If you had a (13) son and you found him + his mom (your wife) together...

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If you had a (13) son and you found him + his mom (your wife) together...

Post by RoamingCat on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:19 pm

What would be your reaction?

I would initially be in shock but then I would probably be very proud of my son. I'd have to play the role and tell both of them to cut it out but, while I would never tolerate infidelity from my woman, I feel that my son conquering his mother in such a fashion would be an amazing accomplishment.

I assume most men would be disgusted and horrified. I'd be surprised, then amused, then very proud of my kid but I would try to mask these emotions as best as I can.... in my mind, anything that is mine, is also my  son's.

I assume the psychology of this stems from the fact that I was born into extreme poverty and barely had contact with my father... and what little contact I had with my mother was always negative; This has always given me a feeling of scarcity and loneliness so I would do my best to make sure my son never went through that. Therefore, if I have a son, I'd like to give him all the opportunities I never had and, rather than restrict him, encourage him in life.... also it'd be fucking hot.

If I have a daughter, I would have no idea what to do, say or think, shrug.

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Re: If you had a (13) son and you found him + his mom (your wife) together...

Post by spikygreen cactus on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:01 am

It would depend on the nature of the relationship. If I found out my wife was preying on my son and forcing him to have sex when he didn't want to then I would be very upset and probably seek a divorce. This is by far the most likely scenario.

But in my fantasy I would secretly find out that my son seduced my wife with his huge cock and continue to spy on their sexual escapades cyclops

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