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Cuckold Son's Short Stories

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1. The Valentine's Day Surprise

It was the Christmas dance soon and Will had spent the past 10 minutes sitting in the common room summoning the courage to ask Sarah if she wanted to be his date. He timidly shuffled over to where she was sitting.

“Hi Sarah,” he mumbled, “Um… about the dance.”

“Hey Will,” she replied, with a polite smile, “Speak up, I can’t hear you.”

“I… uh,” he coughed, aware that half the room was watching him, “just thought you might want to go to the dance… with me”

“Sarah,” shouted Alex, as he walked over, his phone out, “Be warned, he might piss himself.”

Alex held his phone out for Sarah to see. Will could see the photo of himself looking angry and his crotch darkened compared to the rest of his trousers.

“Uhhh… I’m just gonna go back to talking to Jess,” said Sarah, awkwardly, and then made a point of turning away from the both of them.

Alex started walking back to his group of friends but Will rushed to stand in his way.

He meant to shout at Alex, but instead it came out as a hushed tone, “You dick, tell her that was you spraying me with a water bottle.”

Alex shoulder barged Will as he replied to him, intentionally avoiding eye contact, “Push off you twat, you could have shat yourself and it wouldn’t have made her any more completely not interested in you.”

Like he always did, Will headed to the toilets to hide his embarrassment until the next class started.


‘Ellie?’ called Alex, the good-looking barista. Elaine smiled as she took her cappuccino from Alex, their hands brushing gently as the cup was exchanged.

Elaine walked towards the back of the café, as if she was heading towards the toilets, however, as soon as she was out of sight, she walked through a door marked ‘Staff Only’. The staff room had a few lockers, a door that lead to a storage room, a long desk with some chairs, and, in the middle, a round table that could seat four. She put her handbag down by the door then mischievously smirked to herself as she walked over to the table and ran her fingers over its surface. She put her coffee cup on the desk, along with coat she had just removed, before hopping up onto the table and planting her buttocks right in the middle.

She faced the door expectantly, crossed her legs and leant back onto her hands. She kicked her feet, as they hung in the air, in a fidgety way, until the door handle finally turned. Alex walked in and grinned ear to ear when he saw Elaine uncross her legs and spread them wide. He turned back to the door and locked it before eagerly making his way over to Elaine. He kissed her briefly before pulling her dress over her head, leaving Elaine in just a bra and heels.

Elaine had been ready for this since arriving at the café and both of them knew there was no time for foreplay. Alex grabbed Elaine by the hips and pulled her towards the edge of the table. She lay back and put her ankles on Alex’s shoulders, whilst he used his right hand to ease his hard-on into her. She sighed as his shaft slid down her pussy; she was so wet already but his thickness still managed to provide some pleasurable resistance.

Alex grabbed Elaine’s knees for purchase and Elaine reached out to grab his wrists. The fact Alex was standing meant it was easy for him to thrust into her quickly and forcefully. She cursed and grunted as the table rocked back and forth. Noises of skin slapping skin echoed across the room until Elaine stifled an orgasm-induced groan.

“Don’t you dare cum all over my stomach again!” she chided Alex, in a jokey manner. A couple of times he had pulled out and jizzed over her body, which made it difficult for her to clean up and get dressed again.

“Inside you is fine by me,” he grunted as he lurched forward and convulsed a couple of times.

She sat up and kissed him deeply as his limp cock fell out of her. She then moved to kissing his neck and playing with his curly brown hair. She liked cuddling up to him after sex but today, it was a delay tactic; she had something to tell him. She shuffled back to the middle of the table, her modestly large breasts were still covered by her bra, but the rest of her was naked. In contrast, her fuck buddy was completely dressed, having pulled up his trousers again, which made her feel a little awkward about what she had to say.

“I’ve not been completely honest with you,” said Elaine, her voice nervous.

“OK… I’ve not either…” replied Alex, “But since you brought it up… you can go first.”

“I’m not 35 and I don’t work in a recording studio. I mean… I wanted to at one point in my life but I don’t actually. I work as a manager in a supermarket. I saw you were quite a bit younger than me… and wanted to impress you. I’m sorry. I didn’t think we’d actually end up… doing this…”

Elaine looked down and anxiously started tugging at her wavy blonde hair. Clearly wanting to convey that he wasn’t upset at her for lying, he lightly touched his index finger to the bottom of her chin and coaxed her to look up at him.

“I’m not quite 23… so we both lied about our age,” he said, laughing nervously.

They had been messing around in the staff room of the café for about two months now but it was just a series of 10 minute trysts. Like today, Alex’s friend was often the other barista on shift with him, so Alex knew he could sneak off with Elaine to the staff room and not be disturbed but it still limited their time together.

They had talked about meeting up elsewhere, but they still hadn’t swapped any contact details, or even their surnames. Both had something to hide so they never pressed the other. Besides, there was something exciting about sneaking around with someone you barely knew. That excitement had run its course however, and Elaine wanted to come completely clean.

“So… how old are you then?”

“Um… you go first…” replied Alex.

“I’m… 45…”

“OK… I was 18 in November.”

‘Wow,’ she thought to herself, he was only two months older than her son. She was married with two kids when he was born.

“Also…” she spoke cautiously, sliding herself off of the table and walking over to her coat. She ruffled around in her pocket then retrieved two rings and slid them onto her left ring finger before continuing, “I am married…”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“No!” she exclaimed, “God no! I just thought you should know everything, in case you want to stop.”

She walked right up to him and rested herself against his body, her forearms and hands in a cutesy begging pose between their chests. She looked up at him; he was about six foot two, whilst she was five-eight in her heels.

“Wow, um… well then if we’re being totally open, I have one last one I suppose. I’m still at school,” he said, his voice trembling a little, before quickly adding, “but I finish this year.”

Unfazed, Elaine went on her tiptoes to give her teenage boyfriend a peck on the lips.

“Also, I told you my name is Ellie because I thought it made me sound less like an old fart… but my real name is Elaine Murphy. I don’t think anyone has ever called me Ellie… oops…”

“I like Ellie… but my name is really is Alex… short for Alexander,” he paused to give her a quick kiss back, “but we need to go now. Maybe we can exchange phone numbers finally and we can meet up outside this place?”

She kissed him again and put on her dress before going over to her hand bag and searching through it.

“Dammit, I can’t find my phone. Here’s my business card,” she said, feeling oddly formal considering the scenario, “Text me so I get your number too.”


Elaine was at the dinner table with her husband, Stephen, and her son, Will. Stephen was finishing telling them about his day; Elaine already had given her summary of her day, of course, omitting the part about sleeping with an eighteen-year-old the back room of a café.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you at the airport?” asked Elaine.

“I appreciate it, honey, but I need to leave here at 5:30am, and the company will pay for the taxi. I’ll just sleep in the back of the cab on the way there.”

Stephen had a business trip to the States, so he’d be there from Tuesday afternoon right until his flight on Sunday morning.

“I still wish the company would have told you sooner, I could have booked holiday and come with you.”

“I know, I know but we can go another time. I’ll be in the Chicago office all day anyway, it’s better that we go as a proper holiday. That way we can take Will too.”

“Yeah, sounds fun, I spose,” mumbled Will.

“You won’t be here for Valentine’s either…”

“I’ll be back that evening, we can have dinner if I’m not too tired..”

“You better bring me some flowers when you’re back,” she demanded. She had compartmentalised the guilt that came with cheating weeks ago.

“Anyway, Will, how was your day?” asked Stephen.

“Same, did school stuff. Went to after school cello lessons. Mum picked me up. Then here we are.”

“Nothing new then?” Elaine asked her son.

“I suppose the past few months have been less of a pain from Alex. He only picks on me at lunches.”

“Do we need to come and talk to the school?” asked his dad.

“Nah, it’s just words mostly. I still think it was him that was stealing my homework for a week. Oh and also made my phone stop working but I don’t have any proof of anything. We’re leaving school for good in a few months anyway. Everyone knows he’s a dick anyway.”

“Why only at lunches?” asked Elaine.

“Well he got a…” started Will when the fire alarm started beeping.

“Will! Did you forget to turn the cooker off? I ask you to reheat some food and you somehow get that wrong!” she scolded before running to the kitchen.


Alex hadn’t wasted any time and had texted Elaine on the Monday evening after they confessed the truth to each other. Equally eager, and with her husband in the US for a week, Elaine had agreed to meet up on Wednesday. Will was in that night but Alex’s parents were at the cinema. Conveniently they were at the 7pm showing of the Revenant, so Elaine and Alex had plenty of time if she went to his house.

She had felt a little awkward at first, messing around in a bedroom that reminded her so much of her son’s; a bit messy, a few computer games lying around and even the same poster of a half-dressed female pop star. That ebbed quickly once the two of them got completely undressed and started kissing. His body; well-toned and strong muscles, certainly did not remind her of her scrawny teenage son.

Unlike with the café, the extra time they had now meant they could fool around a little more. Elaine had spent the first 10 minutes giving Alex a slow blowjob; it was more like a massage with her lips and tongue, and he was now returning the favour with his fingers inside her and thumb on her clit.

“Uhn, you’re so good at this,” she sincerely groaned, writhing on Alex’s bed, “I can’t believe you’re only 18.”

“Natural, am I?”

She cooed in agreement.

“So, um… I gotta tell you something…” Alex started.

Elaine waited a few seconds but then sat up on her elbows when Alex didn’t say anything more, “yeah… go on…”

“So…” he said, not stopping his fingering action and focusing intently on her crotch, “I… know who you are…”

“Yeah…” she said, sighing and convulsing just as Alex hit a really good spot, “we talked about this on Monday.”

“No I mean… you have a son… Will. William Murphy.”

“How do you know…?” she started the question then suddenly a dozen previously unconnected things in her head all came together.

Alex was at school. He worked on weekday evenings, so the café she met him at must be near his school. The days she met him were always those days when Will had after-school activities; she’d go to the café and wait until she could pick her son up. Will had started to tell her that his bully only picked on him at lunch. He never got to finish the reason why he stopped bothering him after school; part of the reason Elaine went to get Will in the car was because his bully would pick on him at the bus stop. It sounded like Will’s bully was busy after school, possibly with a job. Will’s bully’s name was Alex… Will’s bully was fingering Will’s mum right now.

“Oh god, you have to stop,” she blurted out in alarm.

Alex instead pushed his fingers deeper and rubbed her clit faster.

“You sure?”

“No… I mean yes… you’re Alex! THAT Alex…”

She was close to climax, less than 30 seconds away, but she shouldn’t do this, not with this hateful bastard.

“You absolutely, definitely want me to stop?”

Her mind focused on saying ‘yes’ but her hand had other ideas. She grabbed his right wrist; his right index and middle fingers were buried deep inside of her,  and pulled it towards her while bucking her hips.

“Oh god, please do not stop,” she cried out before convulsing all over the bed.

The hand gripping his wrist tightened and then released, so Alex pulled his hand away and crawled between her legs, simultaneously entering her and lowering his mouth to hers. Still in post-orgasmic bliss she kissed him back with genuine passion.

However, he only got ten seconds before her mind came back from its haze and she pushed him away from her chest. She didn’t quite have the energy to pull her hips away, so Alex was still bucking his hips in and out of her but they were no longer in a lover’s embrace.

“We can’t do this, not if you’re picking on my son. Why did you tell me this?”

“Would you rather I hid it?”

‘Yes,’ she thought.

“NO!” she shouted.

“You’d have found out anyway, I thought I might have a chance of keeping you around if I told you. Besides it’s going to come out anyway.”

This time, Elaine made an actual effort and pulled herself away from Alex, sitting up on the bed facing him, but not touching him in any way.

“Are you blackmailing me?!” she questioned him with incredulity in her voice. She pulled a pillow across her naked chest and shot him a disgusted look.

“What? No!” he panicked, “I… told my friend Biggsy ages ago about you. Then I told him about our convo on Monday and he basically looked you up on Google or Facebook or something and said that you were Will’s mum.”

“Well stop him then!”

“I can’t, he hates Will just as much as I do. I didn’t do anything here. It wasn’t like I knew you were married. I didn’t even know your name. You said you were 35! How was I supposed to know you’d have a kid.”

“No one asked you to bully him…”

“I’d say having his wimpy attitude and stupid voice was asking for it.”

“How dare you!”

“What? It’s not just me, if it was, I maybe coulda said yeah I’m the one in the wrong but It’s Biggsy and like three other people at least. And he creeps on Jeremy’s girlfriend all the time.”

“You have to stop it getting out.”

“I can’t. He hasn’t told anyone yet but he said he will tell everyone if I don’t. He said he might keep it secret if it Is because I want to keep having a go and even said I could secretly video us and show it to Will but I didn’t want to do that…”

“I’m supposed to applaud you for not being a criminal sex pest?” interrupted Elaine

“No, I just mean I actually like you and didn’t want to take advantage of you and ruin your life.”

“I suppose I’m a little grateful,” said Elaine, before taking a deep sigh and looking away in shame, “but it sounds like that’s already going to happen.”

“Ellie,” Alex whispered and leant close enough to stroke her cheek with the back of his hand, “I get that this is not ideal, but you can be with me. In fact, I’d like that. Sorta something good coming out of something bad.”

She held his hand and her lip quivered as waves of fear and guilt washed through her stomach.

“Bet you’d like that. You could be all ‘Will I’m fucking your stupid idiot mum’.”

“I’ll admit that the fact you’re Will’s mum is fucking incredible but you’re not stupid. You’re amazing and gorgeous and even I our brief flings at the café I really have fallen for you. I can’t stop Biggsy but I can make it better for you if it does all end up coming out.”

He stroked her again and moved forward towards her. They kissed as Alex entered her and didn’t stop until a perfectly simultaneous orgasm 10 minutes later.

“I needed that,” cooed Elaine, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

“I’m sorry that this hasn’t gone the way you’d hoped but I think you need to be the one to let Will know.”

“Yeah… I’ll tell him tonight I suppose. He’s going to hate me, no matter what I say. He might never forgive me.”

“I was thinking about that… so I have an idea… there’s no good way to break the news but maybe at least one of us could get something out of this…”

Alex told her his idea, literally buzzing with excitement as he told it.

“Are you fucking mad? That’s the worst idea ever.”

“Please, it’s not like it’s going to make things WORSE, and at least I can enjoy it.”
What he was proposing was the end of her family, and he just wanted he to do that so he could ‘enjoy it’.

“Is that what I am? I exist so you can ‘enjoy it’?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. You could try and say all the right things but likely end up upsetting Will, sorry to say. So why not choose it. Embrace it. There’s nothing you can do, other than make it fun for yourself. Are you gonna do the ‘right thing’ just for the sake of it?’

Do the ‘wrong thing’; choose her teenage lover over her family. She wanted excitement… that’s why she first slept with Alex... betraying on her husband was one exciting taboo… but her son too…

“I need to go,” said Elaine, dressed herself in silence and left.


“I’ll think about it…”


Elaine was in her husband’s home office. She rifled through the drawer of folders until she spotted what she was looking for; a letter

‘Thank you for your application. It was great to speak on the phone last week. We would like to offer you the role for Studio Manager…’

It was her job acceptance letter from Big Apple Beats, a recording studio in New York. She remembered receiving that letter, nearly two decades ago. She remembered the choice it forced upon her…

Her husband, or rather fiancé as he was back then, gave her a disappointed look as she told him the good news.

“Ells, I can’t get a work visa, I’ve tried for most of a year. Do you still want to get married? I understand if you want to go instead.”

“Steve,” she replied, apprehension in her voice, “I’m pregnant.”

Back in 1997, she chose the ‘right’ choice. She didn’t regret it but maybe this time, she should do the fun thing, the crazy thing. She could try and chase the ambition of ‘good wife, good mother’ but somehow, she thought that ship had sailed the first time she snuck into the café staff room with Alex. She was about to be thrust into a whole new life, and maybe it was best to take on a new attitude.

Mobile phone in hand, Elaine trembled as she typed a message to Alex, ‘Let’s do it…’


It was Sunday, Valentine’s Day; Elaine was with her new boyfriend, in her bedroom, and she was dressed for the day. Her hair was up in curls; she had silver-coloured heart earrings and a necklace, which had been given to her by Alex; she was wearing a red garter belt, which was frilly and two inches tall with silk bows above both of the front suspenders; attached to the garter belt were black frilly topped open toe thigh-high stockings; on her feet were red 6-inch platform heels, which were open toed and had a bow for a strap around the ankle; both her fingernail and toenails were painted with red gel resin but her fingernails also had white hearts on the thumb, middle and pinkie nails; the final touch was a temporary tramp stamp, which was around 8 inches wide and consisted of a central red heart framed with a tribal tattoo design.

“Sexiest woman alive! Pose for the camera,” suggested Alex as he pulled out his phone.

“Photos? Is that wise?” retorted Elaine.

“Considering the plan, could there be anything wrong with a couple of photos?”

Elaine nodded in agreement and then made a kissy face as she turned to the camera with confidence. She posed for a second photo with her back to the camera, but looking over her shoulder and the tip of her right index finger in her mouth. Alex put his phone away and smiled at Elaine. Her new life was going to start in a few hours, but each time Alex smiled, she was that little bit less scared.

Elaine and Alex had planned how let her son know she was about to leave them for Alex. Not all of Alex’s friends hated Will; a couple were actually reasonably close to Will. In fact, Will had been invited to a couple of places by them, but because of his enmity with Alex he’d never gone. Alex had asked Biggsy to invite Will out that afternoon. Will didn’t really know that Biggsy hated him and because Will had been told Alex was busy with his girlfriend, whose identity was still unknown to all but Elaine, Alex and Biggsy, so Will accepted.

Meanwhile, Elaine would pack all of her bags, wait for Alex to come round, give him a couple of hours of a ‘Valentine’s Day treat’ and then send him home, with her bags, and wait until her family would come home. She had already given her husband an excuse as to why she couldn’t come and pick him up, so he would get a taxi back, and be at home around 6pm. Will would get the bus back after the cinema, so he was expected to be back just after 6. She’d tell both of them she was leaving and then head across to Alex’s home.

Well, that was the plan that Elaine would claim she had, to give her plausible deniability. The real plan started when Biggsy intentionally told Will the film was an hour later than it was. Will would be home an hour earlier than expected and walk in on Elaine and Alex going at it. Pretending she didn’t mean to be caught was the only way Elaine agreed to the plan, but it didn’t mean she hadn’t been taken away by the excitement.

She knew her old life was over, so she intended to enter her new one with a bang. It was her idea to make sure they were all dressed up and bought all new clothes just to look extra sexy. Alex had offered to buy her jewellery and that led him to talking about belly button piercings, which then led further on to them talking about tattoos. When Alex said he liked lower back tattoos, Elaine excitedly offered to get one, thinking it was a perfect way to say goodbye to her old self. They even went into a tattoo parlour and looked at some designs, which is where she bought the temporary transfer, but not before promising to come back as early as Monday to get a real one.

So there she was; wet and trembling with excitement, standing near their front door, still only in heels, stockings and a garter belt. She was hand-in-hand with Alex, who was dressed in a nice shirt and trousers, both smiling at Biggsy’s text. He was going to drive Will from the cinema to the end of the street. According to the text, it was just 15 minutes until the start of Elaine’s new life.

“Come on Alex, let’s get set up!”

“We could just do it on the floor here,” he replied pointing at the ground two feet from the front door.

“Don’t be stupid,” she retorted, entering the open plan dining room, “for starters, that just makes it obvious this was staged and secondly, it’s a wooden floor.”

She pulled a seat out from the dining table, looked at the front door and then looked back at the chair. She turned it so that its side was directed towards the door.

“Sit down,” she said, directing Alex to the seat, “and pull your trousers down.”

He followed her instructions, revealing his semi-erection to her. She knelt down between his legs and used her right hand to hold his partly soft member in her mouth. The warm strokes of her mouth hardened him quickly. She took him as deeply into her throat she should before coughing and coming up for air. She looked up at him and grinned.

“I think this is the perfect line-of-sight for the door, but I don’t think I could kneel on this hard floor for the next 10 minutes. It’s a shame, I think this would have been the best position for us to be… uh… caught in.”

“Yeah, would have been great to cover your face in cum as that little twat walked in.”

She beamed at her boyfriend as she got to her feet and straddled him. She made eye contact as she slowly lowered herself down onto his lap. He penetrated her, making her feel full and relaxing the last of her nerves.

“This is quite exciting,” she said, undoing his shirt and tossing it across the room, while gently rocking back and forth, “by the time you pull out of me, I won’t be someone else’s wife; I’ll be your girlfriend, completely.”

She gyrated forward and back but not too quickly; they still had a few more minutes to hold out.

“You better not cum before the big moment,” she warned Alex, “Now kiss me, as hard as you can; as desperately as you can; we have a show to put on.”

They locked lips and tongues and kissed like lovers who were never going to see each other again. They held their kiss for nearly five minutes, until Alex stopped to pull out his phone from his pocket.

“Ellie, selfie?”

She giggled, took the phone and held it out with her right hand. She pressed her left cheek to Alex’s right and pouted as she angled the phone to get as much of their faces and bodies as she could. She snapped a few and then gave the phone back to Alex. He slipped it into his pocket and the two of them got back to kissing and grinding again.

Elaine began to feel stirrings in her groin. She hoped Alex would hold out long enough for Will to arrive, even if Elaine were to speed up. She bucked faster and faster, feeling her climax coming. It was less than 15 seconds away she knew it. This would the most inopportune moment for the door to open and her son to walk in, as she did not have the will-power to stop herself and act embarrassed, so close to a body convulsing orgasm. Naturally, thanks to the way of the world, this was exactly the moment the door opened.

“Mum?! What the fuck?!”

Elaine pulled away from the most passionate kiss she had ever had with anyone in her life, enough to pant a few words, “Alex… so close… don’t stop.”

She was almost there, and she wanted to make sure Alex knew that she didn’t want to cover up and pretend they had been busted, not when she was about to cum so very hard.

“Mum, is that Alex?! MUM!” screamed her son, probably, reasonably, expecting her to stop and show some shame.

Instead, more desperately than ever, she bucked hard and felt her nether regions explode in a wash of pleasurable sensations. She screamed, knowing that it didn’t matter now, there was no going back. Maybe, just maybe if she’d shown some remorse as he walked in the door, but it had been at least ten seconds and she hadn’t even recognised his presence. She had almost no energy but, with some last vestiges of respect for her son, she sat up and put her right arm over her breasts.

“I’m sorry…”  she said, feeling Alex’s dick go limp and slump out of her.

She stood up and felt some cum dribble out of her, and run down her leg. She hurried over to Alex’s shirt, as it lay close to her son’s feet, the clicking of heels on the wooden floor echoed across the now silent room. Her son looked at her, his face pale, as she picked up the shirt and quickly threw it on, wrapping it round herself to give her some much needed modesty.

“Why?” Will rasped.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d be back so soon,” Elaine lied.

“Why him?”

Alex stomped over to Will, grabbed him by the t-shirt, and thrust him hard against the wall, lifting him a few inches off the ground in the process, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Don’t think I’m good enough for your mum? Do you?”

“No… I… um... that’s not what I said,” her son babbled, going even paler.

Elaine stood behind Alex, her chest pressed closely against his back; her right hand was gently holding Alex’s waist and her left was resting on his left bicep. She put her lips against his left shoulder blade and looked at her son from over Alex’s shoulder. Post-orgasmic hormones were still flooding her body and making her want to nuzzle up close to Alex.

“Alex,” she cooed softly, as she stroked his bicep and pecked kisses on his shoulder, “just calm down, please?”

“Nah, why? I asked him a question and I want a proper answer. What about you? Do you think I’m good enough for you?”

“Of course! Of course I do!”


“Well, you’re so handsome, and strong,” she said in a soothing voice.

“Tell him,” barked Alex, bashing Will against the wall again, “I want him to know.”

“Will, he’s handsome man; he’s strong; he’s funny; he’s lovely…”

“Lovely?! He’s a dick!”

Alex bashed him again.

“Probably best to antagonise him, sweetie,” suggested Elaine.

“What about how good I am at sex?” grunted Alex.

Elaine wrapped her arms tightly around Alex’s torso, before she responded, giggly with embarrassment, “I think he may have seen that for himself…”

Alex tightened his hold on Will and there was a ripping noise from the t-shirt, “What do you think now?”

“Alex, you’re great… I’m glad… glad you and my mum… I just didn’t expect it…”

Alex dropped Will to the floor forcefully so that he landed on his bottom. Alex turned around, Elaine releasing her grip on his torso enough for him to stand to the side. He kissed her but almost without warning, his hand darted to her pussy and three fingers pushed inside of her.

“Oh… uhn… Alex… maybe not now…” she gasped, as he very vigorously fucked her with his fingers.

Barely able to concentrate, eyes rolling, Elaine tried to grab his wrist and push his hand out from inside of her, however, before she could, he pulled away himself. He bent down in front of Will and flicked all the fingers of his wet hand right in front of her son’s face. Sex juices, Elaine’s and probably some of Alex’s, visibly sprayed out as he flicked twice more. He grabbed the bottom hem of Will’s t-shirt and dried the rest of his hand. Will sat there glowering but didn’t say a word.

“I’m gonna head, so I’ll need my shirt babe.”

“Umm… I’ll…” she started to say she was going to go upstairs and change into her own clothes, but she realised that he specifically wanted her to undress here, “Sure.”

She turned round and undid the shirt. She put her right hand across her breasts and handed Alex his shirt with her left. Once he took it, she covered her sex with her left hand and turned back round to face her son.

“When did you get a tattoo?” whispered her son, seemingly unsure if he was allowed to ask a question."

“Oh, it’s temporary,” she answered, feeling a little awkward, “but I’m getting a real one like it… tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” guffawed Alex, grinning smugly, “We were talking about getting ‘Alex Harper’ just above it. Whadda ya think? Good idea.”

Will nodded silently.

“Good to hear we have your blessing,” he smirked, “I’ll send you a pic of it when it’s done, probably as I’m taking her from behind.”

He mimed having sex doggy style and then laughed to himself. When he stopped he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Speaking of pics, how about…” he paused for a few seconds to type on his phone, “A memento for the occasion…”

Elaine peered at Alex’s phone and saw three sent picture messages; one of her from the back posing in her outfit; one from the front; and one of the selfies she’d taken whilst they were having sex.

“Oh Ellie, want me to take that outfit, as I’ve got the rest of your clothes?” he asked Elaine before turning to Will, “It’s a special outfit, she got it for this occasion, except the jewellery, that was a gift from me.”

She silently smiled at Alex then turned around again. As dignified as she could be, she sat down on her ankles and undid the straps of her heels. She took her shoes, stockings and garter belt off handing them to Alex, again covering herself with her hands. They kissed quickly before Alex headed to the door.

“Ellie, I’ll see you in an hour or so,” he looked down at Will, “And I’ll see you tomorrow… heh… that’s twice in two days you’ll have seen me just after I pull out your mum.”

The door shut and Will got to his feet. It looked like he was struggling to hold back tears. For the first time since he walked through the door, Elaine felt a genuine strong twang of guilt at her actions.

“I’m going to go… and get dressed. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be going when your dad is home.”

“Don’t you love me, Mum?” sobbed Will.

“Of course I do, you’re my son.”

“Do… do you love him?”

“He’s my Valentine.”


Alex held a tub of chilli con carne out in front of Will, and with a grin said, “Your mum asked me to give you this.”

He took the tub and looked at it, concerned Alex had done something to it.

“She also asked to give you this,” continued Alex.

Just as will looked up he saw a squeeze bottle of sour cream pointed at his face. Alex’s hand contracted and the white fluid sprayed his face.

“She didn’t actually. That was from me. Kinda funny because that sorta looks like what I did to her this morning,” he quipped, “Check your phone.”

Will wiped his face with his hand and through clench teeth managed a sarcastic ‘tell her I say thanks’.

He went to the toilet to clean up but after washing his face and hands, Will sat in one of the stalls. He pulled out his phone and looked at his newest message. It was his mother’s face, tongue out, covered in cum. Ashamed at himself, he held his thumb over the photo and chose ‘save photo’. He went to gallery and looked at it for a second, before adding it to ‘favourites’. He switched to the ‘favourites’ album, and selected a video of Alex ploughing his mum doggy-style, making sure it was on mute. Just above her butt-cheeks was a tattoo, almost identical the temporary one she had had on a couple of weeks ago, but this one was a little larger and, in calligraphy writing, read ‘Alex Harper’. As he had dozens of times now, Will waited for Alex’s cum to stream across his mum’s back tattoo and a giggling voice to say, “All done, baby? You’re so incredible.”

The video finished there and Will put his phone back in his pocket. He rested his face in his hands and waited until the next class was ready to begin.

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A True Performance - Part 1

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2. A True Performance

“… Pasquier’s use of controversial methods is likely what has kept him constrained to the semi-professional circuit because, once again, with a cast of mostly amateurs and spare-time thespians, he has put on a show that has outstripped its humble backroom, intimate environment. There are moments where one could truly forget they were not at the West End.

“OK, I will admit hyperbole, but for the price of a low-key production, we are delivered a compelling plot and a true chemistry between our lead roles. As I said at the start of this piece, the premise of a female teacher and her male student in a near-amateur production would have never caught my eye, but Pasquier’s name drew me in. If it had not, I would never have had the true delight of witnessing performances by Samantha Phillips-Moore and Rob Ward, who truly sold me their forbidden romance.

“Hearing that Pasquier had included not one, but two, erotic scenes I postulated that he was trying to draw an audience; after all, sex sells, but I once again commend Phillips-Moore and Ward who pull off…”

“Yes, Sweetie?” prompted Sebastian’s mother, as he abruptly stopped reading out loud the blog post.

Sebastian looked uncomfortably at his father then back to his phone, before responding to his mother, “Well, yeah, the reviewer just really likes your performance, well done Mum!”

She pressed no further, and Sebastian was glad; he and his father were proud of his mum, definitely, but there were quickly there became concerns when it was clear that Samantha would have to perform sex scenes on stage with another man. His father clearly showed some signs of jealousy but, and Sebastian understood this completely, the fact her opposite number would be playing a teenager character suggested a much younger guy would be cast and this seemed to bother him a whole lot more.

Sebastian was very much an unplanned pregnancy; his mother was a teenager when she had him and his father was a friend’s older brother. Now that his father was in his early 40s and his mother in her mid-30s, the age-gap was pretty much a non-issue, but Sebastian wondered if it was one of the reasons why this play bothered his dad so much, even though they had both seen her act lovingly and even kiss other actors as part of other performances.

Sebastian found it strange to think that his mother would be pretending to be in a relationship with a guy who was likely to be close to his age, but at first it wasn’t something that concerned him. However, that was before Rob had been cast. When it was just a theoretical concept it felt a little funny for Sebastian, but nothing he couldn’t get over. When he heard that someone from his own class at school would be acting like he was having sex with Sebastian’s mother, it became a whole lot less comfortable.

It wasn’t just that it was a class mate of his, it was the fact it was Rob Ward. Of all the people, it just had to be him. Yes, it made sense; Rob had been the lead role for many school productions, and he had applied for drama school, and he, admittedly, had a few accolades to his name, but it still came like a punch to the gut for Sebastian when he found out. Rob was charismatic, funny, good-looking; it was no surprise he was such a performer, but he also had a heaped dose of arrogance and entitlement to go with it.

Sebastian put his phone down and returned pensively to his cereal. He thought about three months ago, when Rob was first given the part of Samantha’s on-stage lover.

“Yo Seb!” called Rob, but Sebastian ignored him.

“Hey, Seb!” Rob called again, this time close enough that he reached out and squeezed Sebastian’s shoulder, just a little too hard for comfort.

Sebastian pulled free and turned around before answering, “What do you want Rob?”

“Alright mate, no need to be so grumpy. We can find you a tampon if you need,” replied Rob, quickly chuckling to himself.

“Just leave me alone if you’re gonna be a dick,” retorted Sebastian, feeling a twinge of embarrassment that his comeback sounded whinier than he had hoped.

“Fair enough,” shrugged Rob, his larger, taller, imposing frame contrasting with the nonchalance of his tone.

He ‘hmmm-ed’ after a couple of seconds of staring down at Sebastian, then continued, “I just wanted to say congratulations your mum for being the star in a play.”

“What?” asked Sebastian, his brow furrowed, “Why would you care about that? How do you know?”

“Oh yeah…” replied Rob, pretending to ponder, “You wouldn’t know? Your mum and me, we’re lovers?”


“In the play, of course.”

“No, piss off! You’re not playing David?”

“Yup, we’re David and Lisa,” grinned Rob, “Though I think Sam and Rob sounds better. Either way… we’ll be grinding and getting dirty on stage.”

“Piss off, Rob!” shouted Sebastian, whacking his palm of his right hand against Rob’s left pectoral.

There was a muffled thwacking noise as Sebastian tried to push his antagonist, but Rob barely had to take a step back to steady himself. As a small crowd of people turned to look at the pair, mostly drawn in by Sebastian’s outcry, Rob grabbed Sebastian by the front of his shirt, and drew him in close.

Rob’s free hand raised up to Sebastian’s face level, which prompted Sebastian to flinch back, but instead, Rob just slapped his cheek, a couple of times, barely enough for it to hurt.

“I’ll let that one go this one time, Seb,” he said, in a faux-jovial tone, and released his grip, then stepped away from Sebastian with a grin on his face.

“…But just because me and you mum… we’re like this…” he continued, raising his right hand up to show his index and middle fingers rightly crossed.

“Sebastian… are you ready to go?” asked his mother, snapping him out of his thoughts.

His mind returned to the breakfast table, where his cereal was now eaten, and his mother was already wearing her coat, ready to drive him to school.

Mother and son went to her car and Sebastian’s mind began to wander again to the evening after Rob told him he would be in the same play as his mother.

Sebastian had been in his room when he heard the front door. He had been thinking about a way to talk to his mother about starring opposite Rob. It was a small performance; his mother did it more as a hobby than a career, as she had long given up trying to be a professional actress, primarily – Sebastian did feel guilty about this – because she had him at a young age and had to give up regular acting.

He came down the stairs and heard his parents having a heated discussion in the kitchen. He heard a few key words that gave it away they were speaking about the play and so he waited just around the corner from the kitchen and listened.

“Fine, I have admitted it, I know it’s just acting, but I am bothered by you doing such a… well… a sex scene, in fact, two. Does it bother me it’s with a teenager more than if it had been someone closer in age to you? Maybe. But the fact it’s someone in our kid’s class…”

“But Jeremy, honey, it is just a performance… I know this one is a little different from before but, please, this director is on his way up, and if I impress him then maybe I could get to be on a bigger stage and have a go at a serious performance.”

“Trust the bloody French to have to throw in a sex scene in for no reason. Oh but zis ees art,” replied his dad, with a weak laugh.

“Honey… It’ll be fine…”

“I know, it’s just that it’s with a kid in Seb’s school.”

“What’s up?” chimed in Sebastian, feigning ignorance, as he entered the kitchen.

His father was in a shirt and trousers; his outfit for work, and, guessing by her attire, he had clearly picked up Sebastian’s mother on her way home from the gym. Samantha was dressed in skin-tight three-quarter length yoga pants and a cropped tank top that hugged the ample swell of her chest and exposed midriff up to just below her belly button.

At 37, she was younger than most, if not all, the mothers of Sebastian’s classmates and she religiously attended the gym, so he accepted that with her relatively youthful and toned yet curvy figure she was going to be seen as the best-looking mum of his year. Combined with the fact she wasn’t one to hide her well-maintained body by often, like now, wearing tastefully revealing clothes, Sebastian had accepted he would get a few jokes his way about his ‘hot mum’. He had wondered on the way home that if his mum hadn’t been so good-looking, would Rob have made such a big deal of getting to be her boyfriend within the play.

“Hi Sweetie,” greeted his mother, “The play I’m in from November, they’ve chosen the guy who will play the male lead.”

His mother paused, and Sebastian thought maybe now was the time to tell his parents about Rob’s offensive behaviour.

He composed his thoughts as he prepared to speak, but his mother got there first, “It’s actually a kid from your school, Robert Ward.”

“Have you mentioned him before?” asked Jeremy to his son, “Now that you say his name again, it sounds familiar. Did you have a problem with him once or twice a few years back?”

Sebastian had let on to neither parent the full extent to which Rob bothered him, but his mother was far more aware than his father. Sebastian saw her look between him and his father with a level of discomfort, probably hoping he wouldn’t lay into Rob too much and fuel his father’s discontent further.

Sebastian still wanted his mother to give up this role but as he tried to say the words, he thought of what he overheard minutes ago, about how this particular performance was important to her, and instead he said, “Oh yeah, we had a few disagreements years ago, but its fine now. I hope… he works out well for you as a co-star.”

He struggled over the words but he felt better after he said them; he felt like he had taken the mature stance and thought about his mum’s wishes ahead of his own trivial arguments.

At least, that is how Sebastian felt at the time, back in the present, in the car, with three months of reflection, he wasn’t sure anymore. Two to three times a week Rob would mock him about it, but always in a way that never quite pushed Sebastian too far. He’d show him lines from rehearsal where his mother would have to say something a little explicit, or maybe a scene prompt like ‘David and Lisa kiss’ but gave him very little that he could complain about that wouldn’t sound like he was being petty.

The worst, as he expected was when they were rehearsing the sex scenes, but it wasn’t for the reasons he imagined. He expected Rob to rub it in his face, to give him all the dirty details and to recount everything vividly… but he did the exact opposite.

He remembered back to around the third week of rehearsals; Sebastian was passing Rob in the corridor when Rob grabbed him and took him aside.

“So tonight is rehearsals,” said Rob, abruptly.

“Yeah? I know… what’s your point?” retorted Sebastian, trying to hide his irritation; he hated Rob knowing how much he got under his skin.

“We’re rehearsing one of the scenes tonight…”

“Yeah that’s how rehearsals work, I thought that’s a simple enough concept, even for you…”

“Good one, mate!” retorted Rob, as he punched Sebastian in the shoulder; it wasn’t full force, but it was enough to hurt.

Rob chuckled for a second, as he grabbed the shoulder he just punched and squeezed down so his thumb was pressing down on the tender spot.

“What I meant was,” he said before pausing to drop to a whisper, “that we’re rehearsing one of… those scenes.”

“You mean a sex scene,” replied Sebastian, teeth clenched.

“Well… Our director likes to call them ‘zee very eenteemat scene’ but yeah, one of those.”

Sebastian felt queasy at the thought, but he did his best to give nothing away as he spoke, “OK, is that all?”

Rob relaxed his hold on Sebastian’s shoulder, and answered, “Yeah, actually, just thought you might want know.”

“Right… so you’re not gonna rub any of the details in my face or just gloat about some particular thing ‘David and Lisa’ do on stage?” asked Sebastian, annoyed at himself for showing his frustration.

“No, of course, not, mate,” smirked Rob, “I only told you all that stuff before because I thought you were interested. I mean these scenes are just like ones before where I’ve had to kiss your mum. Yeah, these ones are a little more passionate and get a bit heavier, and there’s also… actually never mind…”

“What?” demanded Sebastian.

“Nah mate, you’re right, wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable…”

Sebastian had felt relief straight after Rob had left. Up until that day he had been dreading the moment Rob and his mum had to start rehearsing sex scenes together, worried about what Rob would say to goad him. He had thought that maybe Rob’s plan was to tease him the next day, giving him all the unwanted details then. However, throughout the day, Sebastian had mental images of his mother and Rob in bed together. He started to play in his mind all the different possibilities that could happen that evening during rehearsal. He then realised that by not knowing anything specific, it was even worse than if he knew exactly what was in store; that was Rob’s plan.

He remembered his imagination working overtime, desperately trying to work out what his mum and Rob would be doing on-stage. He started to think weird things, like after certain rehearsal sessions he’d imagine his mum was a little more excitable and cheerful and he thought maybe those were the days when she was pretending to romp around in bed with Rob.

It was just a few days before the first live performance, when Sebastian cracked.

“One last dry hump… I mean dry run,” chuckled Rob as he roughly ruffled Sebastian’s hair, “before the show.”

“Why do you keep just saying stupid cryptic comments?” barked Sebastian, tired of the torture his mind was putting him through, “If you’re going to mention it, just say it, if not, then just shut the f… just… shut up.”

Rob laughed heartily, “That’s so fucked up mate. You want me to tell you about how I act out fucking your mum? Isn’t it good enough you’ll get to see it? You want me to describe it for you? Perv alert!”

“No… that’s not what I meant…”

“Just wait until the show… your mum really knows how to act,” replied Rob, whilst miming a woman grabbing her chest and yelping in pleasure.

Sebastian threw his weight at Rob, hands outstretched and managed to knock him against the wall behind.

Rob ‘ouched’ and winced then looked at Sebastian with raw anger. Rob almost always had a look of disdain and contempt for Sebastian but he had never seen Rob look like he actually wanted to really, truly hurt him, rather than just belittle or humiliate him.

Sebastian went clammy and cold, his stomach churning with fear as Rob stepped closer to him. Rob was about ten centimetres taller and maybe that much wider, but now that Rob had expanded his chest out fully and Sebastian was cowering, he felt like Rob was twice his size.

Rob grabbed Sebastian with his right hand such that his forearm was diagonally across Sebastian’s chest. Using just the force of that one arm, he flung the smaller kid around, back at the wall he had just been pushed into and Sebastian collided with a set of lockers. He painfully connected with the edge as a metallic ringing caught the attention of a couple of other students at the other end of the corridor.

Sebastian looked up at Rob from the floor. He put his hand up the back of his shirt to feel a wetness at the point where his side struck a metal protrusion. A thin coating of red confirmed he was bleeding from a small injury, but Rob didn’t seem to care.

“Don’t you fucking touch me again, or I’ll beat you harder than I’m gonna pound your mother up on stage... got it?”

Sebastian silently nodded and Rob left just as two fellow students came to help Sebastian up.

Recalling that incident, still in the car, Sebastian reached his hand behind his back and felt the place where he had been cut. It was fully healed now, it had been weeks since then, but there was definitely a psychological scar left, that he was reminded of when he looked at his mum.

"You OK, sweetie?" She asked, "You've been very quiet since we got in the car."

"Yeah, I've just been thinking about stuff."

"Oh? Anything you want to share?"

"Not really," Sebastian replied, shaking his head as he thought about when he had told his mother that Rob had hurt him.

It had been later in the same day, he had got home and removed his shirt to find a little red stain where it rested on his cut. He fully intended to tell his parents about what had happened but he was embarrassed that he let himself get hurt, so he hand-washed his shirt where it was a little bloody, until it was almost imperceptible pale pink.

His mother had returned home very shortly after that and quickly dashed to her room, to change ready for rehearsals. He knocked on the door and heard her ask him to wait a few seconds before calling him in.

She was pulling down a tight black tank top that finished a fingers width above the waist of her leggings. Though not explicitly revealing, the figure hugging clothes and low cleavage left little to the imagination. She tied her thick brown hair up into a ponytail and looked in the mirror before finally addressing him.

"Rob's being a little funny about this whole thing," he told his mother, vaguely.

"Well, I know you mentioned before he made you uncomfortable a couple of times by talking about the play, but I thought we discussed that and you decided that maybe you needed to get over the fact that I have to act in very... explicit... scenes with your classmate."

Sebastian sighed quietly; they had discussed that and he had agreed that point, but his mother had led the conversation that way, rather than Sebastian offering that up as a reason for his discomfort. It was partly his fault for downplaying how often Rob was teasing him.

"What did he do this time?" She asked, as Sebastian had kept silent for a little while.

"Well he just made a joke about grinding... no it was humping, I think, because the play is about to start live performances soon."

"What did he say?"

"Well I don't remember exactly..."

"If you can't remember it then maybe it's not really such a big deal then?"

"OK, wait, let me think... he said 'oh it's just one more dry hump left... I mean dry run before the show.'"

Samantha 'hmmm-ed' before responding, "That is quite rude but I know you boys tease each other, I've overheard you with your friends when they are around here, and I know you've said things about other people's mums when you're playing some of those shooter games."

Sebastian went a little red as his mother reminded him of some of the crude things he had shouted over his PlayStation headset.

However, he wasn't about to give up, and he continued, "Yeah but then he shoved me into some lockers."

"Physically pushed you?"


"Oh… that's a different story. That's not good," she replied, sympathetically.

She leant in and kissed him on the top of the head before speaking again, "I'm sorry, sweetie, I'll talk to him this evening."

After his mum left to go to rehearsal, Sebastian had hoped she'd come back with good news. She had come into his room later that evening but her expression was quite unimpressed.

"Hi," she said, curtly, "So today Rob came up to you, made a crude joke then pushed you?"

"Yeah," replied Sebastian, his voice a little nervous as he wondered where this was going to go.

"Nothing you omitted?"


"Did you push him first?"

"Well yeah, but he did start it!" exclaimed Sebastian, aware he sounded like a tattling child.

"Rob told me that you asked him how the play was going, then he answered, admitting he made a silly joke, for which he apologised profusely for, but stressed that he said it as a joke, then you started swearing, and pushed him, so he pushed you back."

"Wait, no! I know I didn't tell you the whole story but that's not true either..."

"Sebastian!" interrupted Samantha, "Because of that you told me, I went and spoke to your classmate, like you were in primary school again, and then I find out you lie to me, making me look like an idiot. I know this role has been more awkward for you and your dad than I first expected but I didn’t think I’d have you trying to make me go and tell off my fellow cast members like I’m sort of psycho mum.”

“I’m sorry,” mumbled Sebastian.

He knew that Rob was in the wrong, and had twisted the situation to make himself look the better man, but Sebastian knew he had lost his moral high-ground the moment he omitted things to his mum. He should’ve trusted her to take his side with the whole truth.

“Do you want me to give up the show?” asked his mum and, with a huge sigh, sat down on the edge of his desk.

Sebastian’s heart leapt at the prospect, but then he looked at his mum’s frown and felt guilty for putting his own feelings first again. His mum really liked doing this play; she loved acting.

He stood up and gave her a hug as he spoke, “No, I’m sorry, I won’t make things difficult for you again.”

His mother kissed him on the check as she told him she loved him, to which he replied with a grunt. She shook her head and then they both sniggered at each other. It was then that Sebastian actually looked at his mum’s face properly; until now he had been skulking and looking at the floor mostly.

“Uh… Mum…” he started to say, awkwardly, “Your lipstick is kinda smeared.”

“Oops,” she said, covering her mouth before she continued, “That was from… I’ll go sort it out.”

She dashed out with a quick smile. Sebastian knew he lipstick must’ve smeared from kissing Rob. Even if it was just acting, it still pissed off Sebastian.

In the intervening weeks between then and the current moment; his drive into school, Sebastian had still uncovered very little in terms of what he should expect to see when it came to the sex scenes.

Sebastian had read his mother’s copy of the script and agonised over any scene where they had to act romantically or passionately. A large portion of the play was fine; Lisa’s taboo romance with David was only a part of the overall story, a large part certainly, but even within that the sexual elements were limited to around half-a-dozen scenes, with most of them only extending to kissing or erotic dialogue.

He had found the two more explicit scenes and read the context surrounding the scenes but the actual acts themselves were not detailed in the script; it just wasn’t clear exactly what they would be doing. He could see notes his mother had added but even those didn’t really reveal much.

Opening night came on the first Thursday of November; performances were to run on Thursday and Friday nights until the Friday before Christmas, and Sebastian had expected to get an earful of gloating from Rob. However, he hadn’t heard much from him the Friday after, nor much in the three weeks since then. Sebastian thought he might have just finally got bored of teasing him. In fact, though the two had never got on, Rob hadn’t actively bullied Sebastian since they were perhaps 15, it was only after he was given the role opposite his mother that he started back up again this year.

Sebastian had wondered if the reason Rob had laid off him was because his mother had invited Rob to her 38th birthday party, the Saturday a week after the play opened. Her party wasn’t anything particularly extravagant; Samantha was going to share a few drinks with friends at the house, but a couple of weeks before the event, she extended the invite to the cast and crew putting on the play; it was a small enough production that it added only an extra 14 invites, of which she only expected 5 or 6 people to take up the offer.

Though it wasn’t a hugely personal invite, Sebastian figured that his mum making the friendly gesture to Rob meant that even he couldn’t continue being an arsehole without feeling a little too guilty.

It was bitter-sweet though, for a few reasons. At first, what irritated Sebastian was that Rob was a legitimate guest in his home, so Sebastian had to take his coat, offer him a drink, and generally be polite to him. However, as the evening grew on, Sebastian started to get annoyed at how good Rob was good at ingratiating himself with others.

He had come with a gift, which was expected, but unlike the majority of other guests, it wasn’t just a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Apparently, for one of the scenes in the play, his mother had to wear a pink floral blouse, which she borrowed from one of the female crew, but she had thought it rather suited her. It seemed Rob had found a similar one and got it for her, a gesture that she was very touched by.

Samantha’s female friends were also very giggly, especially after a few glasses of wine, at the fact she’d be cavorting around with someone her son’s age. They cornered Rob a few times and said, in Sebastian’s opinion, very inappropriate things, such as complimenting him on his looks, and a couple of them even asked, jokingly, if they could stand in for their friend for a couple of performances. One of her friends, who had already seen the performance, even got a seriously dirty look from her husband after she joked that his acting looked steamier than some real-life efforts.

Even his dad had been won over. Sebastian had taken some solace that his dad was also somewhat uncomfortable with the play, but now that he had met Rob and been charmed by him, particularly a long conversation about Newcastle United, he could feel his dad switch sides too.

That was probably what bothered him the most, especially because of how Rob and his mother were being quite touchy-feely the whole time. Nothing that went overboard; an arm touch here, a hand resting on shoulder there, all pretty innocent, but he expected his dad to be annoyed that a guy less than half his age was behaving that way with his wife.

However, as always, it worked out in Rob’s favour; his dad earnestly thanked Rob for the ‘riveting discussion’; his mum’s friends all hugged him goodbye and the one who had already pissed off her husband gave him a wink and called him ‘stud’; and, worst of all, his mum gave Rob a tender kiss on the cheek before saying how nice it was for him to come along.

For the last two minutes of the car journey, Sebastian thought about how much that weekend annoyed him, even though a fortnight had passed since then, and during the whole time, Rob had been pretty civil.

As his mum’s car pulled up in the school car park, Sebastian rushed a ‘bye’ to his mum and got out the car quickly. As soon as he started walking away from the car, he pulled out his phone and brought up the blog that he had been reading over breakfast. He scrolled down to the line that he had been reluctant to read out loud and read it again in his head.

‘but I once again commend Phillips-Moore and Ward who pull off the erotic scenes in a titillating but still rather tasteful way. One might argue it got a little gratuitous but I only believe that was a function of the true chemistry between our lead couple. I would challenge any platonic couple – I should say the cast bio suggests Phillips-Moore is happily married – to put on such a convincingly passionate display.’

Sebastian knew this was not the reviewer’s intention, but it read as if he was trying to imply his mother and Rob were actually a couple; he reread ‘true chemistry’ and ‘convincingly passionate display’ whilst grinding his teeth.

His mother had asked him and his dad to come on closing night, her rationale was that as her last performance it would be her best and most refined, which is the one she wanted them to see. However, he overheard her a few weeks previously, talking to one of her friends. She told them that the real reason was that if Sebastian or his father were too scandalised by the play, being there at closing night they couldn’t object to her being in further performances. He didn’t like being lied to, but the more he heard about this play, the more it just made him anxious.

As he walked up to the main school building he heard a familiar chuckle and saw Rob and his friends crowding around a phone and boisterously lauding whatever was on the screen.

“Look who it is!” shouted one of Rob’s group.

Sebastian had a sinking feeling when all of them looked up.

“Yo Seb, your mum can fucking act!” shouted another.

“Act fucking, you mean!” replied the first again.

They all ‘wahay-ed’ the weak pun, except Rob, who walked over to Sebastian, whilst motioning with his hands to his friends, instructing them to calm down.

“Alright mate, the guys came down to the show last night. Henry took a few videos, and they look pretty good. We were just watching the one where, you know me and your mum kinda have to get it on a bit. You can see if you want…” explained Rob, holding Henry’s phone out in front of Sebastian.

Sebastian quickly walked to Rob’s side to see the screen, when he felt a hand roughly thrust him forward. Sebastian managed to catch himself by grabbing a bin, but his knee whacked out against the stone exterior wall of the school, causing him to yelp out loud.

“Push off you perv, you’ll have to wait to see it live,” chuckled Rob, as he continued, “It’s dark, so no one will see your boner.”

“Rob, you cunt!” yelled Sebastian.

He took a swing with his right hand, as soon as Rob turned around. He had aimed squarely at Rob’s chest, but Rob’s athletic reflexes helped him dodge out the way, so that it was only a glancing blow.

“Fuck off,” said Rob, matter-of-factly, and returned a solid punch right to Sebastian’s jaw.

He yelled out and stumbled backwards, knocking into the bin, which kept him upright again.

As he cradled his face, he heard running footsteps and a yelling voice, “OH MY GOD! What are you two doing?!”

Samantha rushed straight to Sebastian and pulled his hands away to check his face.

“Oh god, your lip’s bleeding. It’s probably going to swell up,” she stated with concern in her voice.

“Mum, what are you doing here?” asked Sebastian, as he realised speaking caused the pain in his lip to get worse.

“You forgot your bag in the car, but what’s more important,” she said, sternly, and then looked round at Rob, “is what the HELL are the two of you doing?!”

Sebastian quickly spoke, despite the discomfort it caused to his mouth, “Rob and his friends were laughing at me and then Rob came over and started shoving me around…”

“Hey! First of all, we weren’t laughing at you we…” started Rob.

“Sebastian!” interrupted Samantha, “I heard you yell a… very nasty word… then try to punch Rob. Do NOT lie to me like last time.”

“Sam…” said Rob, tentatively, “and Seb, I’m sorry…”

“So you should be!” interrupted Samantha, again, “You should know better, you know you’re bigger than Sebastian, you could just ignore him. Do you two actually understand how awkward this makes everything and not to mention how childish this is? Are you supposed to be adults now?”

Sebastian went red with humiliation as he could see Rob’s friend’s sniggering in the background, out of his mother’s sight. He slinked back and waited in silence, willing his mother and Rob to go away.

“I’m sorry, Sam,” apologised Rob, as he put his hand on her shoulder.

As his hand softly pulled away, Sebastian’s mum rested her hand on the forearm of the guy who just punched him in the face, and replied, “I’m fine, you need to apologise to Sebastian.”

“You’re right… Sorry I got so heated buddy, I really didn’t mean for this to happen. Hopefully I didn’t bust up your lip too bad.”

Samantha looked at her son, and Sebastian knew what she wanted him to say.

Unclenching his jaw, he reluctantly mumbled, “Sorry.”

“That didn’t feel as genuine as Rob’s but it’ll do for now, let’s go to the car, I have some things in my bag to clean up this cut,” she ordered, before turning to Rob, and in the same directive tone, continued, “You and your friends can go now, and I hope I can trust you to act like grown-ups.”

“Yes, Sam,” agreed Rob humbly, but then, he was almost sure of it, Rob smirked at him.


Sebastian was called downstairs by his mother, at around 11am on Saturday. He had spent Friday night alone as his mum had come home late after Friday’s performance – she was usually back around 11pm but he heard her come in around 1am – and his dad was out with work for someone’s leaving drinks so he didn’t come back much earlier than her.

His dad looked a little groggy and had a pint of water sitting in front of him, as well as a packet pf paracetamol. His mum was cooking bacon, whilst swinging her hips to a beat she was humming. She added the bacon to a big dish that already included sausages and scrambled eggs, and then served the fry-up to Sebastian and his dad, whilst making herself a bowl of muesli and yoghurt. He had told his mum a few times to lighten up about her uber-healthy diet, but then maybe that’s why she had the confidence to wear a form-fitting tank top and short-shorts around the kitchen and his dad wore a baggy t-shirt and cotton trousers over his ‘softer’ physique.

His dad took a few bites of his breakfast and began to perk up a little. A bit more with it, he looked at his son and his expression quickly turned to one of concern.

Leaning in towards Sebastian he asked, “What’s wrong with your lip, is that a cut? It definitely looks swollen.”

“Um… yeah…” muttered Sebastian, apprehensive about having another awkward conversation about Rob.

“What happened?” pressed his father.

“He got himself into a fight,” sighed his mum, before Sebastian could respond.

“How? With whom?”

“Well, Rob and his friends were discussing the play amongst themselves, and Sebastian was being sensitive, and swore loudly and a took a punch at Rob,” explained his mother.

“That doesn’t sound like Sebastian,” contested his father, looking at him for a second before turning back to Samantha, “and how do you know what happened?”

“I was there, it was just after I dropped him at school, I heard him shout the word…” she hesitated, before dropping to a whisper, “…cunt.”

The three of them then launched into a heated discussion. It started with Jeremy taking his son’s side and the revelation that he had been kept out of the loop about a previous fight had only antagonised him further.

However, as the conversation drew on, Jeremy softened to his wife’s point-of-view, and his own personal positive experience with Rob, and by the end of it, though neither parent chastised their son, they were both convinced that he was acting out and starting confrontations with Rob. Whilst his father had originally, back in August, held reservations about his wife acting in an erotically-charged play with a teenage classmate of his son, it seemed that now he had come to terms with it and was keen to have his son relax about the issue, especially if it was causing him to get into physical tussles.

Feeling like he had just been humiliated by Rob again, but unwilling to continue talking about it, Sebastian conceded the discussion, and nothing more was mentioned about it after his mother assured her husband that Rob was as apologetic as he could be for lashing out ‘after being provoked’.

Hiding his frustration, he retreated to his room and sat down at his laptop, opening his internet browser. Facebook was set as his homepage and his newsfeed loaded quickly, and the first post was by his mother, it was a selfie of her and Rob. 24 likes and two ‘loves’; what was there to like about this picture, let alone ‘love’ it?

With a sigh, he clicked on it to see it had been posted at 23:47 on Friday night, which explained where she was the night before. The cast had apparently gone out together on Friday nights since the play opened. Samantha had only joined them for one drink on the first couple of nights out but, as well as last night, she had joined them last week, as her fellow actors wanted to get her birthday drinks apparently; he scrolled down to see a similar selfie marking that occasion too, again, just her and Rob.

He sighed again, wondering why she couldn’t have made better friends with someone else on the cast or crew, why it had to be just Rob. His irritation didn’t improve when he saw the third most recent post; the poster for their play, which had her seductively leaning back against Rob as they kissed over her shoulder.

Her profile picture was one of his parents and Sebastian on a family holiday in Crete, but it had gained just 12 likes compared to the 20+ likes that both her selfies with Rob and the poster got. Yes, he knew that some of those likes were from Rob’s friends, who could see the photos as he was tagged in them, but the poster got a reaction from 43 separate people. All of them liking that she was kissing stupid fucking Rob. He returned to his newsfeed and hid further updates from his mum, whispering to himself that there was only one more month to go.


Sebastian had been on Christmas break all week, which gave him more than just a break from school. However, the much appreciated release from reminders about his mother and Rob’s play; reminders that usually took the form of teasing by Rob’s friends, was about to end.

The day before Christmas Eve was the closing night for the play, and therefore the night Samantha’s family was finally due to watch her performance. His mother was already there, preparing, so Sebastian and his dad took a taxi together to the modestly sized theatre. They talked, a little awkwardly, about anything other than the play, and when they arrived they grabbed a pint at the theatre bar. They both showed signs of anxiousness, but his father was definitely the calmer of the two.

At 20 past 7, the father and son entered the hall, taking their reserved seats at the front of the six rows; his dad’s was the seat next to an exit and Sebastian’s was one along from that. Samantha had arranged those specifically, so that Jeremy and Sebastian could quietly duck out from the audience if any of the scenes became too intense for them. Sebastian’s heart began to throb with apprehension as the lights dimmed and the curtains pulled back…


It was nearly an hour into the play and so far only one scene had made Sebastian that uncomfortable. He knew that would be the case though, having read the script. Most of the first half developed Lisa’s struggle with an emotionally abusive husband and how the companionship between her and David, the troubled child of an alcoholic single father, had helped them both build up their inner confidence.

Eventually, Lisa gave into her feelings for David and the two went for a stroll in the park, where they shared a brief but fervent kiss. It wasn’t the easiest thing to watch but Sebastian would have much rather have seen that a hundred times compared to what he knew was coming up next.

Lisa was at her desk in the classroom; she had given the excuse she was marking papers but really, she was waiting for her teenage lover. David walked into the classroom, and approached Lisa at her desk. Sebastian thought to himself that Rob probably didn’t have to act very hard to capture David’s cocky swagger. There was some provocative dialogue, which sounded strange in his mother’s voice, even if he knew it was coming, and then he watched Rob pin his mum against the desk and lean in to make-out with her, under the guise of David and Lisa.

He could see his dad squirm a little, and then, ducking down low, take a few footsteps to the near exit and quietly slip out back into the bar area, ready for the intermission. Sebastian considered escaping too, but after all he had gone through, morbid curiosity took over and he stayed glued to his seat.

Rob pushed Samantha up onto the desk, so that her back faced the audience, and stood between her legs. He hoicked her skirt up, whilst the two continued to kiss with, as one of the reviewers said, ‘convincing passion’.

Sebastian eyed the exit again, as Rob began to unbutton his mother’s shirt pulling it apart but not removing it entirely. The audience got no more of a view of Samantha than they did before, but he knew Rob could see his mum in only her bra. Samantha leant back on the desk and rolled her hips forward so that Rob could reach up under her skirt and pull out a modest yet sexy pair of pants.

Sebastian figured his mum must have been wearing another pair underneath the ones Rob just threw across the stage, or at the very least, a modesty patch, which was something, as he read online, that actors used during sex scenes that were unlikely to be in shot or seen by an audience but gave the performers enough privacy and cover to act out sex without any ‘accidents’. However, despite Sebastian’s certainty his mother was no more exposed under her skirt than she was a minute ago, it was still a shocking sight to see the class arsehole tossing her intimates aside during a display of lust.

Rob’s right hand looked like it went under Samantha’s skirt and based on her reactions, it really looked like he was fingering her. Throughout the play, both leads had acted excellently, but there was something disturbingly real about this scene. His mum writhed and ‘uhn-ed’ with conviction that was unfaltering, whilst he believed that Rob was determinedly actually trying to make her cum. The fact he couldn’t see her face and the scenario he was watching was so alien to him, meant he forgot for a second who the couple were, finding himself embarrassingly aroused, if only fleetingly.

He edged himself forward a couple of inches, considering if now was the time he called it quits and dashed for the exit, but a masochistic sense of determination held him there, as Rob and Samantha pulled off her shirt. His mother tossed aside the garment, wearing just a bra and skirt that was scrunched up by her waist, as Rob untucked his own shirt and undid his fly.

Just then his mum, legs still wrapped around Rob, turned her torso enough so she could just about face the audience and spoke as Lisa, her voice trembling with excitement and nerves, "David, I shouldn't, for so many reasons this is wrong... I made vows to my husband."

David took Lisa's face into his hands and coaxed her to look back at him, before he replied to her, "I think we're past that point, but we can take small steps for now... we don't need to rush."

Lisa looked away again, back to the audience, then a grin broke across her face as she giggled, "You're bad... so bad..."

She stood up, kissed him briefly and then with one flick of her hand knocked him backwards onto the seat behind the desk. His mother got to her knees, so that her high heels poked out the front of the teacher's desk and her head lowered down into Rob's lap.

Rob's crotch was obscured by the desk, as well as by Samantha's thick wavy hair. However, the soft groans and moans from both actors, along with the rhythmic bobbing of his mother's head made it clear what the pair were trying to portray. Sebastian stared, mouth agape at the scene before him. Until this point, he had speculated at what he might see, but his imagination could never have captured the vivid reality of what it was truly like to witness his mum and Rob performing a live sex scene.

Superficially, he was seeing his mother's head nestled between his bully's thighs, pretending to give him a blowjob. What that truly meant though was that every time she 'mmm-ed' or each 'ugh' he grunted was then trying to overcome the audience's sense of disbelief and convince them she had his erect shaft in her mouth. Truthfully, with their well-practiced choreography; her hand motions, her little glances up at him, his back arching, his head rolling, Sebastian found the trouble was not suspending his disbelief but rather reminding himself this was all an act and not really happening before his very eyes.

He wondered about the rest of the audience though. A few of them were friends and family of those involved in the production, but most of the 50 or so people in the hall were just strangers interested in an edgy, backroom performance and may have had no idea that those wedding rings on Lisa's fingers were the real symbols of his mother's marriage to another man. They had no idea she whether or not she was in a happy relationship; she bloody well was. They had no idea if she would truly fall for an arsehole school kid half her age; Rob did suit the role perfectly, so maybe some of them were looking at the stage right now and thinking that maybe it was real, thinking that maybe his mother was actually sucking that guys dick. How were they supposed to know that the squirming kid in the front row was her son and the subject of Rob’s torment.

Sebastian looked to the exit once more, but only for a second, before looking back to the stage. As he did, he saw Rob’s hand caress the back of his mother’s head and push it down. He watched in shock as Rob’s torso convulsed, whist from his mouth came a quivered growl. His free hand joined the one already entwined with her hair and he mimicked thrusting her head about and down for a few more seconds, his panting selling the authenticity at a disturbing level.

Rob did up his fly again, or at least mimed doing so; his mum’s head and the desk still blocking the vantage point, and then both of them got to their feet again, with Samantha taking care to pull her skirt down at least far enough to cover her bum.

His mum cooed up at Rob, he was still a few centimetres taller, even though she was wearing heels, and the two fell into an embrace that looked as genuine as the grotesquely graphic scene he had just observed. As the curtain fell, he was certain he saw Rob, who was caressing his mother’s hair, wink directly at him, but he disappeared seconds later.

The lights slowly brightened and the audience clapped; like a drone, Sebastian joined in. As most of the crowd filed out into the bar area, Sebastian remained in his seat; watching that scene had drained Sebastian of his energy. He felt guilty for having stayed; he should have left with his dad, it wasn’t like his mum hadn’t warned him before this point. He hadn’t even made an attempt to look away; instead he watched doggedly, as she acted out her faux-porn. After a minute or so of heavy breathing, he climbed out of his seat and exited the hall, where he met his father.

“Hey Sebastian... I didn’t see you leave when I did,” stated his father.

“Um yeah… I only just came out now,” he replied, feeling quite embarrassed at having to admit that.

“But… I just looked at the floor,” continued Sebastian, as he could feel a slight disapproval in his father’s gaze.

His dad ‘hmmm-ed’ then changed the direction of the conversation, stating how well he thought Samantha performed in the earlier scenes. Their discussion drifted to a few unrelated topics and Sebastian became suitably distracted that he forgot how uncomfortable the last scene before the interlude had made him.

Perhaps ten minutes passed, when a cheerful voice greeted them from behind, “Hello, how are my favourite boys?”

A rush of annoyance threatened to speak on behalf of Sebastian, ready to question how someone could deliver that all-too-real performance with a teenage bully and still call him and his dad her ‘favourite boys’ but the anger proved impotent and instead he smiled weakly.

His dad kissed his mum briefly on the lips and congratulated her on an excellent performance during the first half. Sebastian shivered for a second, thinking about where his mother’s lips had been, then he remembered it wasn’t real. It just looked disturbingly so.

The three of them had barely struck up a conversation when his mother smiled off at the distance, and to Sebastian’s dismay, Rob weaved through the bar crowd to come stand right next to his mother, between her and his dad. He probably imagined it but he thought he saw Rob’s hand gently caress the small of his mum’s back.

Infuriatingly, Jeremy patted Rob on the upper back and commended him on a ‘top performance’, effectively inviting Rob into their conversation.

“I think we need to go and help set up,” said Rob to Samantha, a couple of minutes after he had entered their group.

His mother looked over at the clock and agreed, kissing her husband on the cheek and then heading with Rob towards a backstage door. As they walked together, Sebastian felt uncomfortable; he noticed their body language echoed that of ‘David and Lisa’ a little too closely, as if their on-stage relationship had momentarily bled over into reality.


Sebastian had got less than a 15-minute reprieve, before they were herded back into the hall. The first half of the play was all about the build up to David and Lisa’s relationship but the second half was focused on exploring the effect on their deepening romance; this, of course, meant watching his mum kiss Rob more, and hearing her tell him how much she liked him. Yes, it was ‘Lisa and David’ but it was still their voices and their bodies and so it was incredibly disconcerting.

However, there were still lots of non-romantic elements to the plot, and Sebastian was actually enjoying the story. Around 40 minutes into the half, Lisa was in bed with David. The pair looked naked under the covers, but they were asleep with his mother’s arm draped over Rob. Sebastian caught his father move forward in his seat, presumably considering sneaking out of the hall again. However, it wasn’t that scene yet; Lisa rolled away from David and carefully extracted herself from the bed, exposing Samantha’s bare back. Sebastian just caught the side of his mum’s well rounded breast, as she ducked down to pull on her underwear.

During his search on ‘modesty patches’ he figured out his mum would probably also be wearing nipple pasties, which would just about keep her privacy, but give the illusion of nudity. It may have helped her feel less embarrassed on stage, but it didn’t help Sebastian feel like he wasn’t a voyeur to his mum getting dressed post a sexual romp. When it was clear Lisa and David weren’t about to get frisky; instead Lisa went for a walk to consider if she should leave her husband or not and also whether her and David had a future, he noticed his dad relax again.

He knew it wouldn’t be for too long though.

Lisa gave an impassioned speech to her husband, explaining that she did love him and did appreciate all their years together but he had always stifled her by never truly understanding her and her needs; she needed someone who would help her grow, not control her. Sebastian was again impressed with his mum’s performance; it was as passionate a scene as the blowjob scene with David; it was a thought he cursed himself for.

David had given Lisa the courage to finally leave her husband, but she decided that despite how much the two had done for each other, they should go their separate ways as such an age-gap relationship would never work out.

Lisa sat next to David on her bed and began to tell him the bad news. David appeared to take it well, but he wasn’t going to give up without a fight, Sebastian knew. David asked for one last kiss from Lisa, and he watched his mum and classroom bully lock lips for about the tenth time.

In his peripheries, he could see his dad quietly leave his seat, and thought he noticed, but he didn’t acknowledge it, his dad waiting a few seconds for him to follow. Sebastian had spent months wondering how bad the first scene was going to be and it turned out to be as bad, if not worse, than he was expecting. So, what would staying to watch the second achieve? It would just make him feel embarrassed and frustrated… but there was something keeping there, like he wanted to feel the angst to justify all his negativity until now.

Rob was undoing his mother’s shirt and, based on how it looked, it was the one that inspired her birthday gift. It had appeared in a couple of other scenes, but somehow, Sebastian knew this was why he gave it to her. It was subtle; if Sebastian wasn’t so suspicious of Rob, he
might not have thought about it that way.

They had stood up to undress each other; Samantha was quickly in her underwear and Rob was topless. Samantha pushed back the quilt and sat down on the side of the bed. She undid her bra as Rob pulled off his jeans and dropped to his knees so that he could kiss Samantha again. They were both just in their pants now; his mum’s was a lacy black thong that made Sebastian uncomfortable with how sexy it looked.

The two of them slipped until the covers and began to make out; they could just pretend to have sex, but there was no way they could fake kissing like that. He could see them shuffling under the covers, then Rob tossed his boxers out of the bed. The lights on stage dimmed a little further and his mother turned around to face the audience. Rob kissed Samantha’s neck as she cooed out with fake pleasurable moans. He could see Rob’s arm and hand making motions near his mum’s crotch, a crude mime that he was fingering her, and he wondered how close his hand really was.

After a few seconds, enough to sell the scene, his mum rolled onto her back. Like the first time, during the blowjob scene, he wasn’t sure, but he could swear Rob looked at him directly and smirked. His mum was pulling off her thong under the duvet and Rob helped her, as he settled between her legs. Rob held the thong out of the covers and winged it across the stage with a flick of his hand, so that it landed by front of the stage, just a couple of feet from Sebastian; there was no way that was a coincidence. Both actors groaned simultaneously as they pretended that Rob had just entered Samantha.

If his mother had really been giving a blowjob to his enemy, he figured it would have felt worse than just sex. At least during sex they were equals and it was for mutual enjoyment, but during a blowjob, Rob would have been dominating his mother, and, as far as he could guess, no direct benefit for herself.

Naturally, Sebastian assumed that watching these being acted out on stage would be the same; he assumed that watching his mother giving oral sex would be worse than watching her having sex. However, that was far from the truth. The acted blowjob looked real, but when it came to it, it was just her head bobbing around near his crotch, nothing about it was real. What he was watching now though, was so much closer to reality.

Samantha was pinned beneath Rob, whilst he dry-humped her as fast as he could. She held his face in her hands and the two were making out again. Though it was an act, Sebastian realised that in all likelihood they were probably touching each other’s intimate places with only the thin fabric of modesty patches keeping them from actually having sex. He was pretty sure that Rob really found his mum hot, and there was a good chance he was turned on just now. What if his mum could feel his erection? Maybe the one good side of this very public humiliation of Sebastian was the audience would give Rob stage-fright and stop him getting hard.

He watched and listened, transfixed by his feeling of horror, at his mother and Rob faithfully portraying the throes of passion. Their motions were so frantic that the duvet pulled back enough to show most of his mother’s body and some of Rob’s torso. Perhaps in reaction to the covers moving, Samantha wrapped her exposed leg around Rob’s back. Her arms grabbed tightly too as she stopped kissing and moaned out loudly. His mother’s curse words and desperate begging turned the excuse for an ‘artsy’ performance into some more akin to softcore porn. She grabbed the foot that was outside the sheets and pulled it further up her body, the angle exposing a whole lot more naked flesh, including a fair amount of breast, really the only thing keeping it covered, unless she was wearing pasties, was Rob’s muscled chest.

She gasped loudly and Rob grunted. Both their fake orgasms sounded more genuine than almost anything he had ever seen in porn. He remembered one of his mum’s friends made a joke about Julia Roberts’s award winning fake orgasm in an old film; they said that it didn’t hold a candle to what his mum was able to do. Having Googled the scene and having seen what he just saw, he reluctantly agreed, but he found it a lot less funny than his mum’s friend.

Rob went up onto his outstretched arms, looked down at Samantha, and, still panting, said “Lisa, still want to go?”

“I…” started Lisa, but the curtain fell.

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A True Performance - Part 2

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Sebastian clapped along with the crowd, as his mind replayed the scene he just saw. He noticed the discarded thong was still sitting on the stage and remembered the smirk that Rob had shot him. The curtain drew up again and the supporting cast entered the cleared stage to take a bow. After the audience clapped for a polite few seconds, Samantha and Rob entered the stage too, where they met in the middle and held hands to take a bow. Both of them were wearing mid-length robes, but his mother was bare-legged and Rob was wearing black socks. The crowd’s applause for his mother and his classmate was more raucous and there were even a few cheers.

His mother’s left arm went around Rob’s back and she looked at him with a genuine smile, before turning back to the audience to address them, “Thanks to all of you for coming, we really appreciate everyone who has come to see our show over the 8-week run, but you guys are the most special, as you’ve got to see our final show!”

The crowd clapped again, then this time Rob took the opportunity to say something, but he’d turned to Samantha to say it, rather than looking into the audience, “I’d like to thank everyone too, but I’d also like to say a special thanks to the leading lady. You’ve taught me so much, as a more uh… experienced actor than myself.”

“Experienced?” asked his mother, eyebrow raised disapprovingly but her smile still in place.

The crowd laughed as Rob looked awkward for implying Samantha was old, but Rob continued, still looking at her, “I just mean thanks for everything, you’ve been amazing.”

The pair embraced closely, and it sent an odd shiver down Sebastian’s spine. This wasn’t David and Lisa, this was an authentic show of affection between his mother and Rob. This wasn’t like her birthday either, she didn’t have to see him after tonight; she didn’t need to be nice or friendly, she could have just been civil and left it there. Instead, just like everyone else, it seemed she really liked Rob, and that wasn’t going to go away.


Sebastian and his parents sat at a table in the bar area as members of the audience came over to compliment Samantha’s performance. His mother seemed to be enjoying the praise, but Sebastian pondered what they really thought about a woman sitting with her husband and son, after pretending to fuck a teenage boy.

One creepy guy seemed to answer that question; he got talking a little too long to Samantha, and eventually uncovered that Rob and Sebastian were classmates. He asked Sebastian directly if he thought it was weird, and after he uncomfortable dismissed the spot-on allegation, his dad shooed the man away.

Rob didn’t come over for at least 20 minutes, and hugged Samantha, both of them eagerly praising the other. Though they stopped hugging, their hands were lightly gripping each others’ elbows as they talk, only completely separating when Jeremy arrived back at the table with a new round of drinks. He quickly offered the boy hitting on his wife a drink and didn’t even wait for a response; he enthusiastically told him he’d get him a pint of Peroni and patted him on the back.

Rob, the ungrateful sleaze, took the minute with Samantha alone, well not completely alone – but he treated Sebastian like he didn’t exist, to lean in a little closer and flirt and joke with her.

Trying to get Rob to go away, Sebastian asked, “Rob, where are your parents?”

“Oh, they came on opening night, they’re at home with my gran and grandpa… we didn’t think this was quite suitable for my very god-fearing grandparents…

“But my cousin is here, I think he’s about to head off actually, I need to go say bye. Thanks for the drink Jeremy. Sam, let me know when you’re ready to head off.”

“Where are you going?” enquired Sebastian’s dad.

“Oh, well one of the crew is having a small party in her flat for closing night. It’s not really big enough for too many guests, so I wasn’t sure if I’d go because I’m not sure if I could bring you two,” replied Samantha, a little awkwardly.

“Oh, of course you should go,” urged Jeremy, “Don’t worry about us. I was thinking of having one more and then heading home, anyway.”

“You sure? It’s a little way a way, so I might have to stay out tonight if I can’t get a taxi back,” Samantha’s words suggested it was a question, but her tone implied she was set on going out.

A tipsy Jeremy pecked her on the check and confirmed he was happy to see her in the morning.


Sebastian was sorting through his Christmas gifts in his room. He was installing a new computer game, hoping to play the first mission before he was called down for Christmas Lunch by his mum, when his phone buzzed.

‘RobmanW1998 added you as a friend on SnapChat!’

Sebastian swiped the notification to unlock his phone and take him to the app, a little confused, assuming that this must have been Rob Ward. He accepted the invitation to be ‘friends’ and got a Snap sent to him straight away. He opened it; it was a selfie photo of Rob giving a smug wink, framed by some of the app’s optional decorations that said Merry Christmas in a festive font.

Once the photo expired after 5 seconds, Sebastian replied with a photo of himself, smiling uncomfortably, and chose the same frame. He followed it up with a chat message, in the app’s inbuilt messenger, saying thanks.

‘No probs mate’ came Rob’s response, followed by another picture message.

Sebastian opened it, and saw it was actually a video message. In fact he could tell from the quality that it was a video of a video; Rob had taken a few seconds film of a video of the play, particularly the second sex scene, and zoomed in close up to Samantha’s and Rob’s bodies.

‘fuck u’ replied Rob.


‘why are u such a dick Rob’

‘lol mate’

Sebastian closed the app but he got another notification – ‘Rob sent you a chat message!’

Curious, he opened the app again and saw the chat history had cleared – SnapChat’s USP – leaving just the new message, which was, ‘what if it was just acting mate’

‘bet that would fuck u up to know u saw that’ followed Rob before Sebastian replied.

‘what do u mean?’

‘what if me n ur mum really shagged on stage’

‘what are u on about now’

‘maybe it was all real sex on stage and u saw me fuck ur mum and u saw her suck me’

‘youre sick

‘like actually fucked up’


‘my mum thinks youre a nice guy coz she doesn’t see this crap but she definitely wouldn’t actually fuck you you dick’

‘y do u think the scenes were so convincing. We had loadsa practice and not just at rehearsals Wink

‘stop chatting shit’

‘remember the day u called me a cunt and ur mum saw me punch you n was raging’


‘she wasn’t pissed off w me later was she coz I gave her a proper apology’

‘tongue against swollen clit is a great way to say sorry’

Sebastian closed the app again but got another notification. He turned over his phone but it buzzed again, and despite himself, he unlocked it.

‘knew she forgave me coz she was beggin for more and had her fingers grippin my hair really tight

‘also the day u told on me for shoving you into the lockers

‘she didn’t believe me at first but in the car on the way back cumming deep in her cunt helped her see my side of the story

‘I mean u saw with ur own eyes how much she likes me cumming in her’

‘What is wrong with you? You’re just lying. What are you trying to do?’

‘Its not a lie mate heres the proof’

A new video message arrived, this time in the messenger, which meant it was a saved video and not one he just took now.

Hands trembling he clicked the video; a toned stomach rolled back and forth with the motions of a woman’s hips over a man’s. It was definitely a couple having sex – woman riding the man – and it could have been Rob’s and Samantha’s abs, but there was nothing identifying at them, other than one moaned ‘uhn Rob’ but even that wasn’t clear enough for it to be sure it was her voice and even his name she said.

‘that could be anyone’

Another video message came; a naked woman lying on her stomach, bent leg out, hair obscuring her face. The video trailed up her body, never showing its entirety, and never giving identifying features away. The 7 second video could have been his mum, but could have been any woman in decent shape.

‘Bored of Googling porn yet?’

Again, no text response from Rob, just a picture message this time; it was the photo of a woman’s neck with a just visible hickey on her left side. Her face and most of her body outside of her neck was not in shot, but this one looked a lot more like his mum but again, nothing to make him sure. Realising this game would only annoy him, as it was Rob’s intention, he finally shut the app and threw his phone onto his bed, out of reach.

He put it out of his mind and watched the intro cinematic to his new game, when he heard his mum call him downstairs. Sighing, and cursing Rob for taking him away from his game, he headed down into the kitchen to help his mum.

As he entered, she was just checking the oven, confirming the turkey would be ready very soon. She wrapped her left arm around her son and turned to smile at him. Sebastian’s eyes darted to the side of her neck and noticed, perhaps because of the lighting, or something like that but there was, maybe, a discolouration on her neck. Could it really be?

Conspicuously, his mum smiled again but took a step back and put her hair down and around her neck before handing him the starters to take to the dining room. He took them through, his stomach churning a little.

He excused himself for a second and rushed to his bedroom. He picked up his phone and saw some more notifications.

‘mate u still there

‘how about this one then’

There was an unopened video message. The preview didn’t give anything away, but he closed the app and held his thumb down over the icon until it displayed the delete option. He stared blankly at his phone as he tried to decide between the ‘X’ and the unopened notification symbol.

As he made his choice, he heard Samantha’s distant voice, “Sebastian, sweetie!”

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Re: Cuckold Son's Short Stories

Post by DarkMask on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:18 pm

True Performance is great! You should continue it!


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Re: Cuckold Son's Short Stories

Post by Patera_Silk on Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:57 pm

DarkMask wrote:True Performance is great! You should continue it!

I second that!

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Re: Cuckold Son's Short Stories

Post by miamigo1 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:34 pm

True Performance is perfect


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Re: Cuckold Son's Short Stories

Post by Jman1012 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:22 pm

Cuckoldson's True performance story and Watching My Mum Go Jack Ch. 01 are two of the best stories ive read in the last few months, cant wait for the second part.


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Re: Cuckold Son's Short Stories

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