all over your face.”
Leslie had to take a pause, just to remind herself of what Stuart had told her a few days ago; no matter what she said or did now, it was between her and Stuart. Even if it seemed like she was betraying Lewis, he didn’t know that and he wouldn’t find out. Stuart was right here now though, and she wanted to indulge him.
“I think right now is the worst though. I…” she paused again, just to remind herself that whatever she said was part of her role as Stuart’s lover and not Lewis’s mother, “I think Lewis would hate knowing you’re in his home and that we turned his spiteful comment about you being my boyfriend into actually calling each other that… but what he’d hate most is that I’m going to admit that if I’d met you as Lewis’s friend…I probably wouldn’t have noticed you as a strong, powerful young man. So… what I mean is… I think…” her voice dried up, scared and excited by the next words she was about to say, “I don’t just like that you… bully him… it’s actually that we’re together because you bully Lewis…”
She said it. It was something that had been in the back of her mind for weeks now. She hadn’t had these desires for anyone else Lewis knew or anyone else his age, even. Stuart had entranced her more than any man other than her husband had. She knew the one unique thing about him was that he was Lewis’s bully. It led her to the conclusion, as much as she hated to admit it, that this was a significant reason for her desire towards him. Rather than feel guilt for admitting it… she felt relief. With a wet plopping sound, Stuart pulled his dick out from Leslie. Leslie turned round to face Stuart, but he was stretching over her to the toiletry bag that was on the counter, diagonally in front of her.
“What are you doing, baby?” she asked
“Nothing, it’s just that I had an idea,” replied Stuart, opening the bag, “Which one of these is Stuart’s?”
“Why? What are you doing?” she asked again, impatiently.
“Is it this one?” he asked, pulling out a slim blue battery-powered toothbrush.
“Yeah, but can you tell me why, please?” Leslie asked, with increased frustration in her voice. She was sticky, horny and naked, yet he was more interested in Lewis’s dental health.
“Just thinking about what you said about me being in his house being the way to piss off Lewis the most. I think he’d be pissed that I can go around and mess up his stuff, not just that I’m fucking his slut of a mum on every surface.”
He lifted Leslie up onto the kitchen counter, and spread her legs. Expecting him to enter her again, she looked confused when, instead, he inspected the toothbrush and found the power button. As soon as the buzzing began, he turned the back of the brush head towards Leslie and tried to put it against her clit.
“You can’t put that there!” she protested, closing her legs, “He puts that in his mouth.”
“Yeah, I’m not fucking dumb. That’s the idea.”
“I’m not going to help you bully Lewis!”
“Why not? He’s not gonna find out.”
“I’ll know.”
“How’s it different to him sitting on that sofa and not having a clue that I fucked you silly on it?”
“Yeah, but that’s because we had to have sex somewhere…”
“Yeah,” interrupted Stuart, “And you didn’t have a problem shagging all over my mum’s bed when it suited you. You got your way when you’re in my house and I had to tidy up! Part of the fun of being here is getting to fuck with Lewis’s stuff. I’m gonna try and rag on him anyway, so you might as well help, cause I’ll enjoy it more if you do and he’s not gonna know anyway.”
Silently, Leslie uncrossed her legs. She felt shameful excitement grip her. She knew, absolutely knew, that this was another dangerous line to cross, but it was so taboo that she couldn’t resist. She was about to help Stuart bully her son. He wouldn’t know and he wouldn’t get physically hurt so she wasn’t harming him, but it was an obvious and cruel betrayal. It was odd that betrayal felt more like nervous excitement than guilt.
“OK,” she said, her breathing heavy with nerves.
She felt the vibrating plastic against her most pleasurable spot, and it sent a strange tingling across her whole vulva. She had forgotten how it felt; she had owned a vibrator years ago but, after an awkward moment when a six-year-old Lewis found it in her dresser drawer, she had thrown it away. She took a few seconds to relax, but when she did, the feeling went from peculiar to quite pleasurable. She leant into him and started to kiss him passionately.
They kept kissing for around half a minute until Stuart pulled away, releasing the pressure of the toothbrush against Leslie’s clit. Leslie grabbed him by the wrist and pushed her son’s toothbrush back against her sensitive button. He held it there again for another half a minute before pulling it away again, against Leslie’s resistance.
She looked at him desperately as he turned the toothbrush upside down and slipped the handle inside of her. The vibration hit her with a deeper, yet duller sensation. She held his hands in hers and pushed the brush so it hit her g-spot. The girth of the toothbrush was very thin, but the pulsing more than made up for that, causing her to involuntarily moan and grind her hips in reaction.
After a minute or so, she let go of his hands but gripped the lip of the counter top, either side of her thighs, and rolled her hips forward, cooing and squeaking in excitement. Just when she was starting to feel close to cumming again, he pulled the toothbrush out of her.
“No, no, no!” she begged.
Stuart somewhat heeder her pleas, but rather than slide it back inside her pussy, he turned it back around and put the head against her clitoris again.
“Ah… no, not that way,” she groaned, as she felt the bristles scratch against the sensitive skin.
She took the toothbrush in her hand, feeling how wet it was from being inside of her, and turned the head round so the back of it was pressing against her clit. She held it upside down, her hands tightly wrapped around the handle and close next to her stomach.
“I need you inside of me,” she gasped, and he obliged almost instantly.
She rested her head back into her favourite place; nestled into his collar bone. Her calves gripped his lower back and his hands grabbed her hips. Stuart was clearly spurred on by what Leslie was doing and he was thrusting at her with passionate aggression.
“Yeah, bet that fucking twat would love knowing his toothbrush has been in his mum’s slutty hole.”
“Bully Boy, faster… yes… so good!” she screamed.
“I’m going as fast as I can!”
“I just let you put that… little dickhead’s… toothbrush inside me. You can definitely fuck me harder,” she gasped desperately. She felt a twinge of guilt after insulting her son, but having his toothbrush wedged between their genitals, she figured it couldn’t be any worse.
“What did you call him?”
“A dick…head… ohhhh… faster… make your slutty girlfriend scream. I’ll scream whatever you want if you go as hard as you can.”
“Tell me Lewis is a cunt.”
“Oh yes…”
The kitchen was filled with the noise of Leslie and Stuart groaning and grunting, as well as the rapid, loud slapping of skin-on-skin. Leslie started to convulse; one hand was gripping the toothbrush so hard that her fingers were going numb and the other was desperately grasping and rubbing Stuart’s back.
“Baby… OHH…” she tried to say, barely able to breathe, let alone speak, “Lewis… is a… cuh.. cuh… cunt…”
She made a squealing noise as she came, hugging him tightly as her muscles involuntarily tightened. She didn’t even have a second to feel ashamed of her proclamation, as Stuart didn’t let up at all. All she could do was groan ‘ugh’ as each thwack of Stuart’s pelvis against hers knocked the breath out of her.
Quite suddenly, Stuart stopped and pulled her legs apart. He took one step back and pumped his dick, right hand nothing but a blur, until three ropes of cum flew through the air; the first landed diagonally from the right of her rib cage down to her belly button; the second went vertically over her right oblique; and the last was a large dollop that landed across the top of her nylons. The rest of his cum was runny and dribbled down his right hand. Without saying anything, he tipped his hand forward, allowing the cum to flow to this fingertips and then used them to feed his sperm to Leslie, who seductively sucked each one.
“Baby,” cooed Leslie, she looked at the toothbrush, which was coated in a mix of her juices and Stuart’s cum, and made a mental note to clean it, before she continued speaking, “I shouldn’t have said those things and certainly shouldn’t have let you do that. I get really carried away when I’m with you.”
“Worth it though, right? Fucking good session that was,” replied Stuart, giving her a peck on the lips. He pulled up his trousers again and then walked to the fridge, “Prolly should get to that lunch now.”
Stuart was about to open the fridge door when he turned round, “Crap, nearly forgot,” he said to himself and grabbed the marker pen from the floor, where it had presumably fallen to during their furious love-making. He slapped her right butt-cheek lightly a couple of times and she took the hint to turn round. She felt two wet strokes on her back; one tally for each of their orgasms.
He put the lid back on the pen and then slid the pen halfway into the top of her left nylon, “We’ll need that for later.”
Leslie was his toy; his to fuck, his to draw on, his to play with. It scared her, but not as much as it excited her. She just had to remember that when the weekend was over, she had to go back to being the loving mother to the boy she just called a cunt.

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Conflicted - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: She Wet the Bed

Leslie was nuzzled against Stuart on the couch. Both of them had had wolfed down the sandwiches they’d made for lunch and wordlessly decided to take a break from intense sex with some TV. Leslie was still naked, but she’d actually found herself becoming quite comfortable with the feeling. Stuart’s ravenous attitude towards her had made her confident in herself, even if it did occur to her that pegging one’s own desirability to how much a horny teenage boy wants to have sex with you seemed like cheating. Stuart was topless, which meant Leslie was free to run her fingers over his abs and nipples absent-mindedly.
It had been surprisingly easy to find something to watch they both enjoyed; where Leslie liked crime dramas, Stuart liked action but aside from that, they seemed to have similar tastes. They flicked through some American sitcoms but decided against them mostly because they’d both seen those episodes. Eventually, looking through things the Watkins had recorded onto the planner feature, they found some relatively new episodes of the Big Bang Theory to put on.
An episode went by where they both lay together, overcome by post-sex drowsiness. Stuart put on another episode, whilst Leslie grabbed them both a glass of water to share. She returned to her comfy position next to him, nestled to the left with her right leg swung over him. She looked over to him and they kissed briefly before she spoke, breaking the half hour of comfortable silence, “Why do you hate Lewis so much?”
“Coz he’s a massive dickhead.”
“Well yes, I know that… I mean, I know you feel that way.” She quickly corrected herself because, though she wasn’t beating herself up about it, she really did feel she’d crossed a line earlier indulging Stuart by insulting her son. She continued, “But no one is… just a… a…”
“Dickhead? Lewis is…”
“Well, what I mean is, he must’ve done something to make you feel that way.”
“Yeah, he acted like a dickhead.”
“Stuart!” snapped Leslie, then quickly tempered the tone of her voice, “Why can’t you give me a straight answer.”
“Fine…” he sighed, “He’s a smug little prick, who thinks he’s better than everyone, especially me. I like to put him in his place. Bottom of the pack.”
“What do you mean?” asked Leslie. She first felt a little twang of defensiveness for her son; Stuart may not like him but doesn’t mean he was literally the lowest of the low; but then she thought about how Lewis acted, with a sense of oblivious superiority. She may love her son, but she was aware he wasn’t the most active kid, the most socially aware, or the most talented. He was clever, certainly, but it gave him, as Stuart had said, a smug air that he didn’t really deserve to carry. She found herself tentatively sympathising with her boyfriend, able to see why he might want to bring down Lewis a couple of pegs.
“It’s not one thing, you can just see him be so proud to correct people or answer questions. Even when you get things right, he has to one up you. Like in biology once, teach asked what evolution was. I said something like its stuff changing to become better at surviving, which was right. Lewis then said ‘well isn’t it’ then some fancy answer about random changes heading towards optimal blah blah.”
“Sure, I can see that but that’s just annoying. Why do you hate him?”
“Dunno, I mean the other day I gave him that shiner coz I hadn’t done my homework and he said it was really easy and I must’ve been really stupid not to manage it. Teacher didn’t care, so don’t see why he did.”
“Wow, that's pretty out of order, but why did you punch him?" Asked Leslie, involuntarily stroking his chest soothingly.

"I..." Started Stuart.

"Yes?" Prompted Leslie, after a couple of seconds.

"Cameron is my older brother. He enlisted after not doing too well at school. He... He went to Afghanistan," continued Stuart, his voice sombre. He stood up and Leslie's hands trailed down his left arm until they gripped his hand. He pulled away and picked up his t-shirt that lay cast aside in the threshold between the living room and kitchen.

"Baby, we don't have to talk about this, sorry I pushed..."

"No," interjected Stuart, pulling his top over his head, "It's not an unfair question. Just don't like talking about it."

He pulled over the single armchair and sat down in front of her. She sensed the tone was about to become far deeper and her nakedness made her felt truly exposed. However, she sat up straight and held an air of dignity, despite her sex-ruffled hair and the cum stains that spattered her fishnet tights.

"His squad was ambushed. Some were badly fucked up but they all survived. Cam came back physically well but with a bad case of shell-shock. PTSD is the official term the docs used.

"Got the finest treatment on the NHS, but they aren't sure he'll ever recover fully. It was Cam's birthday that weekend so we went to visit him at the home he's at. Hence I didn't do my homework."

"Baby," soothed Leslie. She put a soft hand on Stuart's cheek and leant in to kiss him on the lips. He reciprocated for a second and Leslie backed off immediately, seeing he wanted to continue.

"Also, my parents been on the rocks for a while. They were about to call it quits I think then Cam came back and they had to look after him. Working together staved off their break-up but my mum was always on my case to get better grades."

"Why do your grades matter?"

"Coz she's scared I'll join the army too and she'll lose both her sons."

"Would you?"

"Join? Probs."

"Why? When you see what..."
Stuart interrupted, "What else am I gonna do?"

"There's so many options..."

"Yeah but I wanna go and fuck up the guys who fucked up my bro."

"Stuart, baby... Revenge isn't going..."

"You sound like my mum; revenge isn't the answer; not all of them are the enemy; how would Cameron feel if you died on a stupid revenge mission; et cetera fucking et cetera.

"I get I shouldn't for those reasons and I might just doss around for a while, but she wants me to go to uni and that ain't happening. So some needle-dicked pussy telling me I'm not clever can take a punch to the face if he wants.

"I was so fucking happy when you first blew me, coz it proved the little weiner's life wasn't as perfect as he thought. Parents aren't one happy family, coz his slutty mum is willing to do anything to ride this."

A cheeky smile crept over his face as he grabbed the bulge in his trousers. Leslie could have been offended at what Stuart had said, but she could tell he was being playful. She could also tell it was difficult for him to admit all that. She stood up and leant over him, hands on his thighs and kissed him gently.

"I like sucking it too," she whispered seductively and licked her lips.

She offered him her hand and helped him off the seat. Still holding hands she walked him out the living, making sure to swing her buttocks as much as she could. She led him upstairs and swung open the first door at the top of the stairs.

It was a little musky and there were a couple of t-shirts and a pair of jeans discarded on the floor. She picked them up with her index finger and thumb and tossed them out into the corridor. She walked into the middle of the room, Stuart was by the door, and stood with her weight shifted onto her left pelvis. Her left hand rested, fingers pointing backwards, on her left whilst her right hand gestured palm up to the space next to her, which was just behind a computer desk.

"This Lewis's room?" Asked Stuart.

"I kinda still feel I shouldn't join in your bullying of my son... Or anyone really. I got too carried away earlier when I called him... a... you know..."

"A cunt."

"Yeah, that was wrong... but now I see why getting your way and putting Lewis down is so important to you... so Lewis's mum is about to give you a blowjob in Lewis's room."

Stuart walked over to Leslie who dropped her bum to her ankles and spread her knees wide enough for Stuart to stand between them. She could see his hard-on pushing with admirable effort against the tough fabric of his jeans. Undoing his fly allowed it to spring out impressively. She didn't waste a second before taking it deeply into her mouth. She gripped the slack on the side of his trousers as purchase to pull his hips and her head closer together.

She pushed her throat along just to the point of gagging and then back. Two strokes went by and, as she expected, Stuart put both his hands, cross-fingered and intertwined with her hair, behind her head. They synchronised their movements, her head bobbing towards his hips as they thrust into her, both working towards the goal of pleasuring Stuart and secretly humiliating Lewis. Until now, Leslie had just accepted she would have to indulge Stuart’s desires, with respect to bullying Lewis, like a timid but willing passenger. Now she understood his motivations she felt more in control of the situation. She was still following his guide but now she felt like an active participant and it made her feel closer to him than ever.

Stuart picked up the pace and force with which he was pumping her mouth but was in tune with his girlfriend, such that Leslie never felt too close to gagging. He pulled the computer chair round from behind him and released Leslie’s head as he sat down. She tilted forward onto her knees and hungrily dove onto his cock again. Now she felt there was a positive purpose to betraying Lewis there was a new sense of fun to it, beyond just the enjoyment of sex.
“Hop on, babe,” instructed Stuart, “I think these are like the ones at school.”
She stood up and watched him reach under the seat of the computer chair. There was a click and the left arm rest went limp. He did the same for the right arm rest and pulled them both off of the chair. He pulled down his jeans to his mid-thighs and held his dick upright. Leslie moved forward to straddle him but first she pulled his t-shirt off and cast it into some corner of the room. She felt the rigid tip slide gently into her pussy and all the way to her cervix by the time she was sitting comfortably atop him.
They began kissing as Leslie’s hands found purchase on the back of the chair. She locked the heels of her stilettos around two of the spokes that held the chair wheels. Using her whole body grip of the chair, she rippled her spine, swinging her pelvis forward and back across Stuart’s lap. Stuart had aggressive enthusiasm on his side but, right now, Leslie’s experience was driving the show and she knew how to get herself off.
Bringing herself to a climax she managed to pant out some words to her teenage boyfriend, “Just remember this whenever you think Lewis is being smug. Fucking his mum’s mouth and… oh fuck…” she was interrupted by her own wailing, barely managing to finish her sentence, “and making… cum… in… fuck… his room…”
Leslie collapsed onto Stuart; post-orgasmically twitching as she lazily pushed and pulled her hips along the length of his thighs. She was enjoying listening the harmonious deep breathing as she gyrated away, waiting for Stuart to deliver his load, when he grabbed her by the buttocks and stood up. She ‘eeeked’ nervously then felt a wave of fresh arousal hit her as she realised again that she’d bagged a strong, youthful teenager who was naturally talented at sex.
He plodded to the computer desk behind the couple and rested Leslie on its edge. Still inside her, he used both hands to clear away a lot of stuff and then dropped Lewis’s laptop to the floor, where the carpet hopefully cushioned its fall. Stuart wrapped his arms round Leslie’s back tightly. Leslie reciprocated, also grabbing him with her calves, locking their two bodies together. Stuart was thrusting into her as fast as he could, literally grunting with each pump. Leslie could only manage a breathless gasp, in equal time to his groans.
Through vigorous moans, Stuart spoken broken words, “Tell me… how… Lewis isn’t… great… how much better I… am… what… you’d say to… his smug… face…”
Struggling equally with her words, she panted back to him, “Stronger… funnier… better… to… be around… god… fucking hell… can’t imagine he’d make… a fuck… married woman… into… uh… a… slut…”
“Fucking little twerp… probably will never… lose his… virginity…”
“Even… if… huh… he… was… did… then… never make… someone… feel as good… as you… are… fuck…”
She’d always felt that her own orgasms were nice to have, not a necessity to chase like men do theirs. Intimate, emotional, romantic were all ways she’d have described sex just a few weeks ago. What she had with Stuart though was rough, aggressive, exhausting but it was also passionate, fulfilling and it left her no room to feel anything other than completely satisfied, even with the pain of being pounded over and over. This was how she felt sex was supposed to be. It was perhaps ironic that having dutiful sex with the boy that treated her like a toy felt more like a mutually pleasurable act than ‘making love’ to her husband ever did. All these thoughts fired through her head as yet another climax erupted through her wearied body.
Seemingly without even trying to focus on her, this boy could bring her wave after wave of pleasure. He pulled out of her and gestured for her to get on the floor, which she did in a dazed manner. He was stroking his hard-on at her; the tip was pointed right at her, demanding she grab it. Leslie obliged, swapping Stuart’s right hand for her own, and then proceeded to vigorously pump away. It took seconds for sperm to spray at her open mouth and hit her tongue, which was out and eagerly awaiting. As he had already cum earlier, a couple of times, the spunk wasn’t as viscous so a few globs splashed onto her tongue and most dribbled down onto her chest. It was still enough to make her look and feel messy, dirty and completely sexy.
She used her hands to clean up a few of the bigger splodges that had landed on her chest but she thought she’d wait until she got back to the kitchen, where she had left a hand towel she’d used to clean up earlier, to properly wipe herself down
Stuart put his t-shirt back on and spanked Leslie’s bottom. He reached between her thighs and pulled the marker pen out from her nylons. Though she was still a little worried about how she was going to wash it off, she smiled at him and turned around. In a faux-ditzy manner she stuck her bum out and curved her lower back, presenting it to him. She felt him finish the tally and slip the marker pen back into her nylons, followed by another spank to her butt-cheek, right where the first one was, and it caused her to squeak. She kissed him on the cheek and then the couple walked back down the stairs hand-in-hand.
Over the four hours that had passed since they had messed around in her son’s room, Leslie and Stuart watched TV, dozed and, of course, had loud, uninhibited sex. They were in the dining room now, Leslie having just finished her microwave meal and Stuart was on his last few morsels. Having finished first, Leslie was under the table, her head bobbing along her boyfriend’s shaft.
She blissfully sucked away until she felt two strong hands grip her shoulders and pulled her upwards. Stuart pushed his plate away and then patted the surface of the table behind Leslie’s buttocks. She kissed him on the cheek and gestured for him to move along one place. She shimmied on to the table and spread her legs invitingly.
“Why here?” asked Stuart.
“I think you know why,” she replied with a smirk, as her natural lubricant dripped onto the polished wooden surface of the dining table; she was sitting at the spot that her son normally dined.
“So this is his seat?” asked Stuart, smirking back at Leslie as he pulled out the chair that was by Leslie and sat down in front of her.
She nodded at him with a bashful smile. Leslie was enjoying indulging Stuart and enjoying the taboo guilt that came along with it. She felt his index and middle fingers slip inside her and roughly stroke her, aggressively and without finesse but still pleasurable. He sucked her right nipple as he bashed around inside her and she began to gasp and writhe. She felt him release her nipple and lick all the way down her body until his tongue found her vulva.
It was the first time Stuart had used his mouth on her and, based on what he had told her, the first time he had ever gone down on someone. Though it felt good, she really could tell he was inexperienced. Something felt strange though, not physically, but it just seemed different to have her boyfriend focus on her pleasure. It was nice but she’d started to become used to the idea of being a plaything.
Her status as equal sexual partner lasted only a few minutes though; Stuart seemed to get bored of pleasuring her, perhaps even frustrated by his own lack of experience, and leant back in his seat, displaying his proud erection. Contrary to everything she had felt about relationships until meeting Stuart, she became excited again at being a toy. Curiously, the psychological feeling of being objectified caused a physiological enjoyment that was even better than the direct stimulation of the physical act.
Leslie straddled Stuart, facing him, as he sat on the dinning chair and practically jumped onto his shaft. She started with her shoes firmly on the floor using them as anchors to help her grind along his lap. She quickly found this pace too slow and shifted her weight backward, lifting her feet off the floor. She drove her feet back towards the ground, throwing her hips forwards and bucking violently. They kissed eagerly despite Leslie’s pre-orgasmic gasping, making more and more noise as she approached climax.
They stopped kissing when Leslie began screeching, immodestly declaring her orgasm. She was still thrusting hard as her orgasm waned, when a loud crunch snapped across the room. The back of the chair separated from the seat and collided with the wall behind. Stuart’s cock had partly slipped out as the chair came apart but when the back hit the wall the force drove Stuart back into Leslie and it felt as if she had punched him in the cervix.
The back of the seat slipped to the ground, taking Stuart along with it but Leslie was left standing, if not somewhat winded. The both burst out laughing before Stuart stood up, politely declining the hand that Leslie had offered him. He kissed her on the lips quickly then picked up the two parts of the chair.
“What are you doing?”
“Fixing the chair. Half the fun is knowing he’ll be sitting here for dinner this time tomorrow.”
“Half?” she replied, eyebrows raised.
“Well I didn’t get mine.”
Leslie dropped to her knees and brushed her hair out of the way ready to take him into her mouth.
“Wait, I have another idea.”
“I’m too sore for sex, even without the whack to the gut I just got…” she said, edging closer.
“Something more different than that…”
“I wanna fuck you in the ass,” he said matter-of-factly.
“Oh… wow… um… well,” mumbled Leslie.
“I thought you might be reluctant about bum sex… but…” said Stuart, walking into the corridor and returning with his bag. He dumped his backpack on the table and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and a pack of condoms.
“It’s fine. I’ve come prepared.”
Leslie was overwhelmed by how quickly this had escalated.  She nervously paused before responding, “Fuck, baby… I’m not sure… I’ve never…” she started saying before he interrupted her with a kiss, “OK… let me have a shower first…”
“Sure babe, take your time. First though,” he said, pulling out his phone, “If you’re gonna go scrub up, don’t want to lose our tally. Turn round.”
“Oh, uh, baby, I’m not sure about photos. You know; internet and all…”
“I’m not going to send it to anyone.”
Leslie turned round but covered her breasts with her hands and crossed her legs, “Please Bully Boy?”
Using her new pet name for him seemed to have the desired effect of talking him down without making him too disappointed, “Can’t believe you’d let me fuck you all over your kitchen but not trust me with a naked photo, but whatevs; girls are weird. I’ll put a note in my phone.”
Leslie kissed her teenage boyfriend and stroked his hard-on for a couple of seconds before reluctantly pulling away. She left the dining room, ascended the stairs and entered the master bathroom, and got ready to shower. Leslie wanted to make sure she was extra clean, if she was going to let Stuart near her ‘other hole’ but she also just need a few minutes to calm herself of both nervousness and excitement.
Leslie exited the bathroom about fifteen minutes later, after drying herself and redressing in just her heels, leaving the stained fishnet stockings on the bathroom floor. She made her way to the stairs when she heard Stuart call her name from Lewis’s room. She entered the room to find him on the bed, just in his underwear. The kissed for a second before he gestured for her to turn around, and then she felt him dab dry her lower back.
“Just a minute babe, most of it has come off,” he said, whilst redrawing their tally of orgasms. Leslie made a sigh of relief to herself knowing she’d be able to clean it off before her husband saw.
“Done,” said Stuart, turning Leslie round with his hands on her hips, “So, I thought since we’re both gonna pop a cherry here, could be kinda fun to kill two birds with one stone, and break in this bed. Pretty sure it’s never seen any action.”
The dutiful housewife in Leslie was about to object on the grounds she had put down new sheets on Friday but she then chuckled to herself about her ability to think about mundane chores, even now. ‘Maybe I need this more than I thought,’ she wondered to herself.
“On the bed, Babe, doggy style,” ordered Stuart.
Leslie obeyed, and quickly felt cold KY-Jelly trickle down over her bumhole. The contrasting sensation between the lingering warmth of the shower and tingling cool of the lube made her nipples harden in response. She waited a few seconds then looked back over her shoulder to see Stuart trying to put on a condom.
Perhaps sensing she was about to ask him if he needed help, Stuart spoke, “Nearly done, just trying to fit a big dick into a normal condom, you know.”
Leslie smiled to herself; Stuart’s moments of inexperience and his attempt to show off to her were so adorable it only helped to make her appreciate his natural confidence and his innate ability to pleasure her. She contemplated how lucky she was, when she felt his left hand grip her butt cheek and forcefully pull her towards him. Within seconds he had turned from her cute teenage boyfriend back to Bully Boy.
The horny, naked, married middle-aged woman felt her son’s bully press his dick against her lube-covered arsehole. She lowered her head to the mattress and pushed back against him with her hips, whilst he remained standing off the bed; left hand pulling her towards him and right hand guiding his cock into her.
“Relax you slut, just relax. More you think about it makes it tighten up.”
Leslie blanked her mind, trying not to subconsciously squeeze her anal passage closed. She sniffed in the fabric detergent of the bedsheet and tried to think about things she needed to do round the house before her family came back tomorrow.
Just then she felt a strange, but pleasurable feeling of an object penetrate her where she had never been entered before. She heard him squeeze some more lube onto his dick as he moaned, in pleasure, how tight she was. As he went further into her, she felt full and stretched; it was a new sensation that, as of now, only Stuart had made her feel. He went right up until their pelvises were touching, before pulling back until only his bell-end was inside her. Being so full had been an alien feeling for her but him pulling out like that made her feel empty, making her want him deep again.
He began to thrust into her faster now, disregarding her yelps of discomfort. She was glad though, because, unlike what she’d expected, it was quite a satisfying experience, which helped her overcome whatever pain being stretched was causing her.
Leslie wasn’t sure she would enjoy this, but what surprised her even more, was that she could feel Stuart’s dick pushing against her g-spot. The wall between her two passages was rubbing against her most sensitive place and she was actually getting pleasure from being fucked in her arse. At least she now understood why women ever agreed to do this in the first place.
Leslie moved her hand to her clit and began to massage it. She rubbed it frantically worried that he might come sooner than usual, “Baby, hold out, I might cum soon.”
“From being fucked your ass? Cool.”
She could feel it coming; it wasn’t going to be as good as one she got from Stuart having normal sex with her but an orgasm is an orgasm.
“So… fucking… close… eughnnnnnnn,” she screamed into the mattress.
Stuart slowed down and pulled out. Leslie turned round to face him, and smiled blissfully fully in her post-orgasmic high. She thought about how weirdly empty her arse felt at that moment, when she looked at the condom Stuart was still wearing.
“Baby, you didn’t cum…”
“Yeah, I was holding off like you asked, then when you came I stopped just coz of how surprised I was. I’ve got some sort of magic cock that if it touches you, you cum. NASA might want to study it or some shit.”
“What are you talking about?” giggled Leslie and stood up to kiss her boyfriend on the lips, “I’ll dispose of this and then you can cum wherever you like.”
She unsheathed his dick carefully; a little cautious about touching something that had been in her bum, then thought about where to dispose of the condom without it being accidentally found. She let Stuart draw one more tally on her back.
Back in the bathroom, she rolled the condom in some loo roll and placed the evidence of her affair in the small bin, under a few more discarded items; she was the only one that ever emptied the bin so she, nervously, convinced herself that it should be fine. She quickly washed her hands and eagerly, almost skipping, returned to her son’s bedroom.
Leslie had woken up before Stuart; they had managed to sleep in the single bed, spooning the entire night, except for the times they had drowsy sex, of course. She had almost never been able to sleep an entire night spooning with her husband, but somehow, she and Stuart had manged to find a comfortable position without even trying. It had taken a good twenty minutes for her to will herself out of bed; she was so comfortable with her boyfriend’s arms embracing her chest and his warm breath caressing her neck.
However, she had to go pick up her daughter around midday after making sure she had tidied up all the evidence that she had been cheating on her husband with the boy who bullied their son. She had flakes of dried cum on her breasts and stomach so as she climbed out the bed she planned to at least wipe herself down with a couple of wet-wipes. A shower seemed pointless considering she was most likely going to have sex a couple more times before sending Stuart home. As she headed towards the bedroom door, a half-asleep Stuart hoarsely complimented her naked body and, eyes not even open, yawned that she should stay naked.
So with that, Leslie, naked but, thanks to a brief bathroom visit, less cum-stained, began to clean the house. Living room; tidy and reorganise the cushions, as well as think of an excuse for the ripped armrest. Kitchen; load the dishwasher and wipe down the surfaces where they had sex. Dining room; make sure the chair was still stable and tidy up Stuart’s stuff into his bag. Leslie and Malcolm’s bedroom; get the fishnet stockings and stash them in Stuart’s bag. Guest room; dump Stuart’s bag.
All that was left was Lewis’s room. She had about an hour before she had to leave to get her daughter, which was enough time to give the room a tidy and then slip back into bed with Stuart for another round. Malcolm and Lewis weren’t due home until the evening so she could finish tidying Lewis’s room after bringing Katie home.
“Babe… come to bed,” croaked Stuart.
“Just need to put…” grunted Leslie, as she tried to put the arms back on Lewis’s computer chair, “this on the chair.”
She looked over at the right arm, trying to figure out how she did that one and then after a few seconds saw what she had done wrong. She looked round the room, sure that most of the stuff was back in its place. Not that Lewis would notice things being out of place on the mess of his room.
“Now,” said Leslie, turning to her boyfriend and sliding Lewis’s bed covers away to reveal Stuart’s morning wood, “time to deal with you!”
She slid her mouth up and down a couple of times; Stuart encouraging her with a lazy hand on her back of head. Feeling how hard his cock was already, she quickly stopped and clambered onto the bed excitedly. Morning wood was always the hardest time for her husband, and Stuart seemed to follow this rule too. However, already ahead of her husband in the size department, Stuart’s extra-rigid member outstripped any feeling she had ever had before. She swung her hips back and forth, knowing she would eventually have a truly spectacular orgasm.
Stuart, who was just about awake now, grabbed her thighs to stop her, and then, still a little raspy, said, “Babe… let me go on top, wanna try something.”
She shimmied round him, stopping briefly to kiss his neck and smell his musk, before lying down. Her head just touched the top pillow before Stuart pulled it out from underneath her and grabbed her right butt-cheek.
“Lift your hips.”
Leslie followed unquestioningly and watched as her son’s pillow was placed beneath her bum. Stuart’s arms made powerful column’s either side of her head as his rock-solid member effortlessly slid into her wet tunnel, filling it completely and making her gasp and swear. For a boy who had been unconscious barely 5 minutes previously Stuart got up to pace with almost no hesitation. Leslie swung her legs round her boyfriend’s waist and arms across his upper back.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” she exclaimed, “This… this can’t be read… I’ve died… this is heaven… this fuck can’t be real…”
Each thrust by Stuart elicited a ‘fuck’ or a ‘god’ or just an incomprehensible grunt. The angle of the pillow, plus his extra hard cock was enough to bring Leslie to her precipice in what must have been less than two minutes. She rolled her knees up to meet her hands, so she could grab them pull her hips up just that… little… bit… more…
“Uhn….. fuuuuck…” she squeaked, with barely any breath left. Leslie convulsed to violently her foot banged into a poster of the blonde girl from the Big Bang Theory and pulled it off the wall but her body uncontrollably pulsated with orgasm-quakes, gasping with each twitch. Leslie was so light-headed that her vision blurred and her thoughts were fuzzy but she felt wetness gushing out of her onto her upper thighs, her vulva and her butt cheeks. Stuart stopped and pulled out, which caused his hard-on to spring back and flick cum right across her body.
“Looks like you had a big one too,” she groaned, so drained of energy that she was unable to emit anything other than a low monotone.
“Babe, I never came. Think you fucking squirted.”
“Yeah, like you girl squirted all over the place. Fucking awesome.”
“I… don’t think I can. Is that even possible?”
“Fuck, did I make you squirt for the first time ever? Told you! Fucking NASA will want to see this cock. Scientific miracle.”
He entered her eagerly again, so wet it actually made a squelching noise as he went in.
“Babe, I’m gonna cum in you so deep. See if I can make you squirt again. How would you like my cum and your cum rolling down your leg as you speak to your cunt son.”
“Yes... please,” she drowsily agreed.
They both grunted, telling each other how they wanted their mixed up cum streaming down her leg, as Stuart pounded into her faster and faster, heading towards a mutual orgasm.
“Here it comes you slutty, slutty MILF.”
“Oh Bully Boy.”
They both, in sync, moaned. Leslie’s back arched, Stuart’s cock pulsed and the gravel of the front driveway crunched under the wheels of a car.
Leslie’s mind was a thick fog or a raging snow storm but one thought pierced through the dizzying haze like an ultra-high beam headlight. She had to get Stuart into the guest bedroom, including the clothes he had scattered across Lewis’s bedroom, and then get to her room and dress herself in a night robe. She had no more than twenty seconds and all the energy of a woman who had been almost fucked into a coma.
One; “Stuart! Get out of the bed, pick up your clothes!”. Two; push him up while getting onto her knees. Three; on her knees, he’s almost off the bed. Four; notice that she’s dripping cum everywhere. Five; grab the pillow and wipe between her legs. Six; hop off the bed whilst putting the pillow back at the head of the bed. Seven; see Stuart has all of his clothes in hand. Eight; “Stuart, down the hall to the left, all the way”. Nine; assess the sheets to see they are soaked but not that visible because they are white. Ten; grab her heels from the side of the bed and run to the door. Eleven; see him entering the guest bedroom and start running to her own bedroom. Twelve; see the guest bedroom door shut. Thirteen; reach her own bedroom. Fourteen; get to her wardrobe. Fifteen; open her wardrobe and chuck her heels towards the shoe rack. Sixteen; hear the front door open. Seventeen; grab her night robe from behind the bedroom door. Eighteen; right arm through the robe. Nineteen; left arm. Twenty; tie the robe.
Leslie’s heart was racing; she had managed to hide Stuart and cover herself, but Lewis’s bed was soaked with sexual fluids, Stuart was still in the house and she still had writing all over her lower back.
She stepped into the corridor as she heard footsteps up the stairs. Lewis was heading straight to his room. Leslie’s heart pounded even faster.
“Hi sweetie, where are you going?”
“Room, don’t feel well. We had takeaway and Dad thinks I ate something funny.”
“Well sweetie, let me see if you’re ok.”
“Mum. Room.”
“I… uh was trying to clean… um… your window… and spilt the stuff on your bed…”
“It’s fine. I feel so queasy. Just need to lie down.”
She saw Lewis shut the door and heard clothes get chucked onto the floor. She didn't hear any complaints so she took another sigh over the partial victory.
“Malcolm,” she called to her husband, who was taking off his outerwear and shoes, still at the front door, “Why are you back so early? Is Lewis ok?”
“He was throwing up really early this morning but he stopped by around 7.”
“Why didn’t you call me?” scolded Leslie, annoyed that she was put in the predicament but also genuinely concerned.
“I texted you then called you twice!”
“What? The phone didn’t ring?”
“Oh, the phone must’ve done that thing where it rung your mobile instead of the house phone.”
“Malcolm! You should’ve made sure you called the house.”
“Sweetheart, he’s not dead. I know you’re worried but he just needs rest. I haven’t had breakfast, so I’ll make some toast if you want to go check on Lewis.”
Lewis could wait; she really hoped he was alright but her pressing concern was Lewis’s bully and her illicit teenage lover. She rushed upstairs and headed to the guest bedroom. It was empty. She looked around the room, including inside the wardrobe but no sign of Stuart. She went back into her bedroom and grabbed her phone from the bed stand where it was charging. As Malcolm had said, a two missed phone calls and a text from him, but there also was a text from Stuart, ‘hiding in the back yard. Wat shud I do’.
‘Wait there. I’ll come get you.’
Leslie grabbed a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a jumper and a pair of plimsoles and dressed herself as quickly as she could. She practically jumped down the stairs as she heard the toaster pop.
“Honey,” she said as she entered the kitchen, “I need to go pick up Katie.”
“Sure,” replied Malcolm, as he grabbed butter from the fridge, “I’m going to go upstairs and nap, I’ve been up with Lewis since 4 am. You might want to fix your hair though. You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge.”
“Lovely Malcolm,” she retorted, then realised she had no right to be indignant about her husband, considering her hair was such a mess because of having sex with a teenage boy who was probably crouched in the garden just 10 feet away from them.
“Rather me say it than Hayley’s parents think you’re fresh from a romp in the sack.”
Leslie’s heart jumped, before she realised her husband was making an unintentionally right-on-the-mark joke. She texted Stuart asking him to wait two more minutes, and then told Katie she’d be there in half-an-hour. Malcolm kissed her on the cheek and then headed to the stairs towards their bedroom.
She hurried out through the front door and walked round the garage to the back garden. If she wasn’t so on edge, Leslie might have found it funny to see Stuart crouched behind a bush, clearly and thankfully obscured from the windows of the house. She waved at him and he dashed over to her, staying low until out of view of the kitchen window.
“How the hell?” she whispered.
“Jumped out the bedroom window, didn’t I?”
“You what?”
“Yeah, onto the garage. Thought the trees over there would keep me covered from the neighbours.”
“I… wow,” she whispered louder in surprise and with genuine amazement in her voice, “Thanks.”
Leslie pulled up a street away from Stuart’s house, as Stuart told her his mum would be home. She leant into him to give him a kiss when he told her to wait for a second.
“I believe I’ve got a few more to add,” he continued, pulling the pen from his pocket.
“You had like ten seconds to get out Lewis’s room and somehow grabbed that?”
“Nah, found it wrapped in my jeans when I got to the other bedroom. Just remembered I put it in my pocket now. Turn round.”
“You serious? What are you even going to do once you draw them on?”
“Take a photo.”
“Baby… I thought we said… that I wasn’t quite comfortable…”
“I jumped through a window so I wouldn’t get caught… surely that earns a pic?”
“I… what if someone looks through your phone?”
“I’ll put it on my laptop, delete it from my phone and it won’t go on the internet.”
“Babe… window.”
She kissed him on the lips then faced her back to him... after all, he had proved he was willing to keep their tryst secret. She lifted up her top and felt the pen write two for her and one for him. She was tempted to tell him he could another ten strokes for the orgasm where she squirted.
Clearly, he had the same thought, “Feel I should get an extra few points for making you squirt all over the little weiner’s bed. Done.”
She dropped her top and turned back to see him showing her his phone.
“Check it out, I gave you six more,” he gloated.
“Wow, certainly felt amazing,” she replied and pecked him on the lips, “so what did you say I had to do? Give you six blowjobs?”
“Yeah, but I know you’d do that anyway. Just kinda thought it was hot drawing on you. Thought it might be fun to see how good I could fuck you. Also, I kinda like the idea of a tattoo down there.”
“Oh, you mean, a tramp stamp?”
“Yeah, kinda looks hot doesn’t it?” he asked hopefully, showing her the phone again.
“I need to pick up Katie,” she said, and kissed him for a few seconds.
Stuart took the hint and opened the car door. They thanked each other and said bye. As the car door slammed shut Leslie sighed and refocused her mind away from the weekend’s activities and prepared herself to re-enter her less exciting life.

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Conflicted - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: She Teaches Him a Lesson

Leslie’s left hand delicately caressed her teenage boyfriend’s hair. He was on his back and she, lying on her side, was tucked in as close as possible to his right. The fingers of her right hand and his left were entwined together, gently resting on his abs, rising and falling with each relaxed breath. His right arm embraced her tightly, pulling her chest close to him, unbothered by the thick viscous layer of white love juices that coated her cleavage and was now rubbing off onto his ribcage.

Leslie snuggled closer to Stuart and began kissing him as soon as he looked round to her. The kisses were soft but their lips didn’t break contact for ten full minutes. As they kissed, Stuart’s cock began to come to life again and Leslie let go of Stuart’s hand to move over his semi-erection, stroking it barely enough to keep it hard.

Stuart let out a groan, breaking their kiss, and spoke to his middle-aged girlfriend, “Oh… babe… I needed this, really felt pent up… I missed you.”

She pecked him on the lips, “I missed you, too.”

It had been a week and half since they were nearly caught in Leslie’s house. Leslie was naturally very cautious after that and today was the first opportunity they had to meet up. Malcolm was up north for a two day conference and Stuart’s mum was out with friends for dinner, so the Warren household was empty. So long as she wasn’t away too long, Lewis and Katie were unlikely to be suspicious; as teenagers they were unlikely to notice their mum had even left the house.

She started jerking his now rigid cock a little faster, “But why so pent up baby? Didn’t you have any… alone time? I touched myself each night, thinking about my sexy… handsome… strong… Bully Boy.”

“Nah, it wasn’t that. I mean I batted off to you, like, five times a day since then,” he replied. Leslie rolled her eyes at the bluntness of ‘batted off’, before giving him a brief kiss on the lips.

“What’s wrong then?” she asked, wondering if she already knew what, or rather who, this was going to be about.

“Since you came and talked to Mrs Bollock-buster, the dickhead has been acting up and thinking he owns the place?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well me and my mates have our little corner of the common room and, course, the dickhead isn’t allowed there.”

Listening intently, Leslie forgot to keep stroking Stuart’s hard-on. He paused for a second to wrap his hand around hers and started pumping again.

“Oh, sorry baby,” she said quickly, before leaning in for a proper kiss.
“Yeah, so normally I’d tell him to shove off, or actually just shove him, but guess who walks in to the common room when I’m squaring up to the little shit?”

“Who baby?” asked Leslie, as she straddled Stuart. The calmer pace of their love-making today meant she wasn’t as fired up as she usually was when Stuart talked about how he picked on her son. Though she had compartmentalised that side of herself enough now to remain at least neutral, she felt this story would become easier to listen to if she had him inside of her.

“Bollock-buster! She comes in and looks at me and Lewis and says ‘better be getting on you two’ and then gives the dickhead a little smile,” he paused as Leslie started bucking her hips, “Oh god, that’s good babe.

“But as I was saying, the little prick just sat down on what’d normally be Pete’s chair. I mean, what the fuck?”

“OK, um,” panted Leslie, trying to concentrate, as she settled into a rhythm, “What did you do?”

“Well I wanted to fucking throw him across the room but I coulda hardly done that after a visit from Bullock… so just told him he had bird crap in his hair,” he paused to laugh, “He didn’t but it was funny to watch him squirm around. Then the bell went anyways.”

“You could have asked him to move?”

“Ask him?” he retorted, as if Leslie had slapped him, before he put on a high pitched, girly voice, “Oooo Lewis, please ever so kindly move…”

He shook his head and then continued in a normal voice, “The dickhead knew that was Pete’s seat, he knew we didn’t want him there, but he sat there to show us he’s a big boy now.”

Leslie, as Lewis’s mother; naked, sweaty, covered in cum, riding the boy who bullied her son,  but still Lewis’s mother, felt like she had achieved what she had wanted to originally when she went to see the school principle. She was happy that her son was more comfortable at school but there was definitely an undoubtedly strong feeling of sympathy for Stuart.

She felt like she had stolen something away from him, removed him of some of his authority. She felt conflicted again, for the first time in many days. She massaged his pectorals, whilst firmly thrusting her hips back and forth, making sure not to make eye contact with Stuart.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do now that I’m on that bitch principal’s leash?”

She wanted to say that maybe it was for the best, and he’d avoid getting himself in trouble now, if he had to stop picking on Lewis. But she knew that he didn’t care about that. He felt like he’d lost control and it was her fault…

She thrust herself faster, hoping to make him cum and make him feel good. She leant down and kissed him, hoping he’d realise she hadn’t meant to make him feel worse.

“Well you put that open toothpaste in his bag,” she said, recalling an incident from the previous Friday; she didn’t know it was Stuart, but she was pretty sure, “Lewis had to redo some work that got messed up and he had to spend ages cleaning is textbooks.”

Mother Leslie had taken a break; she and her tiresome guilt had retreated to some part of her mind that she couldn’t even hear anymore. She wanted him to feel good about something bad he had done to her son.

She begged, “Baby, that was such a good prank…”

“Prank? FUCKING PRANK,” shouted Stuart. He firmly grabbed Leslie at the waist and swung them both to the edge of the bed. With no effort that she could discern, he stood them both up as Leslie wrapped her legs round his thighs. He planted her down on his desk, using her bum to displace all the clutter that littered it, and then lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, so roughly that Leslie bumped her head on the wall behind.

Grabbing her hips, he threw his whole body behind his hips and crashed into her body with a swing of his pelvis. Knocking her head again, Leslie just managed to reach for a pillow from the bed, but not before another thrust caused her to knock her head again.

“So I’m reduced to pranking the dickhead am I? What’s next? Fucking whoopee cushions?”

Leslie could barely speak with Stuart pounding her as hard and as fast as he was, but she still managed to pant out some words, “I didn’t get to tell you, but Lewis broke that chair again the next day, the one we fucked on! His dad shouted at him for swinging on it, thinking that’s what broke it, you’d have loved it.”

No response.

“I forgot to wash his toothbrush,” she pleaded; it was true but she had felt very ashamed of this and hadn’t wanted to tell him at first, “and the bedsheets, I didn’t get to wash them until Monday. Think of the mess we left him.”

It felt like he was thrusting even harder, if that was possible, but he did speak this time, “That’s the not point. I can’t shove it in his face. I know I’m winning, I know that I’m better, but he doesn’t know that.”

Leslie didn’t know what to say in response, but even if she did, she was about to cum so hard she didn’t think she’d have any breath left for words. Each loud squeal was in time to the ‘thud, thud, thud’ of the desk hitting the wall. She felt a sharp spasm across her body and copious amounts of female juice spraying from her pussy as her arms and torso jerked out of control; her legs were held firm by an unrelenting Stuart.

He didn’t stop, her over sensitive body tingling each time he rammed her. Her body had barely recovered from the first orgasm but she felt a second one brewing. Stuart, however, was beginning to flag. She didn’t want him to slow down, so she thought something that Mother Leslie would never have dared do.

“The toothpaste,” she gasped, “Lewis didn’t know it was you but he was going to tell Mrs Bullock it was. He said even if it wasn’t you probably should get what you deserve.”

That last bit was a lie. In fact, it was Malcolm that suggested Lewis go to the principal. She just didn’t want Stuart to stop being so angry.

“I stopped him,” she panted desperately, “what a dickhead… what a…”

She was going to say cunt but her second climax stole the last of her voice. Pleasurable agony took hold of her for another twenty seconds; she barely noticed Stuart’s own climax and she barely noticed him carry her to the bed, until he lay her down next to him.

They both lay there sticky and panting for breath. The moment Leslie could muster the energy, she rolled herself towards his side and they resumed their earlier embrace.

“Sorry for getting so worked up,” sighed Stuart.

“Don’t ever apologise for what you just did there,” said Leslie, each word coming out through deep breaths, “I would pay a million pounds for that feeling.”

“Magic cock, remember…”

She exhaled a small laugh and kissed him.

“Why so angry about him sitting near you just once? He’s not worth your time…”

She whispered the last bit, feeling guilty that maybe she actually meant that statement.

“Yet he’s gonna get As coming out his ass at the end of the year and I’m gonna be shooting terrorists in the desert.”

“You’re scared about exams?”

“No! I mean… fine, yes,” he looked at the ceiling and sighed, “I’m predicted to fail History and Economics and at best they think I’ll get a C in English.”

She leant over his body and kissed him, deeply this time, rubbing his chest with her hands and his legs with hers.

“I promise you that you’ll pass every subject”

“Yeah, sure, and how’s that?” questioned her teenage boyfriend, pessimism woven into each word.

“Because I’m going to tutor you.”


Leslie and Stuart arranged their first tutoring session for the day after she suggested the idea to him. There was just over two weeks to the exams; the History was on the 5th of December, followed by Economics on the 8th and the final one, English, on the 9th. Though it sounded like a daunting task, the exams only covered work done in the first term of school. That wasn’t enough time to be thorough, but for most of her twenties, Leslie had done tutoring on the side, to earn a little cash, and she had become very good at it. They would, however, need to meet daily.

Having done English as a degree, she was most able to help Stuart with that. Working at a bank, though not in a financial role, she had picked up enough knowledge to understand the subject of Economics to tutor at a school-level. History was going to be trickier; she had taken that at school, but that was almost 30 years ago. Lewis was taking Economics and History, so she photocopied his notes, as well as buying copies of the prescribed reading on the subject. She laughed to herself about the absurdity of hiding school textbooks in her house, so she could keep her affair with a teenager secret.

At first, it seemed the most logical place for their sessions to take place would have been one of their homes. Obviously Leslie’s house was ruled out straight away, so they thought about doing it at Stuart’s. Quickly though, they spotted a couple of problems with this; tutoring at Stuart’s house involved meeting Colleen, Stuart’s mum, and pretending to be a hired tutor. Neither Stuart nor Leslie had been most comfortable with lying to Colleen. Also, to sell the ruse completely, Leslie would have to charge a tuition fee. With costs for Stuart’s brother’s care increasing, Colleen was unlikely to be able to afford the fee, not that Leslie wanted to take money from her, even if she could pay for it.

Leslie had a solution. Her office had plenty of meeting rooms; as part of a drive to improve the ‘office working environment’, employees could book them out for personal or social activities, provided it didn’t interfere with business reasons and it was after 5:30pm. There wasn’t a specific policy on weekends; it wasn’t expected for people to be in on Saturdays or Sundays, especially with the home-working facilities offered, but she hadn’t been explicitly prohibited from using the meeting rooms on the weekend.

“Leslie,” groaned Stuart, his head on the table, “I don’t know, one of them is land and another enterprise?”

They had been working for an hour and 45 minutes and Leslie could see Stuart was tiring, but she was determined to not let him give up.

“There’s two more, baby…”

“I don’t know!” he sniped, “Labour and capital?”

“Yes! That’s it!” she exclaimed and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Her eye’s quickly darted to the meeting room’s door, which had a small window looking into the room. She had locked the door and sat in a place where they couldn’t be seen from the corridor because she knew they wouldn’t be able to go two hours without showing obvious affection towards each other. However, it didn’t mean she didn’t feel slightly on edge whenever they did act coupley.

“Oh, well that’s good then,” he said, sounding sceptical that he could actually be right.

Stuart had been reticent to give her answers; he kept telling her wasn’t sure about things but, when pressed, he was often quite knowledgeable on his subjects. She just needed to tease the answers out of him.

“Two more questions, then we can wrap up for the day,” she said as she kicked off her shoes. She reached up under her skirt and pulled down her sheer skin-coloured tights and her pink thong. She didn’t normally wear sexy pink underwear to work but she assumed being around Stuart it would be exposed at some point. She dropped the removed items on the table, put her shoes back on and looked at his curious expression.

“So, two questions; you get one right, I take my top off; you get the next one right, I take my bra off.”


“I’m not planting my naked ass on a meeting room chair, that’s gross.”

“I suppose boobs will have to do,” he said with a smirk.

She laughed, before turning serious and asking the first question, “What are the benefits of specialisation and division of labour?”

He launched into a recitation of the textbook answer, but she was pleased to hear some of his own paraphrasing, showing he really did understand what he was saying. She listened for key phrases, like ‘efficiency of work’ and ‘increasing productivity’. He even drew an average cost curve diagram. Her promised treat was working; he was quick and confident, showing the self he did in bed, not the nervous school boy scared of flunking his exams.

As soon as he was done, however, he looked at her, the confidence on hold, replaced with an expression that asked her for her approval of the answer he had just given her. She wondered if this is how she looked to him when she pranced around half naked for him or begged him for sex. She didn’t mind his show of weakness. Everyone had things that made them vulnerable; in fact it made her appreciate him more. She seemed to be the thing that gave him strength; she helped turn him from a boy into a man.

She wanted to throw her clothes off now, take him inside of her and tell him that she wanted scream and cum riding him all day. She wanted him to know she was his slut. Right now, however, she needed to control herself, gently build up that confidence, so that he would still have it when he was in that exam hall, when she wouldn’t be there to cheerlead him. Her eyes darted to the meeting room door and satiated her paranoia. She bit her lip and slowly pulled her top over her head, allowing the silk to flow across her skin. She stuck her chest out a little further, presenting the pink push-up bra to her tutee, before asking him the next question.

Again, he answered her correctly. It wasn’t a perfect answer; this was a tricky question, but she felt it was close enough to get him a decent mark, if it was a real exam.

She leant forward, close to his ear, and whispered, “Unhook my bra…”

She kissed him as he fumbled with the strap, leaning back only when she felt it completely come undone. She looked over at the door again and then let the bra fall forward, exposing her breasts to him.

“Well done, you clever boy,” she said, the right side of her mouth curling up to make a dirty smirk. She slowly parted her knees, lifting the loose material of her skirt up to her mid-thigh, and continued, “How about we try one more question?”

Stuart nodded, his eyes moving between her breasts and her open legs.

“Right,” she said, abruptly snapping her legs together, her tone akin to an enthusiastic teacher, rather than a half-naked adulteress, “What characteristics make-up ‘public goods’ and how does this differ from ‘private goods’?”

She had to prompt him for a part of the question, but again, it was a satisfactory answer. She excitedly kissed Stuart, every bit as happy as he was that he answered correctly. She undid his trousers and pulled them down to his knees, before pulling his hard on out from the fly of his boxers. She hoicked up her skirt and positioned him at the entrance to her tunnel. It took a little more effort to slide him in as she wasn’t that wet; Economics revision in her office wasn’t exactly the most arousing scenario, but they got there after a few seconds.

She gyrated her hips against his lap as fast she could go; she had been partly honest with her husband and told him she was tutoring someone. Malcolm believed that she was helping the child of one of her colleagues. He thought her colleague was asking a bit much of her and wasn’t that happy about it so she wanted to get back as soon after 8 as possible, her aim to avoid an argument about them not getting to spend much time together in the evenings. She did think he was being unreasonable but, considering the student she was tutoring was their son’s bully and she was sleeping with him, she let it go.

“Baby, tell me when you’re close,” she panted, “I want to swallow it all.”

She didn’t want to risk having his cum leak out onto the meeting room floor or chair. Stuart didn’t question her; he sounded quite excited by the idea. When he told her he was ready, she knelt down between his legs and, aided by her own sex juices, took his dick into her mouth, almost all the way to the back of her throat. It only took a few strokes before warm, sour goo pooled at the back of her tongue. She sucked and swallowed it, careful not to let a single drop spill from her mouth.

“Well you slut, you’ve done it,” Stuart scoffed at himself, “Never thought I’d say it but I’m looking forward to revising tomorrow.”

She leant back on her heels and looked up at her boyfriend, giving him a look of glowing pride. She smiled to herself; she was sure that Stuart was completely oblivious to how much those words just meant to her.


It was the last Sunday before exams and, by good fortune, Stuart’s mum was out of the house for a good portion of the day; the tutoring sessions when they had gone to Leslie’s office on the weekend were inconvenient and she didn’t like having to unlock the side entrance to get in.

To divert her husband’s suspicions, she dressed much more conservative usual for a visit to Stuart’s house, but the clothes lasted only until she had entered his room. In fact, ten minutes into tutoring and she was naked, except for a pair of pale pink heels, and some strategically placed sticky notes. She had two green notes on her right breast; one was numbered ‘3’ and placed over her nipple; the other, which had been split in to two, was labelled ‘1’ on one half and ‘2’ on the other and both were just above the note over the nipple. The left breast had notes arranged similarly to her right one, but they were yellow instead. She had arranged five pink notes, numbered 1-5, such that ‘1’ and ‘2’ were just covering her crotch and the remaining three were like a skirt just above the other two.

“OK, so in the green category we have the US constitution,” she started, before pointing at her right breast, “I’m looking for three things it sets out. If you get one, I’ll give you that note. Once you clear the notes from my nipple you can suck it for a while. The yellow category are the branches set out by the separations of power. You tell me what each one is, with a little description of what it does and same idea, you get to take the post-it note off.”

She gave him a grin then sat back against the desk; her legs spread and butt cheeks just resting against the edge of the surface. Stuart sat on his desk chair, facing her and eagerly listening to her words.

She looked down at her crotch and then looked up and continued, “So, the pinks are the five main reasons the US entered World War 1. If you get all five, well… I’m sure you can guess what happens…”

“Oooo I like this game,” he said with approval, “Well I was reading yesterday about the sinking of the Louisiana…”


“No! The Lusitania, by the Germans, so the American’s joined us in the war.”

Leslie reached round onto the desk behind her and picked up her notes and scanned down to ‘3 – Lusitania’. She smiled at him and responded, “Tell me more…”

“Oh ok, give me a sec,” he said, furrowing his brow and continuing eagerly, “So , basically, the Germans thought there were arms on board so they sunk the ship, but it had over a hundred US civilians on board, even though it was a British ship. They didn’t warn the people on board, which is really what pissed of the Americans.”

“You, my clever, handsome Bully Boy,” she said, stressed each word, melodically praising him as she peeled off the upper right pink stick note, “have earned yourself number 3.”

She handed it to him, and made sure to give him a brief opened mouth kiss as she did. He whipped through two more on each breast; her left nipple was still covered and a green sticky note was hanging just above her right nipple. He took a few seconds and gave a couple more reasons why the US had joined the Great War, earning him the top centre note and the lower right sticky note, exposing about half of her vulva.

He sighed pensively and then asked, “Something to do with state governments? The constitution says what they can do?”

She peeled off the last sticky note from her right breast and handed it to him with her left hand, whilst pinching and tugging on her nipple with her right. Taking the invitation, he stood up from his chair and walked over to her exposed breast. Squeezing it with his left hand, he held it in place as he latched his lips around her areola. She eeked out a groan as his tongue swirled around her sensitive skin. She desperately tried not to cave and beg him to enter her then and there; instead she told him to sit back down and finish the game. He sat back down with a visible tent in his trousers and a deep look of concentration on his face. With a lot of effort it seemed, he managed to give her another reason for entering the war.

“Leslie, I just don’t know,” he responded, after she asked him for another reason.

“Two more baby, just two more,” she encouraged him, pointing to the sticky notes that hung over her crotch and her left breast.

“I kinda know the last branch of the government, something to do with judges, but I just, can’t remember.”

Leslie had been contemplating something for a while, but she decided now was the best time to mention it, “If you get the last two… without me telling you… then you can write your name just here,” she motioned a horizontal strip of skin just between her crotch and her lower stomach and handed him a pen.

She paused for a second then continued, “And… if you promise to be responsible with it, you can take a photo.”

Stuart had been to her workplace multiple times, he had numerous texts from her and he had even been to her house when her whole family had been in. She trusted him not to out their relationship.

“Really? Actually?”

“Really,” she answered, smiling.

“Fuck, fuck,fuck… it’s the Judiciary! That’s what they are called. The courts and the judges! That’s right,” he proclaimed, not even waiting for Leslie to confirm it before ripping the penultimate sticky note from her breast.

He went straight for her nipple, licking and sucking it like it was the last thing he’d ever get to do. He stopped after twenty seconds and went straight for her lips, hugging her close as they made out.

“Last one, is the Zimmerman Telegram, which was an intercepted transmission where the Germans tried to convince the Mexican’s to declare war on the US.”

An out of breath Leslie nodded and barely a second later Stuart was inside of her. He pushed her up onto the desk and began to fuck her fast. Reluctantly, she gave him around a minute inside her before she pushed him away.

“That was only round one. I have four more rounds before we’re done.”

“Can I take the photo now though?” he asked, practically tripping over his words.

“One for each time you undress me I think is fair,” she paused to turn round to the desk and rummage in her handbag, pulling out the pen he had used to draw on her at her house, “and you can write on me with this…”

He excitedly took the pen lid off and knelt down in front of Leslie as she arched her stomach forward for him. In big capital letters, perhaps a little bigger than she’d expected, he wrote ‘STUART’.

“This is so hot,” he groaned, “I wish it was permanent.”

“That would be hot,” she agreed, somewhat honestly but she moved on quickly, “But it’s time to take the photo and get onto round 2.”

Stuart pulled out his phone from his pocket and pointed it at Leslie. She felt a cold nervousness; he had plenty of evidence at this point and a dozen opportunities to out her, and he had not done so, but she still felt like this was a huge leap of faith. He asked her to strike a pose, so, belying her anxiousness, she bit her lip seductively, turned her left hip to the camera enough to obscure her sex but not enough to hide ‘Stuart’ from the camera, and then covered her breasts with her right arm.

“Hey, what you covering up?”

“Keeping something for you to look forward to winning next round,” she replied, holding back the part about also still being a little too nervous to jump straight into a naked picture.

She went into her bag, pulled out the pad of sticky-notes but then kept searching, unable to find something else she needed.

“Whatca lookin’ for?”

“My notes for the next rounds, must’ve forgotten to print them. I was in a rush, it’s been really busy at work.”

“Can you remember them?”

“Maybe,” she replied, before abandoning her bag search, “But I sent them to myself this morning, so can I use your laptop? I can’t access work mail from my phone.”

She saw his laptop tucked half under the bed and flipped it open on the desk. She asked him to unlock the computer, which he did, leaning over it to protect it in the shifty way teenage boys always did when you asked them to use their computer or phone. As soon as it was unlocked, she quickly took control of the mousepad, eager to get onto the next round, as she was feeling proud of how well Stuart had done with their tutoring session so far.

She clicked the browser icon and maximised a window that had previously been hidden. Paused was a video, shot from behind, of a middle aged woman with a wide floral tramp stamp riding a man as he sat on a chair. A second tab said ‘tramp stamp MILF – Google Search’ and a third said ‘nipple ring MILF – Google Search’.

“Shit, sorry! I thought I’d closed that, not minimised it,” blurted Stuart, slapping down the laptop’s lid.

She’d have reprimanded her son if she found him looking at such pictures, more out of a sense of duty, than really having a problem with him watching such videos, but having found her boyfriend, who was the same age, watching porn, she had no interest in discouraging him from this. What she did feel though, was mild concern.

Was Stuart watching porn because Leslie was old and boring him? But then he was looking for images and videos of middle-aged women. Maybe she wasn’t the right kind of ‘older woman’ for him? She wanted to ask him why he was looking at porn, and ask him if she wasn’t good enough, but she didn’t want to look needy or desperate.

“Don’t worry,” she said, laughing to cover her apprehension and trying to sound like she was joking around, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised I’m not enough to keep my super horny Bully Boy satisfied the whole time.”

She used her pet name for him, and kissed him gently, hiding herself in the intimate moment.

“Not satisfied?” he scoffed, “What are you on about? I sometimes wonder if my dick is gonna fall off because of how much we fuck.”

She mumbled a few noises, not really sure what to say, so Stuart continued, “I just like imagining you with a tattoo and maybe a nipple rings,” he paused for a second, then quickly added, “Not that you’re not perfect as you are!”

She smiled and kissed him, this time draping both arms over his shoulders, and then cooed, “Perfect?”

Stuart shrugged, but smiled, and Leslie returned to the laptop to log into her webmail and find her notes for round 2 of her tutoring game.

Each round of Leslie’s game was designed to get a little harder. For round 2, Stuart’s confidence boost seemed to get him through with ease, despite the extra difficulty, but rounds 3 and 4 required some prompting from her, and in a couple of cases her all but telling him the answer.

Round 5 was the hardest yet. Stuart had managed to uncover her left breast quite quickly, but her right one had taken some deep thought. Her ‘skirt’ was down to two out of six sticky notes; Stuart had cleared the first four with a lot of help but the last two seemed to have completely stumped him.

“Leslie,” he sighed, “I really don’t know.”

“Baby, you’re so close, this is the last round. You got pretty much everything else so far. You’ve done so well.”

“I haven’t!” he snapped, “Yeah, with revising all day, a few easy questions and you holding my hand the whole fucking way then fine, I know some stuff.”

“Baby… Stuart…”

“Leslie,” he interrupted, “I’m not clever. I’m good at stuff that doesn’t require using my head.”

“No!” she exclaimed and planted her right index finger squarely between his pectorals, “You stop talking such nonsense now.”

She dropped her bum down to her ankles, resting her arms on his thighs for balance as he sat open legged on his computer chair. She continued to speak in a stern, yet maternal, tone, “I understand you’re scared. I understand this is not your comfort zone and your area of strength. I get you feel more comfortable playing football or… pushing around kids like Lewis, but you’re not just that. I’ve seen you use your mind so many times.”

She gave him a naughty smile and leant in a little closer, “I mean, you’re a really quick-learner when it comes to sex. You thought of plenty of clever ways to pick on Lewis without him finding out, like using his toothbrush to pleasure me and putting the toothpaste in his bag. You were quick thinking when you needed to get out my house. You said all the right things to cheer me up when I needed you to. Even my husband couldn’t do that.

“There are plenty of horny teenage boys around, some in very good shape too,” she paused to run her hands under his shirt and up his abs, “But there is something about you that makes you special. Maybe you aren’t refined and eloquent in an academic way but I know you’re not stupid.”

“Maybe I’m not completely stupid,” he responded, “But when I’m there in the exam hall, in a couple of weeks, and then again in March and then again in June, maybe I’ll fluke one, or even two, but I just don’t think I can’t do this.”

“You… bully Lewis,” she said, only hesitating for a second; each time she said it, she became less uncomfortable with saying it out loud, “And yet you took his mum to your bed and seduced her into taking your virginity. You convinced me to turn up barely dressed to your school and fuck you in the toilets. You got me to call my son a… a… cunt… and then that night, fucked me in the… in the bum, something I’d never done before, let alone on my son’s bed. So you tell me, do you really think there is anything you can’t do?”

“When you put it that way…  maybe… I don’t know,” he responded, sounding unconvinced.

“What are you doing?” he continued, as she undid his trousers and fished his phone from his pocket.

“I want you to have a reminder…” she said, handing him his phone, “Next time you have another… wobble… I want you to have something you can watch, which reminds you that you have a girlfriend who believes you can do anything and she’s willing to prove it to you by letting you video yourself cumming on her face and in her mouth.”

Without saying a word, Stuart prepared his phone and pointed it at Leslie, who had begun stroking his semi.

Leslie was nervous, she had just about become comfortable with him taking photos, and now she had volunteered to make an explicit video. Tabloid news stories of hacked Cloud accounts and leaked celebrity sex tapes were screaming inside her head but none of this was obvious from looking at her.

Her heart was fluttering, and beads of sweat intermittently ran down the length of her spine, but her demeanour portrayed calm confidence as she spoke, “Come on Bully Boy, I want you nice and hard before I put you in my mouth…”

She heard her own sultry tone of voice and realised that that was permanently on video now. She felt a cold nervousness in her chest, similar to what she had when she took the first naked photo, but she ignored it by focusing on the task at hand.

Clearly the nerves of performance were not getting to him; he had no problem getting fully erect quickly and if anything, he was harder than she had ever felt, except maybe for his morning wood. She felt the lens of the camera staring at her, so she was eager to start sucking, to distract her from the fact she was being filmed.

She didn’t try anything fancy at first, just smoothly running her mouth along his shaft going from the tip down to as close to the base as she could get. She did this for a few minutes, until she relaxed a little, and she decided to be a little bit more adventurous. She released him from her mouth, and held his solid member in her left hand licking the shaft along its entire length. She looked at the camera and at Stuart when she could; making eye contact and smiling mischievously, despite the fact her stomach butterflies were still not entirely at rest.

As she played with his tip, using her tongue and lips, she could feel his body squirm a little, telling her that he was close now. She held his hard-on against her cheek, looking directly at the camera as she jerked it as fast as she could. She closed her eyes as thick warm ropes of cum slapped her face, giving it a few seconds before taking him back into her mouth and tasting the last few salty ejaculations on her tongue. She opened her mouth for a second to show him the camera the white goop, before swallowing it quickly.

“You’re incredible,” gasped Stuart.

Leslie responded with only a smile. She felt genuine warmth that she had done something daring for Stuart but she was also scared by herself and by how much she was willing to do for him. She thought about what she said to him, that he could do anything; whether or not that was true, it was becoming increasingly evident that she would do, it seemed, anything for him.


It was Thursday night, the night before Stuart’s first exam. Leslie was splayed out on the back seat of her car, Stuart between her legs; both of them were panting in time to Stuart’s thrusting. Both of them were kissing, stopping only to tell each other they were about to orgasm. They lurched and groaned together, shuffling their clothes back over their intimate zones and collapsing into each other’s arms.

“Relaxed?” whispered Leslie.

“As much as I could be, considering things,” said Stuart, equally hushed.

“You’ll be fine,” responded Leslie, a bit louder as she regained her breath.

“Maybe, but what if I just scrape through after all this effort? I don’t know if it’s worth it.”

“And you’d rather go join the army?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. There are other options. Did you know that a good plumber can make twenty-eight grand? Six figures, even, if you set up your own business.”

“Sounds good… but do you really want to do that?”

“I could just leave school now.”

“I’ve been thinking about Christmas presents since you mentioned it earlier,” said Leslie, referring to a conversation Stuart had started on their drive to the car park they were in now, “And I have an idea I think will help motivate you.”

Stuart didn’t say anything, so she continued, “If you pass and get all Cs, you can have another sex tape of us…”

“Oh cool, sounds good. I mean, I feel like I should be able to pass…” he interrupted.

“Good, but let me finish,” she interjected, “If you get all Bs… I… will get my nipples pierced for you.”

“Whoa! You serious?”

She had been thinking about it for a few days. It’s not something she had ever considered before she found Stuart looking of images of women with nipple rings but seeing he liked them, she had Googled pictures for herself. She had associated body piercings with images of scary women dressed all in leather with shaved heads and metal poking out their faces, but her search found something entirely different. Yes, there was the occasional woman with painful looking rings covering their intimate areas and stretching their nipples that made her recoil in fear, but she found the majority to be quite demure, some actually quite enticing and actually enhanced the breast in way she didn’t expect. It wasn’t quite her, but for Stuart, she had found herself very seriously considering the idea.

“You know the stuff, Baby. Focus tomorrow and next week and get all Bs and you can see me with nipple rings. You can choose them.”

They kissed for a few seconds before Leslie stopped them to continue, “So… if you get all As… I will get, for you, your choice… I will get a lower back tattoo.”

“A fucking tramp stamp!? NO WAY!”

“All As.”

“Oh,” he said, sounding disappointed, “You’re just saying that because you know I won’t get all As…”

“Don’t you play emotional blackmail with me,” she scolded, “I’m offering to get a permanent mark on my body for you. It’s not going for cheap.”

Leslie did feel a little nervous about fulfilling her promises; how would she explain this to her husband? How would she explain it to her friends and family? Say it was a mid-life crisis? But despite what Stuart had said, she didn’t offer them thinking he would fail. She fully intended to get herself pierced and tattooed; she had meant it when she said she had faith in him.

“Thanks Leslie, it means a lot that you believe in me,” he whispered to her.

Her insides tickled with a feeling of nervous excitement she hadn’t felt since she kissed her first boy back as a teenager. She closed her eyes and held him as she felt his hard-on slide back inside of her.


Leslie had her phone sat right next to her keyboard all day. She jumped at every message that buzzed her phone, cursing each promotional message, special deal and even one from her sister asking how Lewis had got on with his exams. She replied saying she didn’t know yet, feeling a bit guilty that she was definitely thinking more about Stuart’s results.

At about half 1 in the afternoon, Lewis told her he had got three As and a B. Frustrated she hadn’t heard from Stuart, she didn’t reply to Lewis, then realised that Whatsapp would tell him she had read the message, and she quickly wrote back her congratulations. It was genuine, she was proud of her son, despite some of her recent actions.

3pm rolled by and still no message. There was a big bid going on right now, to replace most of the bank’s computer systems so most of the procurement team, including Leslie were working hard to review all the material and communicate to all the suppliers involved. She had used her weekends in the office to do extra work, as well as tutor Stuart. The result was she was ahead of her work; she was now alone in her shared office whilst the rest of her team were out at meetings or running around trying to get as much done before breaking for Christmas.

She took her privacy as an opportunity to take a selfie of her outfit and send it to Stuart, with the caption ‘No underwear. Ready for later Wink’. She was wearing a loose black dress that covered her shoulders and came down to her mid-thigh. On her legs she wore thick black thigh-highs, leaving her pussy exposed whilst looking like she was wearing leggings. For the photo she took off a pale pink jumper she wore over the dress, partly because it was cold and partly for modesty; she felt embarrassed enough going to see the school principal without wearing a bra, but these were co-workers she’d see every day.

It took an hour for him to check his phone and all she got back was a thanks and a smiley face. She began to worry it was bad news. Over the past month, with the greater workload her team was facing and the fact that Katie’s school hours were now longer than when she first negotiated for a 2pm finish, she had extended her hours to half-five. However, with her work completed ahead of schedule, her boss didn’t mind her leaving at 4pm today. She had told her boss she wanted to meet with her son and find out how his exams went. It was almost the truth...

Leslie was in Stuart’s bedroom by quarter to five. She had asked about his exams the moment she was through the front door, but he had asked her to come upstairs and took her there silently. Colleen was due back at 6pm which meant they had some time, but that didn’t mean Leslie wasn’t impatient to know.

“Baby, this is excruciating, how did it go?” she paused to stroke his cheek, “If you’re not saying because it didn’t go like you’d hoped just tell me, it’ll be ok.”

“No, it’s not that,” he spoke, but his voice sounded quite distant, “I haven’t checked yet. My guidance teacher had my results. Most people got her to tell them their results in private meetings, throughout the day, I just asked her to email me. I said I wanted to open them at home. She gave me the normal speech saying that these exams are only for the school to make grade predictions, and that coursework and final exams in June will make our final grades, but then she emailed me and say good luck.”

“Well,” she said, still impatient, “What are you waiting for?”


Leslie stared at him, not sure what to say.

“I’m kinda nervous… this is the first time I’ve tried so hard. I just wanted you to be here,” he continued before hugging her.

The hug turned into a kiss, which lead to Stuart sitting on his computer chair, trousers undone. She straddled him, pulled the hem of her dress up to her hips and slid herself down onto his shaft; the current atmosphere wasn’t a particularly sexual one just now but thinking about Stuart all day had kept Leslie wet. She rolled her hips across his lap, focusing on giving him pleasure, not worried about her own; she kissed him lots and sucked the skin on his neck, telling him he was amazing and handsome and incredible.

Ten minutes later, when he lurched and came inside her, she whispered to him that loved the feeling of knowing his cum was inside her more than any other feeling. She gave him twenty seconds of rest before getting off of him and handing him his laptop. She sat down on the bed quietly and waited for him to log into the school webmail.

“OK, here it is,” he said, taking a deep breath, “I got an A!”

“Really?” exclaimed Leslie, “Well done!”

“Yeah, in English,” his excitement tapered quickly though, as he continued, “Only a B in Economics though and a C in History.”

“That’s great!” chirped Leslie, moving from the bed to his side and kissing her boyfriend on the cheek, “Shouldn’t you be jumping up and down!?”

“Yeah, but you wanted me to get 3 As, so I don’t get all the prizes…”

She interrupted him, “Stuart, I wanted you to try as hard as you could. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get all As, even if you hadn’t got a single A, I’d still be so happy for you if you tried hard, which I know you did.”

She fished from her bag a folded piece of paper and handed it to him as she continued, “Before I knew if you passed everything, I had faith you would. So here’s the reservation I made for a hotel on Sunday. It can give us some privacy to film our sex tape. We can also talk about the ideas I had for my tattoo and my belly button piercing.”

Stuart’s eyes lit up but it quickly turned to a confused expression, “Belly? I thought you said nipples?”

“Well, you got an A and you got a B and I said I’m so proud of you,” she paused, “but… the deal was at least all Bs or at least all As. So I’m getting a belly piercing, not nipples, and the tattoo is going on my ankle, not my lower back. Gives you something to aim for next time.”

“Seems fair,” he said, giving her a jokey frown, “But… you really are getting a tattoo?”

“Just for you,” she said, with three words promising to mark her body permanently for her son’s bully.

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Conflicted - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: He Leaves a Mark

Leslie lay on her right side with her legs spread so that her right was on the bed and left was up and bent at the knee. Her right hand was massaging her button and her left was stimulating her g-spot. Open next to her was her laptop, the video that was playing showed a muscular bum rising and falling as its owner thrust into a woman lying on a hotel bed.

The woman on the bed was grasping at the sheets as her stocking-covered legs swung back and forth in the air in time to the undulating bum. The noise on the laptop was turned down to a whisper, despite the fact Leslie was alone at home, but she could hear the groans of the woman in the video get louder. The woman's hands grabbed her lover's back, whilst her high-heeled shoes crossed over above his buttocks.

She could see the guy speed up as the woman held tighter and, just audible on the low volume setting, she heard the woman moan, "Uhn, fuck yes, Bully Boy."

Simultaneous to her orgasm in the video, Leslie came as she watched Stuart fuck her. Both Leslies sharply exhaled but the one in the video kept going as it was only minute 23 of nearly two and half hours of footage. Leslie closed the video player and ejected the USB stick with the MP4 file. She deleted the file shortcut from 'Recent Files', something Google had taught her, and stashed the flash drive in her make-up bag.

Her thong and leggings lay discarded on the bed; she retrieved them and pulled them back on. She hadn't removed her pale pink tank top or her bra, so it took her only a couple of minutes to dress. She headed downstairs to grab a drink of water as well as start cooking for dinner.

The mince, which was to become part of a lasagne, had nicely browned when the front door opened. She heard Malcolm's briefcase touch the wooden hallway floor, followed by his footsteps into the kitchen.

"Hi sweetheart, what's for dinner? Oh... Um wow," Malcolm's voice ended on a surprised tone as he looked at his wife.

"What? It's just mince for lasagne."

"Oh, not that, just quite a bit of skin on show there," he mumbled, awkwardly.

She looked down at her outfit; black three-quarter length leggings and a top that admittedly was skin tight, low cut and left two to three finger-width worth of midriff on show. Stuart would have wished she was wearing less.

"Well I've been at home alone all day, both the kids are out with friends," she replied, letting a little annoyance show in her voice.

"Oh, um, yeah it's fine, just different, but uh, yeah, you look great."

Her 'traditional' husband didn't sound convincing at all, but in fairness to him, she would rarely show so much skin. Legs and arms occasionally, for dressy events, but her stomach was never on show, and her cleavage was always quite modest. However, that was always for Malcolm's benefit. She was happier to show more skin; perhaps her outfit to see the principal with Stuart and Lewis was a little bit too much, and Lewis had commented on that, in an awkward way, like his father, but on a summer's day she would have worn this outfit outside the house, if it didn't scandalise her husband.

She added canned tomatoes and some herbs to the mince, before taking a deep breath and starting a new conversation with her husband, "So, you remember how I wanted a tattoo at university?"

"Uhh, maybe, yeah. I think so, why?" He asked, brows furrowed as he remembered back over two decades.

Leslie pursed her lips, but worked to hide her disdain that he could almost forget the time he forbade a consenting adult from choosing to do something that she had every right to do.

"Well, I've decided that I'd like to get one actually," she said it calmly, belying the fact her heart was racing.

"What? Really?"

"Yes," her tone was curt.


"I just think it would look nice."

"But you'll just regret it later..."

"No!" she forcefully interjected, "You said this twenty years ago and here I am wishing I'd got one back then."

That last bit wasn't strictly true, she had fallen out of love with the idea after a couple of years, and hadn't really given it further thought until Stuart had mentioned it a few weeks ago. She didn't think she'd have regretted it though. She just wanted Malcolm to be a grown up and say he didn't like tattoos.

"Fine," he grumbled, "I don't like them and I don't want you to get one."

Since university, it appeared he had grown up enough to give a straight answer on this topic.

"I'm not asking you to get one. I like them and it is my decision."

"Yeah, but I don't think they look good..."

"But I do..." she interrupted, "so unless you want to tell me you own my body, and I don't have the right to choose, then I'll be getting a tattoo and... a belly ring."

"Don't you try and make it sound like I'm controlling you!" Malcolm replied, voice raised.

"Then what are you doing?" she retorted, matching his volume.

“Leslie, you can’t just suddenly from nowhere decide to get a tattoo…” raising his voice further.

“I CAN’T?!” she shouted back, matching his volume, “I can’t decide if I want to put a tattoo on my own body?!”

“But what about what our friends and the kids will think about…?”

“Malcolm!” she interrupted, “I was NOT asking you. I am informing you. If you have nothing positive to say on the matter, you can leave me to finish cooking.”

Her eyes made daggers at her husband. He opened his mouth, cheeks red, looking like he was about to outburst at her but he stopped himself. He shut his mouth, stared for a couple of seconds and stormed out, shaking his head.

Leslie flip-flopped between feeling angry at her husband to guilt for that anger, aware she was only modifying her body as a way of arousing their son's teenage bully. However, by the time the lasagne's filling finished cooking, anger had won out; regardless of her infidelity, Malcolm had no right to stop her changing her body, whether it was now or twenty years ago.

She slopped the mince into a baking tray, between pasta sheets and threw the dish into the oven before slamming its door closed. She picked up her phone and messaged Stuart, asking if he was free. He replied within seconds to say he was done, having been hanging out with friends. She told him she was going to pick him up in her car, before shouting to her husband to tell him to remove the lasagne when the oven timer beeped. Donning her tan coat and a pair of pale pink heels, to match her top, she left the house to see Stuart.


Leslie returned to the house around an hour later, more relaxed and satisfied than when she had left. She and Stuart were only able to get in a 20 minute session in the back seat of Leslie's car, but having done that half a dozen times now, they were getting pretty good at it. She had awkwardly removed her underwear in the car just before meeting Stuart, but she had only bothered to put her bra back on afterwards. A disapproving look from her husband did not persuade her to change, despite the fact both her children were back. However, she switched to a friendly demeanour very quickly, partly because dinner had been set but more importantly because she realised her affair, and who she was having it with, meant her hold on the moral high ground was tenuous.

Katie, Malcolm and Leslie sat down at the dinner table as Malcolm called for Lewis again. Lewis walked in and Leslie thought she noticed a slight hobble to his gait. He sat down and looked at her, with red, puffy eyes, clearly he had been crying. Wondering if she already knew the answer, she asked what was wrong.

"I'd headed into the shops and Stuart was there," said Lewis, his voice warbling, "He didn't notice me at first, so after a bit I almost forgot he was there."

"Les," her husband chimed in, presumably already having heard the story, "We need to do something about this kid."

"First, what actually happened Lewis?" asked Leslie, subconsciously crossing her legs, feeling guilty that Stuart's semen was leaking into the crotch of her leggings.

"I was walking through the little path next to Costa, to get to the bus stop, and I came out by Weybourne Street, when I felt someone grab my shirt," Lewis continued, his voice a little croaky, "It was, of course, Stuart, and he kneed me in the thigh twice giving me a dead leg."

Lewis stopped to let out a sob and Leslie's heart felt a huge pang of anger, guilt and sympathy.

She listened as he finished the story, "I fell down and he asked if I had bought a dress for the next time I visit Principal Bullock. Then he left, saying he wished he could hang out longer but he had to go."

"He's ambushing our son now, Leslie," said Malcolm, with the same anger in his voice from their earlier tattoo discussion; if only he knew who the tattoo was for.

"This is obviously a problem," she said, sincerely, each word spoken cautiously, "but firstly, I don't think it sounds like it was a planned ambush, just Lewis got unlucky. Secondly, what can we do?"

Leslie's stomach churned as she knew Stuart was completely in the wrong but she had an overwhelming urge to protect him. She also knew Stuart hadn't 'ambushed' Lewis because she knew he was passing by that street to meet Leslie in her car. He had hit Lewis twice, knowing he would be inside Leslie just minutes later. She had climaxed calling his name; no, not even his name; calling out 'Bully Boy', as her son sobbed in pain; a pain caused by her boyfriend.

"Let's talk to the school," suggested Malcolm.

"We tried that," stated Leslie, pushing to one side the memory of climaxing in the Principal's office by Stuart's fingers, "so I'm not sure what would change, besides this happened outside of school, outside of term time, between two legal adults, what should the school do?"

"Fine, have you got any ideas other than 'let's do nothing'?"

"I didn't say that!" exclaimed Leslie, whilst thinking that's exactly what she wanted to happen.

"Could we go talk to his parents?"

"That's not changed anything so far," she replied, thinking to herself that sleeping with Stuart each time she went to talk to him probably muddled the point somewhat.

"I might have more luck," began Malcolm assertively, but quickly changed his tone, "but then again we have no idea what kind of family this is. Probably a rotten family."

Leslie bit her tongue quickly, holding back the desire to shout down her husband with an explanation of Stuart's brother and their family's struggle.

She remained quiet as her husband kept talking, "We could go to the police."

"Wow, honey, that's serious," replied Leslie, her voice just about hiding the panic she felt underneath.

"And what Stuart did wasn't?" retorted Malcolm, his tone turning accusatory, "It doesn't seem like this bothers you, Leslie."

"No, Malcolm," replied Leslie, the panic starting to seep through now, "I just mean, taking this sort of charge to the police is serious, they'll look for witnesses and evidence or it will just turn into a battle of Lewis's story against Stuart's that could be prolonged for months. It's not something we can take lightly."

"Mum's right," agreed Lewis, with heart-breaking defeat in his voice, "Stuart was pissed off today because of going to the principal, so taking it even further might make things worse, especially if things aren't ruled in my favour. I just wish he got some justice. At least when it looked like he'd fail his exams it seemed like he was getting some comeuppance but according to Facebook he got an 'A', at least in English."

"Why are you friends on Facebook?" asked Malcolm, "You're risking cyber bullying."

"We're not, just a lot of other people, who I am friends with, liked it and so it came up on my wall."

Awkward guilt paused itself, temporarily giving way to pride, as Leslie thought about all the people praising her boyfriend for his hard work.

Feeling the conversation drift away from methods of retaliation against Stuart, Leslie thought it was best to wrap up that topic, "Lewis, Sweetie, see how you feel tomorrow and we'll leave it up to you and do what you think is best."

Leslie knew her son was too passive to want to pursue the issue by the time he had slept off any heightened emotions. Before she let the creeping guilt at her manipulative move absorb her completely, she justified herself by thinking it was definitely best to leave it to her son, as he was grown up enough to make his own decisions.


As Leslie had predicted, Lewis had calmed down by the next day. It seemed he was no longer bothered about what Stuart had done by the time he left the house to go to his friend's house. Leslie had driven Katie into town so she could meet her friends for lunch, and so it seemed an opportune time for Leslie to visit her boyfriend, especially as this was the last day Colleen was at work before Christmas.

Leslie intended to bring up yesterday's incident to Stuart, but she didn't want to ruin the mood before sex even began, so with very few words, the two made it to Stuart's bed and the boy who made her son cry the day before gave her two screaming orgasms as she lay pinned under him.

Tingling, panting, and with her legs wrapped round Stuart, Leslie kissed her son’s bully. They were less energetic than when Leslie first arrived, but no less passionate. Feeling grateful, she twisted her hips and body; Stuart took the hint and the two of them rolled over, so that Leslie was now on top of Stuart. She used her hand to slip her boyfriend back into her pussy and started to lazily rock her hips back and forth. Even at a slower pace, Leslie enjoyed the feeling so much that she didn’t trust herself to stop early enough to talk about yesterday. She ran her hands up and down his chest, gripping his pectorals a couple of times, whenever she hit a good spot.

She made eye contact with Stuart, briefly, but looked directly down at his chest before she spoke, “Baby… I’d like talk about yesterday.”

Stuart responded immediately, evidently pre-empting what she was going to day, “I knew the little dickhead would be a fucking tell-tale.”

“Well Stuart, what did you expect?”

“Dunno, that he’d grow some balls. Maybe I’ll kick him there next time to check.”

“Stuart!” scolded Leslie, “This is serious. My husband was talking about getting the police involved.”

“Fucking hell, Leslie. I suppose Lewis had to get his pussy ways from somewhere.”

“Stuart, rather than just brushing this off with insults, could you think what this means for a second. I managed to talk them out of it this time but…”

“But what? Is this about protecting me or about him?”

Leslie sat up and stopped bucking her hips, before making eye contact and responding, “Both! You could get in serious trouble but also, he IS my son!”

Stuart slid his bum down a few centimetres and pulled Leslie’s chest close to his. He held her tight in place and thrust his hips upwards into her. She wrapped her arms under his neck and began gasping into his ear. She was going to have her third one this session and she knew she would lose focus on what she had to say. She knew she should stop and talk about this properly but she had no willpower to do so.

“Leslie, if I had got into your car yesterday and said what I’d just done, would you still have sucked and fucked me like you did?”

Leslie ignored the question, just huffed and groaned as she got closer.

“Come on Leslie, just admit it wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Leslie ignored him again, but this time she yelped as she came hard, and called out, “Fuck yes, Bully Boy.”

She collapsed onto him, as he slowed down, her breathing slow and heavy. He was wrong; if he’d have turned up and admitted what he’d done she wouldn’t have fucked him in the back of the car. At least, she hoped she wouldn’t… Either way, by cumming hard instead of answering him, she knew it sounded like she was agreeing with him and by calling him Bully Boy, even out of habit, it only made it worse. She knew it was pointless to try and argue with him now, especially when deep down, she wasn’t convinced herself.

Instead, she sat back up, once again slowing Stuart to a stop, before speaking, “Stuart, please, for your sake, just be careful about picking on Lewis, especially the physical stuff.”

They made eye contact and Stuart’s expression softened as he responded, “Fine, you’re right. That’s fucking unfair, but you’re right. He’s still a dickhead.”

Stuart moved out from under Leslie, pointing his finger at her back, which was the sign she recognised he used whenever he wanted to take her from behind. She spread her legs and arched her back so her buttocks were in the air and felt Stuart smoothly enter her. Stuart was kneeling and Leslie was on all fours but they both swung their hips towards each other; their motions almost synchronised, getting the most out of each thrust.

After a couple of minutes of this, Leslie dropped her head and torso to the bed, with her left hand pawing at the sheets and her right went to her clit. She rubbed as fast as she could, sure she could manage one more climax before Stuart had his. She heard her phone go off; it was sitting on Stuart’s desk as Leslie had been texting Katie, just before they got into the heat of things, to work out how much time she had with Stuart. She felt Stuart slow down and one of his hands, which had been firmly grasping her waist, let go of her. She looked round and saw him pick up the phone.

“Guess who, babe?” he asked, as he held the phone close to her face just long enough to see Lewis’s contact picture on the screen.

“No, Stuart, NO!” she begged.

He held his thumb over the green ‘swipe to answer’ bar at the bottom of the phone’s display and she lamely swiped at it with her left hand; she was far too slow, having to switch all of her weight to her right arm before she could attempt to grab it. Stuart stopped thrusting for a second; just long enough for him to brush the hair from the left side of her face and press her phone to her ear. The glass was cold against her cheek, which was flushed red hot from the combination of arousal, embarrassment and anger.

“Hi Mum,” came her son’s voice through the phone’s speaker.

She propped herself up on her elbows, with her forehead buried against her right forearm and her left awkwardly positioned to hold the phone to her face.

She focused intently on controlling her breathing, before she responded, “Hey sweetie, what’s up?”

“Um so, I need you to pick me up. Wait, what’s that noise in the background? It’s like a tapping?”

“Oh… uh… um… yeah… that’s the uh… outside… one of the neighbours hammering something,” she said, hoping he didn’t realise it was the noise of skin slapping skin.

“Mum, are you ok?”

“Yeah… I… uh… just went to… the… the… place… the gym… so I’m outta breath…”

Stuart had slowed down a little, but only so that he could reach round and rub her clit as he thrust into her. She knew she was going to cum soon so she had to end the conversation soon.

“Oh right, well anyway…”

“Yeah… what do you want?” she snapped, barely able to focus on the words she was saying.

“Wow Mum, no need to be so rude…”

“Lewis… OK… I’m sorry…” she said through gritted teeth, not sure she was going to be able to get him off the phone before climaxing.

“Yeah… fine.”

She could hear him sigh over the phone and she sincerely considered hanging up and pretending the line went dead but he continued after a couple of seconds, “I just wanted to ask you to pick…”

Leslie lost all ability to pay attention to what Lewis was saying. She bit down on the sheets as hard as she could to stop her yelping down the phone. She heard something about cello and buses as every muscle in her body contracted in reaction to Stuart’s hands and cock.

“Mum…? Hello?”

“Hi…” she said, barely audible as Stuart gently thrust into her, “Sorry… I… uh… dropped the phone… and muted it… and couldn’t…. work out how I… how to unmute… could you say it again?”

“Mum, you ok?”

“Lewis, can I… speak later?”

Leslie just wanted to hang up and cuddle up to Stuart. She wanted to kiss him and feel his warm cum leak out of her. Another orgasm interrupted by her son…

“So you’re coming to get me then?”


Stuart pulled out of her and clambered off the bed, so Leslie collapsed, exhausted, onto the mattress.

“Are you coming to get me?”

Stuart stood at the side of the bed, his still-hard cock pointing right at her.

“From where?” replied Leslie to Lewis, right before Lewis’s bully used his hand to guide his cock into her mouth.

“Mum, I just said… I got the bus the wrong way back from Vikram’s house.”

Leslie had obliged Stuart, mostly because she didn’t want to make a loud fuss down the phone, but she pushed her head back hard against his hand and he took the hint. She swapped her phone to her right hand and leant on her right arm, so that she could use her left arm to wank Stuart.

“But you just got there a couple of hours ago…” she responded quickly, as Stuart was still gently pushing the back of her head towards his shaft.

“Yeah, and as I said, Vikram forgot about his cello lesson and he was gonna be late, so his mum gave me a lift to the bus stop but I got on the wrong bus and didn’t realise for about 20 minutes.”

“You’re fucking kidding me?!” she whispered in exasperation as she paused from sucking.

“I didn’t hear that.”

“I said, how do you get a bus in the wrong direction for 20 minutes without realising it?”

“I was watching stuff on my phone, which has killed my battery, so can you just tell me quickly if you’re coming before it dies, please?”

“Get the right bus then!”

“The next one is in 15 minutes and it says it takes 45 minutes to get to our house, so that’s gonna be at least an hour to get back and it’s raining and it’s cold.”

“Get a taxi.”

“I don’t have cash and my phone might die any minute, so how can I call one?”

She thought for a second and couldn’t see a way out of this conversation.

Clearly exasperated with her silence, Lewis continued, “Mum, it’s gonna take me an hour to get home but it’s like a 25 minute drive for you. You’re going to have to go get Katie anyway. What are you even doing just now? It’s pouring out here!”

A devilish part of Leslie was tempted to say ‘fucking Stuart’ and hang up, but the overwhelming majority of her moral compass was telling her she had to go get him. She was about to stop sucking again when Stuart gripped her head tightly and she felt salty goo at the back of her throat. He pulled back and let his jizz squirt freely across her face, hair and onto the phone she was speaking to Lewis on.

Unfazed, she replied, “Where am I picking you up from?”

“I’m at a junction between Wendell Close and Marsham Road.”

“OK, text me that.”

“OK, I’ll try before my phone dies. Bye,” replied Lewis before abruptly hanging up.

Within a second of Leslie hearing the disengaged tone, she sat up quickly and slapped Stuart hard on his left upper arm.

“Ow! What was that for?” yelped Stuart.

“What was that for?!” replied Leslie incredulously, “Why the hell did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Pick up the fucking phone!”

“Sounds like ickle Lewis needs you to go get him, so it’s a good thing I picked up the phone isn’t it?”

“You did it because you liked the idea of him hearing you fuck me! Now I have to rush off.”

“Stay then.”

“I can’t, he’s gone and fucking stranded himself somewhere and he’s waiting out in the rain.”

“What a twat. Just leave him.”

“I can’t, I said I’d get him.”

“So would you have preferred I didn’t pick up the phone and you’d have left the dickhead wherever he’s gone and lost himself?”

“Well… uh…” she hesitated, “I suppose not?”

“So you liked talking to him whilst I made you cum hard?”

“Well… no,” she said, then slapped him again, “Stop it!”

“It’s just a question, would you have preferred to fuck me and ignore the little dick or fuck me, knowing he’s listening to his mum get rammed by my cock?”

She shot him a genuinely annoyed look, as she took his quilt and wiped her cum-covered face.

“Neither,” she said, as she wiped, “You should have stopped and let me speak to him properly.”

Her annoyance ebbed as soon as Stuart started kissing her. He swung her round so that her hips were hanging by the edge of the bed; his cock was hardening again and he slipped it inside of her. She kissed him passionately as he once again got up to a good pace.

Kissing her for less than a minute, Stuart pulled away to speak, “Definitely sure you want to stop having sex?”

“Yeah,” she replied without any enthusiasm, “I should, but just a few more minutes…”

She made no effort to stop, instead sitting up enough to kiss him again.

“Fuck that’s good…” she purred, but Stuart began to pull out, “Baby… Bully Boy… don’t stop…”

He stepped back a few paces, and responded, “Go on, say you’d rather leave the dickhead out in the rain and fuck me than go get him.”

She stood up and hit his pecs with both fists, symbolically rather than with actual force, and scolded him, “Why?! Why do you have to play these stupid games? Just fuck me for fuck’s sake!”

She sat at the edge of his desk and pulled him into her, embracing him with her legs and kissing him. He reciprocated the kiss but didn’t move towards entering her, instead standing his ground a few centimetres too far away for his dick to reach her.

“Stuart… Bully Boy… please?” she pleaded.

She saw his infuriating smug smile and slapped him, again without much real force, before continuing, “Fine, I’ll leave my stupid, annoying, dickhead son, Lewis, in the rain so I can fuck you. Happy now?”

“Yeah,” he grunted, “probs just about as happy as I was yesterday when I got to fuck you right after decking the little twat.”

Without further waiting, he entered her fast, making her groan loudly in relief. If there was any guilt building up inside her, Stuart’s rough kissing and even rougher thrusting was pushing that safely to one side. Right now, she didn’t think she’d even care if the whole world found out what she was doing whilst Lewis patiently waited for her in the downpour outside.

After two minutes, Leslie had literally stopped caring about anything else, but she felt a buzzing coming from under her left butt cheek. She broke their kiss to pull out her phone from beneath her bum. It was a pointless Facebook notification that it was some distant friend from her university days had updated their status. She was about to toss the phone onto the bed when she saw the previous notification.

‘Wendell Close and Marsham Road. Thanks mum! See you soon.’

“Stop Stuart,” she sighed, “Just stop.”

He followed her instruction almost immediately, both to Leslie’s relief and disappointment.

“What? Why?”

“I should go…”

“Leslie…” he protested, leaning in to kiss her.

“No… I want to stay here… but I can’t.”

“That fucking little dickhead prick!” exclaimed her boyfriend.

Leslie picked up her leggings and dress, and then looked at her phone in her other hand. The devilish part of her wondered if it would really be so bad if she texted Lewis the truth right now and stayed in Stuart’s bedroom all day.

She looked at her phone for a very long 5 seconds before muttering under her breath, “Fucking little dickhead prick, indeed.”

“Whatcha say?”

“Nothing,” she replied, before reluctantly leaving the room of her boyfriend and son’s bully.


Leslie entered the front door of her house as her daughter happened to be descending the stairs. Katie stopped at the bottom and smiled at her mum.

“Hey Mum, did you get it done?” asked Katie, excitedly.

Leslie removed her zip-up hoodie leaving her in just a red sports bra and light grey 3/4 grey Lycra leggings. Before she could answer, Katie looked at her mum’s bare ankle and exposed stomach, and seeing she had no new tattoos or piercings, verbally answered her own question.

“No, I’m going this afternoon, I was at the gym just now,” she lied.

Her workout this morning hadn’t involved a gym; she and Stuart had managed to find ways to excuse themselves from their respective families for long enough to have half an hour in Leslie’s car. They were going to see each other later at the tattoo parlour, but as they were catching separate trains into London; Leslie insisted on this to minimise the chance they got caught by someone they knew, they didn’t think they’d get a chance to have sex again that day or perhaps even for the next few days.

“OK cool, I was worried Dad had put you off. I don’t know why he’s being so hard on you, I think I kinda want a tattoo too,” encouraged Katie.

Lying to her family; check. Bad influence on her daughter; check. Cheating on her husband; check. Sleeping with her son’s bully; a toe-curling, screaming, panting check.

“As soon as you’re 18,” she responded, aware she wasn’t in a position to tell her daughter otherwise.


Leslie rolled her lips, whilst looking at the mirror, until she was happy with her make-up. She checked out her outfit, black leggings that didn’t cover her ankle and a loose green top that wouldn’t restrict her belly button. It wasn’t the most suitable choice of clothing for the weather just now, but she thought it sensible to wear things that wouldn’t irritate her tattoo or belly button piercing when she got them.

She pulled on her green parka coat and a pair of black flats; not the sexy stiletto look she normally went for when seeing Stuart, but she wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be to walk in heels after getting an ankle tattoo.

Leslie left her room and went down the corridor to her son's room. She pulled a pen and a carefully cut memo-sized piece of paper from her pocket and went to Lewis's desk. She opened the second drawer and opened the little tin box that originally held breath mints. It's contents was one folded piece of paper; she unfolded it and, in her neatest handwriting, copied it onto her own paper note.

She was in the process of replacing Lewis's hidden note when the door began to swing open. She shut the desk drawer and managed to quickly stick her copy of the note, without scrunching it up, into her coat pocket just before Lewis entered the room.

"Mum, what are you doing in my room?" he asked, with a suspicious tone.

Leslie feigned looking around the desk and floor before responding with a lie, "Oh... I'm... I lost an earring the other day and I've looking around rooms to find it. Unlikely in here, but worth a shot. Anyway, weren't you supposed to be out at the shops with friends?"

"Oh... nah... I... um... dont feel like it," he said, his voice low and a little morose.

She walked closer to him, and lightly stroked his left arm as she spoke, "Lewis, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just don't want to."

"Sweetie, tell me," she said, expecting that his answer was not going to surprise her.

"What if Stuart is there again?"

Leslie felt his words tug at her heartstrings and she hugged her son, partly to comfort him and partly so he wouldn't be able to read the plain expression of guilt on her face. She held him tight for a couple of seconds, sure that he wouldn't reciprocate the hug if he knew that his bully had been riding her in the back seat of her car less than a couple of hours ago. She released the hug as she told him to go as Stuart wouldn't be there.

"You can't know that," retorted Lewis.

'I can if it's because he's coming with me to get my tattoo,' she thought as guilt thumped on her chest again.

"You'll regret it if you let him confine you to hiding in the house," she said, being as earnest as she could to sound on Lewis's side, whilst still aware of what her plans were for that afternoon.

Still with a degree of reluctance, Lewis agreed to go out and meet his friends. Leslie said she would drive Lewis to the town centre, which was not too far out of the way from the station. Leslie went to wait in the car as her son gathered his stuff and got ready to head out.

She checked her phone as she waited and saw a text, 'getting really excited now. This is fukin hot babe! Xxx'

She grinned ear-to-ear and responded to Stuart saying she was just as excited, giving her a brief respite from feeling guilty. She opened her handbag to put her phone away and double checked she had brought three wrapped gifts and a card. She pulled the card out and removed it from its envelope, briefly checking the front door to ensure Lewis was not about to interrupt her. She retrieved the note from her coat pocket, and folded it into a near perfect half, gently pressing her lips down onto the crease, leaving a lipstick mark on the white paper to accompany the light scent of Chanel that she has sprayed on it earlier. She slipped the paper into the card, which went back into her handbag. Lewis joined her in the car less than a minute later and Leslie pulled out the driveway.

They drove for a few minutes, without saying anything to each other, but Lewis interrupted this silence, 'Mum, are you sure you want a tattoo? Not really sure it would suit you...'

Her sympathy from earlier quickly subsided, as Lewis parroted his father's 'gentle concerns', so she responded sharply, "Not suit me how? You haven't even asked what I am getting."

"Oh... uh... yeah," he mumbled, awkwardly, "That could affect things. What are you getting?"

"Why do you care?" she challenged, bluntly, "It sounds like it will not suit me regardless."

"Just looking out for you, Mum, no need to be so snappy."

“Sorry,” she apologised.

In truth, talking about her tattoo with Lewis made her feel guilty, but it wasn’t fair to take it out on him.

“So, I told you Aunt Steph is coming for Christmas,” she said, her voice much calmer.

“Oh yeah, you mentioned she might last, week. So that means Oscar and Mike will be coming too?” he asked, with excitement.

The conversation was much friendlier as Lewis talked about the visit from Leslie’s sister and her family. Her nephews, twins who were both Stuart’s age, got on well with Stuart and he was always enthusiastic to see them. By the end of the journey their brief spat was forgotten, and she gave her son another hug and wished him a fun afternoon before she left him to meet his bully.


Leslie arrived outside Southbank Tattoo 'N' Mods. She had researched the place, to check it was clean, safe and professional, for which areas it received nearly universal praise. Her husband had wanted to do his own research too, but she was paranoid he might try to turn up, so she gave him the name of the second place on the list and if he tried to turn up there, she was going to claim they cancelled her appointment last minute to she went elsewhere.

According to the plan, Stuart should have arrived a few minutes earlier, with his hoodie up, obscuring his face, something she insisted on and he agreed to, without missing the opportunity to roll his eyes. Palms sweating with nerves, mostly at her anticipation of the pain rather than the reservations mentioned by her son and husband, she pushed opened the door to the tattoo parlour.

To the left of the parlour's reception area was a couch, where, to her extreme delight, she saw sat her teenage boyfriend. She said his name to catch his attention; he was intently scrolling through something on his phone, and he eagerly leapt to his feet. The couple went to the front desk to confirm Leslie's arrival, and the receptionist asked them both to wait a couple of minutes for Gwen, who would be performing her piercing and tattoo.

Holding hands, and after a brief kiss, Stuart spoke, excitement clear in his voice, "Leslie, this is so cool. I can't believe this is happening."

Leslie leant in to give him another kiss, after which he continued, "I know you promised me this but, I just want to say, you don't have to. I really really want you to... but if you're not sure..."

She leant in to kiss him a third time. Unlike with Lewis and Malcolm, Stuart's concerns seemed genuinely about how Leslie felt and not about massaging  one’s of own prejudices towards tattoos, so it didn’t annoy her that he felt the need to ask her if she was sure. If anything, him showing he cared about how she felt made her want to do it more.

She didn’t feel like she needed to discuss it further with him though, she just caressed the hand she was holding with her thumb and diverted the topic slightly, “I haven’t actually shown you the design for the tattoo yet.”

She went into her bag, careful to hide its contents from Stuart, and retrieved her phone and went to the photo gallery and pulled up a few screenshots and photos of crude sketches she had made. All the pictures focused around a lion’s head, mostly in profile.

“OK, so I looked up designs for lions, and tried to make some rough designs of my own… I’ve never been good at drawing…”

“I think they look great!”

“Thanks… but no need for flattery, I’m already getting the tattoo and piercing,” she said as she laughed and smiled at Stuart, before continuing, “Anyway, I think I like these designs the best, the one where the lion’s mane sort of turns into a flowery design. That way, I can have a lion, but still keep it feminine.”

“Yeah, they look cool,” replied Stuart, but he had an expression of mild confusion, “but if you’re wanting to go for a girly tattoo, why not just get flowers? Why you got a lion in there?”

Leslie gave him a mischievous smile before she replied in a hushed tone, “Well… since I’m getting this tattoo for you, I thought about how I could personalise it just for you, so I checked what your star-sign would be.”

“Oh yeah… I think I’m… Leo…”

“The lion!” she replied excitedly, “So, we can say it’s a tattoo specifically about you.”

“Oh wow… that’s so hot!” he whispered in her ear.

The door to one of the private rooms opened and a man and a woman exited. The woman at the reception desk referred to the new woman as Gwen; Gwen was talking to the man, who Leslie assumed had just got a tattoo, based on the cling film wrapped around his forearm, giving him tattoo aftercare advice. Leslie could feel her heart beating in her chest as she realised it was her turn next.

“Leslie,” said Stuart, quietly, to get her attention as she was intently listening to Gwen and the guy with a fresh tattoo.

She looked round, whilst giving him a nervous smile, and noticed he was holding a small plastic top lock bag.

“I have an early Christmas gift for you,” he said, beaming.

He held the bag by the top, showing it to Leslie. She couldn’t see the contents clearly but it looked like the bag contained a silver curved barbell, which had some pink dangly chains attached.

“It’s a belly bar that I thought you could have put in there today,” he clarified.

Leslie was about to reply, when she heard a Welsh accent speaking to her, “Hi there, I am Gwen, are you Leslie?”

Leslie felt a wave of apprehension, and dryness tickled her throat as she spoke, “Hi, I am indeed. This is Stuart.”

Leslie and Stuart got to their feet, as Gwen offered her hand. As Gwen shook hands with Leslie, she looked at Stuart and asked, “Leslie, I just have you down today for a tattoo and a piercing in your belly button. Is that right?”

“Yes, Stuart’s just here for moral support,” replied Leslie, as she gently caressed his shoulder with her right hand.

Gwen didn’t say anything for a second, and Leslie saw concentration on her face; Leslie quickly realised that she was trying to work out if Stuart was her son or her boyfriend.

Leslie slipped her left hand into her pocket and tried to subtly remove her wedding and engagement rings as she spoke, “He’s my partner.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you to come along,” Gwen said, before pointing at the door she had emerged from earlier, “Why don’t we head through and we can talk about what design you want.”

The three of them entered a room that somewhat reminded Leslie of a dentist’s practice, except for the various tattoo designs upon the wall. Gwen instructed Leslie to sit in the reclining chair in the middle of the room. She gave Stuart a stool, whilst wheeling another one over to beside the chair and sat on it herself.

“OK, Leslie,” She began explaining, “I suggest we start with that tattoo, as that will take longer than your belly will. I just want to make sure you’re happy to get both today? I would normally be warning you against two mods in one day, because sometimes that can lead to cross-infection, but you’re getting them on completely different bits of your body, so provided you care for them well it shouldn’t be a problem. That ok?”

Leslie, feeling anxious about the pain, nodded and managed a ‘yeah’.

“I’m going to give you some forms to fill in,” said Gwen as she handed Leslie some papers, “while I get my tools ready. Then we can have a discussion what design you want.”

Stuart hovered over Leslie’s shoulder as she filled in the health and safety forms, and Gwen was setting up some equipment. Gwen finished, took the signed forms from Leslie and then sat down next to her and asked about the design for her tattoo. Leslie had emailed her drawings and the pictures from the internet to the tattoo parlour earlier that week, as the person who took her appointment said it would give the artist time to prepare a drawing. Gwen produced a drawing that followed Leslie’s visual and written descriptions of what she wanted really well. Gwen thanked Leslie for her praises of her artistry and then she explained she needed to create a stencil from the drawing.

After a few minutes, Gwen returned with the stencil and began explaining the process, “OK Leslie, I will wipe down your skin and make the area sterile. I’m using a new needle; I can show you that when I take it out of the packaging and I am going to follow the stencil that I just created. Is that ok?”

Gwen’s words sounded routine and practiced, which, along with her melodic Welsh accent, calmed Leslie’s nerves but she was still a little nervous in her reply, “How much does it hurt?”

“Well, I’ve had a few,” replied Gwen, still in a friendly-yet-professional tone, and showed Leslie her left arm, which was covered in a sleeve tattoo, before continuing, “The ankle can be one of the more sensitive areas, as the skin is so close to the bone but it’ll feel a bit nippy, maybe a bit like someone is scratching you. The vibrating of the needle as it is jabbing you can also be a little uncomfortable but I find that it’s the anticipation that’s worse. You ready?”

“I suppose so,” she said, with a nervous laugh.

“You’ll be fine,” said Gwen, as she began wiping down Leslie’s left ankle with an anti-septic wipe.

She watched as Gwen cleaned her skin, applied the transfer stencil and loaded the new needle into the tattoo gun. As the gun reached her skin she reached her right hand out to Stuart, who was still standing right next to her, and he quickly took it with his right. The buzzing of the gun started and Leslie felt a sharp pinch against her skin. She exhaled harshly and Stuart reacted instantly by stroking her hair with his left hand. She gripped his hand tighter, looked directly at his smile and did her best to ignore the pain.


Leslie gave a sigh of relief when the gun’s buzzing ended and Gwen gave the ‘all done’.

“OK, I’m just going to bandage this up with some cling film,” explained Gwen, “Then I’ll talk you through the aftercare for your tattoo, along with a little leaflet for you to take home, but key point I want you to take away is don’t touch it and keep it clean for the next two weeks. Two weeks is the danger zone. Once I’m done with that, we can move onto your belly.”

Gwen went across to some drawers to fetch some cling film, at which point Leslie looked round to Stuart, who had been holding her hand for most of the past hour and whispered, “Oh god, forgot I was getting pierced too.”

Stuart leant in and whispered back, “If you’re too sore… we could leave it today…”

She smiled, and used her free hand to stroke his forearm, she was touched by concern but she could hear the disappointment in his voice as he suggested getting it another day.

“I made a promise, Bull… baby,” she replied, catching herself before calling him by his pet name, in case Gwen overheard.

“Thanks babe,” he said, before going into his pocket and pulling out the belly jewellery she showed him earlier, “Shall we ask her if she can put this in now?”

“As soon as she’s done with the tattoo,” she replied and he stuffed it back in his pocket, with an eager look on his face.

Gwen finished up bandaging the tattoo and took Leslie through the aftercare routine. It was mostly familiar stuff, as Leslie had read up on tattoos a lot before coming. She told to use moisturiser and antiseptic cream to clean the tattoo; to avoid touching it at all with unwashed hands in the first two weeks; to not pick it when it scabs; to not go swimming for three weeks at least; as well as a number of other things that were highlighted on a ‘How to care for your new tattoo’ leaflet.

“OK, so, are you still ready for your piercing today, Leslie?”

“Oh yeah, Stuart,” she beckoned, letting go of his hand and presenting her palm to him.

He dropped his gift onto her hand and she showed it to Gwen, “Could you perhaps put this in now?”

Gwen took the bag and looked at it the jewellery through the clear plastic before giving her answer, “It’s not sterile, so I’d have to swap the bar for one I have here. I could drop the bead and the dangle into some sterilising liquid but I’ll be honest, I don’t recommend this sort of jewellery for a new piercing. If it gets caught or swings around you’re risking migration and rejection. It’s up to you but a plain bar is the best for the healing process.”

“Is it dangerous?” asked Stuart.

“Dangerous,” she shook her head, “No… just more likely to be rejected and you’ll have to come back or remove it altogether. I mean it could get infected but that’s always a risk if you’re not careful with your cleaning.”

“Gwen, that’s fine, could you put it in and I’ll be extra careful.”

Gwen pulled the jewellery out of its bag and held it at the end without the dangle. The bar was silver with a pale pink jewel at the end Gwen was not holding. Descending from the jewel were three dangly chains, each about 3cm long, decorated with crystals along their length, and each ended with a pink crystal in the shape of a heart. It wasn’t something Leslie would’ve picked, if she was truthful, but she wouldn’t have gone for a belly piercing in the first place.

Gwen talked Leslie through the piercing process, and once Leslie gave the go ahead, she prepared her piercing needle by attaching it to the end of a curved barbell with similar dimensions to the one Stuart gave her. Gwen had to remind Leslie to relax because as soon as she touched the skin just about Leslie’s belly button, every stomach muscle tensed to its maximum extent. She released the tension in her stomach, but squeezed Stuart’s hand harder.

“Oh….crap….” she gasped as the needle pushed through her skin.

She took sharp short breaths until the bar was safely secured with the pink jewel and its dangles. She exhaled loudly and lay in the chair for a few seconds as Gwen cleaned the wound and tidied up all the unnecessary packaging. She gave Leslie another minute or so to recover before she started the her piercing aftercare talk. Clean it frequently; try not to move it too much for at least a month; don’t change it for at least three months but waiting six months was ideal; and follow the dos and don’ts of the piercing leaflet Gwen had for her.

Gwen returned the recliner to an upright position and Leslie got to her feet, gingerly trying to avoid using her abdominals. Aided by Stuart, she put on her coat, and he offered to carry her bag.

“You two have a lovely day, and a Merry Christmas,” wished Gwen, “Talk to Jenny out front she’ll take your payment. Enjoy your new body mods!”

Both of them returned the festive wishes, and exited back into the lobby, where Leslie turned to Stuart and quietly, but elatedly, said, “She said ‘you two’, she’s the first person we’ve introduced ourselves to as a couple.”

“That’s kinda cool,” he said, nodding.

“Yeah, sounds nice doesn’t it,” she replied, but it reminded her of her other relationship and she took a mental note to put her rings back on.

Leslie took her bag from Stuart, pecked him on the cheek and said, “I’ll pay up and meet you at the Starbucks down the road. If there aren’t any tables see if you can find another coffee shop and text me, OK?”

“See you in a couple of minutes,” he replied, kissing her back, “And thanks…”


Stuart had texted Leslie to say he had found them a table at the very back of Starbucks; the rest of the place was pretty packed with Christmas shoppers. She made her way over, very carefully avoiding a bump from anything to her ankle or stomach. She slowly sat down, wincing slightly as she did. Looking a little guilty, presumably at her slightly pained expression, Stuart slid over the coffee she had ordered by way of Whatsapp.

“Thanks Leslie.”

“You earned it, you worked hard,” she replied, giggling for a second but then yelped as her stomach twanged of pain for a second, “but I’m definitely glad your next exams are months away.”

“Still, I appreciate it, and I get that my belly ring gift,” he said, pointing at her stomach, “was more for me than you, so I did get you a couple of other things.”

From his backpack, he retrieved a medium-sized package that looked like it could be clothes, and a card.

“Oh Stuart… thanks,” she said, reaching out and caressing his nearest hand, “I got you some things too.”

She pulled out two wrapped boxes; one was a cube just bigger than her palm and the other was a long, thin cuboid, which made enough space for her to just about fit the gift he gave her.

“Those are a bit functional, so I got you this too, that might be a little more ‘fun’,” she continued, handing him a card, “You can open that one now but promise me you won’t do anything terrible. Use this sensibly.”

“What is it?”

Still both holding the card, she insisted, “Promise, nothing outrageous.”

“Promise,” he said, and she released the card.

He opened the envelope and pulled out the card inside. He opened the card and read the message, ‘To my dear Boyfriend, Merry Christmas! You make our time together so exciting and I hope you find some use for this gift. Love, your Baby xxx’.

Leslie pointed enthusiastically at the paper that had fallen out of the card without catching Stuart’s attention. Stuart gave it a curious expression and picked it up. Leslie mimed sniffing it, and Stuart copied her, and told her it smelt nice. He unfolded it, his brows furrowing in confusion as he read it.

“Babe… is this what I think it is?” he asked, his mouth agape.

He slid it over to the middle of the table, turning it so the script faced her.

School network: K1ngst0nMMYYYY
FB: K8yP3rryisF1T

“What do you think it is?”

“Lewis’s passwords.”

She nodded, beaming enthusiastically at Stuart’s adorable amazed expression. She told herself that with access to his school emails and Facebook account, Stuart could bully Lewis without physically hurting him or doing anything to malicious, so it was good for both of them. But she knew no matter how she justified it, it wouldn’t end with something good for Lewis; she realised had just crossed another line. Each time it got easier and easier

She looked at Stuart, his mouth still agape, took both his in hers and said, “Merry Christmas, Bully Boy.”

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Conflicted - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: She’s Taken By Surprise

Leslie sat in her bathroom, wearing just a red thong and bra set, gently cleaning the skin where her tattoo was. It was Christmas Eve today; the tattoo had had five days to heal, and it was progressing nicely, despite some scabbing. She hadn’t had a chance to see her boyfriend since she got it, and she wondered if that was a good thing, as she could hide the gross reality of the first few days after getting a tattoo.

Before she got it, she wasn’t sure if a lion’s head was too masculine for her to get, but the thin, intricate, dark green lines weaved a delicate picture of a lion with a beautiful floral mane. She had even started wondering when she could get the design coloured in. She had also been nervous about the size of the tattoo as it was quite big; it was placed just above her ankle bone, and covered 5cm by 5cm across the outer side of her lower leg, but when she considered what it was, a gift to Stuart, she was happy she hadn’t caved to her fears and gone smaller. The thing she liked about it most though – and each time she saw it, this feeling sunk into her a little bit more – was that it was a permanent mark of Stuart, etched onto her skin forever.

Her family didn’t know this, of course. They each had a different reaction to her new body art. She cast her mind back to when she returned to the house hours after getting her Stuart-inspired branding.

When she got back that day, she walked into the kitchen and her family, presumably curious to see what a freshly tattooed, middle-class mother-of-two looked like, quickly joined her as she placed her bag down on the same counter she had been bent over a few weeks previously, as the teenager who bullied her son took her from behind.

Both her children looked to their father. He had tried to hide his look of disapproval, which, in fairness, had Leslie not known him so well, she might not have noticed, but it was there to read on his face. Despite this, he spoke politely, his annoyance barely conspicuous as he stated both the tattoo and the belly dangle ‘looked nice’.

“Yeah, I like your belly button, Mum. I didn’t expect something so pink. I think it’s really cool. I think it’d look really good if I got one,” beamed her daughter, who then nervously looked at her dad before adding, “When I’m 18, of course.”

Leslie had avoided making eye contact with her husband, worried about the reaction he would have to their daughter being encouraged to modify her body because of her own piercing and tattoo. Instead, she turned to her son, who was inspecting her ankle tattoo.

“Wouldn’t have expected you to go for a lion,” said her son.

“Oh, you don’t like it?”

“Actually, I kinda do. Bit strange how you made it look so girly, but I do think it looks good. Why the lion?”

“Oh… um…” she mumbled, feeling a pang of guilt as she thought about how it was the zodiac sign of Lewis’s bully, “Just liked the design.”

“Good a reason as any,” added her husband, his tone obviously sarcastic.

Her husband had made a couple more comments betraying his displeasure but after a couple of days those stopped. Leslie had hoped that was because he had become less bothered, but she suspected it was more likely to be that he was ignoring the situation.

Leslie finished cleaning her tattoo and put on her black swing dress; a shoulder-strap dress that hung loose over her whole body, before moving to her bedroom, where she donned a pair of red open-toed metal-stiletto heels. She grabbed some rouge lipstick from her make-up drawer; it was a shade of lipstick she wouldn’t have normally worn, as she preferred more natural tones, but this time it matched her underwear, her shoes and her carefully painted fingernails and toenails.

She checked the time, half-past six, and peeked her head out the bedroom door. Her sister, along with her family, was due to arrive soon but, judging by the lack of extra voices coming from downstairs, she assumed that they were still on their way.

Leslie quickly shut the bedroom door again and whipped off her dress; as it was loose, it barely took a second to remove it, and grabbed her phone from her desk. She opened Whatsapp and went to her conversation with Stuart. A few days ago she realised that no one in her family would ever check her work phone. With her personal phone, it was commonplace for her children or husband to use it without ever needing to ask. It would be very suspicious if she suddenly changed the PIN code or in any way prevented them using it, however, with her work phone, she had legitimate reasons for keeping it private.

Technically, she wasn’t allowed to use her phone for personal reasons at all, but, in practice, provided she didn’t rack up any charges on her phone, which she wasn’t as she was careful to use it only when connected to WiFi, then no one would check.

Of course, this didn’t work both ways, as Stuart still only had one phone to contact Leslie on. She had expressed her nervousness at this to Stuart, but so far nothing had gone wrong; his phone was password protected and to date no one had seen anything she had sent him, especially as a teenager being possessive over their phone was the norm.

Leslie turned her phone to ‘selfie’ mode, and ensured her body was in shot, including the fingernails of the hand she wasn’t holding her phone with. However, she avoided getting her face in shot; she knew such a precaution was pointless, considering Stuart had a sex tape of the two of them going at it, but she still didn’t feel comfortable having her face in a provocative shot sent over the phone. She captioned the photo with ‘Everything matches… do I look pretty?’

She snapped another photo, this time of just her lips pouting and sent that too, labelling that with ‘My lips match too… wish they were wrapped round your hard cock.’

Leslie looked excitedly at the confirmation that the photos sent – after all, she had bought the lingerie set for him, though, ironically, she rarely wore underwear around him – and turned the phone back to standby mode. She quickly put her dress back on, checked her appearance and then, after she took a second to let her heart stop racing at sending such an explicit message, headed out of her bedroom.

Coincidentally, just then, she heard the chime of the doorbell and she eagerly sped up. The loose, lightweight material of her dress billowed up around her waist; it wasn't enough to expose anything embarrassing but it tickled her bare skin and threatened to reveal her skimpy underwear. Unwilling to flash her family, she slowed down enough to prevent her intimate areas from being put on show, descending the stairs with caution.

She reached the final step when her daughter flung open the door to Steph, Leslie's younger sister. Steph was a couple of years younger than Leslie but they had always looked very similar, though perhaps Leslie’s features were softer and more ‘motherly’. Steph had always bonded to people quicker than Leslie could. Steph was always the wilder one, always she was the exciting and adventurous one; their mother secretly confided to Leslie many times that she was worried Steph would never be a success in life.

So it was a shock to their family when Steph got engaged at the age of 23, and it was almost out of the blue, after a string of short-term boyfriends. It took a few days for Steph to admit it, but after asking for the wedding to take place at a short notice, it became obvious that she had fallen pregnant, and six months after she was married, her little sister gave birth to twin boys, just weeks before Lewis was born.

The sisters hugged, kissing each other’s cheeks, and the extended family members greeted each other, Katie particularly enthusiastic to see her aunt; the two had always been close, bonding over more traditional ‘girly’ things like make-up and clothes. Their sons were a lot more muted in their greetings, but the male cousins were good friends as they were the same age and had similar interests. She noticed the guests glancing at her ankle, but none of them said anything about it.

Tony, her brother-in-law, grabbed his and Steph’s bags and headed to the guest bedroom. Her nephews were staying on fold-out beds that had been set-up in Lewis’s room. She had watched Lewis moving the furniture around the room to make space for the new beds and she felt naughty, in a good way, when she saw him move his desk and computer chair, thinking about how Stuart had fucked her to orgasm on both of them. She took her husband to bed a little earlier that night and thought about being fucked on the desk by Stuart; she had gotten so into it she almost called her husband ‘Stuart’.

Steph and her family took twenty minutes to smarten themselves up, after which all eight of them had dinner together. Leslie cleared the table and began the washing up when her sister joined her in the kitchen. Steph walked to her sister and loosely wrapped an arm around Leslie’s waist.

“Hey Les, want a hand?”

“Nah, I’m almost done, but thanks.”

“The food was good; I can’t wait until Christmas lunch tomorrow.”

“What’s up, Steph?” asked Leslie, politely but firmly.

“What do you mean?”

“You have your ‘we’ve got to talk’ tone of voice.”

“Fine…” laughed Steph, “I just was wondering about the tattoo… honestly, I didn’t believe it when you said. You’re supposed to be the sensible one! I’m pretty sure Mum is still mad at me for getting mine, and it’s been nearly 25 years.”

The pair of them giggled for a few seconds, Steph’s body jostling enough to expose part of her stomach, between her top and her trousers, and reveal the phoenix feather tattoo that she had just referred to.

“Does that mean you got your belly done too?”

Leslie looked round quickly to ensure she was in no one else’s line-of-sight, before pulling her dress up to just below her breasts, flashing her thong as well as her belly button piercing.

“Wow!” exclaimed Steph, before she spoke again, her words careful, “Sexy underwear too… kinda adds to my point actually… I just thought, here you are, getting a tattoo, a new sexy belly piercing, you’re looking more toned too, so I’m assuming you’re going to the gym more…”

Steph trailed off and Leslie looked at her for a few seconds, before coaxing her along, “What’s your point Steph?”

“You remember my friend David, right?” asked Steph, sounding a little nervous; David had been a close friend and co-worker of Steph’s and Leslie had suspected that Steph was having an affair with him.

“Yeah…” answered Leslie, worried about where this was going.

“David,” she continued, hesitating for a second, “was a good friend… and I did new things and was in a good place… but spending time with him was taking away time from family and you know Tony and I argued a lot because of it… Just… if this is because of someone in particular then I don’t know if it’s the best idea…”

“No…” replied Leslie, feeling guilty about lying straight to her sister’s face, “I just felt like being a bit wild… taking a break from being a boring old housewife.”

Steph laughed, but Leslie could tell she wasn’t convinced, “Well, you’ve always been a boring old housewife, so you can’t stop now ‘Mrs Watkins’.”

“Hey, I can be fun! ‘Mrs Tweddle’,” retorted Leslie, and watched her sister roll her eyes; Steph had always thought her marital name of ‘Tweddle’ sounded silly.

Both sisters laughed of their discomfort at the situation, and Steph suggested they grab some wine. As Leslie opened the cupboard with the wine glasses, she began to wonder what life would be like for her in 10 years. She imagined Lewis coming home for Christmas with a fiancée and that girl asking her what her tattoo meant. She wouldn’t be able to tell anyone the truth, just shrugging it off as a ‘wild moment’ in her life. Leslie and Lewis might go to shops that day and coincidentally they spot Stuart. She imagined Lewis saying ‘oh there’s that arsehole I went to school with’, and Leslie would have to bite her tongue and pretend he meant nothing to her.

Leslie imagined seeing a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, next to Stuart, young, firm and in the prime of her life. In Leslie’s mind, the woman turned around and she saw a large tramp stamp saying ‘Stuart’. The imagined Leslie looked at her tattoo and wondered if the young woman had her nipples pierced for him too. Stuart’s imaginary girlfriend could do all these things because she wasn’t some secret tryst with a husband and kids.

Leslie and Stuart’s future had popped into Leslie’s mind many times but the nature of how they met and their age gap had meant she was always too scared to think about it. She knew it had to end somehow, eventually, but right now, the thought of not being with Stuart actually caused a twang of pain to ripple through her chest for a second.

“Les?” called Steph, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, fine, just day dreaming,” replied Leslie, who just realised she had been standing in front of the open cupboard for a good 30 seconds, without doing anything at all.

She followed her sister through to the living room, where their respective husbands were deep in conversation. Steph sat down next to Tony stroking his shoulder and pecking him on the cheek. Leslie sat down next to Malcolm and snuggled up next to him. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if, or rather when, she had to break up with Stuart. Another pang of pain gripped her chest and she put thoughts of the future far to one side as all of them clinked wine glasses.


‘Sleigh Ride’ was blaring from the living room speakers, as Malcolm and Steph prepared some nibbles to keep the family going until Christmas Lunch. Tony was peering curiously at various gifts under the Christmas tree. Leslie had been setting the table but she was now done. She told her sister and husband that she was going to wake up their kids, and they all joked about how at Christmas it used to be the children who were up at the crack of dawn, yet it was almost 9 am and not a peep from upstairs.

She went to Katie’s room first and saw that her daughter was already awake, but she was just lying there, using her laptop, presumably on Facebook or something like that. Katie groaned as she started to roll out of bed, so Leslie moved onto her son’s bedroom.

She knocked on the door and announced her entry, as she walked into her son’s bedroom. A simultaneous grunt greeted her, but none of the three boys moved. She walked to the window and leant over the bed to draw the curtains. She quickly moved away, towards the bedroom door, as she was worried that her nephews, whose beds were low down, might be able to see up her silk negligee to her bare pussy.

She saw some movement as the winter sun shone through the window. Her son wedged his head between two pillows and she felt a taboo thrill as she remembered that she had used one of those to wipe between her legs when Stuart’s cum was dribbling out of her.

“Come on boys, we’ve got to open gifts, then have some breakfast, and then you have to get ready before Alan comes round. I don’t want to have a guest round when you’re all still in pyjamas,” she commanded, clapping her hands until she saw one of her nephews sit up.

Leslie went through to her own bedroom to check her work phone. She was excited when she saw 3 new notifications from Whatsapp. Stuart had explained to her how to prevent the notifications showing who had sent the messages, as she didn’t want anyone to accidentally see she was receiving messages from Stuart, and she certainly didn’t want sexually explicit messages appearing on her lock screen, but she knew it would be him.

The first message said, ‘looking at ur photos and again it made me hard’, the second message had a photo proving that he was hard and the third was ‘Merry Christmas you fucking slut!’.

Leslie pulled off her negligee and held her phone out for a selfie. She pinched her left nipple and pushed her chest out, again keeping her face out of the photo, partly for privacy and partly because she hadn’t had a shower yet. She added the message ‘Merry Christmas Bully Boy. Wish you were inside me xxxx’ and hit send. She pulled her negligee back on and went to delete the photos she had sent from her phone’s photo album when she noticed Stuart had already replied.

‘Babe I miss ur pussy. Show me it plz’

Leslie wasn’t sure how she felt about a really explicit picture of her vagina. She had never thought there was a way to make them look good, but she was horny and she had never ‘sexted’ like this before, so it was new and exciting. She sat down on the bed and pulled the hem of her negligee up to waist height. She parted her legs and used her free hand to spread her labia. She took a photo and sent it quickly, before she changed her mind and then giggled what she had just done.

‘Fuck. Ur so hot…’

‘Thanks baby. I haven’t had a chance to open your gifts yet. I’m looking forward to it.’

‘Me too cant wait to see what uve got me x’

Leslie had stashed her gifts from Stuart at the bottom of her gym bag, which was tucked away at the back of her wardrobe. She thought about grabbing them now, but just as she moved towards the wardrobe, she heard Lewis shouting.

“Mum, you made us get up, so where are you?”

“Coming,” she shouted back, as she ensured her negligee was decent again.


The children were playing a board game that Lewis had given to one of his cousins. Steph was helping to prep some of the food for lunch; Leslie had just put the turkey in the oven, and the two husbands were tasting some ales that Leslie had given Malcolm. Now seemed like the perfect time to sneak upstairs and open Stuart’s gifts.

She got to her bedroom and grabbed her work phone, happy to see some messages. Stuart had messaged her to say he was now going to open her presents. The next was a photo of a smiling Stuart holding a pen and a blue tie, captioned with ‘Thanks!!! Ur so awesome xxx’.

Leslie, as she had written in messages in the respective gift boxes, she had bought him a tie so he could wear it to university interviews, as a way of ‘being with Stuart’ when he’s there, and she bought him a pen for him to use in his exams, hoping it could be a ‘good luck charm’. She had worried they were really boring gifts, but she didn’t think she could top a tattoo and piercing in terms of excitement.

Leslie grabbed her gym bag, towel and phone then headed into the bathroom. Leslie locked the bathroom door and put her bag on the floor so that she could whip off her negligee. She jumped into the shower and washed herself as quickly as she could. She was hoping to use FaceTime to call her boyfriend, but she didn't really fancy doing it without washing herself first.

She towel dried her hair, so that it wasn't soaking wet but as soon as she was satisfied she looked clean, she sent Stuart a Whatsapp message asking him if he was free to talk and when he said yes, confirmed that FaceTime uses WiFi data and wouldn't appear on the list of phone charges. Satisfied that her company phone bill wouldn't expose her affair. She pulled a pair of headphones from a side pocket of her gym bag and plugged them in before initiating the video call. She tingled with excitement the second Stuart appeared on her screen, and she enthusiastically, but quietly greeted him.

"Hi you slut, are you naked?" he asked, whispering back.

"Yup! I just got out the shower and I thought you might enjoy seeing me open your presents when," she tipped the phone down to show her breasts and pussy, "I'm totally naked."

"Looks good to me! Why are we whispering?"

"I'm whispering because I have 7 family members that could walk by the bathroom door, I don't know why you are? I've got you on headphones."

"Fair enough," he said in a normal voice, "Thanks again for the gifts, it kinda made me excited for the prospect of going to an interview now, seems less daunting."

She smiled and he excitedly told her to open his card to her. She carefully pulled out the card and the wrapped gift. She opened the envelope first and pulled out a card with a fairly simple design on the front and read 'To a wonderful girlfriend on Christmas'. She smiled and opened it up to read the inside, 'Hey Babe, In so many ways being with you has made my life so much better. That's why I really want to treat you, so I hope you enjoy the voucher. Merry Christmas! Lots of love, Stuart xx'.

Enclosed with the card was a piece of paper, which was folded once to about the size of a credit card. Eagerly, she opened it and read 'This voucher entitles the holder to a three course meal for two patrons. Validity Sun-Thu, evening à la carte or set menu (6pm)'. She looked at the logo in the top corner and had a momentary shock.

"Stuart, I know this place, it's a really fancy French restaurant, it must've been really expensive!”

"It wasn't too bad, I got a deal for it," replied Stuart, looking a little bashful at Leslie's excitement, "I had some money saved from a summer job and I just thought it was worth it for all the stuff you've done for me. Gotta admit though, I don't really understand most of what is on the menu."

Leslie giggled and then kissed the air in front of the phone's camera.

"I can't wait to see what's in this one," she said, genuinely beaming with anticipation at her teenage lover.

She carefully unwrapped the package and saw some lacy pink material. Pulling apart the wrapping paper further, she realised it was a lingerie set and, unsurprisingly, a pretty skimpy one at that. The top was a black bra with pink lace and some pretty bows, the bottom was a lacy thong, probably the smallest she ever owned; the front was just a diamond of pink material, with three black thin straps that ran around the sides to connect to a flimsy t-back, which was adorned with another pink bow.

“Wow Stuart, this is really pretty,” she said, as she checked the label, “and it’s the right size!”

“Oh yeah… that was tricky, I kept wanting to check the size of your underwear but you almost never fucking wear any,” he stuck his tongue out at her and continued, “thought maybe you needed another nice pair to wear.”

Still looking at the label she said, “And this is a really nice set! Victoria’s Secret! Stuart, you’ve spent so much!”

“Hey, you’re a slut, but you’re classy too. An elegant slut.”

She flicked her hair back, in a faux glamourous way, and then stuck her bare breasts out for the camera.

“Do you want me to wear them now? Or for the next time I see you?”

“Definitely today, kinda hot knowing you’re wearing sexy underwear I got you for Christmas.”

She gave him a naughty smile and then balanced the phone on the countertop so that he could watch her put on her new underwear. She slid the thong on first, slowly and sensually, gliding the fabric against her smooth skin. When she pulled it up over her crotch, she turned around and made a show of pulling the thin back deep into her butt cleft.

She saw Stuart tip his phone down and pointed it at his cock, which was rock-hard. He held the camera there long enough to show her he was gently stroking it before he pointed the camera back at his eager grin. She walked a little closer to the camera, which was a bit above waist height, until her sex filled most of the field-of-view being transmitted to him. She rubbed her intimate area, through the thin fabric of her new thong, for a few seconds, before stepping back and putting her body back in shot.

Not sure how to make putting on a bra look as sexy as sliding on a thong, she didn’t try anything elaborate when pulling it on, but when it was on, she squeezed her breasts and played with the cups of the bra, pretending that she was labouring over adjusting the fit. She stuffed the card and wrapping into her gym bag, bending at the waist and presenting her bum to the camera as she did so, and then picked up the phone again, putting the headphones back in her ears.

“How do I look?” she asked, panning down to show her thong and pierced belly.

“Ugh… babe I’m gonna cum like any second just from looking at your slutty body.”

Leslie was about to check herself out in the mirror when she heard a knock at the door. Her heart began to race, but she calmed herself by looking at the door and seeing it was still firmly locked. She had hidden the wrapping for her illicit gifts, so there was nothing immediately incriminating around her.

“Who is it? I’ll be a few minutes,” yelled Leslie, as she removed one of the headphones from her ear.

“It’s me, Mum,” came Lewis’s voice.

“Fucks sake, it’s the dickhead isn’t it? Always interrupting at the best bits,” came Stuart’s voice in one ear.

“Quiet,” she commanded in a whisper.

“Dad said the loo roll is finished downstairs and told me to come get some.”

“I’ll get him to go away,” whispered Leslie, intending to tell him she’ll sort out the toilet roll after she was done in the bathroom.

“No! Wait!” exclaimed Stuart, “Let him in.”

“Why?!” she whispered, “I’m half naked…”

“Yeah, I know, that’s why it’s hot. All you’re wearing is the tattoo you got for me, the belly piercing you got for me and the underwear I gave you.”


“Go on… you’re a slut… my slut…”

“Mum? Shall I tell Dad you’ll do it?”

“Wait…” she said, thinking about the fictional younger, sluttier woman in her day dream about Stuart.

She quickly flipped the camera mode from facing her to facing away and looked around for somewhere to put it that wouldn’t be obvious. She wrapped the headphone cord around the midsection then half stuck it out of the pocket of her gym bag, angled so the lens was pointing at the bathroom door, but looked inconspicuous.

She stopped the door, stomach churning a little with nerves, and listened for a second, to check if she could hear anyone other than her son. Pretty sure he was alone, she unlocked the door, hands trembling. Projecting outward confidence, she swung the door open until her exposed body was mostly on show.

She saw her son’s eyes dart along the length of her body, momentarily hesitating on her breasts, but she didn’t react in anyway. She noticed an embarrassed expression spread across his face, as his eyes locked intently with hers, clear he was trying to ensure eye contact.

“Uh… yeah… uh…” he spoke, voice stumbling at first, “Just two or three rolls please…”

Leslie turned round, knowing she was presenting him with her entirely bare buttocks, but once she wasn’t looking at Lewis anymore, she directed her thoughts at Stuart and pretended her son wasn’t there. The toilet roll was kept in a little basket next to the toilet, and she strode over to it with Stuart-fuelled sexy confidence. She bent over at the waist, legs spread to shoulder width, so that she could open the basket’s lid. After a few seconds, she realised she was actually mooning her son, getting carried away in her ‘sexy mode’.

Feeling self-conscious, she dropped her bum to her ankles, whilst her feet went up on tip-toes, and retrieved three rolls from the basket. Calmly, she handed them to her son, and then shut the door as soon as Lewis was out the threshold. Leslie, embarrassed, yet undeniably excited, lent back on the door and took a deep breath. She grabbed her phone from her bag and put the headphones back in.

She spoke, quietly still, as soon as she had flipped the camera round to selfie mode, “Oh my fucking god, I can’t believe you made me do that…”

“Fuck Leslie, that was so hot, you were such a…”

Leslie caught sight of herself in the mirror and her jaw dropped, before she immediately yelped down the phone, forgetting to keep her voice down for the first few words, “Oh fuck! Stuart, you didn’t tell me it’s a sheer bra!”

Leslie stared at her chest. It wasn’t transparent but there was, just visible, but unmistakably, the dark circles of her nipples under her bra. She looked down at her crotch and it too was slightly see-through, enough to make out her trimmed ‘landing strip’.

“Oh god, I can’t believe you let me do that when I’m pretty much naked!”

“Dunno, didn’t actually realise they were see-through,” he said, not sounding bothered, then added, “Makes it kinda hotter though.”

“No it doesn’t!” she retorted, but secretly, she knew exactly what he meant.

“Come on, it’s not like it covers much even if wasn’t see-through. Babe, that was fucking hot and you know it. I almost came like 10 times when you were prancing around. Oh and guess what.”

She tried to conceal her nervously excited smile, “What?”

“Lewis totally checked out your ass when you bent over.”

“Awwww, yuck. No he didn’t!” she exclaimed, once again momentarily losing control of her volume.

Leslie saw he was about to speak again, and she thought of how uncomfortable it was to have her son stare at her barely covered breasts, so she interjected, “He didn’t.”

“OK. Still was hot though…”

“Glad you liked it… but my phone is so close to dying, FaceTime usually kills it,” she pulled a sad face before continuing it, “I’ll try to send you a message soon.”

“Wait! I was gonna ask if you wanted to see each other later.”

“Are you mad? Do I come round and meet the parents? Or do you want to come and meet my family,” she stopped and smirked, “Well, you already know Lewis.”

“No, I’m not saying that, I know we can’t do that,” he said, with a ‘duh’ expression, “So, I’m going to see my brother with my mum and grandparents after lunch. My dad and my other gran are there now. Basically, after I’m done with my bro, I said I’d go over to my dad’s flat after as it’s not too far from where Cameron is. I thought, on the way, we could maybe do it in your car?”

“But how do I get away from my family?”

“I think it’d only be a 10 minute drive from your house.”

“Send me the address,” she said, but the thought actually made her sad, because she doubted she could get away and she felt like she was letting him down.

“OK, I’ll send the postcode. I’ll be heading over about 4, so let me know if you can meet.”

As the couple said bye, Leslie kissed her lips towards the screen and, immediately, she started to think of ways to meet Stuart without raising suspicion.


The family was done with the main course of Christmas Lunch; her nephews and Malcolm were pecking at the scraps from the turkey, but the remaining members of the table were slouching with food fatigue. Leslie had eaten a lot less than the rest of them, as she was still hoping to meet Stuart and didn’t want to be bloated for a quickie in the car.

Lewis hadn’t acted in any way different to Leslie after her earlier exposure to him, though, she thought, and it may have been her imagination, that he may have looked at her breasts a couple of times.

The seven members of Leslie’s family were also joined by a childhood friend of Leslie’s, Alan. Alan’s wife had also been a friend of Leslie and Steph, but she had passed away a couple of years previously. Leslie had invited him over this year as he happened to live quite close by and she didn’t want him spending Christmas alone.

“So, Alan, you seeing anyone?” asked Steph, which made Leslie tense for a second, unsure if it was too soon to ask, but Steph, and the rest of the table except for Leslie, had had a few drinks by now.

“Well… I have signed up for online dating,” he replied, to a chorus of ‘oooo’.

“Go on, go on, Uncle Alan, tell us more,” said Katie, and Leslie gave her a raised eyebrow and moved her glass of wine a few centimetres away.

“Well, to be honest, there’s nothing to tell. Most women my age are bitter divorcees. I’m apparently ‘not like other men, not like their horrible ex-husbands’,” he said, doing an impression of an angry sniping voice.

“Oh, that’s a shame,” said Leslie, “How many women have you met?”

“Well I’ve been on dates with maybe 8 women in the past 6 months? And there was only one I’d say was worth a second date.”

“Oh who was that?” asked Steph.

“She works in marketing. She’s really pretty. She’s Canadian too, not too far from where my parents grew up.”

“Sounds great, what’s the catch?”

“No catch, she’s just 32.”

“Hey hey there stud,” cheered Tony, giving him a nudge with his elbow, before continuing, “Younger lady.”

“Hey, Tony, what’s wrong with women in their 40s?” snapped his wife, with a semi-serious tone.

“Well, present company excluded, of course, as Alan says, maybe older women can be…”

“Be what?”

“I feel I should be quiet now.”

“Probably for the best,” said Steph, and gave him a dirty look, but she continued, “I just think if Alan here was an equally good-looking eligible woman, and said she was dating a man over a decade younger, you woudn’t be like, ‘ohh hey…’ look, we don’t even have word for a woman stud!”

Leslie remained quiet. She felt a little uneasy at the topic of conversation.

“It’s different.”


Leslie, not sure she wanted to hear the reasons, interrupted, “How about we cheers to Alan and his lovely girlfriend, younger or not.”

Taking the hint to finish the topic, the table all raised their glasses, except Katie, whose glass Leslie had taken, and replaced with her unused one, taking a small sip. As they put their glasses down, a phone ring tone went off.

“Oh, that’s mine, I’ll turn it off,” said Alan, then he paused for a second, “Actually, excuse me, it’s my sister-in-law.”

As Alan left the room, Leslie looked over at the clock. 3pm… she would have to text Stuart soon and say she couldn’t see him. She felt a hollow disappointment.

“Sorry guys, I think I’ll have to go sooner than expected,” announced Alan, as he came back into the room.

“What’s wrong?” asked Leslie.

“Pat’s just called to say that their car won’t start, so they can’t get down to see her parents.”

Pat was Alan’s wife’s sister. Alan had explained that he would go see his wife’s parents on Boxing Day, but Pat was supposed to reach them on Christmas Day. Alan said he would go see them, today but he needed to book a taxi. Leslie saw her opportunity.

“I’ve not been drinking. I’ve literally had this one sip of wine,” she said, hoping no one would question her suspicious tee-total behaviour.

“Les, I can find a taxi. I just thought I had until tomorrow to sober up.”

“Don’t be silly, you said they live just beyond Weybridge; that’s a 20 minute drive without traffic. If we leave in about 20 minutes, you can finish your wine and you’ll be there before 4.”

“Are you sure?”

“Alan, we’re not bungling you into a taxi on Christmas day, enjoy your drink.”

Leslie smiled and tidied some of the dishes from table, giving her cover to sneak a text to her son’s bully.


Leslie dropped Alan at his in-law’s house and entered the destination of Stuart’s dad’s flat into her satnav. Steph had almost scuppered her plan by offering to come with her. When Leslie declined she thought, but wasn’t sure, that Steph gave her a funny look, like she knew what Leslie was planning. Despite that, her plan to meet Stuart was on-track and minutes before 4, Leslie pulled up in the residents parking, which had many empty spaces, as presumably many of the parking spots’ regular owners had gone to other parts of the country for Christmas.

She had already got into the back seat, and her sequined mini dress sat on the front passenger seat, as she had slipped it off in anticipation. All she was wearing now was her special underwear from Stuart, and her tan overcoat. She saw Stuart come round the back of the apartment building and walk towards her car. She hadn’t seen him in 5 days, but it felt like weeks.

Once Stuart saw her waiting, he sped up to a slow jog, until he reached the door to the back seat. He entered the car briskly, ‘brr-ing’ as he left the cold outdoors. Leslie didn’t even give him time to speak, and, judging by the temperature of his cheeks and nose, time to warm up. One minute of kissing and dry humping sorted Stuart out however. He started to pull open her coat, so Leslie sat on the opposite side of the car and remove it, exposing her skimpy underwear.

“Fuck me… look even hotter in real life babe… and sluttier…”

Leslie pulled aside the crotch of her thong and, voice desperate, said, “I’ve been ready to fuck you for almost a week now, please fuck me, I’m so horny.”

Stuart didn’t waist a second, he undid his trousers and pulled up his shirt until his solid hard-on was free. He slipped inside of her and she gasped loudly as she felt how rigid he was; she felt no give in his erection, it could well have been made of stone. As soon as he started pumping into her, she knew she would be in for an amazing orgasm. She had masturbated almost twice a day since she last saw him, which tempered her appetite each time but never fully satisfied her, nor did sex with Malcolm; this is what she’d wanted, no needed, since she last saw him.

“Fuck Babe, me too, I’ve not cum in like two days,” he grunted in between her eager passionate kisses, “I wanted to save up a huge load for when I next saw you.”

Leslie thought about this situation; it was Christmas Day, and she was in the back of her car, frantically fucking her teenage boyfriend, who was the bully of her son, and she was decorated with a piercing, a tattoo and sexy underwear, all for him. She was Stuart’s sex toy, just a thing for him to dress-up and play with. She was his sex toy. A toy to fuck. Leslie felt herself ready to climax in record time.

Barely able to get the words out, she gasped and panted, “Am I a sex toy to you?”

“Fuck yeah, baby,” he said, as if it was nothing to turn a married mother into your very own plaything.

“Say it, tell me it!” she gasped again, “Am I just a toy for you to fuck when horny?”

“Yeah, you’re just a sex toy. Just a slutty toy. That’s what sluts like you are.”

She screamed loudly and shuddered hard as she had the best orgasm that week. At that moment she perceived only two things; the thought that she was the sex toy for a boy much less than half her age and the mind-blowing orgasm that that boy was giving her. As Leslie’s body completely relaxed, Stuart’s still strong and tense; he had not quite finished yet.

“Gonna cum loads inside you Leslie, you’ll have cum dripping out of you all day.”

Leslie kissed him, and remembered that the explosive orgasms he gave her may be the best feeling she had ever experienced, but watching, smelling, tasting and feeling Stuart’s cum was a close second.

“Baby, I want to feel your cum all over me. Spray it on my stomach and my pants and my bra. I want your sticky, thick cum on me when I go home. I want to feel it on my skin when I’m with Lewis. Cum all over your sex toy.”

Stuart sped up, the look on his face ecstatic, then he pulled out and jerked off, his spunk flying out almost instantly. Ropes of thick, gloopy cum, twice as voluminous as usual sprayed out like a fan across her body. The sperm that reached her chest was like a watery film, streaked with flecks of white, but the heavier viscous ejaculate landed just beyond the tip of Stuart’s cock, leaving globs of jelly on her lower stomach. She watched as his erection turned limp and dribbled cum onto her thong.

“Pass my dress, baby, I want to feel your sticky cum on me for the rest of the day.”

“Leslie… that’s so fucking hot,” replied Stuart, passing her dress from the front seat.

Stuart helped her shimmy the dress down over her body, as the car wasn’t the easiest place to get redressed, and she felt the inner lining of the dress smear his cum across her skin. She was aware she may regret this later, but right now it felt so hot. Older women could be as fun as younger women, if not more so because of all their experience.

Leslie kissed Stuart bye, but they quickly turned to a passionate make-out session. Leslie reached down to her thong and was about to pull it down when she looked at the time. She knew it was time for her to head back, but her mind wandered back to her daydream from yesterday. Leslie imagined Lewis at the shops looking around, but instead of Leslie and Lewis, he was with his fictional fiancée.

This time Leslie was on the other side of the shopping mall, holding hands with Stuart, dressed in a short skirt and a cropped shirt that showed off her a big ‘Stuart’ lower back tattoo. In her imagination, she looked over at Lewis, he didn’t notice her, but Stuart sees him and calls him a dickhead to Leslie. Leslie kissed the imaginary Stuart and he wrapped his arm round her as they walked away.

She didn’t feel pain like she did in the daydream where Stuart was with another woman, but she did feel bad. She knew it would be wrong to abandon her family. She knew she shouldn’t. She gave the real Stuart a kiss bye, this time on the cheek and they both got out the car; Stuart left the car park but Leslie returned to driver’s seat of her car.

Leslie's drive home took barely 15, which was good because it meant she had been out the house for barely over an hour; not long enough to to raise suspicions she thought. Still tingling a little from the orgasm Stuart had given her, she kicked off her shoes under the coat hooks and headed to the kitchen intending to grab a glass of wine before joining her family in the living room.

"Hey Mum! You're back," greeted Lewis enthusiastically, as he finished putting some dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

"Hi Sweetie, thanks for clearing up," replied Leslie.

'Sex with Stuart and my kids are cleaning up without me having to nag them, my lucky day!' she thought to herself.

"Well, it's Christmas and you always cook a great dinner and I just thought…” said Lewis as he walked over to his mum and embraced her tightly, “I’d say thanks.”

It was funny, she thought, that she would normally kill for a spontaneous hug from her kids, even if it was because Lewis was a bit drunk. However, this time, his thoughtful gesture was smushing his bully’s semen around under her dress and it made her horny to feel the evidence of their tryst. She hugged her son back, but couldn’t help but wish that she was back with Stuart right now.

Leslie and her son went through to the living room and Leslie perched herself on the arm chair in the corner of the room, feet up under her bum, and pulled out her phone. She looked round the room to make sure no one was paying too much attention to her; the boys were playing a board game, Tony and Malcolm were watching a Christmas movie and Katie was discussing her new shoes with Steph. Satisfied, Leslie went to the conversation with Stuart.

‘Hi baby, thanks for the best Christmas gift ever. I can still feel you cum on me xxx’

‘White Christmas innit x’

Leslie snorted with laughter and Malcolm looked around, “What so funny?”

“Oh… um…” she mumbled nervously to her husband, “Sorry that was a cough, I wasn’t laughing.”

“Glass of wine to clear your throat?” he offered, showing his glass and patting the seat between him and Tony.

Leslie hopped of her chair and went over to snuggle up to her husband. As she lay her head on his shoulder she smelt the cologne she had bought him for Christmas and she couldn’t help but think she preferred the deep musk she smelt every time she was nuzzled up to Stuart.


It was Monday, a few days after Christmas. Steph and her family had left yesterday evening, Malcolm was back at work, Katie was at the shops and Lewis was at his friend’s house; Leslie was alone for the first time since she snuck off to see Stuart on Christmas Day.

Naturally, she had quickly taken advantage of the situation. She was completely naked, legs spread, feet straddling her laptop as she sat with her back against the headboard of her bed. On the screen was a webcam stream of Stuart stroking his erection, whilst the picture-in-picture display showed her playing with her own sex; her right hand furiously rubbing her clit, whilst her left index and middle fingers were deep inside her tunnel, massaging her g-spot.

The microphone on her laptop wasn’t working properly, so she had to wear headphones, when she wanted to speak, “Baby, this wire is so annoying, I wish you were just here fucking me.”

“I know Babe, but I said I’d spend some time with the grandparents today. They still think I’m getting dressed after my shower.”

“Say something really dirty, Bully Boy, I’m so close to cumming,” she begged to her teenage boyfriend.

“Oh yeah?” asked Stuart, “Well… I fucking love seeing your belly piercing bouncing around when you rub yourself. Oh and I wanked over the photo you sent me of the tattoo.”

“Baby,” she groaned, “You can do so much better than that.”

“OK Slut! Um…promise you won’t wear any underwear for the next week.”

“I promise… uhn,” she moaned, “Yeah… tell your slutty sex toy what to do.”

“OK, you know our date at the French restaurant?”

“Yeah,” she gasped.

“I want you to dress sluttier than you ever have before, like proper hooker type stuff.”

“Yes, oh god yes,” she yelped, thinking about herself, a middle-aged mother, half-naked on a date with a boy younger than her son and she felt herself about to cum.

She started to breathe a little heavier as she came close to orgasm, her toes twitching and her muscles tightening in anticipation of her self-induced pleasure. Seconds away she saw her bedroom door swing open and Lewis standing there looking shocked.

“Fuck!” she shouted loudly as her left hand flew from inside her pussy to covering her breasts and her right hand slammed down the lid of the laptop.

She rolled her body to obscure her sex but by the time she had fully reacted to the situation, Lewis had shouted ‘sorry’ and shut the door quickly. Leslie pulled one corner of the quilt over her naked body and lay there for a few seconds until she was calm enough to grab her silk robe. Now a little more decent, she opened the bedroom door and slowly stepped out, ready to make excuses for what she was doing. Lewis was standing halfway between her bedroom and his, acting very sheepish and looking at the floor.

He saw her and blurted out his words, “I’m sorry Mum. The car wasn’t there so thought you were out and I didn’t know you’d be here. I’m sorry.”

Leslie had assumed Lewis would know exactly what she was doing, but then it occurred to her that he’d have had no reason to assume she was on webcam with Stuart, it probably just looked like she was watching porn. Her anxiousness over being caught had gone, but she was still angry at Lewis for walking in on her.

“The car is round the corner, I had to move it so Tony could get their car out last night and I haven’t moved it back yet,” she replied with annoyance in her voice.

She could feel her cheeks still red with embarrassment, but she could also see her son was mortified too. She knew they both would have preferred it never happened, so she just needed to play the situation better, not talk about it more. In her previous state of shock, embarrassment and annoyance, she hadn’t actually noticed her son was dripping wet.

“Why are you so wet?”

“It was pretty much raining the whole walk from the bus stop almost until I got to the front door. That’s why I was coming to your room, to use the hair drier.”

“Just use Katie’s,” instructed Leslie and her son shuffled off awkwardly.

Leslie went back into her room and took a deep breath as she sat down on the bed. She fetched her work phone from her bag and wasn’t surprised to see missed calls from Stuart. Whatsapp had a few messages too, which were also from Stuart, asking what had happened. She heard the distant sound of a hair drier as she returned Stuart’s call.

“One second,” came Stuart’s voice after barely two rings, then she heard his voice quieten, “Gran, Grandad, I’ll be back in 5 minutes.”

She heard the thumps that she assumed was Stuart running up the stairs and a few seconds later, she heard him speak again, “What happened Babe? Gotta go in like 5 minutes, by the way.”

“Lewis walked in,” mumbled Leslie.

“The dickhead?!” exclaimed Stuart, “Fucking brilliant, so he saw you frigging yourself over me?”


“Fuck me, that’s awesome.”

“Stop enjoying this so much, it was mortifying for me,” she scolded him, but deep down knew she expected this reaction.

“Yeah, but this is like one of the best things since Lewis saw me fingering you in Bullock’s office.”

“So the only good things are when,” she started, then turned to a hushed voice, “Lewis sees something?”

“Nah, I mean in the sense of getting to humiliate the twat, obviously shagging you is the best bit. Imagine if he saw that… fuck that’d be great.”

“Not a chance,” insisted Leslie, “Anyway, I called to make sure I can still see you tomorrow.”

“For sex in the car? Yeah, I wish we didn’t have to sneak around all the time though.”

“I know, Baby,” she said, thinking exactly the same thing, “Maybe I can get us a hotel room again sometime soon, definitely after our date.”

“Yeah, are we still doing the 22nd of Jan?”

“I’ll let you know as soon as Malcolm has booked his flights and then I know he’ll be away for that evening. Can’t wait to dress up all slutty for you, like I promised.”

“Yeah, that’ll be hot. I actually thought about that idea a few days ago. I’ll send you links for some dresses I found online.”

“Exciting,” she said, but, knowing what Stuart was like, she was also a little nervous at what he may have come up with.

“I need to go Babe, but one last thing, I was thinking, could we meet up on New Year’s Eve?”

She laughed, “Stuart, you’re crazy, Christmas was hard enough!”

“Well a few of my friends were talking about going to the fireworks on the Commons and I thought maybe you were doing that too. We could like meet up for a bit.”

“Actually, we’ve been there a few times. That’s not a bad idea…” she said, then ‘hmmm-ed’ to herself.

“Cool, let me know, Babe.”

“See you tomorrow!”

Leslie thought she should get dressed and speak to her son about something normal, just to alleviate any awkwardness that might arise thanks to the earlier incident. She went to her underwear drawer then remembered her promise to Stuart. She thought having subjected her son to seeing her almost naked the other day and then to, well, what he just saw, that she should perhaps exercise modesty.

However, she thought, what was the point in asking Stuart to make her promise to do dirty things if she didn’t follow through. Without underwear, she pulled on just a pair of leggings and a loose crop top that she’d normally wear with a high-waisted skirt, leaving her belly piercing on show. She headed downstairs and saw her son taking a packet of crisps out of one of the kitchen cupboards.

“Hey Lewis,” said Leslie, trying not to sound awkward.

“Hi Mum,” he replied, still sounding a bit sheepish.

Lewis faced her and rested on the cupboards behind him. Leslie, on the opposite end of the kitchen island from him, leant her forearms atop the countertop. She realised that coincidentally she had pretty much taken the exact position she had been in when Stuart had taken her from behind in the kitchen. She allowed herself only a couple of seconds of reminiscing before she turned her focus back to her son.

“So, did you have fun at Will’s? It was a group of you guys right?”

“Yeah… it was ok…” he said, sounding a little upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um… you know Charlotte?”

“Yes, what about her,” she said; of course she knew Charlotte, this was the girl that Leslie figured out that he had fancied for at least a year now, based on how much he spoke about her.

“Well, one of her friends texted to say that she knows that I kinda like her,” he said, hesitantly, “And the only people I’ve told at school were Vikram, Will and Aaron.”

“So one of them told her?”

“Yeah but none of them will admit it, so one of them is lying.”

“Maybe she guessed, honey. I mean, you talk about her a lot,” she replied, feeling bad for her son, but relieved that this seemed to have distracted him from catching his mum masturbating.

“No Mum,” he whined, “It’s stuff that I said in our Facebook chat group. Charlotte’s friends told me she’s not interested and thinks it’s weird I speak about her.”

Facebook. Leslie knew straight away what had happened. Stuart had used the passwords she had given him. She felt a pang of guilt for her son, but she knew something like this would happen. She only hoped that bullying Lewis this way would keep Stuart happy enough that he wouldn’t resort to insulting him at school or using violence.

“It’s ok, sweetie,” she soothed him, walking over to give him a hug.

She embraced her son, hoping that a hug would make it feel better, whilst fully aware this scenario wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t sleeping with Stuart. However, she didn’t feel regret; she did what she did because she wanted to please Stuart and she knew that this wasn’t a simple situation.

“How will it be ok, Mum?”

“You’ll find someone else,” she replied, hugging her son tighter, “I fancied boys at school, but, of course, I ended up with your Dad instead.”

‘Except that now I’m sleeping with your bully because he reminded me of the guy I fancied at school,’ she thought.

“Maybe,” moped Lewis, “I’m just gonna watch some TV.”

She stroked Lewis’s back as he walked past her into the living room. Leslie went up to her bedroom, intending to ask Stuart if it was indeed him who spread things Lewis told his friends in confidence, wondering if there was a way to reverse the situation. She picked up her work phone and saw a missed call from her boss. Worried about why she was being called on her holiday, she immediately returned the call.

“Hey Leslie,” came the slightly accented voice of her boss, Alessandro, “Sorry to bother you on your holiday, but I just thought I’d give you some good news.”

“Good news? OK, I was worried for a second,” replied Leslie.

“Well, we’ve finished the contract submission and I’ve been discussing with the team, and Arnold,” he continued, referencing his own boss, “and your name kept coming up as one of the reasons we got everything done in time.”

“Oh wow, that is good news, but I really didn’t…”

“Leslie, you’re too modest. Agreeing to go longer hours and the weekend hours you clocked up have been invaluable.”

Leslie felt her cheeks redden a little as her boss mentioned her ‘weekend hours’. She had done some work on the weekend as a cover for bringing Stuart in for tutoring, but she really hadn’t expected it to make a difference like Alessandro was suggesting it had.

“Well, Alessandro, thanks again, I was just helping. I mean it’s not a big deal,” she said, starting to waffle.

“Leslie, so that’s the not the only reason I was calling,” he interrupted her, “Well with Kartika going on maternity leave, were wondering if you’re happy to continue with your longer hours but we’d also give you to a more senior grade and give you Kartika’s reports…”

“Alessandro, are you calling me to promote me!?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes, Leslie, congratulations. I was going to wait until you were back from holiday, but I thought you might enjoy the news now.”

“Alessandro! Thanks!” yelped Leslie.

“Oh and one final thing, because of all your extra hours, I’ve arranged a day-in-lieu holiday for you if you want it.”


“Yeah, you can come back next Tuesday rather than Monday, or take it later if you have something else you want to use it for, but Kartika won’t be in on Monday for you to start your handover.”

“Wow, Alessandro you’ve made my day! Monday off would be great! Thanks so much!”

The conversation ended with Leslie grinning ear to ear. She couldn’t believe her illicit tutoring sessions would end with her getting promotion. She sent a message to Stuart straight away, asking him if he could speak. He replied saying he could get away for a few minutes.

“Baby, I’ve been promoted!”

“What? Like at work? That’s cool.”

“Yeah my boss just called.”

“I’m still don’t think I know exactly what you do, but I’m glad for you,” he said, laughing a little.

“Oh and because of all those extra… weekends… I did, they gave me an extra day of holiday.”

“Oh that’s cool, you mean ‘cause of the days you were tutoring me?”


“Imagine if they knew what you were doing,” he chuckled to himself.

“Hey, apparently I did some really good work too,” she giggled back, “Anyway, I was hoping I could use my holiday to spend the day with you, because I think your mum will be back at work.”

By the time Stuart and Leslie had said bye to each other, Leslie had already forgotten the rift between Lewis and his friends that her relationship had caused. She simply messaged her boyfriend with three kisses and smiled to herself.

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Conflicted - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: He Jumps Her in the Park

New Year’s Eve was the coldest day of 2014, with the temperature dipping below freezing for one of the few times in the whole year. This meant Leslie’s outfit was uncharacteristically modest compared to recent choices; she was wearing a great knitwear dress, thick black leggings, high-heeled boots and a long black fur-lined coat, but, as per the promise she made to Stuart, she was still absent of underwear. The rest of her family finished zipping or buttoning up their winter coats and then hustled quickly to the car.

The first stop they made was to drop of Katie at a New Year’s sleepover party. Lewis’s friends were going to the same fireworks display as Leslie, Malcolm and, unbeknownst to the guys in the car, Stuart. Lewis and his friends were still not on talking terms, so he had been reluctant to agree to meet them, but as Malcolm had told him, it seemed that Lewis was the loser in his self-imposed isolation.

By the time they had arrived near the park where the display was being held, Lewis had decided he should meet up with them. Most people had come in taxis, so despite the large volume of revellers, it hadn’t been as painful as they’d expected to get a place to park, but it was a fair walk from their final destination. They still had a couple of hours to kill before the start, so the trio found a nearby pub and headed in for a drink. Leslie had agreed to drive on the way back, so they had their toast to 2015 in the bar, with a glass of Prosecco each, before Lewis and Malcolm moved onto pints of beer.

At around half 11, the three of them decided it was best to go across to the park to get a good spot. Lewis texted his friends but the signal was patchy, and the message struggled to send, so he decided to stay with his parents until after the fireworks and try and meet his friends then. Lewis may not have been going anywhere, but Leslie had been more organised with her plans.

“Boys,” she said, waiting until her husband and son looked at her, “My hands are freezing, I think left my gloves in the car.”

“You can have mine,” replied Malcolm, pulling off his own gloves.

“They’ll be too big and you’ll get cold; I think I can get mine and come back before midnight.”

“OK, be quick though, you’ve got about 20 minutes.”

Leslie waited until she was out of the others’ line-of-sight before she pulled her gloves out of her bag; she may have lied that they were in the car but she was being honest when she said she was cold. She looked around for the meeting point that Stuart had given her, and checked her phone to see it was 23:45; right on time, she saw Stuart a few feet ahead of her. She was eager to go over and kiss him, but she restrained herself and walked a few paces behind him after he signalled where they were going with a tilt of his head.

She followed him off the path, trading carefully as the grass was wet from the afternoon rain, until they eventually got to edge of a small patch of trees. Leslie walked past the treeline to where Stuart was waiting. He took her into his arms and they kissed with days’ worth of pent-up desire.

“It’s a little dark; are you sure it’s safe?” she whispered to Stuart as she held close to him for warmth.

“Well we could go over there and do it under that lamp, if that’s better?”

“Very funny,” she said, as she playfully slapped his chest.

The couple retreated a couple of steps further into the darkness before Stuart pinned Leslie against a tree and soft kisses quickly turned into a full make-out session. It didn’t take long for Stuart’s hands to make their way down to Leslie’s thigh and like a sharp pinch she felt his cold skin against the warmth of her bare upper thighs.

“Eek!” she exclaimed, “Your hands are cold!”

“Yeah, sorry, thought you were wearing tights, I didn’t realise they were stockings.”

“That’s the idea, I got them specifically, they look like leggings,” she paused to kiss him and give him a cheeky smile, “but they give you easy access.”

She pulled off her gloves and took his right hand with both of hers, bringing it close to her lips. She breathed on his hand whilst rubbing it until it felt warm enough for her to direct back between her legs. She held him cautiously, inhaling sharply as his skin, still cold, but not freezing like before, touched her lower lips. She grimaced for a second but the literal heat of her arousal warmed Stuart’s fingers quickly and she relaxed her body against the tree trunk behind her. Leslie closed her eyes and her head lolled as she quietly moaned at Stuart’s touch.

A cold breeze blew her hair across her face and she remembered she was outside, in a public park, minutes from the New Year. She felt a taboo excitement deep in her chest when she heard and saw people in the distance as they made their way to the viewing points. The tingling feeling only got stronger when she thought about how none of them knew there was a teenage boy finger fucking a middle-aged mother just metres away.

Leslie drew close to Stuart’s ear and nibbled it as she whispered, “This is so hot but it’s time to fuck me.”

“Lie down,” he whispered back and nodded towards a flattish looking space between a couple of trees.

“Really? The ground is wet. I’ll get muddy.”

Stuart prodded the ground with his foot before he replied, “It’s not that bad, the trees will have kept it dry.”

Sounding unconvinced by his own words he pulled off his coat and took her by the hand to a place that was a little more out in the open but there it was more grassy than muddy. He threw down his coat and she took the hint to lie on it, pulling her dress up to her waist.

The cold pricked her skin for only as long as it took for Stuart to undo his jeans, free his erection and slide in between her legs. Leslie held Stuart close as he bucked his hips, partly because she enjoyed the feeling of his body against hers but also because her dress was riding up and exposing more skin to the icy air. However, it wasn’t that uncomfortable, if anything, the contrasting temperatures heightened her senses and increased her pleasure.

Stuart’s hands slipped up under her dress and made Leslie gasp as his cold hands pinched her hard nipples. She looked down at Stuart as she felt his tongue against her areola; her skin was so sensitive she thought she could feel every taste bud as he sucked the nub. She watched her hot steamy breath diffused around her as she exhaled deeper and faster.

She could feel an orgasm coming; she closed her eyes and rolled her head back. As she got closer the noise of distant footsteps got closer and a couple of whispered voices suddenly started chuckling.

“Wahay!” came the voice of a presumably drunk guy, maybe around Stuart’s age, as he approached with the palm of his hand out, “Shaggaaa!”

Leslie buried her face in Stuart’s shoulder as both of them were frozen in place.

“Doug, you idiot, leave them alone!” came a girl’s voice to the back drop of a third person’s laughter.

Leslie unhid her face and saw the grinning guy, staring at their naked bodies. She felt dirty, but it felt good.

“Keep going,” she whispered.

Stuart’s eyes widened in surprise as Leslie reached up and slapped the guy’s hand, which had been hovering there for at least ten seconds. He turned it into a strange handshake for a couple of seconds, but Leslie stopped paying attention almost instantly, as Stuart started going again. As Leslie started moaning, the other two people with ‘Doug’ took him away as he gave them another ‘wahay!’

“You’re such a slut,” whispered Stuart.

“I know,” groaned Leslie, not concerned about her volume like Stuart seemed to be.

She started to whimper as she thought about being out in the open with her young boyfriend and she could feel her getting close to coming. She wrapped her boots around Stuart’s back and gripped his hair tightly when fair in the background he could just hear the collective chant of hundreds of voices.






Like a perfect analogy, the crescendo of fireworks exploded drowned out the simultaneous moans of Stuart and Leslie.

Through soft gasps, Stuart spoke into Leslie’s ear, “Happy New Year, Slutty MILF.”

“Yes, Bully Boy,” she huffed, “Yes, it is…”


“Where were you?!” exclaimed Malcolm, as Leslie emerged through the crowd to see her husband and son.

After they finished together, Leslie had barely spent a minute with her boyfriend, allowing Stuart only a few seconds to grumble that she didn’t need to go back to the ‘dickhead’, taking just enough time to sort her clothes, whilst Stuart brushed wet grass off of his coat.

“I’ve been trying to call you but I couldn’t get through!” yelled Leslie, and flashed her phone at her husband, hoping he wouldn’t notice that the half dozen outbound calls were all made in the past minute.

“Did you miss the show?” asked Lewis, with concern.

“No, I saw it from back there,” replied Leslie, pointing in the general direction of the trees where she had just been with Stuart, hiding a sly smile.

“Doesn’t matter, you’re here now, Happy New Year,” wished Malcolm, as he gave Leslie a quick kiss on the lips.

“Happy New Year, Mum!”

“Happy New Year,” returned Leslie, looking to them both with a smile.

Leslie looked around, wondering if she could glimpse Stuart in the mass of people that were filing out of the park. She felt the sexual fluids between her thighs cooling her skin as the air blew gently under her dress. It reminded her of being exposed on the ground, minutes earlier and she wondered if the group who saw them were still out there too. A little nervous at the idea that they could recognise her if they saw her, she huddled close to her husband.

Lewis, with some apprehension, told them he was going to meet his friends; now that messages were getting through again, he knew where they were. Leslie and Malcolm decided to follow the throng and made their way to the pub that look least packed. Leslie refrained from another drink, reminding Malcolm she had to drive, but he had one more pint before they decided to head back to their car.

They just started walking when Malcolm spoke, “Les, I’ve got missed calls from Lewis, have you? We should call him back.”

“Shit,” murmured Leslie as she saw two missed calls and a message that mentioned Stuart pushing Lewis into the mud.

As Malcolm called their son, Leslie discreetly checked her work phone and saw Whatsapp notifications. She opened the app and checked it hastily, to see something from Stuart gloating about shoving ‘the Dickhead’, before having to stash it away as Malcolm ended the phone call.

“Leslie, we can’t even go to the park to watch fireworks without this little bastard ruining our day.”

“Malcolm! Name calling isn’t going to help!” She exclaimed defensively, but quickly tried to cover the less-than-motherly reaction, “Let’s just wait to hear what Lewis has to say.”

As Malcolm huffed with genuine anger and frustration on his son’s behalf, Leslie focused on the part of her that was on Lewis’s side, trying to engage her maternal instinct and eke out some genuine upset at the situation… or at the very least appear that way.

Lewis turned up a few minutes later, a greeny-brown stain on his coat and trouser leg. Leslie felt sympathy for her son, but it was truly nothing compared to her husband’s fury.

“What the hell happened?!” he demanded.

“I was just walking along to go meet the other guys when I felt a hand here,” he explained, patting his left arm; the clean side of his body, “and then I was pushed hard and I slipped into this muddy patch.”

“And it was Stuart?” asked her husband, gruffly.

“I think so, I’m sure I saw him walking away.”

“Wait,” interjected Leslie, “So you’re not sure it was Stuart?”

“Well, I mean… I’m pretty sure…”

“Lewis…” continued Leslie, dimly aware she was trying to discredit her son’s story when she knew it was true, “Are you sure Stuart is even here? Couldn’t it have been a random drunk person?”

“I suppose… maybe…”

“Leslie! If Lewis says it was Stuart, then we should trust him!”

“Yes, I agree, but he’s not saying it was Stuart, he’s saying he thinks it was Stuart, so I’m asking him how certain he is on that before we go and cry wolf,” sniped Leslie.

Malcolm’s expression softened, but was still on the wrong side of angry, when he replied, “Fine, let’s just go home. Lewis, you can change and then we can drive you to wherever your friends are.”

“It’s fine, Dad,” sighed Lewis, “I’ll just try and meet them tomorrow. I think they’re meeting up for board games.”

The drive home was filled with uncomfortable silence as Malcolm refused to say a word. The trio entered the house and Lewis told his parents he was going to bed. As Malcolm tried to convince him to have another drink with him, presumably hoping to cheer his son up, Leslie snuck upstairs and into the bathroom. She checked her work phone and went straight to Whatsapp.

‘Stuart! Lewis says he thinks he saw you pushing him! You could get in serious trouble.’

Leslie brushed her teeth whilst she waited for Stuart to see the message but it only took him a minute or so to come online and reply.

‘Lol its fine! I kept outta sight. If he said he saw me hes a lying dickhead.’

‘Please baby, be careful.’

‘Fiiiiiine. Reckon you could come meet me for a fuck around midday?’

Leslie thought for a second and realised that fit perfectly with when she planned to pick up Katie. She thought about trying to get Stuart to understand the gravity of the situation but, especially since he probably had a couple of drinks since she last saw him, she thought it would be a waste of time.

Sighing, but also smiling, she texted her reply, ‘Sure xxx look forward to it.’

‘Great start to 2015. Fuck you twice in a day and the dickhead eats the dirt. xx’

‘Glad you’re having fun x.’


Leslie was driving home, her only passenger Lewis, whom she had picked up from one of his friend’s house. Stuart had been disappointed to hear Lewis had made up with his friends; Leslie had told him about it whilst she rode his cock, but he was pleased when he heard how shoving him into the mud had prolonger the reconciliation by a day. He laughed and called Lewis a prick after Leslie gave him the ‘good’ news. Leslie hadn’t in any way tried to chastise his response or scold him for pushing her son; on the contrary, upon hearing how Lewis’s night had been ruined, Stuart started grinding harder into Leslie, something she was keen to encourage, as it felt so good.

‘I couldn’t have done that to the little dickhead without you.’

Stuart’s words echoed in her head; he moaned that phrase into her hear as they came together. Leslie looked in the rear-view mirror and saw her son; she subdued a building feeling of guilt as she thought about how just 20 minutes before she had been straddling Stuart right where Lewis was now sat; she hadn’t even wiped down the seats. At the time, she hadn’t even felt remorse when Stuart reminded he that she had enabled his bullying by giving him Lewis’s passwords.

Instead, driven by passion alone, she egged him on, “I told the little dickhead not to go see his friends on New Year’s Day, so that it would take longer for them to make up.”

“Really? Why?” panted Stuart.

“Thought you’d like it the longer the dickhead didn’t have any friends. He went anyway… but maybe it’s the thought that counts,” she gasped back.

“Fuck… babe! You did that for me?” he exclaimed.

It wasn’t exactly the truth; she had indeed suggested Lewis didn’t go meet his friends but it was only because Lewis seemed in a bad mood and she thought it might only make things worse, derailing the fragile reconciliation. However, her lie to Stuart had the effect she wanted, Stuart thrusted faster upward into Leslie, and the couple groaned together, spurred on by the concept of Leslie’s betrayal.

She shuddered as he grunted and waited until he had finished filling her wet cunt with his thick sperm before she collapsed limp onto his body. Their sweaty skin stuck together as she lay on his chest, utterly unremorseful that she had just sold her son out again for one more orgasm.

The lights turned green just as guilt began to fill the hole lust had left, and the distraction of having to focus on the road helped her push the well-founded shame to the back of her mind; by the time they had reached home, barely five minutes later, for her to have forgotten it completely and revert to trying to coax her son off his iPhone and into a conversation.

Her husband was at the dining table organising stack of ‘important documents’; a task he did ever couple of months and often Leslie joked to herself that he did it just to appear busy sometimes. Lewis grumbled his acceptance as his dad asked for help and the three of them gathered round the table sorting bills, letters and notices.

“Oh Leslie, you got a package, it’s on the kitchen counter,” said Malcolm, without looking up as he was engrossed in paperwork.

The package was obvious; it was a large box, with an elaborately decorated envelope. A card was in the envelope, and she smiled at the message before opening the box to find an expensive bottle of Brut champagne. She brought it through with a handful of other mail that Malcolm had stashed next to the package.

“This is really nice,” she announced to the room.

Her husband and son looked up with muted enthusiasm.

“Anne sent me a bottle of champagne,” she continued, and Malcolm’s expression turned to one of genuine interest.

“Oh, that is good of her! Does that mean the whole situation is cleared up?” he asked

“Yeah, she wrote me a really nice email yesterday thanking me for my help, saying they confirmed everything as traced back to that guy Kevin and it’s clear she had nothing to do with it. I had no idea she was going to send a gift too!”

“Well you pretty much saved her job, probably even prison.”

Leslie gave Malcolm a half nod, but thought both him and Anne had over-egged Leslie’s involvement. Leslie had noticed a couple of strange procurement requests a few months back and, after a little further digging, she tipped off Anne’s boss, which led the investigation away from Anne and towards Kevin. She was pretty sure the team investigating it would have eventually found out it was Kevin, even without Leslie’s tip-off, but if they hadn’t then Malcolm was probably right. She figured the main reason Anne was so grateful was because her boss was an arsehole, and it took Leslie some persuasion before he listened.

“Prison? What’s this Mum?” queried Lewis, confused at his father’s statement.

“Anne, at my office, I told you about this, remember? She was being investigated for possible fraud.”

“Oh yeah. So that guy you thought set her up, it was actually him?”

“Yeah, total scumbag; got his girlfriend in on a benefit’s scam too. It even got to the news for a couple of days.”

“Ah cool, well nice one, Mum,” replied Lewis, briefly looking at the bottle of champagne before turning back to the post.

‘Nice one? Fuck you, you little dickhead, Stuart thought it was awesome when I showed him the news story and told him I helped get that guy,’ thought Leslie instantly, but as quickly as the thought entered her mind, she felt guilty at calling her son ‘little dickhead’, even if it was just in her own head.

She could not let sex with Stuart interfere with her family life, she thought. She immediately reminded herself that she had given Stuart Lewis’s passwords, and she clarified her thoughts; she couldn’t let it interfere in a way that was obvious to Lewis. She shouldn’t let Lewis feel like his mother has betrayed him; Stuart would have bullied Lewis either way, and this way it wasn’t in a harmful physical way.

“What’s got you so happy?” asked Malcolm to his son.

Lewis was surrounded with paraphernalia from various universities, mostly prospectuses and information brochures, but he was reading one letter in particular with a beaming grin.

“I got my first interview! Manchester want me to come in for an interview next month!”

Both parents gave their son a hug and Leslie felt genuine pride for her son, her thoughts a million miles from names like ‘little dickhead’.

Malcolm sat down next to Lewis and started to scrutinise the letter with him, talking his son through his thoughts on how best to approach a university interview, and Leslie fetched her phone, to text various family members and in-laws about the good news. She pulled her work phone out of her bag by mistake and saw notifications waiting for her.

‘Hey babe! I got an interview for Manchester Uni! This is all thanks to you, you slut xxxx!’

She read the word ‘slut’ and started to feel aroused. He loved using that word to describe her and she loved it when he did, but this time it was perfectly appropriate; she had used her body as a sexual object to entice him into studying and it worked; he’d done well enough to get his first university interview.

‘Baby, that’s amazing xxxx! I’m so proud but its not thanks to me! It’s your hard work… but you are right… I am a slut. Your slut xxx. Find somewhere private bully boy x’

Leslie excused herself, kissing her son on the top of his head, a gesture of maternal love that contradicted the wet patch that was soaking through the sexy thong underwear she had bought to impress that same son’s bully.

In the upstairs bathroom, she undid her dress and dialled her boyfriend on FaceTime. Whilst she waited for Stuart to pick up, she looked at herself in the camera, putting on a sexy pose and ensuring her bare breasts were in the shot. She eagerly whispered an excited greeting into the headphone mic as soon as the grinning face of the teenage bully appeared on the screen.

“Oh, this is a hot surprise Babe,” proclaimed Stuart, the camera shaking rhythmically.

“Mmm… are you stroking yourself for me?” cooed Leslie.

He answered her question by showing her his hand wrapped around his solid hard-on.

“Good boy,” she replied, and pointed her phone towards her own intimate area.

She played with herself over the fabric, egged on by a horny Stuart, but quickly and willingly caved to his begs to remove the tiny garment. Removing her headphones and placing her phone where Stuart had a good view of her body, she seductively and slowly rolled her pants down her legs and delicately kicked them off, leaving her in just high heels.

She spread her legs for the camera, then put her headphones back in and heard the excited grunts of her illicit lover. Holding the camera so only her cunt was on show, she used her free hand to play with her clit and, occasionally, slipping a couple of fingers deep inside herself.

“Baby, I’m so proud of you, it turns me on so much that I helped you. I love that I could motivate you by fucking you and sucking your cock.”

Stuart’s expression changed from excited to a little anxious, “Babe, it’s only an interview… I still might not get in. You’ll still want me even if I don’t get in to a uni right?”

“Stuart, Bully Boy, Baby,” she gasped, near orgasm, and pointed the camera towards her face, “Of course I’ll want you, but I know you’ll get in. Just promise you won’t get caught bullying Lewis and throw this all away.”

“Just promise not to get caught? So, I can still bully the pathetic little cunt?”

She heard more aggression in his voice than usual, and she wasn’t sure if it was just the fact that Stuart was outside of his comfort zone or if it was just his arousal, but the tone of voice turned her on.

Barely seconds from making herself cum, she let herself get carried away, “Of course, Bully Boy, I’ve never asked you to stop, I know you won’t. He’s a little cunt and you want to bully him. Just don’t get caught.”

“Babe, say it again,” groaned Stuart.

Knowing exactly what he wanted to her, she moaned, “He’s a little cunt.”

“Stupid… little… cunt,” he added, each word pronounced with venom.

Barely able to speak, she just managed to eke out one more phrase as she came hard, “Lewis… stupid… fucking… pathetic… cunt…”

She had her eyes scrunched up as she came, but as soon as she was done, she could see Stuart using the corner of her bed covers to wipe cum off of his hard abs.

“I wish you had been inside me, I wish that cum was all over me.”

“Yeah, then you could’ve been groaning about how Lewis is a cunt right into my ears. I love it when you speak when you’re cumming and I love it when you call him a cunt.”

Leslie blew him a kiss and told him she was proud of him one more time, but she rushed the end of the conversation. Without the manic pleasure of masturbating, she realised she was sitting naked and alone in her bathroom, having just cruelly insulted her son when he was just a few feet beneath her.

She washed her hands quickly and patted down her upper thighs, before pulling on her clothes. She headed back down to her husband and son, making an effort to act casual. She walked straight over to Lewis and hugged him, telling him she was so excited he was all grown up and going to university.

“OK thanks Mum, but you don’t need to hug me like you’ve not seen me for a week,” complained Lewis, and extricated himself from the embrace.

“Hey, she’s just proud of you, son,” explained Malcolm, before turning to her to continue, “But… Les, it’s just an interview, he’s not got in yet.”

The fact Malcolm’s words mirrored Stuart’s so closely made her aware she was still tingling from her last orgasm; yet another climax paid for by trading in respect for her son.


As a well done for getting a university interview; it actually became two over the weekend, Leslie went to Stuart’s house totally naked under her tan-coloured coat. It was her bonus day off, so Stuart’s mum and Leslie’s husband were at work, and her kids expected Leslie to be at hers, so she had the whole day to relax and fuck Stuart. Her coat had been abandoned as soon as she was in the door, leaving her in just the heels she’d worn when he was round at her home.

They made it to the stairs before she got her first load; she was bent over at the waist, forearms resting on a step half-way to the landing, as Stuart took her from behind; her second load was as she rode him in his bed.

They napped briefly, spooning in Stuart’s bed, to give them energy for their third fuck by 11am, when Stuart suggested tying Leslie up. He didn’t wait for an answer; she knew it wasn’t really a suggestion, hopping out of bed and pulling two school ties from his wardrobe. Before she knew it, Leslie was sitting on Stuart’s desk, her wrists tied to the back legs of the desk, so that her arms were spread wide behind her back.

Leslie liked the feeling of being totally at Stuart’s mercy; he had already promised to cum on her face and leave it there to dry. He assured her he wasn’t joking as he fucked her; she assured him she knew he meant it. As she neared her second climax on the desk, Stuart turned up the background music, having warned her a few times that she was being louder than usual and the neighbours might hear.

Stuart told Leslie he was almost ready to spray her face and she begged him to wait until she had had her third orgasm. He tightened his grip on her hips and nibbled her calves, which were resting against his shoulders, as he firmly thrust into her.

Leslie felt it building when the door swung open suddenly and a furious voice filled the room, “What the fuck do you think you are doing with my son?”

Stuart leapt back in panic, flinging his hands towards his crotch, and cowering over to hide his erection from his mother. Leslie, still tied to the desk, tried to roll herself away from facing the door, but she had very little freedom of movement to preserve her modesty unlike Stuart. Luckily, he noticed quickly and tossed this bed covers over her, partially covering her body.

“I’ll give you 1 fucking minute to get your shit together and get out of my son’s room and then another 30 seconds for you to get out of my house.”

Coleen slammed the door shut but it was clear she was standing outside, presumably ready to enforce her one minute deadline with force.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck… Leslie, she’s not supposed to be home,” whispered Stuart as he rushed to untie her.

“My coat is downstairs, I don’t have clothes!” exclaimed Leslie, as she wrapped her hands around her chest.

He grabbed the first item out of his wardrobe, one of his school shirts, and tossed it to her. She hastily buttoned it, missing a couple in her rush, and hurried out into the corridor.

“Get out, get the fuck out you mid-life crisis whore!”

Leslie ran down the stairs, nearly tripping in her heels, and grabbed her coat from the floor on her way out the door. She didn’t dare look back as she got into her car and drove away from the Warren household.

Leslie parked the car near her house and sat in silence, willing herself not to throw up. She descended into tears, but forced herself to stop after a few minutes, knowing if she returned home now it would be clear she had been crying. Waiting a little while to properly calm down, and after applying more make-up to her eyes, she drove slowly the rest of the way home.

“Mum, you’re home early,” quizzed Katie as she looked round from the living room into the hall.

“I was feeling a bit unwell so I decided to work from home,” repeating the lie she drafted in the car.

“Oh no!” sympathised Katie, “Can I help?”

“No, I think I’m fine now, I’m just going to have some water and lie down.”

Leslie, feeling numb and cold, walked on auto-pilot to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. She sipped it delicately as she stared at reflection in the kitchen window.

“Mum… Mum!” shouted Katie, who was standing next to her, holding out her mobile phone, which was ringing; she hadn’t even heard it in her daze.

Taking the phone with an emotionless ‘thanks’, she held the phone to her head, and, without conscious thought, said her habitual greeting, “Hello, Leslie Watkins, who’s calling?”

“Hi Leslie, it’s Coleen. We need to speak. I believe you know the way.”

“Coleen…” croaked Leslie.

“Yes, Stuart’s mother. Wear some clothes this time,” came a cold, curt response.

Leslie mumbled to Katie about feeling better and needing to go back to work. She didn’t pay attention to the response as she dashed up the stairs and changed out of Stuart’s shirt, putting on underwear and a modest dress in its place.

She sat on the bed and wiped cold sweat from her forehead, not sure if she could face Stuart’s mum. She had almost decided not to go, just to curl up in bed and cry instead, but she thought if she had any chance of getting out of this situation without too much damage, it was by bargaining or begging Coleen. It was a long shot, but her only choice.

Hands shaking as she walked to the car and put her keys into the ignition, she backed out of her drive way, and began the familiar drive to Stuart’s house, only this time, she wished she was going anywhere else.

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Conflicted - Chapter 11

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Note: This is just scene 1, 2, and 3 of 5 scenes

Chapter 11: He Takes Her Out

Leslie took much longer than usual to reach Stuart’s house; she stopped several times to calm herself down, almost turning back after one occasion. However, she did eventually reach the Warren household, timidly shuffling up to the front door and barely pressing the front doorbell, half hoping it wouldn’t actually ring. Her body shivered as she waited for Coleen to answer the door, but the relatively mild temperature had nothing to do with it.

‘Fuck… fuck… fuck… what have I done?’ she thought to herself, wondering why she couldn’t have just been happy? Why did she have to have an affair? If she had to… why not just with a co-worker, a friend of friend, a stranger from a bar, any of the normal options that bored housewives go for. Fuck, you even heard of the occasional ‘cool’ mum, who fucked a son’s best friend at a party or something. Even a daughter’s boyfriend would be better than the kid that bullied her son.

She saw a female figure on the other side of the frosted glass lean in to open the door and for a moment she thought she was going to faint. Greeting her on the other side of the threshold was a square-jawed woman in her 40s, with cropped dyed-blonde hair and a stocky frame. Coleen’s stare was cold and uninviting; it made her feel more vulnerable now, than when she had been tied naked to her teenage boyfriend’s desk.

“Kitchen,” ordered Coleen.

Leslie wasn’t sure if she was supposed to say anything, so she remained silent as she walked through the hall and into the Warren’s kitchen. Her heels clicked as she followed Coleen, and made her wish she had thought to change out of them at home; she was conscious that last time Coleen had seen her, she had been wearing only these heels. Stuart was sitting at the small kitchen table, looking rather sheepish.

“Go to your room,” ordered his mother, and Stuart obediently marched himself out of the kitchen, making no attempt to look at either middle-aged woman.
Leslie assumed that considering the circumstances, Stuart was particularly compliant with his mother today, but she imagined that Coleen had a way of making most people follow her wishes. She heard Stuart run up the stairs and it really hit her, this woman, who was younger than her by more than a couple of years, was actually Stuart’s mother. She was about to be sat down and told off by her teenage boyfriend’s mum; even if she had had this experience from her own teenage years, she didn’t think they’d have trained her for this. She didn’t think there were many women who had an idea what to do in this situation. Maybe one of those teachers who sleeps with her students would be able to give her advice, she facetiously thought to herself.

Leslie sat down at the table and Coleen joined her, taking the seat just vacated by her son, directly opposite Leslie. Leslie noticed her hands trembling, so she cupped them in front of her, in a vain effort to appear more collected. Coleen’s expression seemed to soften and, unexpectedly, she fetched Leslie a glass of water, thudding it down on the table next to her.

“So, you’re the mother of one of the kids at Stuart’s school. Lewis?”

“Yup,” rasped Leslie, then sipped from the glass of water, realising how dry her mouth was.

“But my kid picks on your kid,” stated Coleen, without any trace of emotion.

“Um… yeah.”

“But you’re still… fucking… my son,” she continued, emphasising the word ‘fucking’.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” Leslie replied, in a pleading tone.

“Is this some sort of revenge thing? Is there a game here? You lure him in and then convince him to do something stupid? Or is there some sort of seedy deal where you pimp yourself out and Stuart is supposed to leave your son alone?”

“No, none of those things, I promise I just like him!” proclaimed Leslie, urging Coleen to believe her.

“Do you know what he’s studying at school?”

“What? You mean Stuart?” asked Leslie, taken aback by the unexpected question.


“Um… History, English and Economics.”

“Do you know what grades he got?”

“I… don’t get why you’re asking this,” responded Leslie, genuinely confused.

“Just answer… do you know or not?”

“He got an A, a B and a C, and that got him an interview at Manchester,” she said, rushing to say the words, hoping she had passed whatever strange test this was.

“How do you know that?”

“He told me. I helped him study, I was there when he opened his exam results.”

“So… it’s true? You’re really really the reason he’s actually trying at school? You’re the reason my baby boy hasn’t talked about enlisting in weeks?”

“I… think so…”

Coleen stood up and walked around the table, and Leslie flinched before scrambling to her feet. She didn’t make it far before Coleen flung her arms around Leslie, and to her shock, she found Coleen was crying. The embrace lasted around a minute before Coleen released Leslie.

Still gripping Leslie by the upper arms, Coleen looked her in the eyes, her voice a little shaky, “I found an application form in the bin the day after he got his results. It was completely filled out.”

“What? Really? I had no idea,” replied Leslie, feeling a little annoyed at Stuart, “I mean no idea he’d actually gone as far as filling up the form.”

“No, me neither,” said Coleen, “I don’t even care about him going to university, I mean, I do care, obviously, but I mean, I just want him to do something that won’t put him in care, like his brother, or even worse.”

“I don’t want that either.”

“I know, you really don’t do you?” asked Coleen, giving Leslie another hug.

She squeezed Coleen back and began to cry herself; tears of relief. Coleen sat Leslie down and patted her on the back, showing her warmth totally contradicting the harsh stern Coleen Leslie had seen just minutes earlier.

She let Leslie calm down before speaking again, “My neighbour told me she’d seen a woman arriving at house every now and again, and thought she’d let me know in case… well, she thought Joe could be cheating.”

Leslie listened, realising that the ‘woman’ must have been her.

Coleen continue, “At that time, I hadn’t told her that Joe and I were separated, so we both thought it was really suspicious about some woman turning up to my house. I got a call from her this morning and rushed home from work. She’d told me the woman looked ‘late 30s, maybe 40s’ so I just didn’t believe you’d be… be… sleeping with Stuart, or if you were, I didn’t really think you’d actually be in your 40s.

“When I kicked you out, I thought you were out to hurt my son somehow. I thought this much be some sort of ploy or game to get something out of him. When Stuart told me who you were, and how you met, I just didn’t believe it. He told me you helped him, encouraged him, snuck off from your family to study with him, and I just thought he was lying.

“I don’t understand how you could genuinely have feeling for my son, when he bullies yours. I don’t think I could feel anything but hate for a kid who hurts my family, and I’m not going to mince my words with you, it does concern me, but if you’ve looked after my little boy, and you’ve found a way to help him see he’s better than just cannon fodder for these politicians and their games in the Middle East then maybe, just for now, I’ll trust you.”

Just as speechless as she was when she first walked in, Leslie managed a ‘thanks’, before staring at Coleen in silence. Coleen stared back; she was wearing a trace of a smile, but she could tell she was being inspected for any trace of deceit.

“If you want to keep seeing my boy, there are two conditions,” explained Coleen.

“OK, I’m listening.”

“Firstly, you don’t break his heart, or do anything to hurt him. You screw with him, and this whole thing hits you like a ton of bricks. Whenever whatever this is over, you end it well, or you take no for an answer if it’s done.”

Leslie, feeling less panicked by this new situation, wasn’t sure she appreciated being threatened, but she then though to herself, feeling guilty, that normal mums were usually protective of their kids and Leslie was the abnormal one in this situation.

“Second, if you need to see him, you do it here, not sneaking around in cars, and especially not where he has to jump out of windows to escape getting caught.”

Leslie was about to protest that she didn’t make him do that, but she quickly felt that was not an important point to make right now.

“I don’t want to hear or see anything funny, but I think I’ve seen enough to know what you two have been doing. I don’t like lying and I don’t like liars, but I’ll keep your cover if I have to, for Stuart’s sake.”

Leslie took around a minute to completely absorb the situation. She wasn’t outed. She didn’t have to stop seeing Lewis. Hell, she could even sneak around less. She had escaped, somehow, and was better off for it.

“I’m… can I… go upstairs and see Stuart?” she asked, feeling exceptionally awkward at having to ask permission.

“I’m going back to work. Remember my rules,” replied Coleen and Leslie nodded.

Coleen then went in for another hug, but this one was a lot less emotional, more a gesture between two friends, in some ways it felt stranger than their earlier embraces.

“I’ll see you later,” said Coleen, as if everything that had happened today was just business-as-usual.
Mouth slightly agape, Leslie watched Colleen leave the house. She waited, standing motionless at the spot where she hugged her boyfriend’s mother, and stared at the front door, expecting this to be some sort of trick. She edged towards the door, cautious in case it suddenly swung open to reveal a furious Colleen. She reached the stairs, and felt the last vestiges of fear and panic fall away. Taking in the reality of the situation, she bounded up the stairs, tripping at the last step in her over eagerness.

She ignored the pain in her knee and stood back up, rushing to get to Stuart’s door. It opened as she reached it to reveal a confused Stuart, who was probably coming to investigate the loud thud that was Leslie seconds earlier. She crashed into him, but his firm stance and grip meant he caught her with minimal effort. She regained herself almost immediately and pulled off her coat, letting it fall to the floor before going aggressively for Stuart’s lips.

He kissed her back equally passionately, but only for a few seconds, before pulling himself away to speak, “Leslie, what did my mum say? What happened? Is she here?”

“No, she’s gone!” exclaimed Leslie, leading him over to the bed, “She’s ok with it… It’s crazy but she basically said, she thinks I’ve been good for you, so for now… she’s just… kinda ok with it.”

“Really? She said that?” said Stuart, in a quizzical tone, as Leslie dropped to her knees in front of him.

Leslie didn’t answer him, instead she pushed against his hips, and he took the hint to sit on the bed.

“She actually said that?” He asked again.

Leslie looked up as she pulled his jeans and pants down to his ankles and said impatiently, “She said she trusts me for now, as long as I don’t do anything to hurt you. Now no more talking about your mum, it’s time to get hard.”

She took his all but flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked on it until it became semi-firm, at which time she switched over to jerking it as fast as she could, whilst licking and sucking each ball in turn. She knew Stuart was still little distracted because it had taken him a little longer to get to full attention, but her hands and mouth and done their work, and she leant back onto her heels to admire the hard staff she had thought she’d never see again. She only took a second to stare though, as she could barely contain her relief-driven lust; she clambered onto the bed, laying down on her side, and waited for her boyfriend to take his place next to her.

With the hand she wasn’t using to lean on, she massaged her clit, Watching Stuart as he pulled off his clothes. She enjoyed the feeling of her own wetness as Stuart’s tight abs and defined pecs were revealed. Once he was naked, his fingers took the place of hers, freeing her hand to grasp his solid erection. The two of them frantically stimulated each other, until Leslie couldn’t take it any longer. She straddled Stuart, and he rolled onto his back, so that she was sitting on his hard cock.

With one hand, she easily slipped Stuart’s cock into her slick cunt; cursing through a loud sigh as the tip of the bellend pushed against Leslie’s cervix. Leslie usually took the submissive role with Stuart, enjoying his aggressive control over her body, but right now, she was enjoying being on top, enjoying being more than just a passenger; she had completely lost control of the situation and now she had just been handed back the reins by Colleen. She moaned loudly as she threw her hips back and forth, literally causing the bed to sway and knock against the wall. Leslie chose to be here; Leslie chose to cheat on her husband; Leslie chose to fuck Stuart; She chose to fuck her son’s bully; this was her choice and she needed to embrace it.

“I thought I’d never get to fuck you again,” gasped Leslie, “I can’t believe how lucky we are.”

“Fuck, I know, that was one of the angriest I’ve seen her.  Wish it was literally anyone else walking in.”

“Like in the park?” asked Leslie, thinking fondly of being caught in the act on New Year’s Eve.

“Ha! That’s different, you liked that,” growled Stuart, his eyes rolling, as he was clearly distracted.

“I didn’t like it… It just felt so dirty, and good, knowing people saw us together.”

“Yeah, but not my mum.”

“No, but just someone walking in would be so hot.”

“Would you keep going, you dirty slut?”

“Oh yeah,” she sighed, “Especially if I was this close to coming hard."

“No matter who it was?” ask Stuart, and Leslie knew where this was going.

“Mmmm, yeah… it wouldn’t matter” she groaned, pre-empting the next question.

“Even Lewis,” ask Stuart, as he tweaked Leslie’s nipple.

“Don’t you mean the little dickhead?” corrected Leslie, as she started to pant more heavily.

“Yeah, what if the little dickhead walked in now?”

“I suppose it depends,” she gasped, hunched over and gyrating faster, “What do you think he would do?”

“Well…” started Stuart, struggling to think, judging by his expression, “I think he’d say, all whiny and that, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing?’”

Stuart’s impression sounded more like a childish girl than Lewis, but through deep huffing breaths, she indulged him, “Sounds just like him, just like what he’d say.’

Leslie put her hands on Stuart’s chest and swung her hips forward, a little slower than before but more forcefully, while exaggerating the pitch and loudness of her yelps.

“So what would you do?” groaned Stuart.

“I’m… showing… you…” she panted through her porn star groans.

“You’d… you'd just keep fucking me?” asked Stuart, sounding skeptical but excited.

“Of course, I’d hope you wouldn’t stop, like you did earlier.”

“No… no… I’d tell him to fuck off.”

“Really? You’re always so rude to him… all he did was ask what we’re doing…”

“Yeah…” replied Stuart, sounding a little taken aback by how much Leslie was going along with this, “I’d say ‘What does it fucking look like, your slutty mum is riding my cock.’”

“Better…” groaned Leslie, swinging her head back and riding Stuart faster, “I’m so close.”

“Is that what you’d say?”

“Yeah, if I was close… like now.”

“Yeah,” chuckled Stuart, before continuing, "and he’d stand there, guffawing like an idiot, and then you’d tell him to fuck off, like you did at school.”

“I wouldn’t tell him to fuck off…” replied Leslie, trying her best to talk, as she locked eyes with Stuart, “I’d look him dead in the eyes and say, ‘I’m so close, and you’re not getting a chance to ruin it this time you annoying little cunt, so shut the fuck up, so Stuart can make your slutty mum… urgh…. cum…. uhhnnnnn.”

The mother and the bully came together, announcing their simultaneous arrivals with loud grunts. Leslie gripped both sides of Stuart’s ribcage as her hips jerked purposefully through the final stages of her passion, whilst Stuart squirmed under her, hands pawing angrily at her thighs. Their lustful convulsions ebbed, and Leslie flopped onto her boyfriend, kissing him until his waning erection slipped out of her. She lazily rolled off of Stuart laying to his left, one arm and one leg loosely draped over his body. Stuart shuffled himself around and slipped his left arm under Leslie, pulling her body tightly next to him. Leslie lay her head on Stuart’s chest, and listened to his breathing. Her head was angled so it was staring right down the length of his abs toward his soft cock, which was glistening with their sticky love juices.

Stuart broke the silence after a few minutes, his voice soft and slightly laboured, “So if Lewis walked in on us you’d really just call him a cunt and keep riding me?”

“Honestly, probably not… but it was fun to say,” she replied, idling her hands across his body.

“But... not definitely not?”

“I’m lying naked in your arms, with a tattoo of your star-sign on my foot… I don’t think I can rule anything out,” she said, pausing to give a little chuckle to herself, “I definitely think I’d struggle to stop going if I was that close to cumming hard.”

Leslie didn’t wait for Stuart to say anything more, she reached down to his crotch and took his still wet cock in her hand, massaging it as she brought her face up to his. She kissed him as she waited for his dick to get fully hard once more.

“Again?” he asked, smirking smugly, “The idea of humiliating the little dickhead by giving him an eyeful of you in full slut mode, really gets you going does it?”

It wasn’t true that she wanted to humiliate her son. She didn’t want to harm him in any way, nor did she want Stuart to either, but each time she had a choice, she was complicit and often supportive of Stuart over Lewis. It wasn’t just because of the lust she felt for Stuart, it was because it was taboo, and because it was wrong. So it wasn’t that she wanted to humiliate Lewis, but Stuart was right, she enjoyed the thought of doing something so wrong and so contrary to what she should do as a mother. Even the voice at the back of her head had stopped pretending; where before it said ‘I don’t think this is a good idea’, now it was saying ‘I shouldn’t think this is a good idea’. She wanted to have sex with her son’s bully.

“Fuck me on top, Bully Boy, and tell me what you think would happen if the little cunt walked in on us right now, with me pinned under you.”

Stuart’s wasted no time getting between Leslie’s legs and began his story as he started thrusting into her. She listened to Stuart insult and verbally degrade her son. She felt no guilt each of the three times she came.


In the week after Leslie and Stuart got caught things were actually fairly uneventful as routine had set in; Leslie went back to work the next day, and her children started school again the day after, which was the Wednesday. Leslie’s new job role didn’t feel like much of a change, at least in the first week, but it was a good excuse for why she’d be coming home a little later than usual; her family took her at her word when she said she had come straight from work. Oddly, despite the fact she didn’t feel guilty for cheating, she did still feel guilt when she lied to them face-to-face.

She bumped into Colleen only once during her visits to the Warren household; it was an awkward, short conversation, but nothing unpleasant came from it, though Leslie distinctly got the feeling that Colleen was trying pretend to herself that Leslie wasn’t actually her son’s boyfriend. Lewis also only had one significant encounter with Stuart during the week, on the Thursday. It was Stuart that told Leslie about it, as she was riding him; he made of point of telling her he had been quite subtle in his insults, so that Lewis wouldn’t have anything to complain about. She had been annoyed that Stuart had gone back on what he said about not getting himself into trouble and risking serious punishment by the school; she was unconvinced that Stuart did ‘subtle’. She calmed down after an orgasm and later texted him a topless photo as an apology, when Lewis didn’t even mention the incident to her or Malcolm, proving Stuart right.

By Monday, she had managed to meet Stuart for sex every day bar Saturday; no longer having to sneak around took some of the illicit excitement out of their tryst but the fact she could see him so regularly without fear of being caught more than made up for that. Cheating on her husband; sleeping with her son’s bully; calling her son a cunt as she came; all of these were just part of the weekly routine now.

It was definitely the more enjoyable part of her routine, Leslie thought to herself, as she entered the early budget plans for next fiscal year into the Excel spreadsheet she needed to submit by the end of the day. It was almost 11am, she had been resisting getting herself a second cup of coffee for over an hour, but now she thought she earned one. She made her way down the corridor to the nearest coffee machine and stared at it impatiently as slowly poured a hot cup for her.

Just as it reached the brim, a friendly, matronly voice announced itself behind her, “Leslie! Hope you had a good New Year!”

“Anne, good to see you back!” replied Leslie, enthusiastically, pausing only briefly to think about her New Year’s Eve, writhing under Stuart in a public park, “I had a wonderful time, I hope you did too. Oh, and thank you for your gift, you really didn’t have to.”

“It was the least I could do, it was the worst few weeks of my life. I actually had another idea for how I could repay you.”

“Anne, really you don’t have to,” insisted Leslie.

“Well, just have a listen, Joe managed to organise a work placement position here. It was originally for our granddaughter but, long story, she can’t now. If your son still needs work experience, I know he could take the position. It’d be for a fortnight. If you let me know before the end of the month he could do it over half-term.”

“Wow… actually that’d be awesome. I’ll talk to him about it. Thanks Anne.”

Leslie collected her coffee and was about to head back to her office when Anne added, “You look really good, by the way. That dress looks great on you. if I had your figure when I was your age, or even half your age…”

“Oh Anne, now you’re just being too nice,” chuckled Leslie, “this dress is so old. I’ve worn it so many times.”

“Well whatever it is, you’re really rocking it,” said Anne in a hushed voice, with a mischievous smile.

Smiling to herself, as she went back to her desk, Leslie checked herself out in the floor length glass window of one of the meeting rooms. As she told Anne, it was indeed an old dress. Having been getting used to wearing sexier clothes because of Stuart’s influence, she had felt unusually restricted in her work outfit over the previous week, so today Leslie wore higher heels than usual, and she wore thinner, transparent tights, rather than the thick black ones she’d normally wear with a dress this short. She also usually wore tight dresses with a jumper or blazer to make it less obviously figure hugging. With a low neck line, she wore an undershirt or something similar, but today her cleavage was out. She wasn’t the most exposed in the office, not that anyone really cared these days, especially as it was a back office role, but she definitely had more skin out than she normally did at work.

As she entered the shared office, Hayley, back from her morning meeting, greeted her, “Hey Leslie, is that a new dress? Really suits you.”

Not even midday and she already got two compliments; one from a woman who was extraordinarily grateful to her, and one was from the super-perky 24 year old who she was now managing, but it was still a much appreciated confidence boost. She felt a little self-conscious when she first got in, worried that people who normally saw her as a middle-aged mother and office worker would think she was dressing inappropriately for her age, rather than being worried a little bit of leg or breast was unprofessional. Her biggest concern was what people would think of her tattoo. It had been under black leggings all of last week, but today it was plainly visible through the low denier tights.

“Thanks Hayley, it’s actually an old one, but I think I’m just wearing it differently today… glad you think it’s nice,” replied Leslie, awkwardly pulling her skirt down a little further when Hayley looked away.

Leslie was about to sit down, when Hayley picked up a parcel from her desk and held it out to Leslie, “I was so bedazzled by your radiant new look, I almost forgot! I had to pick up some mail from downstairs and there was a package for you too.”

Leslie mumbled a thank you and stared at the package as she sat down in her office chair. It was from Stuart. It was the dress for their date in a week and half’s time. Luckily, there were no identifying brands or labels, as she strongly suspected the retailer specialised in more risqué items, and nothing to identify Stuart as the sender. She definitely hadn’t wanted to risk Stuart sending this to her home, and at the time, Colleen didn’t know about their romance, so Leslie had suggested sending the item to her work; she’d rather risk embarrassment at work than being caught by her family or, back then, Stuart’s mum.

“Or… never mind then,” cut Hayley’s voice through Leslie’s intense focus on the package.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you!” replied Leslie, vaguely aware that Hayley had said something and she had missed it.

“Oh no, it’s nothing, I just wondered… is that tattoo new?”

Her feet had been hidden under the desk, in the semi-private office, other than her two trips to the coffee machine. No one had seen it, or at least mentioned it if they had noticed it, so Hayley was the first of her colleagues to say something. Leslie had already thought about what she would say to people who knew her, as she knew ‘i got it as a reward for my teenage boyfriend getting good grades’ would perhaps raise a few eyebrows.

“Well, I wanted one when I was younger, and then I thought I was too old to get one….” then she paused, trying to sound unrehearsed, “then I thought to hell with it. Cheaper than a fancy sports car!”

The women had a short chuckle; Leslie’s laugh was a little forced, but Hayley seemed to have bought her ‘reason’.

“Oh so that’s your first. That’s kinda cool! I don’t think you’re too old for that sort of thing, if that’s what you want, I think it’s good you eventually did it.”

‘Well, that’s the influence horny teenage bullies have on me, it seems,’ she thought to herself.

“Did it hurt? I was thinking of getting one myself, but I’m a bit scared of the pain.”

“A bit, but it was bearable, I think the ankle is supposed to be one of the worst bits because its so close to the bone, I’d probably go for somewhere else next time.”

“Oh cool, you getting another one?”

Leslie cursed herself in the head, she hadn’t meant to suggest she was getting another one, even though she strongly suggested to Stuart she would based on his interviews and next set of exams.

“Maybe… I like this one a lot… I’ll see how this one goes,” she replied vaguely, politely bringing the conversation to its end.

For the next hour, Leslie’s eyes kept glancing over at Stuart’s parcel to her; she was as anxious as she was eager to see what he had got her. As soon as she could believably slip out to lunch, she stuffed it into her gym bag and headed over to the leisure centre opposite her office. She went into the changing room, and found herself a stall. She had no problem changing in front of other women, especially now that she had the body to prove she was in month four of a regular lunchtime routine, but she was definitely wanted privacy before she pulled out the dress from Stuart.

Door locked, she rushed to pull the package out of her bag and examine it. She confirmed the thought she had from when Hayley first handed it to her; it was rather small compared to the usual size of mail containing dresses or other large garments, which made her suspect the material was going to be thin, and it was likely to be a short dress, but she had expected that would be the case long before the dress arrived. She carefully pulled apart the plastic lining to reveal a glittery maroon fabric that looked just about opaque. Intrigued, she extricated the dress from the wrapping and ran it through her hands, trying to work out the style of the dress and how it should be worn.
Taking a few seconds to understand, she held up the dress in front of her and examined it.

“Oh… wow… this’ll be interesting…”



Leslie and Stuart were spooning on his bed. His fingers were stroking her clit as he thrust into her, and Leslie was close to an orgasm. She gripped his wrist as hand flicked away furiously, causing a modest squeal as her legs kicked out in pleasure. She him continue fucking her, but she moved his hand away as her button was too sensitive now. Stuart went for a couple of minutes longer and then pulled out, still wanking himself furiously. Leslie, without instruction needed, lay on her back and smiled coyly as Stuart straddled Leslie’s hips. He leant over her as he groaned loudly, announcing the arrival of warm, sticky cum, which sprayed into Leslie’s face, slowly reducing to a trickle, splattering her breasts and then dribbling onto her stomach.

Leslie kissed the tips of her fingers and touched them to Stuart’s lips before rolling off the bed. She checked the time and figured she needed to be quick with her clean up job; sex with Stuart always took longer than she planned for but it was a problem she was happy to have. She grabbed a blue t-shirt from the pile of Stuart’s clothes, not wanting to wear her own until she had given her face, chest and stomach a good wash and wipe.

“Keep it babe,” said Stuart from the bed.

“What? Why?” questioned Leslie, wondering if that was a dig from Stuart.

“You wear it all the time when we’re done, so I figure you like it. I’ve stopped wearing it actually, so I can leave it there for you. Didn’t want to sweat in it and make it smell.”

“Awww... that’s sweet,” cooed Leslie, before taking a big sniff of the fabric, “Luckily it still smells of you, which is exactly why I like it.”

“Oh really? That’s a bit weird but whatever you like babe. Want me to rub it on my cock so you can get that smell?” replied Stuart with a smug laugh.

“Had to ruin the moment did you,” said Leslie, as she playfully slapped Stuart.

She pulled the t-shirt on, excited that she could keep it, but not really sure how she was going to explain owning it to anyone else.

“Babe,” called Stuart, as she was about to head to the bathroom, “Speaking of clothes... did you get the dress I sent you?”

“Ummm... it arrived on Monday.”

“Monday! That was days ago! Why did you not say?”

“It’s really revealing so I was quite nervous. I should have just said...” responded Leslie, sounding a little sheepish.

“Oh... yeah... maybe I got carried away, but I did say it would be like a hooker’s outfit… and you promised...” said Stuart, trying badly to hide disappointment in his voice, “but… I can return it, or you could keep it and just wear something else...”

It hadn’t even occurred to Leslie that she could not wear the dress, so used to indulging Stuart, she replied quickly, “No! I didn’t mean that at all. It’s just I need some psyching up to try it on and to find some shoes and other things that go with it. It’s just really… different from anything else I’ve ever worn.”

She sat down on the bed and ran her hands over his chest, “But I’m excited about wearing it for you.”

“Thanks babe!” enthused Stuart, “Well, I actually found a few high heels that might go with the dress, from the same site. Didn’t think shoe shopping could actually be hot.”

Leslie noticed Stuart’s cock getting hard again, and so she wrapped her hand around the semi-erection, stroking it firmly but slowly.

“Were they as trashy as the dress?” asked Leslie, putting on a seductive voice.

“Trashy? So you don’t like it?” replied Stuart, sounding disappointed again.

“I didn’t say that. Trashy clothes are good for slutty MILFs, makes us look extra slutty for our Bully Boys,” said Leslie, as she mounted Stuart and slid his hardening cock back inside herself.

“That’s fucking hot,” groaned Stuart, “You already look so fucking slutty though, still covered in my cum.”

“Yeah but I can’t go out like this. So I need a pair of really slutty looking high heels, otherwise I won’t look like a cheap whore,” moaned Leslie as she rode Stuart faster.

Leslie knew that dress would make her look really slutty, no matter what else she wore with it, so she figured she may as well go for broke and add some of those heels strippers wear, maybe get some really pinky nail polish. May as well add to his excitement, if there wasn’t a way for her to look more respectable. Well, and, she kinda liked the idea too, of all these people looking at her as Stuart’s trampy date. She’d liked it at lot when they told the tattoo artist they were a couple, but there was something even more exciting about being seen by those people who walked in on them at the park. She wasn’t just Stuart’s girlfriend, she was his sex toy too.

“So you want me to pick you out a pair of stripper heels.”

“Uhn… god yes… I want to go to fancy restaurant and have everyone look at me as your slutty slutty plaything.”

Leslie’s thighs ached as she swung back and forth but she was so horny she couldn’t stop. She wiped the mix of cum and sweat from her forehead and envisioned the two of them walking around in public, her in a trashy dress and heels.

“Well I was looking at a few temporary tattoos, like the ones you put on with water,” Stuart’s voice was trembling a bit too, “I was thinking you could wear a tramp stamp that night.”

“With that dress? Everyone will see!” she yelped, a real tattoo… that was scary, but one that she could have just for that night and people would think it was real... “Fuck yes! I’ll look like a completely slutty whore.”

Leslie ignored the burning feeling in her quads as she pushed through to an orgasm. As she came, she saw Stuart’s expression contort into his own cum face, and she gripped Stuart’s shoulders harder, knowing his spunk was spraying into her cunt. Coming quickly wasn’t exactly something she was hoping to happen on a regular basis, but she was pleased she found a topic that excited her boyfriend this much that didn’t involve selling out her own son. As soon as she had enough energy, she dismount Stuart and picked up his t-shirt from the floor and pulled it on, so she could rush herself to the bathroom for a very hurried clean up job.

She finished up in the bathroom, packed Stuart’s t-shirt into her bag, and redressed in 10 minutes. She gave him a kiss, brief enough that he couldn’t seduce her back to bed, and pretty much ran down the stairs. As she hit the bottom step, the front door opened and Colleen entered the hallway.

Colleen looked up from wiping her shoes on the welcome mat and gave Leslie a reluctant smile.

“Are you heading out?” she asked, her tone was not unwelcoming but she wondered if Colleen was politely hinting that she hoped Leslie was leaving.

“Uh... yeah, just about to head home, are you just getting back now?” asked Leslie, awkwardly realising it was a stupid question to ask someone walking in their own front door.

“Yeah, more traffic than usual,” said Colleen, ignoring the obvious nature of Leslie’s question.

Leslie wasn’t sure what more to say, so she slipped on her heels, which were at the foot of the stairs, and picked up her coat that was hanging on the end of the bannister.

“Did you have a good New Year? You got a promotion at work?” asked Colleen, her friendly tone a little laboured.

“Um yeah, New Year was good,” answered Leslie, not sure if Colleen knew how she and Stuart had spent it, “and yeah, it’s not a major promotion or anything, but…um... it’s good to be recognised.”

Coleen nodded, and the silence hung uncomfortably between them until Leslie broke it, “So, um… you’re a nurse, right?”

“Yeah, a dental nurse.”

Both women nodded as Leslie wondered if this was the best time for her to leave, or if she should say something else, so as not to appear rude.

However, this time, it was Colleen who had something to say, “Leslie… if you’re going to be… seeing… my son, I think we should do this properly. Do you want to come here one evening, join us for dinner?”

“Um… that sounds like a good idea… thanks…” said Leslie, awkwardly, not expecting the invite, “I’ll let you know when I’m free…”

“OK, good, I suppose you have to head home now…”

“Yeah… thanks again,” replied Leslie, as she stepped towards the door.

Gratefully, Colleen turned away from Leslie giving her an opportunity to leave, which she did so quickly, not looking forward to having to mumble lies about working late to her family yet again.

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Re: Conflicted

Post by ucnt on Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:44 am

Hell yes, I've been waiting for this! cheers


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Re: Conflicted

Post by forever316 on Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:26 am

Oh my god, you're back. I almost can't believe it. I loved the ending to Chapter 10 and the Chapter 11 preview was crazy good. The mom knowing and being okay with it adds a whole different dynamic to the story that I can't wait to explore.

The thing I love with your stories (especially Conflicted) is how it reads. I mean yeah it's definitely porn, but it reads like a well written soap opera with vastly different issues that the characters face. I could read it just for the story arc alone, the fact that it also has massive erotic parts makes it just perfect.

Impatiently looking forward to the rest of Chapter 11.


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Re: Conflicted

Post by hop664 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:43 am

That's an interesting direction to take the story, wonder if it will change the dynamics in the relationship, and whether it ties into the whole corruption/bullying theme. Anyway, I enjoyed how Leslie now basically overlooks the physical bullying, and it's a very hot concept that it seems Lewis will continue being bullied indirectly because of Leslie. One thing that would have been nice is more and different names to call Lewis. Perhaps something new that Leslie makes up just to please Stuart?


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Re: Conflicted

Post by loserson on Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:39 pm

hi cuckson,
I love this chapter and the first part of the chapter 11 is incredibly cruel. To be 100% honest I was in shock for almost one hour after reading 11 a. I thought how could to mothers be so cruel toward a innocent kid. I still cant wrap my head around this how cruel both these mothers are.
It's so cruel for coleen to know a innocent kid is being bullied by his own mother and her son and not to take any action against it.
Anyway I love your stories and u are the best writer in this bully/mother fantasy.
Please I beg u never stop writing this story I love it so much.. Over these years bully/mom thing is only thing that make me cum any more. And your stories are the one make me cum hardest. I'm so grateful to u.


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Re: Conflicted

Post by Patera_Silk on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:21 am

Great job, i can't wait to read next chapter Wink

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Re: Conflicted

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:12 am

Tell me that you have ideias to involve Coleen, please! I'd prefer if she doesn't have sex with anyone, but maybe she gets a role in Leslie's head, like: Stuart says something about Lewis in front of the two mothers and Leslie's okay, she's excited with esposing herself to a third person. Maybe all three laugh making fun of Lewis...


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Re: Conflicted

Post by Cuckson on Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:05 pm

sorry its taken 6 months... but merry christmas everyone... I've added another part to the most recent chapter and will finish by the end of the week.

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Re: Conflicted

Post by loserson on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:45 am

hey,, i just finished jerking to new part,, and can't wait for the next, you are the best writer in this category ,, this so much Very Happy


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Re: Conflicted

Post by hop664 on Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:53 am

It's always a thrill to read your newest work, anxiously waiting for the last part and final chapters. I'm hoping to see Leslie start to take a bit more initiative in sabotaging Lewis, the part where she steals his password was one of my favorites because it was an actual act of betrayal and invasion of privacy that ended up being used to hurt him.


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Re: Conflicted

Post by Jman1012 on Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:32 pm

Cuckson wrote:sorry its taken 6 months... but merry christmas everyone... I've added another part to the most recent chapter and will finish by the end of the week.


Loved the new part I cant wait for more. Do you have any plans to continue "Watching My Mum Go Jack" its one of my favourites that I like to go back and read every so often and Ive been waiting ages since it came out for more Smile


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Re: Conflicted

Post by fridaymoon on Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:32 pm

Loved the new update Cuckson! Love the way you write the sex scenes and the interactions between Leslie and Stuart. She knows it's wrong but ultimately willingly shows devotion to Stuart. That fact makes it hotter for me. Looking forward to seeing how she edges closer and closer to helping Stuart bully Lewis or reward him for doing so.


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Re: Conflicted

Post by franckykool on Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:08 am

fridaymoon wrote:Loved the new update Cuckson! Love the way you write the sex scenes and the interactions between Leslie and Stuart. She knows it's wrong but ultimately willingly shows devotion to Stuart. That fact makes it hotter for me. Looking forward to seeing how she edges closer and closer to helping Stuart bully Lewis or reward him for doing so.

it hope there is a chapter 12 to this amazing story.

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Re: Conflicted

Post by ucnt on Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:01 am

Cuckson wrote:sorry its taken 6 months... but merry christmas everyone... I've added another part to the most recent chapter and will finish by the end of the week.
Ahh, finally!!! Very Happy  Every time I visit this site I have my fingers crossed for an update to this story and I was slowly starting to lose hope. Really great stuff as always!

Are you still planning on revising chapter 2? I loved what you did with the first one.

Also in case you're interested in suggestions, while browsing dirtypenpals subreddit (even though I don't actually roleplay) I found this prompt that I thought was pretty hot: link, and I thought that the idea could work pretty well in mother/sons bully scenario. A son probably wouldn't confess about very sexual things to his mother, but there could be embarrassing things from growing up, and then there's always the husband who's also being betrayed.


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Re: Conflicted

Post by Laurox on Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:53 pm

My favorite scenes are the one where Leslie uses Lewis' toothbrush to fuck herself and the one where she's bent over admiting that she's fucking Stuart because he bullies her son.

I'd like to see her doing something dirt with Lewis, like secretly rubbing Stuart's cock and cum in Lewis' food or something like that.


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Re: Conflicted

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